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Xtreme Productions DVD

he-made-me-do-it-xp_tn He Made Me Do It (DVD) Re-Release!
$39.88 $29.88 On Sale!
With 9 of Xtreme's hottest models, it hard to figure out just who made whom do what! With some of the hottest sex yet from Xtreme’s line up of super sexy superstars, this video is sure to be a best seller starring Sean Corwin, Blair Mason and Tyler Berke! Your dvd player might overload with these good boys being made bad! Starring: Blake Bigalow, Sean Corwin, Blair Mason, Tyler Berke, Phillip Ashton, Davan Marks, Logan Miles, Austin Parker, Jesse Jacobs. An Xtreme Productions DVD.
afton_nills_academy_tryouts_1_tn.jpg Afton Nills Academy Tryouts 1 (DVD)
Sometimes being trapped up in school can be the worst thing in the world, but not when you're with some of your sexiest friends. Once the bell rings these guys can't wait to get each other's cock in their mouths, I guess that's what friends are for, sharing is caring. Featuring Set O'Connor. An Xtreme Productions DVD.
Boys Will Be Boys (DVD) Xtreme Productions
Starring Tyler Berke, Jarod Steel, Josh Vonn, Steve Stella, Tyler Bradley, Hunter Wylde, Sean Corwin and David Holden. Directed by Afton Nills. An Xtreme Productions DVD.
camp_afton_nills_academy_tn.jpg Camp Afton Nills Academy 1 (DVD)
That saintly pervert Afton Nills brings you hot young guys who are all between 18-25. These smooth and tight twinks are camping for the weekend and sharing their raunchiest stories of buddies who begged to get fucked up the ass, of a hot toe sucking and amazing balls deep blowjob, and a soccer jock who just can't keep his hands off himself.

The guys can't help themselves, and end up circle jerking their way to a 5-guy orgy in the tent. Enjoy these sex fiends! Starring Winter Vance, Turk Melrose, Jason Raze, Blaze Corgan, Tory Mason, Johnny Roark, Mike Styles. Directed by Afton Nills. An Xtreme Productions DVD.

Dirty Little Secrets (DVD)
Starring Sean Corwin and Blair Mason. Directed by Afton Nills. An Xtreme Productions DVD.
going_solo_1_tn.jpg Going Solo 1 (DVD)
Hot straight 18 year old Barret loves to play for the camera, as you'll see in his very hot solo debutt. 8" of straight boy cock is always entertaining to watch. Jonathan appears in hot 'never before seen footage' with shows off his 7.5"! Also featuring Rico, Dimik, Paul, and Loki. Don't miss this hot twink jerk-off-a-rama! An Xtreme Productions/Home Video Guys DVD.
going-solo-1-hvg_tn.jpg Going Solo Vol 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
100% amateur footage of hot guys ages 18 to 25, amateur, raw footage of these newbie adult performers. Starring: Paul, Barett, Jonathan, Dimik, Rico & Loki. A Home Video Guys DVD.
hardcore_amateur_hour_tn.jpg Hardcore Amateur Hour (DVD)
4 Hot scenes and 8 of the sexiest twinks on DVD! Xtreme Productions has done it again! Starring Tyler Berke, Austin Parker, Jesse Jacobs, Blair Mason, Sean Corwin, Tyler Bradley, Mike Clarkson, Aiden Riley Scott. An Xtreme Productions DVD.
his_infatuation_xtp_tn.jpg His Infatuation (DVD)
Young cute studs heating up the bedroom in a spicy threesome, hot blowjobs, and a 6 man orgy! Starring Blair Mason, Tyler Berke, Tyler Bradley, Mike Clarkson, Sean Corwin, Jesse Jacobs, Jayce Marx, Austin Parker. An Xtreme Productions DVD.
Hotel Rumble (DVD)
If the room is rocking, don't come knocking! These boys are really shaking things up! Starring Aiden Riley Scott, Tyler Berke, Logan Miles, Jesse Jacobs, Austin Parker, Blair Mason and Sean Corwin. Directed by Afton Nills. An Xtreme Productions DVD.
in-the-mood-re-release_tn.jpg In the Mood (DVD) Re-Release
These hot twinks are in the mood to play around! Afton has done it again with this hot twink one on one play action! Starring Justyn Long, Winter Vance, Jason Raze, Hunter Wylde, Kyle Madison, Brandon Benz and Turk Melrose. Directed by Afton Nills. An Xtreme Productions DVD.
kc_and_billys_wild_adventures_2_tn.jpg KC & Billy's Wild Adventures 2 (DVD) Bareback
Bareback. This film starts out with KC breaking in new cummer, Justin Case. If you like them young, skinny, and all cock, then this scene is for you. KC sucks, fucks, and breaks this new cummer's ass into shape with some hot dildo action. The scene begins with a steamy hot shower segment with Billy and Justin. Watch them soap up and lick their tight bodies and take turns giving each other head. . . Starring Justin Case, Dimik, K.C. Williams and Billy Windsor. An Xtreme Productions DVD.
kc_and_billys_wild_adventures_3_tn.jpg KC & Billy's Wild Adventures 3 (DVD) Bareback
Bareback. KC and Billy had such a great time fucking a straight guy that they asked us to find them another straight guy to break in. We found Zach on the East Coast and brought him out to join up with straight guy Andy King. Very hot guy on guy action, which includes a very hot foursome. A must see for Billy and KC fans, and straight guy fans alike. Starring Andy King, K.C. Williams and Billy Windsor. An Xtreme Productions DVD.
once_in_a_bluemoon_tn.jpg Once in a Blue Moon (DVD) Season One - Episode One
Tad and Jeremy, a couple who live and work at the Blue Moon Resort, get ready for another day. After a vigorous early morning love making session, they head to work. Tad works the front desk, and Jeremy is the head pool keeper. While Tad deals with a particularly troublesome customer, Oscar the new guy joins the crew. Robert, the hospitality supervisor, meets Oscar and shows him the ropes. Starring Dillon Samuels, Trevin Nills, Kameron Scott, Quinn Alexander, Nevin Scott, Jesse Jacobs and Tyler Bradley. Directed by Afton Nills. An Xtreme Productions DVD.
Pool Boy Fantasies (DVD)
Starring Barrett Foss, Tyler Bradley, Zack Randall, Sean Corwin, Jarod Steel and Toby Marx. Directed by Afton Nills. An Xtreme Productions DVD.
popping_his_cherry_tn.jpg Popping His Cherry (DVD)
The very twinky-licious, Robbie Hart joins Afton Nills' and his guys in this hot film dedicated to hot sticky twink-o-rama sex at it's best. Joining Robbie are nine other hot twinks including Andy Kay, Xander Brennan, Camden Christenson, Aiden Ash, Gavin Page, Joshua Lovett, Tristan Tyler, Ryan Storm and Afton's one and only Tyler Berke. Starring Robbie Hart, Camden Christenson, Xander Brennan, Gavin Page, Joshua Lovett, Tristan Tyler, Aiden Ash, Tyler Berke, Andy Kay, Ryan Storm. Directed by Afton Nills. A Xtreme Productions DVD.
routine_check_ups_tn.jpg Routine Check Ups 1 (DVD)
Sailor Winter Vance goes in to visit his Doctor played by Blaze Corgan for aching he feels in his balls. Meanwhile, Sailor Turk Melrose is waiting in the next room listening in on Winter's consultation. After some examining, the Doctor diagnosis Winter with Blue Balls. . . Starring Jason Raze, Winter Vance, Blaze Corgan, Hunter Wylde and Tyler Anthony. Directed by Afton Nills. An Xtreme Productions DVD.
Suck On This! Bitch (DVD)
Six of our hot actors suck, fuck, and stroke it nice and hard for you in our latest release. Starring Jesse Jacobs, Austin Parker, Blair Mason, Tyler Berke, Davan Marks, Logan Miles and Sean Corwin. Directed by Afton Nills. An Xtreme Productions DVD.
twinky-heaven-re-release_tn.jpg Twinky Heaven (DVD) Re-Release
Seven is their lucky number! Watch as Justyn gets on the floor and his 6 buddies take turns blowing him. Then Kyle gets down and the remaining six jack off on him, bukkake-style! Starring Justyn Long, Winter Vance, Jason Raze, Hunter Wylde, Kyle Madison, Brandon and Turk Melrose. Directed by Afton Nills. An Xtreme Productions DVD.
virtual_fantasies_tn.jpg Virtual Fantasies (DVD)
Featuring 1 Hot Bareback Scene! Four hot twinks, ninety minutes of hardcore action, including facial cumshots, cum in mouth, rimming, threesomes, foursomes! Starring KC Williams, Billy Winsors, Elijah Adien, Aiden Sky and John Moxie. An Xtreme Productions DVD.