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Gay Wrestling-DVD

hung-wrestling-hunks_tn.jpg Hung Wrestling Hunks (DVD)
After a session of wrestling with his fellow wrestlers, these athletes can't keep their hands off each other as the use the wrestling holds and positions to maneuver their way into each others asses for a cock sucking ass pounding sensation. Starring: Antonio Ponte, Chris Qick, Enrico Belaggio, Jack Wright, Lucio Maverick, Marc Dievo, Mickey, Rick Bauer, Steve Hunt, Tomi. An Elite Male DVD.
jan_dvoraks_wretling_team_dvd_tn.jpg Jan Dvorak's Wrestling Team (DVD)
Step into the locker room at the gym where the Czech wrestling team is practicing unconventional and restricted holds on each other?s hard cocks and asses! Starring Jan Dvorak (Pavel Novotny, Max Orloff), Lukas Arthur, Vilem Cage, Roman Dvorak, Alan Csorba, Lucas Pehr, Lucas Roubicek, Radek Kucharik and Pavel Mikulik. Directed by Alex Schnegr.
boxing_bijou_dvd_tn.jpg Old Reliable 82: Boxing (DVD-R)
$29.88 $16.88 On Sale!
It should come as no surprise to lovers of Old Reliable that boxing has been added to the repertoire of activities in which the usual array of hustlers and wild men partake. After all, many of these guys have been in prison or have learned to defend themselves on the street, so boxing is only a logical extension of the usual pose/flex/masturbate presentations. While wrestling is more overtly sexual, and just a bit sweatier, watching these generally untrained men strap on a pair of gloves and swing their arms around can be very satisfying. There's something really direct about punching, something very, very hot. Directed by David Hurles. A Bijou Classics / Old Reliable DVD.
wrestling-hunks-1_tn.jpg Wrestling Hunks 1 (DVD)
Watch as these hot guys as they warmup, workout, break a sweat, whether on a couch or on the wrestling mat these hunks know how to please. Starring: Nick Moretti, Jonny Mack, Big Pitt, Alexander Garrett, Chance Caldwell, Anthony Gallo, Drew Andrews, Max Grand, Cameron Sage, Chaz Carlton, Tom Moore, Eric Mann. An Eagle Video DVD.