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Videoboys Productions

Hard At Work (DVD) Videoboys
What makes plumbers Sascha, Symon and Derrick so special? Sure, they can weld a pipe and snake a tiolet. But these plumbers are young, hung and even more skilled with their own big tools. Their "straight guy" working class appearance doesn't seem to fool their customers, and within minutes or arriving on the job, these handymen are out of their clothes and in the bed, on the floor, in the bathtub, and on the dining table. Starring Derrick Knowles, Jessy Karson, Leo Lafonce, Marc Laroche, Olivier Rowling, Sascha Vistos and Symon Boisdur. A Video Guys / 1 Distribution DVD.
Pierre's Freshman Year (DVD)
The second installment in Pierre's adventures through school. Pierre isn't wasting his first year of college reading books. With his hot new muscles and massive dick, Pierre is ready to try his skills as an ass pounding top for a change. And his college buddies are only too willing to take time out from sports or studying to sneak off and fuck for a few hours! Starring Pierre Fitch, Simon Boisdur, Mickey Gervais, Eric Thomas, Francis Houde and Sascha Vistos. A Video Boys / 1 Distribution DVD.
snapshots_of_shane_tn.jpg Snapshots of Shane (DVD)
Taking photos isn't the only thing on the curriculum at this school, as Shane Leblanc learns that his hot classmates are just as horny and ready to get naked in front of the camera as he is. Their erotic photography assignment is the fuse that ignites their appetite for each other's hot young bodies, and suddenly everyone is looking forward to doing their homework! Starring Shane Leblanc, Alec Winfield, Cliff Beltane, Dereck Boxer, Johan Lapointe, J.P. Jackson and Kobe Cash. Directed by Ian Duncan. A Videoboys Productions DVD.
twink-tales-videoboys_tn.jpg Twink Tales (DVD)
Bobby Long may look sweet and innocent but his hormones are raging and he wants to try everything that involves hard dicks and cum. Bobby and this cast of lean, horny twinks are in that experimental stage where everything is new and exciting and the mere thought of a sweet little ass makes their boners jump to attention. Twink Tales is a penetrating look at the sex lives of some very horny boys. Starring: Damien Munroe, Lukas Wild, Ryan Emerson, Bobby Long, Brody Frost, Ashton Hardwell, Xavier Powell. A Videoboys DVD.
wrecking-twink-holes-v_tn.jpg Wrecking Twink Holes (DVD)
These boys are nothing but insatiable! They love when their big-dicked tops fuck them hard and deep. A Videoboys DVD.
yes-please-videoboys_tn.jpg Yes Please (DVD) 2-Disc Set
Two discs of hot hung boys and their cock-craving bottoms! We don't skimp on the inches here, these are some of the biggest cocks we've ever had the pleasure of sharing with you! A Videoboys DVD.