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Ty Fox

down_on_it_catalina_tn.jpg Down On It (DVD)
Catalina exclusive super hung Ty Fox has done it again! He showed the world his beautiful hard body and his big hard cock in "Hand Jobs 4". He roped in hardcore fans in "Ty Me Up". As a football star he showed us who was the "Cream of the Crop". And in "Come And Get It" we knew who was the boss. This time around, Ty has his eye on Gianfranco's hot, juicy body. But this time is different. This time, Ty goes Down On It! Starring: Anthony Dillen, Dave Logan, Johnny Diamond, Mike Lamas, Nick Hammer, Rod Majors, Scott Hardestey, Toni Idol, Ty Fox. A Catalina Video DVD.
best_of_ty_fox_catalina_tn.jpg Best of Ty Fox, The (DVD)
All of Ty Fox’s most delicious work compiled into one movie! The blonde haired blue eyed muscle god gets his cock and ass worshiped by some of the greatest fucks that ever lived! This movie shows why Ty Fox quickly gained a legion of fans that have never left his side or forgotten his incredible on-screen performances. Starring Tim Barnett, Derek Cruise, Ty Fox, Scott Hardman, Tom Katt, Bruce Spaulding. A Catalina Video DVD.
blonds_have_more_cock_awv_tn Blonds Have More Cock (DVD)
The most stunning light haired sex gods to every grace the porn screen are here all in one place! It's the blonde leading the blonde from vintage superstars to some of the hottest and most famous XXX porn boys on the scene today in their hottest scenes ever shot for Channel 1 Releasing. Starring: Tyler Flannery, Ty Fox, Lane Fuller, Axel Garret, Troy Halston, Brett Mathews, Drew Peters, Tyler Riggz, Derek Thomas, Casey Williams. An All Worlds Video DVD.
cream_crop_catalina_tn.JPG Cream of the Crop (DVD) Catalina
One of Catalina's finest classics now restored and put on DVD for the first time, "Cream of the Crop" features gay porn superstars like Scott Baldwin and Bo Knight in their prime. Blonde bodybuilding muscle gods who have no equal, they just don't grow 'em like this crop anymore! Starring: Ty Fox, Bo King, Bruce Spaulding, Kurt Wolfee, Ryan Cassidy, Scott Baldwin, Scott Hardman. Directed by: Josh Eliot. A Catalina DVD.
Fox Tale (DVD)
After being outted by the Washington Post, Ty Fox returns to gay porn. Now its time to hear Ty's side of the story. He shares every detail of the scandal that rocked the country. Starring Ty Fox, Hodge Armstrong, Rod Barry, Jake Cannon, Sam Dixon, Tyler Flannery, Bryan Kidd and Troy Halston. Directed by Eddie Douglas. An All Worlds DVD.
jet_set_muscle_dvd_tn.jpg Jet Set Muscle (DVD) Ty Fox
"Recommended. As usual, Jet Set has managed to assemble a truly mouthwatering collection of studs for this one, and, in almost every scene, they all know how to dirty talk their way through any sex act, unless their mouths are busy doing other things. All the action takes place outside near a really beautiful ledge pool, and after every scene the actors (presumably still dripping with jizz) jump in. I'm pretty sure the pool guy needed extra chlorine that week!" - Martin Cox, Starring J. Steele (a.k.a. Ty Fox), Justin Mycles, George Favor (a.k.a. George Fleece), Alex LeMonde, Tony Banderas, Cody Prescott, Curt Baldwin, Dante, Diego Javier, Joe Foster, Nino Bacci, Callahan and Antonio Suave. A Jet Set Premium DVD.

workin_it_out_catalina_tn Mitchell Rock Workin' It Out (DVD)
A muscle bound fuck fest, C1R exclusive Mitchell Rock works up a sweat with unforgettable scenes highlighted by a gym romp and muscle worship workout with Adam Killian! Whether he's getting his perfectly sculpted glutes pounded or jack hammer fucking the hottest studs, Mitchell Rock is always workin' it out! Starring: Caesar, Colton Ford, Ty Fox, Jake Gianelli, Billy Herrington, Tom Katt, Adam Killian, Kent Larson, Arpad Miklos, Steve Rambo, Brandon Reevet, Mitchell Rock, Derek Thomas. An All Worlds Video DVD.
Musclemen Moving Company 2 (DVD)
"Highly, Highly Recommended. The box cover exclaims that 'Ty Fox Bottoms!' And that, dear readers, is the motherfuckin' understatement of the year. Ty Fox returns triumphantly as a ferocious bottom, delivering his best performance ever. Just incredible!" - Butch Harris, Starring Ty Fox, Dakota James, Mark Slade, Marcos Pirelli, Hans Ebson and Cody Miller. Directed by Blue Blake. A Big Blue Productions DVD.
overtime_ass_lickers_tn.jpg Overtime Ass Lickers (DVD)
Catalina has your hard-core fantasy action men working for you in six sex-packed scenes of enduring masculinity. Clock in for some hard work! Starring Danny Lopez, Jason Crowe, Nathan York, Nick Piston, Sam Crockett, Ty Fox. A Catalina Video DVD.
playing_with_fire_1_DVD_tn.jpg Playing with Fire 1 (DVD)
FIREMEN! Men ready to slide down a slick pole and give mouth-to-mouth. . . What more could your big dick and tight ass want? Hunky men "cum" in droves to put out fires and even start a few. Starring Ty Fox, Chris Thunder, J.T. Sloan, Dane Tarsen, Drew Andrews, Ethan Michael Ayers, Cutter West, Rock Jennings and Bob MacHeath. An All Worlds DVD.
White Hot (DVD)
All Worlds Video heats up your screen with the burning hit WHITE HOT. Director Chi Chi La Rue brings fire into your life with a masterful job, and one of the hottest casts ever put together. Now remastered for DVD, this was Ty Fox's last video before the Washington Post scandal ended his porn career. Starring Bryan Kidd, Chris Canyon, Derek Thomas, Ethan-Michael Ayers, Gino, Hodge Armstronge, Hunter Cross, Jake Cannon, Jordan Young, Rod Barry, Troy Halston, Ty Fox and Tyler Flannery. Directed by Chi Chi La Rue. An All Worlds Video DVD.
whitefire_dvd_tn.jpg Whitefire (DVD)
What do you get when you rub 12 hot blond body builders together? Whitefire! A tale of hunky fair haired studs that starts with a dream and ends in an explosion of wet dreams. Starring Ty Fox, Cort Stevens, Cody Foster, Christian Fox, Cutter West, Ethan Michael Ayers, Drew Nolan, Dave Logan, Jason Nikas, J.J. Bond and Alec Powers. Directed by Dave Babbitt. An All Worlds DVD