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Tune Up (DVD) Director's Cut



The garage milieu is ripe for all kinds of sexual double entendres, most of which have been used in gay porn already. In "Tune Up," though, director Doug Jeffries gives the theme a fresh angle with attention-grabber Arpad Miklos.

Arpad is an evil (well, somewhat, he does get to say, "Curses, foiled again!" at one point) owner of a garage. (Arpad has long made certain parts of my body flutter, and he looks better than ever -- his dark intense handsomeness and hairy muscular frame only improving with age.) Young Toby O'Connor is the fresh meat in the situation, a total loser who takes a job at the garage after his girl, Kylie Ireland, produces an eviction notice. Arpad checks him out in the interview and slaps his ass when he sends him off. Toby notices that the men who work at the garage seem to be overly friendly. He has NO idea.

One problem: Although Toby passes his interview with flying colors, he knows nothing about repairing cars. To his rescue, again, Kylie brings home Gil Cortez, who is supposed to help out. Kylie leaves, and immediately Toby is calling Gil "daddy" and begging him to "teach me what you know." Toby's fast tutoring includes slobbering over Gil's very nice uncut meat, and then giving Gil a juicy rim with gobs of saliva wetting down Gil's hole. The live-action sound here (and, for that matter, throughout) ramp up the heat. Gil bends Toby over and power-fucks him, the slaps echoing all over the room. No matter how much Gil can dish out, Toby is ready and willing to take it -- Toby's ass is thoroughly explored by Gil's thick cock, ending in the missionary position on a weight bench. Gil's cum literally explodes from the head of his dick, leaving rivulets of cum all over Toby's torso, then Toby jerks himself off.

One great thing about the garage setting is the costuming. Those coveralls come off easy and fast, and that is certainly the case with the "main slut" of the place. Tag Adams is feeling a little ignored now that there is a new guy on the scene. To retain his title, Tag puts on the performance of a lifetime, giving his all to satisfy workmates Michael Brandon, Alex Leon and Owen Hawk. Tag's hairy cub torso, beautifully shaped ass, and give-me-all-you've-got-and-I-still-want-more attitude make this four-way a real scorcher. Intense cock worshipping starts the action with Tag facing three big dicks and taking them all on with aplomb. The noises he makes are sensational, ranging from grunts to choking sounds as he tries to deep-throat each guy in turn. But the fucking is the best, Tag's ass so perfectly framed by his white jock, his erection straining at the pouch, and his legs spread wide apart made me get an immediate erection. It works for the three tops, too, as they sample Tag's butt with their dicks. Michael is the last to go in, and when he pulls out to take a break, he squats down to taste the juice that's running out of Tag before he plunges in again. Tag's defined torso is the target for all three loads from the tops, and then he adds his to the messiness. Arpad, who has been watching from his office window and jerking his dick, comes out and tells Tag that he needs a shower. And he gets one, although it's not with soap and water -- it's the golden kind. The cum on Tag's torso is sluiced off as the three piss on him. (Sorry, Toby, but I think that Tag deserves to retain his "main slut" title. Better luck next year.)

Arpad, now in greasy coveralls, returns to dress down a brown-uniformed delivery guy, Nick Savage, who is ten minutes late. To punish him, Arpad makes him suck his dick, and that's just for starters. This is punishment? If I were Nick, I'd make being late a habit. Nick with his spiky hair, smooth and muscular body, ass and low-hanging balls, makes an interesting playmate for Arpad. Arpad admires Nick's rounded pecs that are capped off with splendid ripe nipples, which also get lots of attention, first from Arpad as Nick is sucking his cock, then from Nick himself when Arpad sucks on him. Although the warm-up to the main event is a complete turn-on with Arpad parting Nick's buttcheeks to reveal a pink succulent hole, the fucking is even better. When Arpad growls, "I could fuck you all day," it's easy to believe that he means it. What Arpad should have said, however, was "I'm going to fuck you in as many ways as I can think of," because that's exactly what happens. Arpad's long and meaty cock looks great sliding between Nick's parted asscheeks, especially when Nick lowers himself onto it and rides it. Nick also gets to learn what exactly was in the package Arpad was so impatient to receive -- a huge black dildo. When Arpad opens the box, you can almost sense Nick's hole twitching in anticipation. Arpad holds the rubber dick in place as Nick sits on it. And his ass almost swallows the thing whole as Arpad looks on in amazement. Arpad reaches around, grabs Nick's huge balls, and tugs on them as Nick continues to slide up and down on the dildo. Arpad blows a rocket of cum all over the dildo as Nick watches, and then Nick shoots his load as he's getting plowed by yet another rubber dick, ending by far the most intense scene yet.

Toby returns for the finale, a three-way with janitor Dallas Foster and co-worker Andrew Rubio. In the garage bathroom, the stalls of which are handily equipped with glory holes, Dallas gets in the middle stall and has a go at both dicks through the holes, then the three get together and Dallas takes both dicks on again before Andrew and Toby take turns on Dallas. Dallas is a rather compactly built guy, but he is definitely packing -- his cock is huge. Toby then rims Andrew and Dallas, while they bend over the sinks, and Dallas fingers Andrew's hole as Toby is busy rimming him. The highlight is a three-way fuck in which Andrew slides into Toby's ass as Dallas takes Andrew from behind. All three produce voluminous cum in the end.

There's a nice surprise ending, delivered by Kylie, and a bit more to the story, but that's where the sex ends. Great production values, especially direction by Mr. Jeffries, and hot men all around make this one a must-see.

DVD features: Chapter selections; bonus scene (a solo of Arpad jerking off); behind-the-scenes footage; bloopers; gallery; trailers ("Butthole Buffet" and "Rear Factor"); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

A DVD Review by Martin Cox ( http://www.ManNet.com )

*** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Alex Leon, Andrew Rubio, Arpad Miklos, Dallas Foster, Gil Cortez, Michael Brandon, Nick Savage, Owen Hawk, Tag Adams, Toby O'Connor.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

An All Worlds DVD.

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.