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Triga Films

wedding-shaggers_tn Wedding Shaggers, The (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Blimey! When you take your bird up the aisle the last thing you expect is to be rodgering the best man a couple of hours later at the reception! In Triga's "Wedding Shaggers," bridegroom Brian is all too keen to get hitched on the cheap, which understandably pisses off his fiancee to no end and who gets her revenge by heading off with the DJ from the wedding reception! A Triga Films DVD.
blokes-down-the-boozer_tn.jpg Blokes Down The Boozer (DVD)
Tony get me a fucking drink! It's my fucking birthday but still no Stripper! ... Its drinks all round in this Triga fuckfest as blokes go down their mates boozer then blokes go down on their mates - go on Tony suck that fucking cock. Six horny lads chillin an havin a laugh want a blow job and they don't care how they get it! A Triga Films DVD.