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Tony Donovan

amateur_couples_tn.jpg Amateur Couples (DVD)
100% All hot amateur couples. These men will explore the animal nature of hardcore all-male sex! Starring Vince Rockland, Chaz Charlton, Tony Donovan. A Blue Men Productions 4 Hour DVD.
ass_toy_om_tn.jpg Ass Toy (DVD) 4 Hrs
Charming young gay men will go above and beyond for you! Starring Blake Harper, Clint Cooper, Tony Donovan. A Men of Odyssey DVD.
carnal_intentions_dvd_tn.jpg Carnal Intentions (DVD)
It's about two step-brothers who have had everything except the virgin- and each other. "Highly Recommended. As usual, Odyssey has spent a fortune on this production, from the opulent linens to the dazzling poolside locales. The hook is that the Donovans are "brothers" (actually step-brothers), harking back to that never-tiring 80s fantasy of the brothers getting it on." Brent Blue, Starring Tony Donovan, Chad Donovan, Brad Benton, Jake Armstrong, Drew Larson, Clay Maverick, Evan Taylor, Matt Spencer, Lark Larson and Max Grand. GAY VN 2002 WINNER! BEST ACTOR TONY DONOVAN!
echoes_dvd_tn.jpg Echoes (DVD)
*Currently the version in Stock DOES NOT contain the bonus CD Soundtrack* Winner of 5 GayVN 2001 awards, including "Best Gay Video" & "Best Director" (Chi Chi LaRue). Starring Tony Donovan, Nick Yeager, Dillon Pierce, Clint Cooper, Blake Harper, Nino Bacci, Chad Johnson, Mathew Hunter, Kyle Bradford, Spike, Patrick Allen, Dean Phoenix, Jeremy Tucker, Tuck Johnson, Michael Lance, Nick Young, Max Grand, Casey Williams, and Sharon Kane.
hard_body_2000_tn.jpg Hard Body 2000 (DVD)
Hard Body 2000 is hard packed with stuff of interest to gay porn fans. In addition to behind the scenes footage of the Black Party in New York and footage of Chi Chi's live stage show in Paris (which includes her singing "Two Tons of Love"), there are interviews with award winning porn director Jerry Douglas and Falcon porn god Tom Chase. Chi Chi also goes behind the scenes of a Falcon Studios porno being filmed in France and her friends Chris Green and David Pierre tour Paris. But that's not all this video magazine has. There's also lots of sex! Starring Chris Green, Tony Donovan, Doug Jeffries, Gabrielle Peron, David Pierre, Loic Herault, Richard Powers, Gabriel, Oscar, Brett Ford, Hal Rodman, Wolff, Will Clark, Cole Tucker, Jake Andrews, Logan Reed, Kyle McKenna, Daryl Brock, J.C. Carter, Tony Boy, Johnny O., Jerry Douglas, and Tom Chase.
he_loves_cock_tn.jpg He Loves Cock (DVD)
He loves cock and every man-whore in his town knows it. He's got the most popular bedroom on the street! Starring Ryan Idol, Tony Donovan, Dylan Reece, Bobby Blake. A Blue Men Productions 4 Hour DVD.
Horsedicks 3 (DVD)
L.A. Heat Video presents 9" & 10" cocks in big meat solo action! Starring Tony Donovan, Markie, Dave Casino, Steve Tyler, Micky Starr and Jeremy. Directed by Chris Gary McKay.
hot_ass_om_tn.jpg Hot Ass (DVD) 4 Hrs
The hottest guys in the industry with the hottest asses you've ever seen! Starring Brent Cross, Dylan Reece, Kurt Young, Tony Donovan. A Men of Odyssey DVD.
journey_back_tn.jpg Journey Back, The (DVD)
"Highly Recommended. The return of Zak Spears is perhaps the most exciting gay porn news of the past year. Luckily, the Hirsute One has returned looking as fetching as ever -- tanned and sculpted. He's matured and bulked up considerably. Zak is a sexual beast in his comeback." . . . Max Southern, Starring Zak Spears, Tony Donovan, Caesar, Nino Bacci, Logan Reed, Kyle Kennedy, Alec Martinez (a.k.a. Jorge Martinez), Michael Brandon, Mark Rockwell, Jackson Price, Leo Bramm, Trey Rexx, Michael Lance, Hans Ebson, Billy Knight, Tommy Saxx and Anthony Cox. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue. A Men of Odyssey DVD.
manheat_tn.jpg Manheat (DVD) 4 Hrs
It doesn't get an hotter than raw, animal manheat. The temperatures rise as the men get down and dirty. Starring Tony Donovan, Dean O'Connor, Brad Benton, Derrick Cameron. A Blue Men Productions 4 Hour DVD.
manlove_om_tn.jpg Manlove (DVD) 4 Hrs
How deep is your manlove? Well here's 4 hours of hot gay action to help you figure it out! Starring Brad Benton, Marco Paris, Tony Donovan. A Men of Odyssey DVD.
men_only_bm_tn.jpg Men Only (DVD) Blue Men 4 Hrs
All men all the time! Think you can handle it? These guys fuck like only men can. Featuring Marian, Yuri, Tony Donovan, Derrick Stanton, C. Brooks. A Blue Men Productions 4 Hour DVD.
monsters_and_size_queens_tn.jpg Monsters & Size Queens (DVD)
$49.88 $12.00 On Sale!
From producer John Summers, 6 horny big-dicked young new guys jerking off for your eyes only! Starring "HANDSOME BIG DICK" Dean Butch Bailey, "LONG" Rex "SPIKE" Ruben, "MORE THAN ENOUGH DICK" Sky Thompson, "MONSTER DICK" T.J Swan, "FRESH NEW DICK" Surprise, and "SUPER HUNG" Tony Donovan.
rykersrevenge_na_tn.jpg Ryker's Revenge (DVD)
Porn Superstar Leaves Industry! ...and horny cub reporter Joey Hart want to know why. This Special Edition DVD includes a director's commentary audio track. Listen to Jim Steel tell the truth about his star's attraction to men! Starring Ken Ryker, Logan Reed, Tony Donovan, Zachary Scott, Chad Donovan, Brett Ford, Gabriel & Oscar (The Odyssey Twins), Ricky Starr, Steve Harper, Dean O'Connor and Joey Hart.
something_very_big_tn.jpg Something Very Big (DVD)
They're Cute, Young, Hung and Horny! Ahhh, Youth! Here is a chance to relive your sexual coming of age with a cast of video first-timers. Follow young, naive Dean O'Connor from Wisconsin to Venice Beach. Starring Tony Donovan, Dean O'Connor, Jason Nikas, Jason Miller, Tony Cummings, Cody Matthews, Jonnie Perino and Noah Walker.
technical_ecstasy_dvd_tn.jpg Technical Ecstasy (DVD)
TECHNICAL ECSTASY is a lavish, hi-tech fantasy video that will satisfy your ever desire...and them some! Starring Brett Ford, Chad Kennedy, Dean O'Connor, Dennis Lincoln, Derek Cameron, Joe Romero, Jon Erick, Marc Hamilton, Rob Kirk, Sam Crockett, Sandy Sloan and Tony Donovan.
tight_ass_om_tn.jpg Tight Ass (DVD) 4 Hrs
Beautiful guys with beautiful asses taking it all in just for your viewing pleasure! Starring Lex Kyles, Tommy Lord, Tony Donovan. A Men of Odyssey DVD.