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Tom Katt

payne_in_the_ass_tn.jpg Payne in the Ass (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
This early 90s flick showcases a young Tom Katt (as "Thom Payne") in five different scenes! Tom Katt has one of the greatest physiques in porn. Fans of this muscle god will find this one worth checking out, as it's a chance to see him earlier in his career, showing plenty of natural bulk. Starring Tom Katt (as "Thom Payne"), Gary Dean, Randy Mixer, Tony Bronco, Mark Andrews, Tony Belmonte and Ross Garrett.
raising_hell_dvd_tn.jpg Raising Hell (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
"Recommended. I don't know, but hell looked like a mighty fun place to me. A sex kitten like Rocque could probably have fun no matter where he ended up, and hot men with hot sex on their minds are a pleasure to have in place above or below ground." . . . Brent Blue, Starring Tom Katt (as "Thom Payne"), Trevor Hanson, Jason Ross, Chance Caldwell, Matt Gunther, Randy Rider, Drew Kelly, Rick Coleman, Rocque and Ace Moorcock. Directed by Jeff Lawrence. A Fox Studios/Sierra Pacific DVD.
total_corruption_double_feature_tn.jpg Total Corruption 1 & 2 Double Feature (DVD)
Incredible Value!

2 of the Hottest All-Male Bestsellers ever on one dual layer DVD, at a special low price! Starring Greg Ross, Marco Rossi, Hank Hightower, Wes Daniels, Damian, Zak Spears, Scott Baldwin, Phil Bradley, Donnie Russo, Scott Randsome, Karl Bruno, Tom Katt, Blade Thompson, Jordan Young, Vic Hall, Tony Brocco, Chris Dano, Shane Cannon and Adam Wilde
Wanton Filthy Fucking (DVD)
A full 4 hours of hardcore action. Starring Jared Benson, Jim Bentley, Rex Chandler, Cord Colby, Rick Donovan, Hal Dor, Al Ford, Rydar Hanson, Ty Harper, Delmar Jackson, G.I. Joe, Tom Katt, Jesse Kohler, Chris McKenzie, Mike Morris, Dave Nelson, Joshua Scott and Les Stine. A Tool Factory 4 Hour DVD.