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Tighty Whities (DVD)


There is truly something magnificent about tight white underwear. It's not just a myth. Nobody looks bad in them. Of course, the porn models on display here look better out of them, but director Chi Chi LaRue has taken the venerable cotton delights and actually made them a character in this plotless shindig, rather than just a convenient title. They are actually used so much in each scene that I wanted to add "Tighty Whities" to the cast list, but I thought the hardworking models who do all the real work would feel unappreciated. In fact, not one guy on this DVD gives anything less than 110% of himself and every single moment works to the fullest.

Spike is something of the narrator, though he never says a word. Between scenes he models his superb double-digit cock in front of mirrors and the camera. He looks trim and fit here, proving that we need to go out and burn all boxers if all men look as juicy good as he does in his.

There is no doubt that the first scene on this disc is also the best. No doubt. When you get three guys like Sam Crockett, Clint Cooper and Hank Hightower in a scene, there is no way it could be less than sensational and the combination of their energies is pure porn heaven. Talk about fire! My poor DVD player! My poor left hand!

When hairy Hank joins the action, Clint and Sam are already going at it, with Sam giving Clint a superb blowjob. All, of course still have their underwear on in some way or another. Clint also sports a leather vest and a hat, looking so muscular it hurts. Sam wants Clint's cock so badly the only thing with more desire in the room is Clint's cock, to get sucked by Sam. As usual, Sam roars in approval, but stops long enough to let Hank have a crack at both himself and Clint. All three have these drool-worthy long full cocks and all three take their time pleasing the others. Since this is a Clint Cooper scene, there is tons of saliva exploded all over, which delights Hank and only goads Sam on even more.

The positions change fleetly before the rimming, the truest hero of this video, starts. Sam eats Hank through his underwear at first, and then finally buries his head in the real thing. Sam's ass is next to be invaded, rimmed beautifully by a penetrating Hank, knowing how to return one hell of a favor. Sam demands more butt, so Clint sits down on his tongue. Clint also bends over to suck Hank's face, tasting whatever was so good in Sam's ass that Hank just tasted. Truer words aren't spoken than when Sam barks out to Clint "fucking smother me with that ass, baby!" Hank and Sam perform a rare double-rim on Clint before Hank rams a finger up the same ass, Clint jiggling around on it as if he's whipping up a souffle down there. The guys go back and forth like this for many wonderful minutes, the energy and talent never once showing a hint of flagging, and then all three cum. This is definitely one of the best oral trios I've ever seen and the grouping of these three dependable studs was pure genius.

After Spike says hello again, popping his dick in and out of his undies (though in long shot so as not to break a lens) and even giving us a rare show of his ass muscles, Hank returns for the next scene, this time paired with equally-dependable Doug Jeffries. This long scene starts as one big tease, the two gents on bunk beds taunting each other with noises of slapping cocks and stretching tighties. Hank hits on a smart move and uses his undies as a glove to stroke his dick, with Doug above snapping his underwear roughly on his dick. Finally, Hank can take no more of not being able to touch Doug and bounds up to suck him. Hank must have had a month's rest between this scene and the last one, because I don't know how anything less would be enough time for him to recover his energy level from either scene. He's equally adept here, blowing Doug within an inch of his life before finding a hole in Doug's underwear to exploit mercilessly. He rims through the hole, and finally rips the briefs off for what can best be described as an all-out oral fuck. He thrusts his head so far into Doug's ass that Doug doesn't know what to do with himself, alternately pounding the wall with this fist and sucking his fingers out of sheer lust. Hank finally shoots a finger into Doug's ass, sending the latter into whirling shivers. This rim is so phenomenal and Doug is the luckiest slob on earth to be receiving it. Just when you thought this was an all-oral video, Doug ends up fucking Hank, using the same animal thrusting Hank did with just his tongue. Watch Doug's tight balls slap against Hank's manly butt as he takes him with fierce torment. Doug fucks Hank on his side to get him to cum and then follows that load with a thick one of his own on Hank's chest.

Spike beats up his dick even more, double-fisting it and playing with his balls too, somewhere in the midst of self-pleasure heaven. The scene fades to Matthew Anders, so adorable in his cherubic blond-highlight splendor and a big change from the brunettes everywhere else in the video. He and Chris Michaels, a handsome guy with a nice shapely body and a funky tattoo surrounding a belly-button piercing, wear matching cowboy hats and kiss lovingly for the camera. Chris sucks first on Matthew's dick, a curvy piece that is very thick at the bottom, in a wet blowjob. He has a wonderful time helping himself to much of Matthew's dick, but the latter is interested on getting his hands on Chris' pert ass. He eventually does and wastes no time prying it open with his hands and tongue. The ass is gorgeous, a pure rimmer's delight, and Matthew gives it the same wonderful attention all the other sublime ass-eaters have given others so far. Matthew sits on Chris' face, leans up against a wall and lets Chris work magic on his ass, too. He eventually bends back over to chew on Chris' manageable cock. Chris suddenly maneuvers Matthew to the bed, pins his legs back and eats out of his ass for the camera big time! Eventually, Chris sprays a bountiful load on Matthew's face and hair, making Matthew even more handsome (if possible) and then Matthew gives Chris a gigantic load to finish.

Spike finally gets to participate in the last scene. He gets to take on familiar Sam Dixon and very good looking Emilio Sands, a Latin knockout with the sexiest pair of brown eyes and a stomach just bulging with perfectly toned abs. Emilio is laid on a bench with Sam eating his ass through his shorts and Spike feeding him his dick through his shorts. Eventually, Emilio gets the real thing and does a job on Spike up there with the best guys Spike has ever had, effortlessly taking the whole darn piece! Sam wiggles off Emilio's underwear so he too can get something real. Emilio sucks both guys, treating them both equally well and then Sam sucks Emilio as thanks, not forgetting to take a few licks on Spike's always-ready humdinger. Tireless Emilio, who has more to prove than his trusty veteran co-stars, sits down on Spike's dick to get fucked. It starts off slow, but once Emilio gets used to the sheer size, he rides with speed and passion, taking in every last inch of Spike's incredible cock. Sam initially stands around for encouragement, but Spike is having such an obviously good time he sucks on Sam to show it, and does it very well. After Spike is done with him, Sam gets to fuck Emilio, too. He's an ace top and gives Emilio a nice pleasant ride after the ass-ripping one Spike couldn't help but provide. Spike shoots one of his milky sprays and then the other two join with moderate shots. To end his solo gig afterward, Spike bends himself in half to take little tongue jabs at his own cock head before filling his mouth with another endless stream of white cream.

What a cast, huh? Chi Chi has taken so many of her best pet performers and thrown them together yet again in magical groupings for this underwear celebration. Make no mistake, that's really what it is. Crisp white Calvins are as much apart of this video as Clint Cooper's blue eyes, Sam Crockett's patented growling, Spike's enormous cock and Matthew Anders' luscious nipple-rings. Now with all of these guys so damn excellent, I couldn't help but wonder if it was the underwear that got them so excited or each other? The disc would lead you to believe the former, though the latter will have a lot more to do with your personal pleasure at watching this incredible menagerie of studs prove why briefs should officially win the great underwear war.

A DVD Review by Brent Blue [ ]

*** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Spike, Clint Cooper, Matthew Anders, Sam Crockett, hank Hightower, Chris Michaels, Emilio Sands, Doug Jeffries and Sam Dixon.

Directed by Chi Chi LaRue.

An All Worlds Video

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; Large Photo Gallery; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

An All Worlds DVD

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.