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love_of_the_dick_iron_pipe_2_tn.jpg Love of the Dick 2: Iron Pipe (DVD)
Supreme takes down Bebe and Jermaine in a torrid threesome, then nuts with chocolate thug Carmello. By the time he hits up Jay Untouchable, his iron pipe is so hard it won't go down! Southern thug CJ turns lil nut upside down. These "Real Life" lovers do it all! Big, bad Thugzilla dominates light-skinned Redd, teaching him how to swallow every inch before fucking him in some wild ass positions. Starring Bebe, Redd, CJ, Thugzilla, Supreme, Jermaine, Lil Nut, Carmello, Jay Untouchable. A Pitbull Productions DVD.
big_black_military_guns_tn.jpg Big Black Military Guns (DVD)
Do you love a man in uniform? These gorgeous black men come equipped with quality hardware and are so fine, they make you want to stand up and salute! Full of lean, built black guys with the biggest dicks and horny bottoms with the tightest holes waiting to be filled! Starring Titan, Enzo, Thugzilla, Jalin Jones, Xclusive Report, Blue Ice, Troy Penatrator, Jezzy. A Bacchus DVD.
bad_ass_black_men_4_tn.jpg Bad Ass Black Men 4 (DVD)
When they are bad they are oh so good! Bad Ass Black Men #4 features black on black sexual action between sexy, young thugs that leave you breathless. Leaving no hole unexplored and no taboo unbroken, these sexy, black boyz prove just how bad they can be. Starring Erotic, Taz, Amari, Sexy Redd, Lance Kincaid, Timpo, Javon, Thugzilla, Hawke, Djit. A Bacchus DVD.
white_butts_black_nuts_tn.jpg White Butts Black Nuts (DVD)
Bust a hot, black nut in a tight white, butt! These white boys love the cock, the bigger and blacker the better! This hardcore black on white action will satisfy all of your homoerotic interracial desires. Sit back, unzip your throbbing cock, and enjoy the motherfuckin' show! Starring Dirk Adams, Antonio York, Soloman, Entice, Rocky Moore, Lance Kincaid, Chip Summers, Baby Boy, Dekarlo, Thugzilla, Sean Kane. A Bacchus DVD.
as_black_as_it_gets_4_tn.jpg As Black As It Gets 4 (DVD)
Black as ebony and as dark and seductive as the blackest night these fine black brothers deliver the hottest gay black-on-black sex around for those who like their sex as black as it gets! These black studs love whipping out their massive tools and hammering them into their bro's tight hot holes! Starring Infinity, Mellow, Miami, Justyn, Lil' Ken, Younger, Thugzilla, Lil Blundt, Southern Comfort, Eveready. A Bacchus DVD.
black_and_proud_6_tn.jpg Black & Proud 6 (DVD)
Bacchus presents Black & Proud #6, a full length movie packed to the brim with hot black men getting busy with each other's huge cocks until they explode all over each other! These big, beautiful black men show off their extreme pride by fucking and sucking each other with total abandon! Starring Ricky Parker, Troy, Nature Boy, Blu Black, Sexcyone, Micky, Thugzilla, Romeo Carrinton, Pretty Boi. A Bacchus DVD.
thugzilla_big_black_and_beaut_tn.jpg Thugzilla Big, Black, & Beautiful (DVD)
Hung, black and oh so beautiful, super stud Thugzilla takes on all cummers and dominates ever encounter as he proves over and over just how blistering hot he really is! Starring Thugzilla, Juice, Tone Bone, Hot Sauce, Ali, Sweet Lips. A Bacchus DVD.
willing_white_virgins_tn.jpg Willing White Virgins (DVD)
These white first timers have never had a taste of real anal action but that doesn't mean they aren't willing to try! Check out these curious white virgins as they experience real lovin' for the very first time. Starring Thugzilla, Troy Penetrator, Ass Professor, Sean Kane, Rock Collins, Austin Dallas, Sebastian Ford, Jalien. A Bacchus DVD.
thugzillas_bitch_hunt_tn.jpg Thugzilla's Bitch Hunt (DVD) 2-Disc Set
Thugzilla's wakes up to find his bitch is gone. Obviously he needs to find a new bitch fast, as we can see from his enormous erection! What's a top to do in this kind of desperate situation? Thugzilla holds an open audition to see who'll show up. And he's not disappointed. Starring Thugzilla, Chyna, Troy Penetrator, Kidd Kaj, Paceo Marks, Yello Boi, Colture and Xclusive. Directed by Jalin Fuentes. A Pitt Bull Productions / Thug Porn DVD.
black_and_bootyful_bacchus_tn.jpg Black And Bootyful 01 (DVD)
How you like it? Big? Black? Bootyfull? Black guys have great asses! Check it out as these tight and hungry black butts take their fill in hardcore, gay action that is smokin' hot and oh so bootyful! A booty full of cock! Starring Troy, Platinum, Ricco, Red Bone, Thugzilla, Hot Boi, Infamous, Tray, Envy Mi, Gangster. A Bacchus DVD.
tight_asses_big_dicks_3_tn.jpg Tight Asses Big Dicks 03 (DVD)
You know they love it as these tight asses are stretched to their absolute limit by stiff, monster cocks. For them, there is no such thing as too big! Cum and join some of the hottest chocolate lovers as they stuff their gigantic rods deep inside their sexy lovers tight ass! Starring Troy, Sexcyone, N-Ice, T-Rodd, Tezjork, Tray Miller, Thugzilla, Bam Bam, Jalin Jones, Freaky Ross. A Bacchus DVD.
bi_the_way_hdvd_tn.jpg Bi the Way 1 (DVD) Bacchus
Oh! Bi the Way, your cock is in my ass, and my cock is in hers. Just thought I'd let you know. Also, this movie features three hours of guys fucking girls, girls fucking guys and guys fucking guys while the other guy fucks a girl! Just a little F.Y.I. to those who love to get off the Bi way. Starring Kitten, Page, Bobby, Joey, Ricky, Stephany, Vicky, Winston, Prince, Ethan Alexander, Thugzilla, Buck Horse and Richard Kira. A Bacchus DVD.
holla_back_boi_tn.jpg Holla Back Boi (DVD) 2-Disc Set
Half of the guys in Holla Back Boi, the latest urban suck-and-fuckfest from Pitbull Productions, Inc., are bad boyz. You know the type�hot, young and horny but in need of a little direction. That's okay. The other half are cocky thugz from the Pitbull stable of studs. The only direction they know is where their big insistent dicks are pointing them. They don't think twice about bending everyone they meet to fulfilling their sexual needs. Starring Mr. Goodbar, Debonair, Thugzilla, Vivid, Impulse, Big Smoke, Colby, Rudy and Volkalz. Directed by Jalin Fuentes. A Pitt Bull Productions / Thug Porn DVD.
black_booty_tn.jpg Black Booty (DVD)
Hot 'n horny as fire...beautiful and black! Jet black and oh so beautiful, these ebony studs deliver the ultimate in hardcore gay, all black action that is guaranteed to leave you craving' that sweet, dark chocolate! Gotta craving for some of that rich dark chocolate and cream? Check this out! Starring Bam, Little Blundt, Romeo, Tyson Cane, Amaya, Zan Vega, Thugzilla, Darvin Carrington, Xclusive, Tajahryl Prescott. A Bacchus DVD.
black_dicks_and_white_booty_tn.jpg Black Dicks and White Booty (DVD)
White on the outside and black on the inside makes for some mighty fine black and white action! Big, black dicks penetrate fine, white asses and deliver up exciting, interracial fucking that is sure to please! Starring Virgo, Joey, Thugzilla, Dewey, Bender, Chris, Bobby Blake, Marx, Ricco Black, Xander Lewis, Mr. Saukei. A Bacchus DVD.
gimme_dat_azz_tn.jpg Gimme Dat Azz (DVD)
I want it, I need it, you gotta gimme dat AZZ! Fine studs rock that ass in all the gay action that delivers some of the best butt pounding you've ever seen! Starring Thugzilla, Tiger, Scandoalous, Sexcyone, Tezork, Hot Boi, Young Jezzy, Infamous, Diego, Pleasure. A Bacchus DVD.
tight_asses_big_dicks_4_tn.jpg Tight Asses Big Dicks 04 (DVD)
Cramming it's gonna fit...or else! Stretching to the absolute maximum, these super tight asses take on the biggest dicks in town! No pain - no gain as they test the limits of just how wide a willing ass can go! Oh that hurts! Hurts so good you'll want to do it again! Starring Bam, Neo, Troy, Juice, Sexcyone, Chocolate Thunder, Jamour, Thugzilla, Japan, Julian Jones. A Bacchus DVD.
as_black_as_it_gets_06_tn.jpg As Black As It Gets 6 (DVD)
Permanent midnight rules as these super hung brothers collide in the ultimate ride that is as deep, dark and black as it's ever gonna get! Da bottom bro wants that thang balls deep...and the top's only too happy to drill him a new a-hole! Deep dark and chocolate, everyone's favorite! Starring Mickey Jones, Sexcyone, T-Rodd, T-Bone, Thugzilla, Scandalous, Keron, Rico Pierre, Hot Sauce, Thug Pussy. A Bacchus DVD.
black_cocksuckers_03_tn.jpg Black Cocksuckers 03 (DVD)
Hungry lips service Big Black Cocks. These insatiable black cock hounds suck huge, black dick in brother on brother action that is sure to deliver the ultimate blowjob satisfaction! Watch as these hot chocolate men with hungry lips lick up all that sweet juicy cum! Starring Little Blundt, Kobe Bird, Mice Man, Kamrun, Tracy, Sexcyone, Shamar Brown, Blue, Anaconda, Brown Eyes, Dark Chocolate, Thugzilla, Hot Boi, Jack of Trade, Ricco Pierre, Hot Sauce. A Bacchus DVD.
black_workout_16_tn.jpg Black Workout 16 (DVD)
Pump that ebony muscle of love! These sexy brothers get the cardio going and the action flowing in a hardcore excercise that will provide the ultimate workout for even the fittest sexual athlete. Starring Thugzilla, High Def, Rudy Scott, Sexy Back, Vivid, Mr. Goodbar. A Bacchus DVD.