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love_of_the_dick_iron_pipe_2_tn.jpg Love of the Dick 2: Iron Pipe (DVD)
Supreme takes down Bebe and Jermaine in a torrid threesome, then nuts with chocolate thug Carmello. By the time he hits up Jay Untouchable, his iron pipe is so hard it won't go down! Southern thug CJ turns lil nut upside down. These "Real Life" lovers do it all! Big, bad Thugzilla dominates light-skinned Redd, teaching him how to swallow every inch before fucking him in some wild ass positions. Starring Bebe, Redd, CJ, Thugzilla, Supreme, Jermaine, Lil Nut, Carmello, Jay Untouchable. A Pitbull Productions DVD.
thugzillas_bitch_hunt_tn.jpg Thugzilla's Bitch Hunt (DVD) 2-Disc Set
Thugzilla's wakes up to find his bitch is gone. Obviously he needs to find a new bitch fast, as we can see from his enormous erection! What's a top to do in this kind of desperate situation? Thugzilla holds an open audition to see who'll show up. And he's not disappointed. Starring Thugzilla, Chyna, Troy Penetrator, Kidd Kaj, Paceo Marks, Yello Boi, Colture and Xclusive. Directed by Jalin Fuentes. A Pitt Bull Productions / Thug Porn DVD.
holla_back_boi_tn.jpg Holla Back Boi (DVD) 2-Disc Set
Half of the guys in Holla Back Boi, the latest urban suck-and-fuckfest from Pitbull Productions, Inc., are bad boyz. You know the type�hot, young and horny but in need of a little direction. That's okay. The other half are cocky thugz from the Pitbull stable of studs. The only direction they know is where their big insistent dicks are pointing them. They don't think twice about bending everyone they meet to fulfilling their sexual needs. Starring Mr. Goodbar, Debonair, Thugzilla, Vivid, Impulse, Big Smoke, Colby, Rudy and Volkalz. Directed by Jalin Fuentes. A Pitt Bull Productions / Thug Porn DVD.
lost_in_the_hood_tn.jpg Lost in the Hood (DVD)
Find out what happens when you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Knocking on the wrong door and trying to deliver pizza to the wrong guy (meaning, to the wrong thug) can prove hell to pay! Watch as the poor delivery guy gets snatched off the street and then brutalized by his own pizza and then is forced to have sex as pay-back for waking the guy up. Starring Tone Bone, Derek Mazurek, Jamie Donovan, Kacorot, Magnum, Nubius, Sho-Nuff, Thugzilla and Tray Miller. Directed by Edward James. An Edward James Productions DVD.
club_auto_shop_1_tn.jpg Club Auto Shop 1 (DVD)
These black sexy auto mechanics do it all. Some of the sexiest and biggest black cocks all under one roof, join “CLUB AUTO SHOP” where you’ll get more than you’re engine flushed. Club Auto Shop the AAA garage that went XXX! Starring Rudy Ebony, Rogue, D-Unit, Ass-olute, Ice Black, B-zilla, Brklyn, Thugzilla, Lone Dragon, Kid Maverick, Sexy T. Directed by Edward James. A Spilane Productions DVD.
club_auto_shop_2_tn.jpg Club Auto Shop 2 (DVD)
Here comes Volume 2! These black sexy auto mechanics do it all. Some of the sexiest and biggest black cocks all under one roof, join “CLUB AUTO SHOP” where you’ll get more than you’re engine flushed. Starring Rudy Ebony, Rogue, D-Unit, Ass-olute, Ice Black, B-zilla, Brklyn, Thugzilla, Lone Dragon, Kid Maverick, Sexy T. Directed by Edward James. A Spilane Productions DVD.
black_and_hung_7_tn.jpg Black and Hung 7 (DVD)
These hot, black studs are packing a heavy load and they are ready to explode! Super-hung brothers get their freak on in XXX action that is guaranteed to satisfy! There's nothing quite like witnessing a massive black schlong pounding away on an eager black asshole! This is one flick you don't wanna miss! Starring Dante Franklin, Juice, Anaconda, Titan, Thugzilla, Kid Kaj, Blue Ice, Rudy Scott, Mr. Goodbar, Trap Boyy. A Bacchus DVD.
as_black_as_it_gets_9_tn.jpg As Black As It Gets 9 (DVD)
It's all about that black, juicy dick and that brotha bubble butt. It's permanent midnight as these fine black brothers get their freak on in wild ass, XXX sex that is as kinky and as black as it's ever gonna get! These men are too fine and so hung! Watch as they take every inch of man meat they can get their hands on. Starring Mickey, Phoenix, Shai, Sexcyone, Sexy Redd, Debonair, Javon, Thugzilla, Jack of Trade, Killa Kil. A Bacchus DVD.
black_cocksuckers_7_tn.jpg Black Cocksuckers 7 (DVD)
Hungry lips crave the taste of sweet, hot man-cum! These cum drunk black dawgs just can't get enough hot, dark chocolate! These brothers suck dick like a horny hoover and they satisfy every time! Starring Rico Pierre, Pete, Thugzilla, N Dulg, Ass Professor, Sebastian Ruddick, Troy, Tray mIller. Japan, Ty Lattimore, Hollywood, The Dickman, Red Bone, G Dawg. A Bacchus DVD.
black_and_loaded_6_tn.jpg Black and Loaded 6 (DVD)
These fine black brothers are keeping it real- real sexy, that is! They are aching for action, fully loaded and ready to explode in black, brother on brother sex that will leave you hungry for more! These big black hard dicks are cocked and loaded and ready for plenty of action! Starring Japan, Pete, Polo, Tezjork, Kidd, Thugzilla, Diamond Prince, Mr. Pain, Virgo, Sean Gold, Rusty Reagan. A Bacchus DVD.
thugzilla_gig_black_beautiful_3_tn.jpg Thugzilla - Big, Black & Beautiful 3 (DVD)
Can't get enough Thugzilla? Keep cumming back for more? Then you are a Thugzilla addict and this video is just the way to feed your habit, because the big boy is back in each and every scene! Kick back and enjoy! Starring Thugzilla, Red Bone, Hott Sauce, Tray Miller, Freakzilla, Black Heat, Dewey Bender. A Bacchus DVD.
interracial_orgy_bac_tn.JPEG Interracial Orgy 4 (DVD)
If a gang is your thang then this mixed-up, black and white throw down is just for you! This is one hot mess and everyone is invited, 'cause this is an interracial orgy where anything goes. Starring: Ricky Parker, Little Blunt, Justin Side, Big Boss, Debonair, Anaconda, Rudy Scott, Freakzilla, Devod Cade, Austin, Sexcyone, Troy, Thugzilla, Night Crawler, Xclusive, Infamous, Chris Taffer, Emyy Mi. A Bacchus DVD.  
blk_skin_to_skin_2_bac_tn Black Skin to Skin 2 (DVD)
Brother is cumming in with nothing but skin, in all bareback action that is spontaneous and totally natural, without a condom in sight! Starring: Thugzilla, Sho Nuff, Smoke, Velcream, Hot Boi, Diablo Negro, Troy, Jalin Jones, Kane, Wet Spot. A Bacchus DVD.
gimme_dat_azz_6_bacchus_tn Gimme Dat Azz 6 (DVD)
Bend over, spread 'em and gimme dat ass in hardcore, anal action that will take you to the limit, fill you up and make you shudder with delight! Starring: Thugzilla, Trap Boyy, N-Ty Sin, Sexcyone, Stefan Love, Tracy O'Neil, Sexy Back. A Bacchus DVD.
first_time_i_sucked_black_cock_2_inter_encount_tn First Time I Sucked Black Cock 2 (DVD)
I have always wanted a taste of that sweet, chocolate fudgesicle and now I know that once you suck black, you can never go back! It's true, chocolate is addictive and I am a chocoholic for life! Starring: Chris Young, Dakota Phillips, Jack Simmons, Joey, John Ross, John T., Justin Blade, Soloman Gregory, Thugzilla, Zack Masters. An Interracial Encounters/ Bacchus DVD
as_black_as_it_gets_12_bacchus_tn.jpg As Black As It Gets 12 (DVD)
He's a fine, ebony brother who can fuck like no other! These horny studs are the real deal; beautiful black men who are heavy hung, oh so gay and totally proud of it! Starring: Anaconda, Dante Franklin, Thugzilla, Juice, Stefan Love, Treshawn, High Def, Lil Ken, Toni Amos A Bacchus DVD.
bustin_out_tn.jpg Bustin' Out (DVD)
Some of these dudes take wicked facial cum-shellackings as well as ass poundings, and the final scene between cover model Kacorot and Miamilicious (both are garbed in gauzy beach whites, deep fucking like insane beasts on an open staircase) is mad-hot. Starring Kacorot, Chaos, Luke Dawson, Miamilicious, Peanut, T-Rodd, Thugzilla. A Jackrabbit Releasing DVD.
fucked_thugzilla_tn Fucked (DVD)
Watch as ThugZilla and PhatDaddy fuck their way though this Saw inspired cum-drenched fuckfest! Starring: ThugZilla, PhatDaddy. Directed by: Edward James. A Thugzilla Productions / Edward James DVD.
soul_in_his_hole_2_alkaline_tn Soul in His Hole 2 (DVD)
Sometimes ebony and ivory get together and the result is a buttfucking, cocksucking congress of epic proportions! Enjoy the feisty carnal shenanigans as these gentlemen unleash a slew of flesh tantrums that will blow your mind! Starring: Brett Stone, Jay Scorpio, Jordan Michaels, Kihoe, Mr. Darvin, Mr. Sauki, Thugzilla, Tyler Ray, Tyson Gold. An Alkaline DVD.
thug_orgy_3_tn.jpg Thug Orgy 3 (DVD)
Do you ever wonder what happens when the thug boys disappear from your neighborhood street corner? Well, we finally have the proof of what goes on when they all end up in one location and no females are to be found. Hot, sweaty, thug corner, street boys get together to relieve sexual fustration...on each other. Let us introduce you to "THUG ORGY 3." It's like being a fly on the wall to the hottest male on male thug action ever caught on tape. After watching just one episode, you will be back for more. Starring: Thugzilla, Black Lion, Sean, T.Y, Kavasia, Kash, Mr. Pipe' Em. An Edward James DVD.