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Tag Ericsson

hole-stars-jsm_tn.jpg Hole Stars (DVD)
$53.88 $20.00 On Sale!
HOLE STARS is a new Collector's Edition DVD starring some of Jet Set Men's most popular exclusive models. The movie features 7 XXX Hardcore Sex Scenes! Each of the Jet Set Men Exclusive Models in this movie are also stars of the most popular gay porn in history, THE HOLE. Starring: Danny Rhymes, Derec Lang, Jake Rogers, Jason Adonis, Jason Tyler, Josh Hammer, Lorenzo Vargas, Marc Stone, Tag Eriksson, Vince Taylor. A Jet Set Men DVD.
american_porn_star_tn.jpg American Porn Star: Road to Hollywood (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
"Highly Recommended. Director Matthew Moore's feature is a take-off on that age-old television staple: the talent contest. The twist here is that the talent ain't singing, a la 'Star Search,' or dancing, a la 'Dance Fever.' Nope, these wannabes have to strip, suck and fuck to make it to the semi-finals. And the competition is fierce! Who wins? I won't ruin the surprise! " . . . Butch Harris, Starring Jason Adonis, Tag Eriksson, Ben Campezi, Vince Taylor, Derec Lang, Lorenzo Vargas, Ken Scott, Rico Suave and Alec Powers. A Jet Set DVD.

big_boy_fuck_down_jet_set_men_tn Big Boy Fuck Down (DVD)
$53.88 $20.00 On Sale!
AKA "Big Boy Dick Down" Jet Set Men presents Big Boy Fuck Down starring 29 all American Boys in 12 scenes giving you over 4 hours of hardcore XXX action! Starring: Jason Adonis, Tag Eriksson, Gage, Kurt Wild, Nickolay Petrov, Mason Wyler, Shane Collins. A Jet Set Men DVD.
boys_next_door_jet_set_tn Boys Next Door (DVD) Jet Set
$53.88 $20.00 On Sale!
A Jet Set Men presents Boys Next Door featuring 4 hours of XXX all-male hardcore sex scenes starring some of the hottest men to ever perform for Jet Set like Haus Weston, Tag Eriksson and Justin Mycles. This 4 Hour DVD includes 12 sex scenes and 25 Boys Next Door! Starring: Rob Steele, Haus Weston, Jay Heiss, Jeremy Brooks, Tyler Stone, Justin Mycles, Cody Prescott, Chip Noll, Derec Hardman, Brock Dylan, Jarod Tucker, Eric Lang, Dante, Curt Baldwin, Jon Spartan, Andy Hunter, Marc Stone, Justin Wells, Johnny Cage, Eric Rio, Tag Eriksson, Cameron Fox, Cameron Sage, Lee Carrington, Jason Tyler. A Jet Set Men DVD.
desert_pick_up_2_tn.jpg Desert Pick-Up 2 (DVD) Tag Eriksson
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
"Highly Recommended. If beautiful, tall and rangy stud Tag Eriksson arrived at your saloon in the middle of the desert, on foot, and you greeted him in shorts with half of the buttcheeks area cut out (a la the Abercrombie catalog a few seasons ago), why wouldn't you offer him a hot bath to wash off the dust? You would, of course, and that's the way we begin. This is an excellent production, well directed by Dylan Ryan. The photography captures both the beauty of the men and the picturesque desert setting." - Martin Cox, Starring Tag Eriksson, Connor Banks, Buck McCall, Jason Tyler, Brad Benton, Cameron Sage, Cameron Fox and Marco Paris. Directed by Dylan Ryan. A Jet Set DVD.

gangbang_the_collectors_edition_tn.jpg Gangbang: The Collector's Edition (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
4 cum-drenched hours of gangbang sex scenes from Jet Set, experts in hot, muscleboy sex videos! Includes seven of the hottest scenes from seven different JetSet videos. Including: Cocktail GangBang, JetSet Fraternity GangBang, The Hole, Sex on the Run, Lords II - Return to the Manor, Parts and Service, and Pumped Up for a GangBang. Starring Brad Benton, Trayce Cannon, Ben Damon, Jack Ryan, Tag Eriksson, Josh Hammer, Anthony Holloway, Trent Atkins, Lorenzo Vargas, Damon Ivy, Jeremy Tucker, Rex Everything, Curt Studni, Jakub Moltin (aka Jan Dvorak, Pavel Novotny, Max Pellion), David Glanz, Mikhal, Martin Karvina, Jarda Malek, Petr Katja, Jiri Sydnec, Justin Mycles, Alex LeMonde, Jake Woodman, Wade Mohawk, Gauge and Jon Cristian. A Jet Set DVD.
hole_js_dvd_tn.jpg Hole, The (DVD) Wash West
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
"Highly, Highly Recommended. A porn film, based on a horror flick? In the hands of a less madcap meshuggener this would have certainly been a disaster. But Mr. West knows how to put an outlandish theme, witty dialogue, beautiful performers and outstanding sex together better than just about anyone. And, then, who couldn't make something special with this hoard of hunks. From top to bottom, all of these guys are pretty sensational. The thesis: 'Before you're gay - you see the hole.'" - Butch Harris, Starring Tag Eriksson, Jason Adonis, Josh Hammer, Derec Lang, Vince Taylor, Trent Atkins, Sam Tyson, Jeremy Tucker, Anthony Holloway, Michael Knight, Kip Bravo, Lorenzo Vargas, Rex Everything and Damon Ivy. Directed by Wash West. A Jet Set DVD.

jet_set_big_dicks_collectors_tn.jpg Jet Set Big Dicks (DVD) Collector's Edition
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
7 Big Dick Scenes! One of the very first things many gay men look for on a DVD box cover is big dicks. It is the fetish that (literally and figuratively) stands out from the rest. Titles sell because of them, models are known and sought after for them, and whole magazines are devoted to them. There was even an article in a recent male fashion magazine declaring that a "big dick" is man's biggest builder of confidence and self-acceptance. Therefore, it is not surprising that Jet Set Men, looking for a follow-up to their top selling title Big Dick Society, decided to go through their releases from the last few years to reprise some of the hottest scenes featuring big dicks in one sizzling and sexy package! Starring Brad Austin, Gabriel Sinclair, Justin Gemini, Ricky, Rocket, Helmut Muller, Evan Rochelle, Tag Eriksson, Paolo Cortez, Chad Driver, Adam Lee, Peter Stevens, Jason Ridge, G. Thierry, Verdo Colt, Hun Attila, Strong One, Bob, Ken Ryker and Cody Cash. Directed by Andrew Rosen, Stephane Moussu, Bud Light (a.k.a. Wash West), Robert Boggs and Gino Colbert. A Jet Set Premium DVD.

jet_set_direct_tn.jpg Jet Set Direct: Take 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
WINNER! Best Supporting Actor - Brad Benton . . . 2005 GAYVN AWARDS. Four Award-Winning Directors Each Direct One Segment! "Highly Recommended. The fun of 'Jet Set Direct: Take One' comes from the fact that four different directors are given a crack. The result is four very steamy scenes that seamlessly connect with a perhaps unintended theme of tease (I sure felt it) into one great flick, but yet are each so different in style and execution." - Brent Blue, Starring Brad Benton, Brandon, Cody Cash, Paolo Cortez, Tag Eriksson, Marcus Iron, Buck McCall and Ken Ryker. Directed by Bud Light (a.k.a. Wash West), Gino Colbert, Michael Zen and Thor Stephans (a.k.a. Peter Goesinya). A Jet Set Premium DVD.

lords_ii_return_to_the_manor_tn.jpg Lords of Jet Set Manor 2: Return To The Manor (DVD) Tag Eriksson
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
How do you top the success of a block-buster video? Why with a sequel of course! Jet Set Team Productions first mega-hit Lord of Jet Set Manor is back with Lords II - Return to the Manor. The opulent castle setting is the same but with a whole new cast. Starring Tag Eriksson, Paolo Cortez, Lee Carington, Buck McCall, Jason Tyler, Brad Collins, Tim Tyler, Sandy Sloan, Dante Foxxx, Shane Pascal and Sean Skyler.

tag_eriksson_collectors_edition_tn.jpg Tag Eriksson Collector's Edition (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Enjoy Tag's best scenes, from the following features: Desert Pick-Up 2; American Porn Star; Lords II: Return to the Manor; Training Camp; and The Hole. Also included is one bonus solo scene! A Jet Set DVD.

wild_wild_three_ways_tn.jpg Wild Wild Three-Ways (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
This Collector's Edition includes the best scenes from some of our top movies of the past few years, including Going Under, Doggie Style, Code Violators, American Porn Star, Jet Set Direct 3, and the sensational 2008 GAYVN Award Winning Best Threesome scene from Just Add Water! Starring Jason Adonis, Jesse Santana, Sebastian Young, Derrick Hanson, Cam Kurtz, Christian Owen, Brett Matthews, Ricky, Taylor Eastwood, Clint Peak, Derek Cruz, Ivan Andros, Tyler Stuart, Shane Collins, Tag Eriksson, Rico Suave, Jason White and Nickolay Petrov. A Jet Set Premium DVD.