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Straight Boy Ass Taken & Owned (DVD)


“Now, here's the thing when it comes to virgin holes. I don't care how broke a guy is, or how straight, or whatever, there ain't no dick going in a virgin hole and it's not going to be extremely unpleasant for the guy at first. I've seen some porn sites claiming that the guys are desperate and need cash and all of that, and that they are supposedly straight. Well first of all, the friggin' waxed eyebrows should be clue number one. And clue number two is when a 7 incher is shoved up the guy's butt and he starts ooh-ing and aww-ing. Give me a fucking break! "

Starring: Ash McCoy, Austin Andrews, Chet, Ethan Brandt, Jesse Herne, Noah Jones, Sterling.

A Boys Halfway House DVD.

Straight Boy Ass Taken & Owned (DVD) Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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Write a review | No reviews for this product.