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Sandy Sloane (Sandy Sloan)

about_face_tn.jpg About Face (DVD) Regiment
A prick-pummeling profile of platoon pleasures and covert copulation where Marine muscle and brazen brass cum together in a dick-drenched delirium! When the service only takes the best, brightest and biggest of our nation's boys, you know that they can't just be hangin' out... or can they? These young service men know what it means to salute, and when it's just time to bend over and take it like a man. Starring Kurt Summers, Ryan Scott, Andrew Addams, Sandy Sloane, Rick Ferraro, Mark Cirriano. Directed By Paul Baressi. A Regiment Productions DVD.
Beach Buns (DVD)
Rod Barry has got the hottest pair of buns on the beach and every guy has his sights set on being the first to nail his virgin ass. After hearing about how everyone wants it, Rod decides to go out and find a top who can pop his cherry. Starring Rod Barry, Logan Reed, Bryan Williams, Sandy Sloane, Scott Lyons, Griff Thorson, Luke Savage, Jorge Milano and David Rinaldo. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue. An All Worlds DVD.
nyc_working_boys_dvd_tn.jpg College Cock 101: NYC Working Boys (DVD)
The guys of the Big Apple are as horny as ever! These Working guys give new meaning to the term "working stiffs" and get the job done as they do each other. Starring Sandy Sloane, Josh Taylor, Keanu Foster, Marco Zepi, Anthony Vincent, Ryan Vicuna, Jeremy Daniels, Corey Lennox and Matthew Judd.
cowboy_up_tn.jpg Cowboy Up (DVD)
Four Vivid hours of buckin' the boys! They'll really rope you in! Giddie Up. Starring Craig Anderson, Brian Anger, Roberto Arias, Michael Brawn, Paul Carrigan, Paul Coder, Tony Davis, Scott Davis, Lon Flexxe, Grant King, Michael Knight, Tim Lowe, Scott Mann, Hawk McAllister, Andrew Michaels, David Pierre, Zach Richards, David Rockmore, Joshua Scott, Sandy Sloane, David Thompson, Johnny Thrust. With over 30 Stars! A Vivid Man 4 Hour DVD.
cunning_cadets_reg_tn.jpg Cunning Cadets (DVD)
For Regiments Cunning Cadets, military tradition is key. These R.O.T.C. Juniors learn, if they want to make the grade, honesty is the best policy. Especially around promotion time. So they're cumming clean for their superiors. It's been a tradition in the R.O.T.C. since the day was founded... Starring: Michael Knight, Grant Fagan, Dante, Gordon Lee, Sandy Sloane, Stonie, Rob Kirk. A Regiment Productions DVD.
current_affair_tn.jpg Current Affair, A (DVD)
"Highly Recommended. 'A Current Affair' is a love story set in a bookstore. Books can't be sexy, you say?! Well, when the bookstore in question is an intimate space with hunky employees, and customers with wild imaginations, reading becomes one hell of a fantasy-spinner!" . . . Brent Blue, Starring Kent Larson, Jake Hansen, Sean Kelley, Dante Foxx, Thomas Bond, Angelo Bestiamo, Jake Matthews, Chris Bolt, Sandy Sloane, Dean Marx, Kai Raven and Ty Smith. Directed by Steve Jerome and Mike Donner.
Date With Your Cock (DVD) 10 Hours
Wall to Wall sex featuring Drew Andrews, Dean O'Connor, Sandy Sloan, Patrick Allen and Michael Lance. See your favorite stars get it on and get it off with other hot studs! Cum crazy all-male hardcore action. Fresh meat in hot man on man rendezvous. Explosive indoor and outdoor action!
dear_dick_tn.jpg Dear Dick (DVD)
"Highly, Highly Recommended. It's always wonderful when a flick turns out to be as inspired as this one. It's a premise that may sound formulaic, but as directed by Mike Donner it's exemplary. Cute as a button Lance Landers is a sex adviser who answers mail from horny readers. And just when he thinks he's heard it all, he gets one that makes him realize he hasn't." . . . Max Southern, Starring Lance Landers, Chip Noll, Park Wiley, Brad Benton, Mark Cirriano, Brian Handcock, Sandy Sloane, Ben Archer, John Thomas and Kent Larson.
frat_boy_lust_cl_tn.jpg Frat Boy Lust (DVD) 4 Hrs
These horny frat boys will show you exactly what it takes to get initiated into their cock sucking ass fucking fraternity! Starring Scott Mann, Zyan Banks, David Nowal, Kyle Richards, Thomas Bond, Chase Allen, Sandy Sloane, Jeremy Brooks, Zach Richards, Jeremy Tucker, Lucas James, Bruce Richards, Leo Dasilver, Frank Taylor, Shane Patrick and many more! A Cock Lovin' Productions DVD.
hard_desires_street_corner_tn Hard Desires (DVD)
Brent Banes floats in the pool on a hot, sunny day thinking up sizzling fantasies to jerk off by! Starring: Jack Reilly, Brent Banes, Andrew Lennox, Joe Milano, Brain Bramble, Sandy Sloane, Eric Evans, Chris Ryan. A Street Corner / Oh Man! DVD.
HOMOgenized (DVD)
Happy New Year 2051! An overpopulated world . . . Segregation of the sexes . . . It's mansex or no sex! Men with men - it's the law. Michael Zen's look at a futuristic society. Starring Brent Cross, J. T. Sloan, Steve O'Donnell, Mason Jarr, Will Clark, David Thompson, Tod Stevens, Vic Rubino, Sandy Sloane and Scott Lyons. Directed by Michael Zen. An All Worlds DVD.
lords_ii_return_to_the_manor_tn.jpg Lords of Jet Set Manor 2: Return To The Manor (DVD) Tag Eriksson
How do you top the success of a block-buster video? Why with a sequel of course! Jet Set Team Productions first mega-hit Lord of Jet Set Manor is back with Lords II - Return to the Manor. The opulent castle setting is the same but with a whole new cast. Starring Tag Eriksson, Paolo Cortez, Lee Carington, Buck McCall, Jason Tyler, Brad Collins, Tim Tyler, Sandy Sloan, Dante Foxxx, Shane Pascal and Sean Skyler.

rebel_tn.jpg Rebel (DVD)
Marco Guerra has been a bad guy… a Rebel, you could say. It's the fuck-and-suck story of Marco and what happens when you "fuck-over" enough of your pals. REBEL, from Catalina's award winning director Peter Romero has all the stimulating action you expect from Catalina. The guys are good looking. There's lots of juicy foreskin play. The technical aspects are superb. And the fucking and sucking are unsurpassed. And it features International Superstar Arpad Miklos, who knows what he wants from his pals - a hole to pound - and gets it! Starring Marco Guerra, Arpad Miklos, Hawk McCallister, Sandy Sloane, Jack Ryan, Eric York, John Truitt, Adriano, Steve Rambo, Chip Noll and Chad Thomas.
stag_party_all_worlds_tn.jpg Stag Party (DVD)
You're invited to the hottest bachelor party of the year . . . So leave your girlfriend at home, because at this party there are no women. Just real guys letting off some real pent up man lust. Starring Brandon Lee, Alex Stone, Griff Thorson, Jake Reddy,Justin Greer, Michael Vista, Mitch Sander, Sam Crockett, Sandy Sloane and Wade Peters. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue. An All Worlds DVD.
Throttled (DVD)
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Mustang Video Pac 55. Sometimes a guy needs to grab onto someone's tool, hold it tight, and pull it hard. Then lube it slick and stroke it real good. Hot stud Mike Slater lights up the screen as he plows Sandy Sloan in one of the hottest 3-ways ever! Starring Mike Slater, Gregg Rockwell, Brian Roberts, Bruno Demarco, Wade Peters, Sandy Sloan and Kyle Reardon. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue. A Falcon / Mustang Video DVD.
weekend_at_my_brothers_dvd_tn.jpg Weekend at My Brothers (DVD)
Starring Dean O'Connor, Sandy Sloane, and Shane Lancourt. DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback. An Avenger Entertainment DVD for Renegade Video.
weekend_pass_2_tn.jpg Weekend Pass 2 (DVD)
After several years following the success of Weekend Pass, famed military director Dirk Yates has finally succumbed to your requests and brings us the sequel. Weekend Pass 2 was shot entirely in San Diego, home of the largest military installation in the western hemisphere. You'll wish you had a weekend pass with real military guys on leave. Sorry, but we can't divulge where this infamous motel is! Starring Sledge Sawyer, Diego Correa, Sandy Sloan, T.J. Davis, Brian Handcock, Eric Hunter, Aaron Reaves and Bill Ray.
wet_palms_1-3_tn.jpg Wet Palms Season 1: Episodes 1 - 3 (DVD)
WINNER! Best Screenplay, Best Sex Comedy . . . 2005 GAYVN AWARDS. Jet Set is breaking new ground in gay porn with "Wet Palms." Sexually, it's as explicit and astounding as any of the best porn flicks I've seen in a long time, but what happens around the sex is thrilling, smashing the traditional boundaries of story porn. "Highly, Highly Recommended. Filmed with the seriousness of a lavish nighttime soap opera but with the cheeky "I'll never tell -- at least until sweeps" attitude of daytime programming, "Wet Palms" is supremely well acted and amazingly written by Jack Shamama and Michael Stabile. Starring Rod Barry, Brad Benton, Cody Cash, Gabriel Knight, Ethan Marc, Jason Ridge, Rob Romoni, Jason Sechrest, Michael Soldier and Bret Wolfe. Guest Starring Paulo Cortez, Chad Donovan, Sharon Kane, Chi Chi LaRue and Ashton Sorenson. With Andrew Addams, Jonathon Gabriel, Jack London, John Marcus, Raul, Brad Slater, Sandy Sloane, Corey Summers, Lee Walters and Park Wiley. Directed by Matthew Moore. A Jet Set/Naked Sword XXX Miniseries.
workin_stiffs_falcon_tn.jpg Workin' Stiffs (DVD) 4hrs 2-Disc Set
Thirty Seven of Falcon men hard at work and looking to take the edge off. Settle back and watch these blue and white collar studs blur the line between work and play. Office inter-relation orgies...and team-building on the job. Workin' Stiffs just looking to get some head and clear their pipes on company time. Starring Akos Matyas, Barry Howard, Blake Harper, Christian Owen, Cody Foster, Danny Cocker, Fernando Montana, Filippo Romano, Hawk McAllister, Jake Andrews, Jake Gianelli, Jason Tyler, Johnny Rahm, Karl Tenner, Ken Adams, Ken Houser, Kurt Young, Kyle Reardon, Marcus Iron, Max Grand, Michel Lucas, Mike Chavez, Mike Slater, Nicholas Clay, Paul Bain, Paul Johnson, Randy Mixer, Sandy Sloan, Scott Bond, Scott Randsome, Sean Davis, Seth Black, Steve O'Donnell, Tom Chase, Trevor Knight, Wolff, Zackary Pierce. A Falcon Four Hours DVD.