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Sammy Case

buckleroos_2_tn.jpg Buckleroos Part 2 (DVD)
WINNER! Best Picture, Best Director (John Rutherford and Jerry Douglas), Actor (Dean Phoenix), Videography (Todd Montgomery), Editing (Andrew Rosen), Sex Scene (Dean Phoenix, Marcus Iron), Threesome (Marcus Iron, Sammy Case, Timmy Thomas), Music (Nicholas Pavkovic, Rock Hard), Non-sex Role (Zak Spears), Marketing Campaign, and an unusual two-man Solo Performance (Ricky Martinez, Arpad Miklos). . . 2005 GAYVN AWARDS. "Highly, Highly Recommended. With one last shove in the right direction by Zak, Marcus and Dean finally overcome their fears and doubts and get together again. Dean and Marcus masterfully play the finale, which beautifully ties up the loose ends and brings the men together at last. Dean and Marcus switch places, and Marcus pushes into Dean's ass. It is the first time Dean Phoenix has ever bottomed onscreen before, and a thrill to watch." . . . Martin Cox, Starring Sammy Case, Dean Phoenix, Marcus Iron, Zak Spears (non-sexual), Owen Hawk, Hank Locklear, Dave Angelo (a.k.a. Kevin Kirby), Timmy Thomas, Andrew Rubio, Ty Hudson and Jason Kennedy. Directed by John Rutherford and Jerry Douglas. A Colt Studios/Buckshot Productions DVD.

desperate_houseboys_tn.jpg Desperate Houseboys (DVD)
Meet the desperate, new guys of Histeria Lane. Superstar Sammy Case, who has become a shameless voyeur, Kevin Shade from Twink-A-Licious, a horny top with a secret, Shane Stone from Shane's Addiction and his torrid new addiction, blond beach-guy Jarret Fox, a randy jock who loves to seduce straight guys, blond Columbian bombshell, Ricky Cruz and his sultry loins, swishy bottom-guy Damian Ryce, who packs a huge killer-cock and Mikey DiNero, a straight skateboarder we picked up right off the streets. Starring Sammy Case, Shane Stone, Kevin Shade, Ricky Cruz, Jarret Fox, Mikey Dinero and Damian Ryce.