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Ryker's Money Shot (DVD)


"Ryker's Money Shot" has more plot than most mainstream Hollywood films, but how many of them can boast Ken Ryker? Under the direction of Michael Zen, Ken is really into his work, delivering in both sex and acting, and surrounded by pros like Brad Benton and Jason Hawke, this flick has a lot going for it. I'll try my best not to ruin too many of the plot twists, but there are enough to discover even if I should.

Ken is a cowboy new to Los Angeles who just wants to get his "ass licked on Rodeo Drive." In a bar, he meets Southern charmer Brad Benton, who remarks to Ken that he walks "like a man who's got six balls." Brad then tells Ken that he's been scammed by a pair of hookers. It seems he thought he was picking up cutie Ben Damon for sex in a motel. Brad proceeds to drip his sexuality all over the foreplay, licking and kissing all over Brad before slowly getting to a whiz-bang blow. He deep-throats with style, the very definition of sultry. Ben then goes down on Brad to do a fine blow, too, full of big gulps. Brad rims with hunger and then plays top. He effortlessly snakes his cock into Ben's shaved ass and does a very good job with his low-hanging balls smacking Ben's ass gently. There's a lot of kissing and touching during the fuck with keeps it peppy. Brad fucks Ben in a number of positions. But, the scene doesn't end before Brad gets fucked as well. He rides on Ben with such aplomb and then lets Ben have his way with him. Brad cums being fucked and Ben soon follows. The scam Brad mentioned unfolds when in storms Chip Noll as a cop who extorts money from Brad (if he fell for Chip as a cop, then he deserved it).

So, back in the bar, Brad decides he wants his revenge on the guys and Ken agrees to help, for a large fee, of course. In comes Alex Leon, who is a vice cop. He also wants Ken's help in nabbing Ben and Chip, of course promising Ken money as well. Into the bar ambles the deliciously tiny blond strumpet Chip, who rides on Ken's knee and ends up in a hotel room with him. Adorable Chip is about the size of one of Ken's legs, but guy does he work on Ken's cock with skill. Using every trick in the book, he does his darndest on Ken's massive meat. Ken even blows Chip for a moment before he fingers him in preparation for a fuck, the fingering becomes the centerpiece and Ken does very well with it. Big Ken, who looks so amazingly fit, hairy and just drop-dead gorgeous here, fucks Chip amiably. Chip seems to be having the time of his life as Ken takes it all very seriously, but through every position, including Chip riding on Ken, which is the highlight, Chip is an super bottom for a top as big as this. But, Ken has no problem keeping Chip's cheeks around his dick. Chip cums being fucked and then Ken pulls out for a gooey one. In comes Ben with the expected scam, and then follows Alex, who has a plan for everyone in the room.

The plan involves kidnapping rich kid Jason Hawke, looking his absolute best and buff, and somehow managing to steal thunder away from some of the major players around him, who can be found getting more than a massage from cutie Toby O'Connor, who quickly dives for Jason's mouthwatering smooth ass. Big-lipped Toby blows Jason sweetly with a fast-flicking tongue, and a lot of spit, which is a welcome hallmark throughout. Jason blows with energy, shot beautifully from a few smart angles. Jason gets rimmed, which is as good as rimming gets, his muscular cheeks hard to pry apart for hardworking Toby. Jason fingers Toby with big digits that dig deep and then fucks him. Toby's ass fits around Jason's sizeable cock just perfectly and the tightness is just enough to keep Jason working mighty hard. The squeaking of the massage table should be an indication of just how good Jason is as a top. They take a break to lusciously 69 for a while and then Jason gets to return to active topping. Toby has a nice splash on his pubes being hammered and Jason has a grand shot before Alex bursts in to put in motion the kidnapping scheme.

The kidnappers call Jason's father for the ransom money, but Ken is concerned for Jason's safety. In the bathroom, it is revealed that they actually know each other and decide on a plan. Alex then pretends to be pent up and takes Toby outside to put in motion a scheme of his own. Things continue like this until it's Brad who finally has Alex at gunpoint. Deciding that payment should be in the form of sex, Brad whips out his dick and has an agreeable Alex blow him. The tall genuinely handsome Alex picks up on Brad's energy and gives him a grand wet blow. Brad face-fucks him eagerly and Alex takes it all very well. Toby is standing in the corner jacking off while watching this solid pair go at it. Brad blows Alex, and steals the scene back with his wowing spunk. Alex bends over so Brad can once again surprise and fuck him. It's a great treat as Brad provides a wonderful fuck, Alex allowing Brad to have a whale of a time in his ass. After a few positions, they flip-flop so always-strong top Alex can have his chance with Brad's ass, and neither disappoints. Toby makes a half-hearted stab as filling Brad's face with cock, but all three soon cum. Does the scene end with a double cross? Could be, could be.

When it's all sorted out, Ken and Jason decide to go into business together and though Ken doesn't get his dream come true about the rim on Rodeo, he decides that his ass would like a tropical island. So, once there, they decide to scam rich guy Bobby Brennan, a goateed adorable brunet. However, when Ken bursts in as "the cop," Bobby doesn't even wait for the money demand, since he just wants the three-way. What a lucky kid, sandwiched between godly Ryker and stud-for-days Hawke. Bobby immediately chomps down on Ken's cock and does a fine job, too. His mouth is bigger than little Chip's, so he can take more of it. While Ken is being blown, he sucks Jason, and Ken seems genuinely turned on by Jason. He does a lot of spitting and chasing on the cock and it turns out to be one of the better blowjobs in the flick. Jason gets to warm up Bobby's ass by fucking him first, doing a speedy manly fuck of his tight butt. Jason conquers it handily and then Ken gets to go in. Naturally, the tightness is more evident when big Ken is in there, but Ken pushes ahead. Ken blows Jason again, finally getting his ass gingerly licked by Bobby. But, the rimming isn't the focus. Ken's deep-throat (yes, deep-throat) of Jason is, and it's magnificent. Ken then fucks Jason in a battle of the giants. Ken has a much easier time with Jason, and damn is it pretty watching these two stunners go at it. Jason cums on Bobby, followed by a shot by the latter before another impressive blast from Ken. And of course there's a twist ending! Ssshhh, I've said too much already.

Ryker really pulls out the stops here. If he's his usual cautious self in the Noll scene, he really livens up to turn in a spectacular performance for the finale. Looking so damn hot, he lords over "Money Shot," but he's careful to be surrounded with an A-list cast, all of whom deliver willingly. The plot itself is fun and interesting, melding well with the sex so that it never upstages it.

A VHS + DVD Review by Brent Blue ( )

*** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Ken Ryker, Jason Hawke, Toby O'Connor, Brad Benton, Ben Damon, Bobby Brennon, Alex Leon and Chip Noll.

Directed by Michael Zen.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Ryker Films/Arena Entertainment DVD.

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.