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Rosebud Male DVDs

ass_fuck_10_tn.jpg Ass Fuck 10: Chuggin' Cock (DVD)
Open wide! Four full hours of the hottest cock chuggin' action around! These hard young studs rippling with muscle, stretch their lips to make sure there is no meat-pole un-sucked before jamming them up each other's eager butt holes! If you like watching hung and hunky guys practicing their lip technique or cramming it up some other stud's hot and tight rear end, then this video will have your balls in a knot! We've packed it with one horny butt-f*ck after another, and all for you! A Rosebud Productions DVD.
guys_who_swallow_huge_cocks_4_tn.jpg Guys Who Swallow Huge Cocks 04 (DVD) 4 Hours
These heavy duty sword swallowers really know how to choke cown a cock-meat sandwich. Some men are real dicks. Some men are real dick suckers! A Rosebud Male DVD.
guys_who_swallow_huge_cocks_5_tn.jpg Guys Who Swallow Huge Cocks 05 (DVD) 4 Hours
Do these hot young men have what it takes to gobble down huge, thick cocks? They're more than willing to try! On the construction site or at the gym - only the truly committed can take every last drop of man juice down their throats. Four hours of anally obsessive scrotum squeezing, all-male action that will leave you drained! A Rosebud Male DVD.