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Regiment Productions

aboutfacereg_tn.jpg About Face (DVD) Regiment
$49.88 $15.30 On Sale!
A prick-pummeling profile of platoon pleasures and covert copulation where Marine muscle and brazen brass cum together in a dick-drenched delirium! When the service only takes the best, brightest and biggest of our nation's boys, you know that they can't just be hangin' out... or can they? These young service men know what it means to salute, and when it's just time to bend over and take it like a man. Starring Kurt Summers, Ryan Scott, Andrew Addams, Sandy Sloane, Rick Ferraro, Mark Cirriano. Directed By Paul Baressi. A Regiment Productions DVD.
active-duty-reg_tn.jpg Active Duty (DVD)
$49.88 $15.30 On Sale!
A captivating cinematic journey into "Into Active Duty" in the U.S. Marines. Military maestro Paul Barresi serves up a comrade carnal cascade of molten hot military action! Starring Stonie, Lee Scott, Mark Slade, Brandon James, Emilio Sands, Payne Bryson and Junior.
analized-regiment_tn.jpg Analized (DVD)
$49.88 $15.30 On Sale!
Where men's innermost desires get "analized". In a man-hole hungry hamlet of back alley affairs and risk seeking romps where men explore their innermost desires, XXX trend setting director, Paul Barresi, delivers the goods with an all-star cast...and he's cum up with a tag that's gonna keep deep-dish butt-lovers ejaculating forever! Starring K.C. Hart, Anthony Gallo, Eduardo, Peter Wilder, Ethan Starr, Jason Nikas, Sean Dickson, Reed Parker. Directed By Paul Baressi. A Regiment Productions DVD.
cadet_convoy_reg_tn.jpg Cadet Convoy (DVD)
$49.88 $15.30 On Sale!
U.S. military officer hopefuls are looking for another kind of action on this dick-drenched, cum-coated cadet campus. Michael Brandon is the school's head master and everybody is watching Stonie's back. With that kind of distraction, it's no wonder so many young men have their sights set on the U.S. Army. Starring: Angel, Michael Brandon, Stonie, Alan Gregory, Cameron Chase, K. Y. Roberts, Gavin Brown, Zach Evans. A Regiment Productions DVD.
cadets_in_arms_tn.jpg Cadets In Arms (DVD)
$49.88 $15.30 On Sale!
This is not just another all-male XXX video, it's an experience! CADETS IN ARMS has it all ... thrills, chills, laughter, and hot man-to-man action. Starring: Drew Andrews, Logan Reed, Stonie, George Fleece, Sergio Real, Scott Mann, Damien Walters, Brandon Roo. A Regiment Productions DVD.
cadets_in_contempt_tn.jpg Cadets in Contempt (DVD)
Defiant, rebellious, impertinent! Cadets get educated on military life the hard way!!! There is definitely some extra - curricular activities going on down in these barracks that they probably wont like to tell their commandant about! Military ass pounding at its finest!! Starring Damian Ford, Corey Winters, Spike Pierce, Blake Taylor, Erik Jansen, Johnny Lopez, Rocky Billy, Tripp Castro. Directed by Paul Baressi. A Regiment Productions DVD.
campus_capers_reg_tn.jpg Campus Capers (DVD)
$49.88 $15.30 On Sale!
First year college students can't wait to sign up for officer training because, on this cum-coated campus, carnal cadets are kickin' off the new semester with lusty lessons in the art of man-to-man sex! Starring: Michael Brandon, Alex Wilcox, Tom Adams, Junior, Stonie, Kaleb Hayes, Steve Tuck, Raphael Valentino, Evyn Parker. A Regiment Productions DVD.
carnal_cadets_tn.jpg Carnal Cadets (DVD)
$49.88 $15.30 On Sale!
Where unbridled pleasures and unsurpassed passions are taken to new prick-stiffening peaks! Director Paul Barresi delivers another military cadets tour de force. Starring Stonie, Doug Jeffries, Peter Wilder, Allen Sunn, Marc West, Jason Ball and Tyler Roberts.
cunning_cadets_reg_tn.jpg Cunning Cadets (DVD)
$49.88 $15.30 On Sale!
For Regiments Cunning Cadets, military tradition is key. These R.O.T.C. Juniors learn, if they want to make the grade, honesty is the best policy. Especially around promotion time. So they're cumming clean for their superiors. It's been a tradition in the R.O.T.C. since the day was founded... Starring: Michael Knight, Grant Fagan, Dante, Gordon Lee, Sandy Sloane, Stonie, Rob Kirk. A Regiment Productions DVD.
doctor_lawyer_indian_chief_reg_tn.jpg Doctor, the Lawyer and the Indian Chief, The (DVD)
$49.88 $15.30 On Sale!
Extra! Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Director Paul Baressi breaks an exclusive story! The Doctor, the Lawyer, and the Indian Chief have finally come out of the closet! They want the world to know they are GAY and PROUD OF IT!!! Starring: Drew Andrews, Max Grand, Trey Hunter, Stonie, Jay Alexander, Louis Marque, Thomas Bond. A Regiment Productions DVD.
frat-boys-regiment-gold_tn.jpg Frat Boys (DVD) Regiment Gold
$49.88 $15.30 On Sale!
An all-star lineup of the best Regiment men, frisky frat brothers in a f*cking frenzy, served up to you sizzling hot on a platter made not of silver... but of Regiment GOLD! It's a feast for your eyes, and a feast for your c*ck, so buy this DVD, lube up and prepare to leave a golden platter full! Starring: Aaron Tanner, Andy Hunter, Ben Capizzi, Danny Lopez, Danny Rhymes, Jason Ivy, Lee Walters, Marco Paris, Mike Austin, Nick Capra, Park Wiley, Ryan Chandler, Ryan Scott, Sean West, Thomas Bond, Trent Atkins. A Regiment Productions DVD.
frat_boys_on_the_loose_02_regiment_tn.jpg Frat Boys On the Loose Vol 02 (DVD)
$49.88 $15.30 On Sale!
Looks like director Paul Barresi is up to his shenanigans yet again: bringing you hot and ravenously horny frat dude boymen. Starring: Paul Barresi, Marco Paris, Danny Chance, Lark Larson, Brett Collins, Brock Hensley, Alex Burbon, Ryan Scott. A Regiment Productions DVD.
frat_boys_on_the_loose_03_regiment_tn.jpg Frat Boys On the Loose Vol 03 (DVD)
Eager to embark on a higher educational exxxperience, college boys resort to the basic fun-damentals of sexual yearning ... reading, writing, and a-tryst-with-dick! Starring: Court Logan, Joey Landis, Aaron Tanner, Mike Austin, Adrian Troy, Devon Barry, Matt Fuller. A Regiment Productions DVD.
frat_boys_on_the_loose_04_regiment_tn.jpg Frat Boys On the Loose Vol 04 (DVD)
Grab the lube and get ready for another irresistible college boy tail! Starring: Matt Douglas, Jesse Martin, Nathan Hamilton, Wade Mohawk, Danny Lopez, Trent Atkins, Caesar Mancini, Frankie V. A Regiment Productions DVD.
frat_boys_on_the_loose_05_regiment_tn.jpg Frat Boys On the Loose Vol 05 (DVD)
Nothing like skipping class and jumping ass! Grab the lube and get ready for another irresistible college boy tail! Stunning, seductive, and simply sensational! Starring: Trent Atkins, Nick Capra, Jesse Martin, Lexx Parker, Josh Benjamin, Sal Correlli, Rob Kirk, Jason Sizemore. A Regiment Productions DVD.
frat_boys_on_the_loose_07_regiment_tn.jpg Frat Boys On the Loose Vol 07 (DVD)
Every college boy knows humping hard is the best way to get to the head of the class! Starring: Andy Hunter, Danny Lopez, Lee Walters, Brandon Weber, Danny Rhymes, Eduardo Ricco, Tim Tyler. A Regiment Productions DVD.
freshmen_recruits_tn.jpg Freshmen Recruits (DVD)
$39.88 $24.85 On Sale!
The hottest all-male military meatfest... where smokin' sex, down 'n dirty dialogue and a passion-pumped, pud-pounding plot scorch the screen in spewing splendor! Starring Paul Morgan, Paul Carrigan, J.T. Sloan, Dino Dimarco, Emilio Sands, Will Clark and Jeff Mitchell.
gaywatch_1_reg_tn.jpg Gaywatch (DVD)
$49.88 $15.30 On Sale!
On this bare-bun-basking, Southern California beach, hot and horny surfer dudes always know where to find the biggest swells! Starring: Chance Caldwell, Patrick Ives, Paul Morgan, Cole Reece, Alex Wilcox, Luke Sabre, Ethan Starr. A Regiment Productions DVD.
gaywatch_2_reg_tn.jpg Gaywatch II (DVD)
$49.88 $15.30 On Sale!
Whether it's poolside or on a sandy beach, this beefy all-star cast of sex crazed hot and horny studs find outrageously sensuous liaisons in the heat of the sun! Starring: Anthony Cox, Patrick Ives, Peter Wilder, Tuck Johnson, Rob Kirk, Bruce Hill, Shawn Islander. A Regiment Productions DVD.
hard_landing_tn.jpg Hard Landing (DVD)
$49.88 $15.30 On Sale!
No Air Force blue balls on this sex-soaked flight pad! These military men work hard and play even harder - their cocks stand at attention all the time! Starring Stonie, Justin, Aiden, Randy Summers, Marshall O'Boy, Jasper Collins, Mike Bates, Marc Ferran. Directed By Paul Baressi. A Regiment Productions DVD.