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Regiment Productions

aboutfacereg_tn.jpg About Face (DVD) Regiment
A prick-pummeling profile of platoon pleasures and covert copulation where Marine muscle and brazen brass cum together in a dick-drenched delirium! When the service only takes the best, brightest and biggest of our nation's boys, you know that they can't just be hangin' out... or can they? These young service men know what it means to salute, and when it's just time to bend over and take it like a man. Starring Kurt Summers, Ryan Scott, Andrew Addams, Sandy Sloane, Rick Ferraro, Mark Cirriano. Directed By Paul Baressi. A Regiment Productions DVD.
cadet_convoy_reg_tn.jpg Cadet Convoy (DVD)
U.S. military officer hopefuls are looking for another kind of action on this dick-drenched, cum-coated cadet campus. Michael Brandon is the school's head master and everybody is watching Stonie's back. With that kind of distraction, it's no wonder so many young men have their sights set on the U.S. Army. Starring: Angel, Michael Brandon, Stonie, Alan Gregory, Cameron Chase, K. Y. Roberts, Gavin Brown, Zach Evans. A Regiment Productions DVD.
carnal_cadets_tn.jpg Carnal Cadets (DVD)
Where unbridled pleasures and unsurpassed passions are taken to new prick-stiffening peaks! Director Paul Barresi delivers another military cadets tour de force. Starring Stonie, Doug Jeffries, Peter Wilder, Allen Sunn, Marc West, Jason Ball and Tyler Roberts.
doctor_lawyer_indian_chief_reg_tn.jpg Doctor, the Lawyer and the Indian Chief, The (DVD)
Extra! Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Director Paul Baressi breaks an exclusive story! The Doctor, the Lawyer, and the Indian Chief have finally come out of the closet! They want the world to know they are GAY and PROUD OF IT!!! Starring: Drew Andrews, Max Grand, Trey Hunter, Stonie, Jay Alexander, Louis Marque, Thomas Bond. A Regiment Productions DVD.
freshmen_recruits_tn.jpg Freshmen Recruits (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
The hottest all-male military meatfest... where smokin' sex, down 'n dirty dialogue and a passion-pumped, pud-pounding plot scorch the screen in spewing splendor! Starring Paul Morgan, Paul Carrigan, J.T. Sloan, Dino Dimarco, Emilio Sands, Will Clark and Jeff Mitchell.
gaywatch_1_reg_tn.jpg Gaywatch (DVD)
On this bare-bun-basking, Southern California beach, hot and horny surfer dudes always know where to find the biggest swells! Starring: Chance Caldwell, Patrick Ives, Paul Morgan, Cole Reece, Alex Wilcox, Luke Sabre, Ethan Starr. A Regiment Productions DVD.
gaywatch_2_reg_tn.jpg Gaywatch II (DVD)
Whether it's poolside or on a sandy beach, this beefy all-star cast of sex crazed hot and horny studs find outrageously sensuous liaisons in the heat of the sun! Starring: Anthony Cox, Patrick Ives, Peter Wilder, Tuck Johnson, Rob Kirk, Bruce Hill, Shawn Islander. A Regiment Productions DVD.
hard_landing_tn.jpg Hard Landing (DVD)
No Air Force blue balls on this sex-soaked flight pad! These military men work hard and play even harder - their cocks stand at attention all the time! Starring Stonie, Justin, Aiden, Randy Summers, Marshall O'Boy, Jasper Collins, Mike Bates, Marc Ferran. Directed By Paul Baressi. A Regiment Productions DVD.
i_love_a_marine_reg_tn.jpg I Love a Marine (DVD)
Mutual admiration is common among men in uniform ... and mutual attraction isn't a rare occurrence either! Every new recruit who cums on this sex-crazed Marine base leaves with a happy grin on his face, uttering, "I Love a Marine." Starring: Nick Young, Zachary Scott, Stonie, Thomas Bond, Rob Kirk, Jeff Dakota, Lee Casey. A Regiment Productions DVD.
major_hardon_tn.jpg Major Hardon (DVD)
The most popular superior officers in the military are the ones who really know how to get behind their men! The privates here do everything that they can to provide the best service possible to their superiors. Starring Raul, Jack Sanders, Ben Cappizzi, Carlo Cox, Steven Richards, Kyle Roberts, Sean West. Directed By Paul Baressi. A Regiment Productions DVD.
marine_basic_instinct_tn.jpg Marine Base Instinct (DVD)
You have just been cleared for landing on a military aircraft EROTIC ZONE --filled with mischief and surprise -- where fresh and frisky recruits instinctively know how to get to the meat of those unexpected soldiering sexuations that the hardened U.S. Marine must so often cum face to face with. These rough and tumble soldiers are especially good at taking orders too. Mostly because they are routinely drilled by their superiors. Starring Stonie, Ethan Starr, Tom Adams, Chip Noll, Michael Brandon, Xavier Collins, Derrick Bishop, Mikel Lowe. Directed By Paul Baressi. A Regiment Productions DVD.
marines_exposed_reg_tn.jpg Marines Exposed (DVD)
Prepare to engage America's finest... Trained to bear arms and bare all! Horny Marines are always ready for action... Any time, any place, on land, at sea, and especially behind closed doors! Starring: Scott Wilder, Rico Suave, Brandon Weber, Andy Hunter, Dillon Press, Tim Tyler, Jarrod Price, Roger Cumwell. A Regiment Productions DVD.
sir_yes_sir_tn.jpg Sir, Yes Sir! (DVD)
Thanks to the superior officer?s open back-door policy and with the help of some elbow grease, a young cadet CAN climb to the top with ease! Starring Neo, Caesar Mancinni, Kyle Richards, Rob Kirk, Deacon Frost, T-Ray, Michael Knight and Matt Douglas. Directed by Paul Barresi.
a_soldiers_tail_regiment_tn.jpg Soldier's Tail, A (DVD)
It's a passion-packed, prick-pummeling pervade! At this military meat mart, they do ask and do tell! So grab the lube and get ready for the dirty details! Starring: Hans Ebson, Joe Foster, Nick Young, Nick Capra, Lee Walters, Bobby Bensen, Rick Leon, Jason Sizemore. A Regiment Productions DVD.
somethin_about_a_soldier_dvd_tn.jpg Somethin' About a Soldier (DVD)
Sex-charged, naughty civilians just can't get enough of those hot and horny hunks in uniform. Military "MEN"tertainment at it's very best! Starring Stonie, Paul Morgan, Alex Wilcox, Junior, Jessie Martin, Michael Brandon, Rod Stetson and Vince Bandero.
when_a_top_man_tumbles_dvd_tn.jpg When a Top Man Tumbles (DVD)
Handsome hunks with dominating good looks that suggest that they most likely be on top, however, they find themselves (quite pleasantly) on the receiving end for a change! Starring Stonie, Paul Morgan, Alex Wilcox, Tuck Johnson, Hans Ebson, Troy Michaels, Josh Evers and Robby Taylor.
when_johnny_cums_marching_home_regiment_tn.jpg When Johnny Cums Marching Home (DVD)
Relish in the racy, risque revelry of carnal comrades in uniform, where lust-laced landing zones have no boundaries. When it comes to survival, America's finest have always been known for taking eXXXceptionally good care of their own... Starring: Drew Andrews, Dirk Adams, Logan Reed, Stonie, Cole Reece, Brian Austin, Andrew Flyte, Luke Sabre, Johnny Sizemore. A Regiment Productions DVD.