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Ray Harley

backstage_pass_hh_tn.jpg Backstage Pass (DVD)
$49.88 $34.92 On Sale!
Backstage Pass delivers up a bumper crop of brand spanking new stars. Blue-collar wet-dream Ray Ed Harley, ex-Marine Jack Tower, super-hunk Damon Wolf and studmuffin Beau Saxon make up the most spectacular quartet to command the screen in years. Starring: Scott Baldwin, Jack Tower, Damon Wolf, Beau Saxon, Claude Jourdan, Dallas Taylor, Shawn Justin, Ray Ed Harley. Directed by: Steven Scarborough. A Hot House Video DVD.
blake_harper_cat_tn Best of Blake Harper, The (DVD) Catalina
Whether he's taking it up the ass, or pounding his cock into his pal's ass, Blake Harper stands out as one of the industry's hottest performers. Here are the best scenes he's done for Catalina! Starring Blake Harper, Ray Harley, Andrew Lennox, Chase Rite, Steve Rambo, Mike Radcliffe and Jason Branch.
caesar_cat_tn Best of Caesar, The (DVD)
A tribute to the outstanding achievements Caesar has made in the hard-pounding all-male action porn industry! His handsome face is matched only by his massive, muscular chisled chest. He's a pro at sucking cock and is equally adept at throwing his high-hard-one up his buddy's butt as he is at getting fucked himself. Starring Caesar, Ray Harley, Tuck Johnson, Andrew Lennox, Erik Mann and Thom Southern in complete scenes from "Hail Caesar" and "Voyager". A Catalina DVD.
best_of_chad_hunt_na_tn.jpg Best of Chad Hunt (DVD)
Enjoy Big-Dicked Chad Hunt in Complete Scenes from Cockpit 2, Boy Band, Monster Meat and Sex Sessions. Starring Chad Hunt, Brad McGuire, Kurt Wagner, Ray Harley, Marco Paris, Steve Rambo, Park Wiley and Tuck Johnson. A Catalina DVD.
catalinaville_tn CatalinaVille (DVD)
What happens when the wrong piece of information falls into the right hands? Steve Rambo portrays a computer specialist who receives a mysterious computer disk. End of story? Hardly! Starring Steve Rambo, Dylan James, Cole Tucker, Ray Harley, Tony Bullitt, Matthew Anders, Cliff Parker, Logan Reed, Tony Zerega, Santiago, James West, Damon Wolf, Vinnie Baldini, Doug Jeffries, Antonio, Tony Tedesco, Brad King, Max Grande, Paul Morgan, Sean Dickson, Marc Hamilton, Sam Crockett and Brian Daniels.
day_trade_catalina_tn.jpg Day Trade (DVD)
Catalina Exclusive Ray Harley leads the cast of masculine studs in this blue collar Bone-Nanza from Director Josh Eliot. Seems Ray's construction crew have a knack for getting their rocks off all over the hillside mansion they are restoring. Supersized Dave Casino, Hispanic hunk Tony acosta, and Anthony 10" Cox all steal their scenes when there big slabs of meat drive it deep into their partners. Starring Eduardo, Tony Acosta, Dave Casino, Anthony Cox, Ray Harley, Tuck Johnson, Victor Mariano, Joe Montez, Mike Radcliffe, Sweet Williams. Directed by Josh Eliot. A Catalina Video DVD.
getting_off_in_palm_catalina_tn.jpg Getting Off In Palm Springs (DVD)
When Marc West and Ray Harley check into the "Mirage" in Palm Springs, they find an oasis of hot and sweaty sex in the desert. With beefy, hairy daddies like Buster and Steve Hurley, bad boy Mark Rockwell, studly Tuck Johnson and Tony Giovanni, Director Josh Elliot show's that there's a little something for everyone at this resort. Starring Buster, Tony Giovanni, Ray Harley, Steve Hurley, Tuck Johnson, Mark Rockwell, Marc West, Justin Wood. Directed by Josh Eliot. A Catalina Video DVD.
harley_does_the_strip_catalina_tn Harley Does The Strip (DVD)
Ray Harley is a Strip Club promoter. His job is to discover the hot young men who will make it big as strippers. The story takes place in Las Vegas. There are lots of exterior shots showcasing the sites and flashing lights of the bustling city. Starring: Michael Brandon, Yuri Breshnev, Ray Harley, Eddie Moreno, Franko Parezzi, Jackson Price, Mark Rockwell, Rod Stetsen, Marc West, Lazar Zorba. Directed by: Peter Romero. A Catalina Video DVD.
harleys_crew_dvd_tn.jpg Harley's Crew (DVD)
Catalina introduced you to Ray Harley, now Ray Harley wants to introduce you to HARLEY'S CREW. Ray will show you his hard working stable of man hungry men: guys who like sucking big dicks and opening their willing holes. If you like your men ruff, rugged, hung, and nasty, then you should join the crew�HARLEY'S CREW, from Catalina Video and director Chi Chi LaRue. Starring Ray Harley, Drew Andrews, Jim West, Mark Kroner, Anthony Mengetti, Matt Bradshaw, Brandon Lee and Steve Rambo.
hostage_in_the_grand_canyon_catalina_tn Hostage in the Grand Canyon (DVD)
Ray Harley is a Strip Club promoter. His job is to discover the hot young men who will make it big as strippers. The story takes place in Las Vegas. There are lots of exterior shots showcasing the sites and flashing lights of the bustling city. Starring: Michael Brandon, Yuri Breshnev, Ray Harley, Eddie Moreno, Franko Parezzi, Jackson Price, Mark Rockwell, Rod Stetsen, Marc West, Lazar Zorba. Directed by: Peter Romero. A Catalina Video DVD.
juniors-nude-cleaning-service_tn.jpg Junior's Nude Cleaning Service (DVD)
"Highly Recommended. Junior's Nude Cleaning Service features Anthony Holloway, who, as Junior, runs a cleaning service where the extras are better than the spic-and-span shine on the floor. This is the only cleaning service I know of that arrives to clean and ends up dirty. I certainly hope that handsome Anthony Holloway rolls out a whole series of productions as Junior. His nude cleaning service has all of California to mop up. It wouldn't be a bad idea for to roll out a real-life version of the scenario either, since what they have shown here is mighty hot." - Brent Blue, ManNet.com. Starring Ray Harley, Anthony Holloway, Maxime Cannon, Andrew Crew, Park Wiley, Lee Walters, Mario Ortiz, Adriano and Mateo Rivera. Directed by Josh Eliot. A Catalina Video DVD.
Meet Ray Harley (DVD)
We know you love meeting the kind of man who can catch your eye and command your attention. He's hot and handsome and his come-kiss-me-lips makes your cock twitch. His eyes say he's available. The way he runs his firm hand across his chest full of thick hair says you can have him. And his straining come-suck-me cock says you'll be wanting more. Catalina knows just the kind of guy you'd like to meet. That's why our cameras captured him in hard-pounding action. So get ready to feel the twitch. Get ready to meet Ray Harley. Starring: Anthony Gallo, Anthony Mengetti, Brad Davis, Cody Whiler, Kurt Stefano, Logan Reed, Paolo Centori, Ray Harley, Rock Jennings, Scott Lyons. A Catalina Video DVD.
party_in_provincetown_tn.jpg Party in Provincetown (DVD)
There’s a little old town on the East Coast where the edge of Massachusetts sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a quaint resort town that’s packed to the shores every summer season. Take a walk along the beach, or a stroll down Commercial Street and you’ll see the packs of hot men ready and willing to get the party started. Because no matter when you visit the playful destination known as P-Town, it will always be a Party in Provincetown. Starring Robert Black, Aaron Tanner, Brad McGuire, Ray Harley, Court Logan, Barry Barrett, Steve Rambo, Cody Wolff, Steven Richards, Mark Slade. Directed by Brad Austin. A Catalina Video DVD.
score_catalina_tn.JPG Score (DVD) Catalina
Ray Harley leads a cast of twenty incredible studs in Catalina's big-budget thriller Score. Boasting seven scenes and a huge cast, Josh Eliot's feature was a hit with critics and audiences alike. Beautiful videography, editing, and sexual action make Score a movie you will enjoy for years to come. Starring: Ray Harley, Steve Rambo, Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Dave Casino, Erik Holtz, Jacob Scott, Paul Dawson, Mondo, Carson Cole, Steve Masters, Jack Stuart, Tony Cruz, Scott Davis, Tuck Johnson, Leo Masters, Andrew Lennox, Ethan Wright, Dave Nelson, Mike Radcliffe. Directed by: Josh Elliot. A Catalina DVD.
steve_rambos_wild_west_adventure_catalina_tn Steve Rambo's Wild West Adventure (DVD)
In the summer of 2000, the Catalina production team loaded up an RV with the cast and crew for a 30-day road trip. Steve Rambo narrates the action as we travel the Wild West with him and the crew. Starring: Buster , Yuri Breshnev, Carlos Cruz, Hans Ebson, Ray Harley, Wade Hunter, Steve Hurley, Billy Knight, Buck Meadows, Eddie Moreno, Jackson Price, Steve Rambo, Boyd Thomas Directed by: John Eliot A Catalina Video DVD.
street_date_dvd_tn.jpg Street Date (DVD) Catalina
STREET DATE showcases Catalina's exclusive stable of leading men. The bonus scene where Harley plays the piano for hot and hunky newcomer Chad made us warm all over! Starring Ray Harley, Steve Rambo, Chad Williams, Logan Reed, Sergio Real, Parker Williams, Cody Scott, and Tommy Saxx.
sweltering_lake_tn.jpg Sweltering Lake (DVD)
Did you hear the story about the lake where all the fun and sunny hardcore, outdoor man-fuck action is happening? It's sweltering! Starring Alec Martinez, Boyd Thomas, Brent Barnes, Eric Evans, Erik Michaels, Hans Ebson, Joe Stack, Ray Harley, Robert Black. A Catalina DVD.
vermont-reunion-catalina_tn.jpg Vermont Reunion (DVD)
Catalina Video and director Peter Romero present the latest production that was shot on our big trip to the East Coast this summer. Last time we saw Ray Harley he was vacationing in Provincetown with a buddy. Now that the summer's over Ray decides to have a Vermont Reunion up at his place in Northern New England. Lush backdrops and horny outdoor man-sex heat up the screen that doesn't cool down until the last cum drop falls. Starring: Barry Barrett, Robert Black, David Chelsea, Dante Foxx, Ray Harley, Court Logan, Aaron Tanner, Leo Tanner, Cody Wolff. A Catalina Video DVD.
voyager_dvd_tn.jpg Voyager (DVD)
"Voyager" is the Catalina sextravaganza that was filmed on a gay cruise ship. *** Highly Recommended *** ManNet.com. Starring Caesar, Ray Harley, Steve Rambo, Mike Radcliffe, Tuck Johnson, Anthony Cox, Jackson Reid, Rick Mathews, Pierce Vendetta, Scott Lyons, Michel Mattel, Jacob Ambers, Erik Mann, Paul Wendt, Rolio Vizarro and Enrico Vega.