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Centurians of Rome (DVD) Re-Release!



Contains Restored, Controversial Footage Exclusive to the DVD .

Claiming to be the most expensive gay film of its time (nearly $100,000 to produce), this Hand-in-Hand film is famous for reportedly having been financed from a 1980 theft by a Brink's security guard of almost two million dollars. Lloyd's of London, an insurer of Brinks, thus became one of the co-owners of the film on a technicality.

The ambitious story and blockbuster epic production stars George Payne (Demetrius) and Scorpio (Octavius) as Roman countrymen sold into slavery for not paying their taxes during Caligula's reign as Emperor. Immense scripting, acting, set design, direction, and superior efforts were all combined to make this one of the most sought-after films of all time.

31 luscious men sprawl across the screen at some point and realistic uniforms and costumes, dungeon equipment and encounters add to their passionate fight for freedom and man-love.

Payne is purchased by the Emperor (Michael Flent) and taught to be a "good slave" by super hung Argus (Ed Wiley) while Scorpio is claimed by a sadistic commander, Eric Ryan. Ryan wants the bound Demetrius but is refused, whereupon he orders a handsome guard and a gladiator-type to use his mouth orally. Both men fuck his throat and another guard sucks off Ryan. The guard later pulls out of Demetrius's mouth and blows an excellent no-hands orgasm; the commander jacks off his load into the captive's face.

Octavius sneaks in while the guards are sleep and frees his buddy (whom Demetrius dreamed of 69ing with at the beginning of the film). Later, Argus swallows and deep-throats to orgasm bound Octavius, soon tossing him onto a bed and violating his asshole. The commander gives Scorpio a tongue bath and a steady, slow fuck, captured in close-ups and full-body shots.

Orgies also take place in this monumental film and include: a guard being rimmed by a slave who is being sucked by another, shooting onto faces, mutual masturbation, and more. Other encounters include spanking and butt-fucking, chains and sweat.

A lesson in submission, freedom and masculine men pouncing the crotches and asse

Centurians of Rome (DVD) Re-Release! Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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Write a review | No reviews for this product.