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- Sleazy Pig Lads (DVD)

Pietro Del Toro is looking for a hot ass to fuck on a sunny afternoon and his favorite place to cruise is the top floor of an abandoned building complex on the outskirts of Berlin. Sleazy rubber skin Jessy Karson is known for his aggressive topping but he's finally met his match in Pig Boy. There are abandoned buildings all over Berlin - from warehouses to factories and even a few 'Spukt Krankenhauser' or 'Haunted Hospitals'. AJ and Gaston have wanted to fuck for ages and AJ loves fucking in his rubber chaps. Jason Stormme has just finished putting together his new play room and he's invited his Bro, Jessy Karson over to check it out. Starring: Jessy Karson, Gaston Croupier, A.J. Alexander, Nathan Henrik, Pietro Del Toro, Ken Taylor, Pigboy, Jason Stormme. A Dick Wadd DVD.
- Sleazy Pig Lads (DVD) Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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Write a review | No reviews for this product.