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PrimePork Productions

This page contains recently filmed
bareback DVDs. These contain unprotected (no condom) anal sex and/or oral cum eating.

(You'll find a HUGE selection of pre-condom classic DVDs by selecting
the "Pre-Condom" menu options on the right.)

Celebrating the Fist 2 (DVD)
Contains Controversial Footage. PrimePork's 3 year anniversary continues with the usually piggy flair in Celebrating the Fist II! We've seen Angel fuck, we've seen him fist and we've seen him get fisted. So, just to mix things up, this time out we get to watch Eduardo lube up his foot and slide right up the kinky pigs sweet ass! Starring Daniel Fox, Angel, Alberto, Bob, MucDevil, Pedro, and Red Hog. Directed by Rick Strauss. A PrimePork Productions / Spunk Video DVD.
dirty_raw_whores_dc_tn.jpg Dirty Raw Whores (DVD) Hardcore Director's Cut
Contains Controversial Footage (Watersports + Fisting). Peto Coast is fresh from being groomed as his transformation from boy to young master is almost complete and is ready for a night of raunchy man-sex. As he gets into this leather assless chaps and jockstrap, there is always time for a quick jerk off session. Peto is completely turned on by the thoughts of what will occur that night. He begins to play with his large man meat. As he lies back, he spits in his hand and begins to stroke his cock fantasizing about all the asses he will be abusing. But he knows he needs more than just his own hand. As he cruises the streets, he knows exactly where to find some hot raw action. Starring Peto Coast, Marcel Hoffman, Miguel Fresno, Kid Chocolate. A Prime Pork / Dark Alley Media DVD.
papi_fist_adventures_in_franc_tn.jpg Papi: Fist Adventures in France (DVD) Bareback
Contains Controversial Footage. Alberto, the Spanish stud from PLEASE is in France for a quiet weekend. Unexpected he meets Javier ("sex-on-legs") from South-America who makes him change his plans instantly. Watch the guys in long, intense action and feel the Latin heat. They know how to play the game: watching, seducing, acting. Fisting, fucking, sucking, giving liters of piss, slapping ass, shooting powerful loads. And how versatile they are! Both guys love to give and love to take without restrictions or limits. Starring Alberto and Javier De Cerdo. Directed by Rick Strauss. A PrimePork Productions DVD.
take_my_belt_tn.jpg Take My Belt (DVD) Bareback
Contains Controversial Footage. More international fuckin' fun from Primpork, this time we're off to the Netherlands and the sunny attic bedroom of Janiel. He's laying down for a rest but that isn't gonna last long. Y'see Piero needs to fuck and he isn't gonna take no for an answer. He uses the willing pig, feeding him raw cock in both ends till Janiel is moaning like a little bitch. Then it's time for studly Italian Fabio Comelli to come in and take over. Fabio pounds the little pigs hole - opening it wide enough for both fist and foot - and Janiel just keeps wanting more. Starring Fabio Comelli, Javier de Cerdo, Janiel Sand and Piero Strada. Directed by Rick Strauss. A PrimePork Productions DVD.
triple_f_fisting_fucking_flog_tn.jpg Triple F: Fisting Fucking Flogging (DVD)
Contains Controversial Footage. When the party is over, our young bartender is cleaning the bar. He spots two guys who stayed behind and are still playing. This makes him so hot that he steps on the bar and starts playing with himself. The guys come down to leant him a hand and they fist him when stretched out on the bar. Starring Lewis Quintini, Ffangel, Jo'Tey, Bastien, Bob and Rafaelo le Grand. Directed by Rick Strauss. A PrimePork Productions DVD.