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Pleasure Productions DVDs

gay_erotica_from_past_1_dvd_tn.jpg Gay Erotica from the Past 1 (DVD)
These previously hidden underground films from the 1940s and 1950s reveal just how mysterious and secretive we were behind closed doors. Now we can acknowledge our sexuality - but then our sex acts were not to be spoken of, much less seen!
gay-erotica-from-the-past-10_tn.jpg Gay Erotica From The Past 10 (DVD)
These turn-ons from the turn of the century are sizzling with the everlasting pleasure of sex. Here in Gay Erotica From the Past, ten early motion picture cameras have captured timeless treasures filled with passionate explosions! A Pleasure Productions DVD.
gay_erotica_from_the_past_2_tn.jpg Gay Erotica from the Past 2 (DVD)
Today, with growing repression rearing its ugly, Lou Sheldon-like head, we can look back at these films and see our beginnings as a culture unashamed of its affections. These films are an essential chronicle of our past. Come view the origins of our self-awareness and celebrate our sexual heritage. This video features the early days, when the American Model Guild reigned supreme, and smooth marbled bodies posed (and more, if the cameras were daring) like sculpted Greek gods.
gay_erotica_from_the_past_3_tn.jpg Gay Erotica from the Past 3 (DVD)
This seven vignette compilation feature is highly recommended not just because of the loose, pre-AIDS sex but also for the natural men who seem to be having a genuine good time. Though some of these segments have videography that is grainy or dark, what's amazing and wonderful is that these blue movies have withstood the test of time and could be favorably compared to modern-day fuck flicks, and in most cases, surpass modern offerings.
gay_erotica_from_the_past_4_tn.jpg Gay Erotica from the Past 4 (DVD)
A blond and a brunet 69, next, the blond performing push-ups in the brunet's mouth before pulling out to fuck him. Cum guzzling is highlighted as two men, one wavy-haired and the other with a sharp nose, lick one another's seed after spewing. In front of a fireplace, a redheaded youth and an older bodybuilder 69 and mutually masturbate to orgasm.
gay_erotica_from_the_past_5_tn.jpg Gay Erotica from the Past 5 (DVD)
Collectors love this continuing series! Many scenes are black & white; the look of the models along with cum drinking and lack of condoms is a reminder that these are from a past ago era. This one even features a surprise she-male in one of the segments.
gay_erotica_from_the_past_6_tn.jpg Gay Erotica from the Past 6 (DVD)
Another in the continuing series of early gay erotica for collectors. Not as good as the previous 5, but fans will still need it in their collection.
highway_patrol_dvd_tn.jpg Highway Patrol (DVD)
When you gut pulled over, they're gonna pull IT out. There's just one way to get out of this moving violation. . . Ponch and John were never THIS nasty! Starring Tom Steele, Jack Lofton, Alan Lambert, Grant King, Matt Windsor and Tony Davis.