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Passions of War 2: The Journey (DVD)


Whoever said that the military is in a state of crisis obviously hasn't been on maneuvers with the men in "Passions of War: Chapter 2: The Journey." Granted, it's never clear exactly what military these overly muscular grunts belong to, but from the opening shots, you get the sense that finding new recruits hasn't been a problem. "Chapter 2: The Journey" picks up where "Chapter 1: Honor" left off: horny G.I.s in every imaginable kind of stylish camouflage, wielding hefty weapons on some remote island training facility. The pristine blue water and rocky coast suggest a Greek Island holiday, not a no-frills boot camp. But it's not likely you'll be checking out the scenery -- even though the director spends quite a bit of time panning his camera over every nook and crevice.

Our grunts are searching for the elusive desert pearl, splitting up into reconnaissance teams to accomplish their mission. Rather than mind his post, though, Rogerio Mateo slips his buddy Sandy Lance a Spanish Fly-like concoction from his canteen. The next time we see them, Sandy has Rogerio's mammoth meat in his mouth. Poor Sandy can do little more than lick the top -- it's not the girth that's troublesome, it's the stalk-like length of it. He's completely content licking his lollipop that he seems to miss entirely Rogerio's awesome Latin body, tall and muscular.

Julio Carillo sneaks up and watches from a distance. Being hot-blooded, he pulls out his own impressive dong and masturbates while Rogerio fucks Sandy. We get some awesome close-ups of Julio's beautiful cock with its naturally hairy bush and fuzzy nutsack. His wank only lasts a few minutes before he spunks, working his spent juice languorously into the folds of his foreskin. Rogerio bangs away, flipping Sandy onto his back, hot rays of sunshine splashed across Sandy's exposed chest and belly. The camera perfectly frames Rogerio's explosive cum-shot, which seems to go on for quite some time.

They say deep bonds of friendship form in times of war. When Rod Stevens gingerly steps on landmine, Fredy Costa (who looks a bit like Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg, if you use your imagination) rushes to his aid. But even in the midst of deactivating the mine, this sneaky bastard is ballsy enough to request a blowjob in return for saving his buddy's leg from certain doom. His beautiful body still intact, Rod somewhat reluctantly moves into a nasty 69 position, sucking Fredy and allowing himself to be poked and prodded by several of Rod's fingers. Fredy's got a big dick, it must be something in the water, so when he finally bends Rod over and bones him, it's looks like an excruciatingly tight fit. We get some impressive views of both men when they fuck on their sides facing the camera, Rod's lips pooching out with pleasure. And finally, the camera inches back for their big finish, these two spectacularly muscular men standing atop a roughly-built stone wall, jerking off side by side. It's seems almost surprising when they finish their session by kissing.

Stealing a moment for himself, Julian Salieri slyly unbuttons his pants when he thinks no one is looking. Julian is one of those studs whose muscles have muscles. His cock however, while still delicious, is almost dwarfed by his broad frame. He jerks off furiously, the entire time scanning the horizon for anybody who might spoil his private party. Ever have to get off before your parents or your roommate get home? I've had that feverish, frenzied look on my own face, trying to eke out a quickie. Julian clocks in under two minutes. And when he gets off, even his obliques are contracting mightily.

Miguel Sabroso and Julian Vincenzo could be brothers. They look so similar, you have to do a double-take during their on-screen hook-up to determine who is who. Both are incredibly dark-skinned, goatees framing full lips, gymnast-built and hung. The best way to tell them apart is the tribal tattoo snaking its way down Julian's sculpted right arm. One of the highlights in this film is watching Julian suck cock. He performs his oral service with skill, twisting on Miguel's cock while his tongue flutters over the head. Miguel's grunts and groans are understandable. In a break from the formula, Julian tops Miguel on what looks to be a very uncomfortable stone slab. The director does more fancy footwork, panning out, and then zooming in from a great distance while the models are fucking. This is by far the sexiest pairing in the entire flick, coming to a close with intimate cum-shots from both guys.

"The Journey" finishes with a three-way between Randy Jones, Kevin Cage and Lucio Maverick. I've experienced envy quite a few times watching porn, but the sight of Randy Jones switching between Kevin and Lucio, soaking each of their pricks in spit, made me positively green. Forget that both of these guys have hot crotches, and I could barely tear myself away from Randy's biceps. He's worked those fuckers so hard that each arm has what looks to be a grapefruit tucked under the skin, a fat vein running perfectly down the center of each. Kevin fucks Randy on his back. While Randy's getting plowed, his face is mere inches away from Lucio's cock, which Kevin is busy sucking as he continues to fuck. Randy's eyes glaze over and he absentmindedly licks his lips. The models switch up and Randy takes a spin on Lucio, crouching over his cock and riding it. Lucio keeps himself busy by blowing Kevin. This smokin' scene ends with the three models seated side by side, lucky Lucio in the middle. The trio jerk their cocks, bend from the waist to snatch a quick suck on a buddy's meat or kiss. It's impossible to watch this scene in one sitting because there's just too much raw heat to absorb without repeated viewings.

Other than the film's blaring marching band underscoring, one that's John Philip Sousa-flavored and has a decidedly patriotic, American feel, "The Journey" surpasses the first installment, "Honor," with its skilled pairings and seamless videography. There's not one lackluster model in the whole battalion, every military maneuver executed flawlessly. And when the words "to be continued" pop up, it's a certainty that on some remote island, there's a crew of soldiers gearing up to strip down for a third installment.

DVD features: Chapters; gallery; trailers ("The Paramedics," "Diving Lagoon" and "Ripe"); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

A DVD Review by Rick Forrent ( )

*** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Sandy Lance, Rogerio Mateo, Julio Carillo, Fredy Costa, Rod Stevens, Julien Saliero, Julian Vincenzo, Miguel Sabroso, Randy Jones, Kevin Cage and Lucio Maverick.

Directed by Eugene (a.k.a. Csaba Borbely).

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

An All Worlds/Diamond Pictures DVD.

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.