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Parker Williams

aftershock_1_dvd_tn.jpg Aftershock 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Mustang Video Pac 67. "Highly, Highly Recommended. Director Chi Chi LaRue has once again succeeded with this stunning two-parter. A feat of strength, skill and ingenuity-and that's just the blowjobs-the assplay, which includes plenty of rimming and fucking, is as good as it gets. The cast, a veritable Who's Who of A-list porn stars, circa 2003, runs the gamut from twink to macho to daddy and back again, each with energy and cum to spare." . . Butch Harris, Starring Colton Ford, Tom Chase, Addison Scott, Jeremy Jordan, Carlos Morales, Alec Martinez, Jason Hawke, Paul Johnson, Jerek, Nino Bacci, Parker Williams, Bret Wolfe, Sebastian Cole, Rob Romoni, Jason Land, Peter Raeg, Ricky Cash, Nick Capra, Alex Leon and Diego Alvarez. A Falcon/Mustang DVD
below-the-rim-rascal_tn.jpg Below the Rim (DVD) Rascal Video
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
"Highly Recommended. Chi Chi LaRue is back with an all-oral fest, this one a delicious 11-course meal chock full of hot asses. Every mouth salivates over every butt and rimming has never been so full-throttle. A blowjob is thrown in here and there, but it's the ass-munching that is the focus and the ass-munching that keeps it scorching from the first eye-glance to the final cum-shot." Brent Blue, Starring Filippo Romano, Joe Foster, Danny Vox, Tino Lopez, Trent Atkins, Jason McCain, Victor Rios, Parker Williams, Clay Foxe, Scot Craven and Arik Travis.
jake_dakota_falcon_anth_tn Best of Jake Dakota, The (DVD)
$49.88 $14.88 On Sale!
Falcon Anthology Series 65. See what makes Jake Dakota a true Falcon Legend! Nine scorching hot, full-length scenes from some of Falcon's greatest titles of all time make this collection a must own. Starring: Jake Dakota, Cal “Speedy” Reynolds, Dak Ramsey, Vin Nolan, Scott Swan, Steve Trevor, Brad Rock, Duncan Stone, Dean Tucker, Manuel Torres, Brendan Davies, Andrew Justice, Tyler Saint, Josh West, Parker Williams. A Falcon Anthology Series DVD.
best_of_nino_bacci_tn.jpg Best Of Nino Bacci (DVD)
$49.88 $14.88 On Sale!
See what makes Nino Bacci a true Falcon Legend! Eight scorching hot, full-length scenes from some of Falcon's greatest titles of all time make this collection a must own. Starring: Addison Scott, Alec Martinez, Alex Leon, Brandon Warner, Brendan Falke, Cameron Fox, Carlos Morales, Colby Taylor, Corey Summers, Dale Summer, Derek Cameron, Diego Alvarez, Gage Michaels, Jack Ryan, Jason Tyler, Jeremy Jordan, Joe Foster, Josh Weston, Marco Antonio, Matt Skyler, Matthew Rush, Nick Capra, Nino Bacci, Parker Williams, Paul Johnson, Tommy Brandt. A Falcon Anthology Series DVD.
bombardier_dvd_tn.jpg Bombardier, The (DVD)
"Highly, Highly Recommended. A lush and romantic story of blossoming love in and around fictional circumstances during World War II. Jason Ridge and Breck Stewart give excellent acting performances, and tossed in the mix of an astounding cast, everyone delivers sexually. The sex comes in the form of four placid scenes, and all scorch. The story is engaging, well-written and elegantly directed." Brent Blue, Starring Jason Ridge, Breck Stewart, Nick Capra, Paul Johnson, Braeden Casey, Parker Williams, Brett Collins and Andrew Addams.
Boot Black Blues (DVD)
$49.88 $39.90 On Sale!
"Highly, Highly Recommended. 'Boot Black Blues' makes the improbable marriage of gay porn and Charles Dickens Victorian fiction seem like the perfect match, thanks to a clever script and near-perfect direction by Kristofer Weston. The street urchin of this story, however, has grown up, and teeters the brink of twinkdom before full-grown hunk-hood. As the latter-day Oliver, blond cutie Danny Roddick couldn't look more perfect for the role, and his costume of baggy pants and suspenders completes the look." - Martin Cox, Starring Danny Roddick, Kyle Lewis, Nick Marino, Josh Weston, Simon Angel, Trey Casteel, Alex Chandler, Parker Williams and Lucas Di Fubbiano. Directed by Kristofer Weston. A Colt Studios / Buckshot Productions DVD.

down_right_dangerous_tn.jpg Down Right Dangerous (DVD)
This, a full-on sex club fantasy film from noted director Chris Ward and the whip-cracking crew at Raging Stallion Studios, blends carnal, in-your-face sex with stunning, high quality movie making to bring to you an all new sex experience that will drive you right over the edge! Starring Michael Brandon, Rick Hammersmith, Nick Piston, Matt Sizemore, Parker Williams and Marco Montana.

fisting_feast_2_aw_tn.jpg Fisting Feast Vol. 2 (DVD) Contains Controversial Footage
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
Contains Controversial Footage (Fisting). Another Fisting compilation that will turn your insides out! Rod Barry and Steve Cannon lead a cast of rosebudding assholes that will leave you frothing at the glove. Features the best fisting scenes from Captured, Link, Raw, The Final Link and Butthole Buffet. Starring Rod Barry, Steve Cannon, Billy Cochran, Ruben D'Angelo, Andy Dill, Andy Hunter, Corey Jay, Vin Nolan, Drew Peters, Steve Pierce, Shane Rollins, Mitch Sander, Parker Williams, Sean Wolf, Jared Wright. An All Worlds Video DVD.
hairy_boyz_25_tn.jpg Hairy Boyz 25 (DVD)
Handpicked classic scenes from: Big Wood, Instinct, Lube Job, Playback & Forbidden Dreams. Starring: Aden Jaric, Cory Koons, Dirk Jager, Ford Tuff, Francois Sagat, JD Kollin, Luca Di Fubbiano, Martin Mazza, Parker Williams, Steven Daigle. A Raging Stallion DVD.
hunted_tn.jpg Hunted, The (DVD
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Mustang Video Pac 73. Imagine a club where you can become the sexual prey of anyone with a steady hand and a keen eye. Imagine a club where men size up their catch from around corners, concealed from your line of view. It's the ultimate game of cat and mouse, and the stakes go beyond domination and control. Will the hunted fall victim to the hunter, or will the hunter get caught up in his own game? Starring Josh Weston, Brad Rock, Jason Ridge, Troy Punk, Marco Paris, Robert Van Damme, Marcos David, Rob Ramos, Parker Williams and Trey Casteel. Directed by John Bruno.
lube_job_rs_tn.jpg Lube Job (DVD) Raging Stallion
A sordid tale about a bottom guy who works in a lube factory (this movie is sponsored by ID Lube). Someone has to test each new batch of lube, right? Cory Koons is a lucky man. He is a guy that loves his job. His bosses know how to put this guy to work! They make him do what he does best: open his eager mouth or his full, tight ass for the use of any employee for sexual relief-- any time, any place. We spent a lot of time looking for the guy for this role and Cory was the best man for the job. He is a man's pig. He loves to be fucked and he likes it hard and rough. Starring Cory Koons, JD Koller, Manuel Torres, Jacob Slader, Hunter James, Marc Willaims, Rick Storm and Parker Williams. A Raging Stallion DVD.
men_in_uniform_swerve_tn.jpg Men in Uniform (DVD) Swerve
This 2-Disc set is 100 percent of what you want to see. . .gay military men doing dirty deeds! Starring Kyle James, Brant Moore, Michael Brandon, Parker Williams, Tom Adams, Stonie, Kris Anthony, Chip Prescott, Chip Noll, Dillon Press, Park Wiley and Alex Cross. Directed by Lance Stone. A Swerve DVD.
pile-on-the-jocks-tn.jpg Pile On The Jocks (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
30 super hot jocks fucking and sucking in 4 cum fueled orgies. Starring: Arik Travis, Benjamin Bradley, Brent Everett, Clay Foxe, Dallas Foster, Danny Arnez, Derek Rivero, Hans Ebson, Holden Grey, Jacob Slader, Jan Fischer, Jason Tiya, Jeremy Hall, Jesse Santana, Joe Foster, Josh Carter, Josh Vaughn, Lex Sabre, Parker Williams, Scot Craven, TJ Young, Trent Atkins. An All Worlds Video DVD.
the_resort_tn.JPG Resort, The (DVD)
They came for more than just a tan! Starring: Eric Stuart, Tyler Roberts, Dillion Press, Parker Williams, Scott Wilde, Travis Connor, Bill Magnum. Directed by: Crystal Crawford. A CoverBoy DVD.
Ritual (DVD) Mustang
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Mustang Video Pac 80. So sexy, it's scary! Two boyfriends -- Jason Ridge and Tim Towers -- embark on a romantic camping weekend getaway in the mountains that will forever change their lives. After setting up camp, Tim Towers passes the time by striking up some hot, unrestrained sex with a wandering hiker Ryann Wood. When Jason wakes up in the morning, his boyfriend is nowhere to be found. Could is disappearance have something to do with the strange tribal noises they heard the night before? Starring Adam Faust, Cal Speedy Reynolds, Dak Ramsey, Jake Dakota, Jason Ridge, Parker Williams, Rocco Vitali, Ryann Wood, Steve Trevor and Tim Towers. Directed by John Bruno. A Falcon Mustang DVD.
Rush and Release (DVD)
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Falcon Video Pac 174. See into the mind of Matthew Rush as he directs four hot scenes from raunchy man to man back alley sex to best friends bringing over a guy to get into his pants, which leads to a hot 3-way. Nine hot, sexy men, in for a good time, enjoying the Rush and then the fantastic Release of each other's hot, toned bodies. Starring Roman Heart, Erik Rhodes, Ashton Star, Parker Williams, Marc Williams, Andrew Justice, Justin Parker, Tony Masala and Max Schutler. Directed by Matthew Rush. A Falcon Video DVD.
seven_deadly_sins_greed_dvd_tn.jpg Seven Deadly Sins: Greed (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
Director Chi Chi LaRue knows about being greedy. Especially if it has to do with hot, hung, sexy guys fucking and sucking! Starring Tommy Lord, Robert Collins, Matt Fuller, Lance Gear, Eli Horst, Rob Kirk, Lark Larson, Aaron Parker, David Pierre, Peter Raeg, Jack Ryan and Parker Williams.
sportin_wood_rascal_tn Sportin' Wood (DVD) Rascal
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
Brent Everett knows how to lead the pack in an ass-splitting six man orgy that is only one of many highlights in "Sportin' Wood." A flick that takes hot jocks and focuses on their hard cocks, these men are good sports willing to do anything to get you off! Starring: Andel, Josh Carter, Brent Everett, Dallas Foster, Clay Foxe, Holden Grey, Kris Knight, Drew Peters, Jason Ridge, Victor Rios, Jacob Slader, Eddie Stone, Parker Williams, Todd Winters. A Rascal DVD.
studs-rs_tn.jpg Studs (DVD)
Hot, Horny, Hunky, Hairy Studs Never Looked Better! Introducing Huessein -The Hairiest Raging Stallion Exclusive of all time!!! Starring: Huessein, Ivan Andros, Eric Evans, Parker Williams, Taurus, Grayson Hurst, JD Kollin, and Pierce Daniels. A Raging Stallion DVD.
tag_youre_it_arena_tn.jpg Tag! You're It! (DVD)
"Highly Recommended. Director Jett Blakk's "Tag! You're It!" is balls-to-the-wall from start to finish. The plot is all about Tag Adams, already an established favorite of mine, playing an assistant to a director on a porn flick who is desperate to get into the action. Think Lucy Ricardo with the actual talent to get into the show. Aall the scenes are exciting, but the final scene is astounding, and Tag is the centerpiece." . . . Brent Blue, Starring Tag Adams (a.k.a. Chet Roberts), Dillon Press, Nick Young, Parker Williams, Nick Capra, Andy Dill, John Marcus, Steven Richards, Antonio York and Ulizes Carpelli.