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Paolo Centori

sleazy_gangbang_oh_man_tn Sleazy Gang Bang (DVD)
$49.88 $15.00 On Sale!
Watch one nasty pussy boy take 14 raunchy cocks! Starring: Duncan Mills, Nic Collins, Cole Reece, Drew Andrews, Paolo Centori, Patrick Ives, Sweet Williams, Kip Casey, Tony Lee Jones, Patrick Ray, Jan Eagle, Ethan Wright, Logan Runner, Shawn Islander, Nathan Hamilton Directed by: Bruno Riccelli An Oh Man! DVD.
desert_paradise_2_dvd_tn.jpg Desert Paradise 2: Revenge! (DVD)
DESERT PARADISE 2: REVENGE! picks up where the original left off. Allan Gassman comes back as the clever insurance investigator who invites fraudulent insurance claimants to a sex-filled vacation where temptation causes them to be exposed in more ways than one. Starring Allan Gassman, Matthew Thomas, Adrian, Paolo Centori, Tony West, Paul Morgan, Sweet Williams, Morgan Allen, Trent West and J. Franklin.
going_west_dvd_tn.jpg Going West (DVD)
Starring Paul Morgan, Paolo Centori, Leo Masters, Chaz Carlton, Rock Jennings, Dean Maxwell, Duncan Miller and Tomi Cloud. An XTC DVD.
hard_on_the_trail_tn.jpg Hard On The Trail (DVD)
4 hours of boys gettin' to the bottom of it! Check out the cavity searches, Vivid style! Starring: Mixer, Dereck Bishop, Tony Brocco, Chris Burns, Paolo Centori, Will Clark, Jason Cruise, Eric Evans, Rainey Foster, Sean Fox, Derek Jensen, Mike Lamas, Nick Leonetti, Dino Phillips, Sean Phoenix, Mac Reynolds, Marc Romano, Tyler Scott, Jack Simmons, Kurt Stefano, Todd Stevens, Jason Wagner and Peter Wilder. With over 30 stars in all! A Vivid Man 4-Hour DVD.
hard_working_men_sexvideo_dvd_tn.jpg Hard Working Men (DVD)
Paolo Centori is unemployed and wondering what kind of job he'd be good at - good at getting sex at, that is! Starring Paolo Centori, Nathan Walters, Patrick Ives, Leo DeSilver, Don Dawson, Brandon Moore, Kody Fields and Thomas Lloyd.
in_the_shadows_dvd_tn.jpg In the Shadows (DVD)
In IN THE SHADOWS, hunky Brent Cross explores the ins and outs of no-holes-barred sex club sex! Starring Brent Cross, Jason Nikas, Mathew Thomas, Paolo Centori, Dirk Adams, Justin Case, J.D. De Marco and Morgan Allen.
jeff_stryker_under_tn.jpg Jeff Stryker's Underground (DVD)
He's Back. . .and Better Than Ever! Starring Jeff Stryker, Drew Andrews, Chris Anthony, Derek Cameron, Paul Morgan, Logan Reed, J. C. Carter, Paolo Centori, Brent Cross, Eduardo, Luke Edwards, Hugh Scott, Rusty Scott, Kurt Stefano, Peter Wilder, Brett Winters, Anthony Gallo, K. C. Hart, Andrew Long, Scott Lyons, Kyle McKenna, Dino Phillips, Corky Adams, Blue Blake, Paul Carrington, Chris Dano, Robert Lawson, Christopher Zale and Eddie Ramone.
latin_sex_thing_dvd_tn.jpg Latin Sex Thing (DVD)
In LATIN SEX THING, amigos get horny while working together and turn to each other for release. Starring Mike Cesar, Jeffrey Feliciano, Anthony Torrez, Richard Reyes, Gino Gultier, Paolo Centori, Anthony and Rick Milano.
touch_me_there_dvd_tn.jpg Touch Me There (DVD)
...the Asian guy has a super money shot, cumming across the Latino guy. He shoots on the Latino guy from crotch to face, then licks off his own cum. Starring Emilio Sands, K.C. Hart, Paolo Centori, Mathew Thomas, Leo Masters, Jeff Feliciano, Patric Studds and Chaz Carlton.
uniform_ball_1_dvd_tn.jpg Uniform Ball 1: Blue Collar Edition (DVD)
A series from Vivid Man about uniforms...and the men who peel them off! There's a fireman, a construction worker, a cop, a truck driver, a mechanic, a gas station attendant and a football player. Starring Kurt Stefano, Paolo Centori, Jon Christopher, Marcos Day, Andrew Long, Peter Wilder and Brett Winters.
uniforms_only_tn.jpg Uniforms Only! (DVD)
$49.88 $15.00 On Sale!
Men in uniform know that only other men in uniform will satisfy their pent-up sexual urges - urges that arise on the job, in the barracks, out at sea or in the trenches! Starring Chaz Carlton, Gabriel Rocas, Dany Brown, Leo Masters, Paolo Centori, Dean Maxwell, Duncan Miller, Max Grand and Rod Barry. A Street Corner Studios DVD.