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OTB-Original Teen Boy

bareback-cumparty-15_tn.jpg Bareback Cumparty 15: Cumming Together (DVD)
The very last installment of the immensly popular Bareback Cumparty series has the title Cumming Together, and that of course is exactly what the boys do, in total even 34 times! Seems we have saved the best for the last title... The pack of videos has 5 scenes, all shot outdoors. We see Tomas and Jesid (5 cums), Marcos and Oscar (5 cums), a spectacular trio with Eduardo, Ferdynan and Miguel (6 cums), another duo with JuanCarlos and Miguel (9 cumshots - well with Juancarlos who would expect any less...) and to top it all off another trio with Xavier, William and Alfredo (another 9 cums). All outdoors and all super horny boyz going at it for all they are worth. Starring: Tomas, Jesid, Marcos, Oscar, Eduardo, Ferdynan, Miguel, JuanCarlos, Miguel, Xavier, William, Alfredo. An OTB Video DVD.
anderson-sexual-overdose-otb-tn Anderson Sexual Overdose (DVD)
Anderson has an animal factor that you need to see to believe (plus a dick that outsizes most of us) and his 5 partners (Duval, Tony, Gaston, Tulio and Lucas) are in for the pounding of their lives! Starring: Anderson, Duval, Tony, Gaston, Tulio, Lucas. An OTB Video DVD.
i-want-more-otb_tn.jpg I Want More! (DVD)
I Want More! gives you the total enjoyment of 7 action scenes. See our hot models Boris, Eduardo, Francisco, Juan Carlos, Mario, Ronald, Samir, Saul, Sebastian and Wilfrido doing nasty things. Starring: Boris, Eduardo, Francisco, Juan Carlos, Mario, Ronald, Samir, Saul, Sebastian, Wilfrido. An OTB Video DVD.
visions-of-cum-otb_tn.jpg Visions of Cum (DVD)
Another set of horny fantasies: Jesid finds Francisco sleeping on the couch. After touching him carefully Jesid's mind drifts off on the thought how heavenly sex with Francisco would be. JuanCarlos pulls down Wilmer's short during basketball. When Wilmer walks away from him JuanCarlos fantasizes about the ass he got this brief glipse of. Starring: Jesid, Francisco, JuanCarlos, Wilmer, MArio, Saimont, Sebastian, Eduardo, Gerardo, Tomas, Walter, Deivi. An OTB Video DVD.
alfredo_please_cum_again_tn.jpg Alfredo: Please Cum Again! (DVD)
Bareback. In Alfredo: Please Cum Again!, we follow this ever-ready hottie throughout his career at OTB Video, from his extremely sticky first appearance in a solo to extreme bareback adventures with his best pals, this tribute to super-potent Alfredo will leave no one wanting. 18 sticky cumshots make this 115-minute feature a true feast. Meet Alfredo and fall in love all over again! Starring Alfredo, Ramiro, Alejandro, Eduardo, John, Leandro. Directed by Alex Chaves. An OTB - Original Teen Boy DVD.
bareback_cumparty_10_tn.jpg Bareback Cumparty 10: Fuck Festival & Cum Celebrations (DVD) 2 Disc Set
Bareback Cumparty 10 features two videos. Disc one, (Fuck Festival), features the talents of Deivis, Eduardo, William, Walter, Santiago, Angel Antonio, Bernard, Emanuel and Damian! With signature multiple cumshots in five scenes, this should definitely be a winner! Disc two, (Cum Celebrations), features seven solo scenes with hotties Esteban, Juan, O.G., Pedro, Armando, Junior and Miguel Angel. Watch the entire Bareback Cumparty series featuring the hottest bareback sex! Starring Angel, Santiago, Armando, Damian, Eduardo, Emanuel, Juan, Pedro, OG, Bernard, Antonio, Junior, Walter, William, Miguel Angel, Esteban, Deivis. Directed by Alex Chaves. An OTB - Original Teen Boy DVD.
bareback_cumparty_2_tn.jpg Bareback Cumparty 2: Keep On Cumming! (DVD)
The Cutest Boyz in the World are at it again and they still can't get enough of that thick white boyjuice. 8 heart-stoppingly gorgeous young guys keep on cumming and then cumming again until they have squeezed every last drop of cream out of their fat hard cocks and plump, juicy balls. They don't stop until they are completely spent, ehausted and sticky all over. Starring Deivis, Santiago, Angel, Trend, Walter, William, Damian, Bernard. An OTB Video DVD.
Bareback Cumparty 3: Back For More! (DVD)
More sex, more cum-eating, more bareback fucking, more of that thick white boyjuice! 10 ultra-cute young smooth guys waste no time - they just do it whenever and wherever they can. Alone or paired up inside the house or in an amazing open-air threesome, they don't stop until everyone has climaxed at least twice in every scene, until everyone has tasted and swallowed everyone else's jizz and until every hole has been filled to the brim with rivers of sticky white cum! Starring Gustavo, Leonardo, Jesid, William, Walter, Ferdynan, Damian, Juan Carlos, Alfonso, Cesar. An OTB Video DVD.
Bareback Cumparty 4: Fun 4 Four (DVD)
There is simply no end to their lust for jizz and they enjoy getting it out of their mates again and again and again. This time 11 gorgeous youngsters squirt their boyjuice all over and into one another. Starring Pedro, Manuel, Alfonso, Sebastian, Alfredo, Joshua, Eduardo, Alejandro, Ferdynan, Jesid, Walter. An OTB Video DVD.
bareback_cumparty_6_tn.jpg Bareback Cumparty 6: Cum & Swallow (DVD)
This time there are 10 of our cutest models in 5 of the hottest and most cum-filled scenes you have ever seen producing no less than 24 cumshots in total. You do the math! Starring Tomas, Alejandro, Trend, William, Marcos, Angel, Ferdynan, Deivis, Alfonso and Emanuel. Directed by Alex Chaves. An OTB Video DVD.
bareback_cumparty_7_tn.jpg Bareback Cumparty 7: Outdoor Orgasms (DVD)
Get ready for some of the best bareback twink action the world has ever seen! And what could be better than eleven of the cutest boys in the world bare-fucking and sucking each other senseless until all the jizz has been splashed over smooth skin or pumped into hungry mouths and eager asses? All of that is outside, with a natural breeze blowing around their firm bubble butts and the sun brightly illuminating all the hot bareback action! The boys are totally uninhibited and their enjoyment of each other is so palpable, you'll feel like you're right there with them! An amazing 31 cumshots here, and nearly every models cums three times! Starring Leonardo, Mario, Fabio, Ramiro, Marcos, Eduardo, Oscar, Ferdynan, Miguel, Tomas and Jesid. Directed by Alex Chaves. An OTB DVD.
bareback_cumparty_8_tn.jpg Bareback Cumparty 8: Wet 'n' Sticky (DVD)
OTB's legendary models are getting soaked in the latest release from the amazingly popular and critically acclaimed Bareback Cumparty Series, and we promise you won't be able to stay dry either! Our boys have discovered the joys of water. So this time, they're off to the pool, the bathtub, the Jacuzzi or even fighting over the garden hose in their endeavour to get wet! Once immersed in the clear warm waters, they immediately go after their very favourite liquids - each other's cum! As usual, they're producing bucketsful of the sticky white stuff and they're only too eager to gobble it up and swallow, or to distribute it freely over young, smooth skin. Starring Juan Carlos, Alfonso, Eduardo, Miguel, Alfredo, William, Deivis, Mauricio and Ramiro. Directed by Alex Chaves. An OTB DVD.
bareback_cumparty_9_tn.jpg Bareback Cumparty 9: Juiced! (DVD)
Quench your thirst and get juiced (it's all freshly squeezed)- The award winning Bareback Cumparty series returns with a splash! For the ninth time, ten of OTB Video's hottest and horniest boiz get together for a Bareback Cumparty and you're invited to join in! All our boiz shoot their load at least twice in every single scene - so the real question is: Will you be able to keep up? Starring Trend, Tomas, Leonardo, Eduardo, Santiago, Gustavo, Jesid, Marcos, Miguel and Ramiro. Directed by Alex Chaves. An OTB-Original Teen Boy DVD.
bareback_heaven_tn.jpg Bareback Heaven (DVD)
5 Horny Twinks taking 5 innocent young Angels for the bareback ride of their lives! Over 2 hours of 100 percent bareback pleasure. In 5 incredibly sexy scenes, our youngsters (or should we say Angels?) really learn what it feels like to get pounded by a horny Young Devil and they're enjoying every minute of it, squealing and moaning with pleasure. Starring Anderson, Checho, Octavio, Isaias, Juano, Blasio, Raul, Daniel, Paulo. Directed by Roberto Escorda. A Starboyz Video / OTB Video DVD.
bareback_hideout_part_1_otb_tn.jpg Bareback Hideout Part 1 (DVD)
Angel and his friends have discovered a secret hideout. A perfect place for hot, sticky friend-on-friend bareback sex! Watch how they meet, discover their hidden desires and get down to some of the most intimate, hardcore action you've ever seen happen between slender, young, smooth bodies, all eager to taste and feel each other's cum! Starring: Angel, Javier, Kenai, Mauro, Hernan, Fernando. An OTB Video / Starboyz Video DVD.
bareback_inferno_tn.jpg Bareback Inferno (DVD)
Starboyz and OTB proudly present its first Young Devils release, starring some of the freshest cute young Latinos on the planet, Bareback Inferno features 5 incredible duo-action scenes with our boyz kissing, licking, sucking and fucking 100% bareback all the way! Starring Anderson, Juano, Checho, Frank, Ciro, Tato, Daniel and Ferney. Directed by Roberto Iscorda. An OTB / Starboyz DVD.
bareback_princess_boys_tn.jpg Bareback Princess Boys (DVD)
Everyone has hidden fantasies and trying something different once in a while can enhance everybody's sex life. Trying on some high heels and a bit of lingerie for a change sure did the trick for some of the Cutest Guys in the World - which led to the production of this extraordinary DVD! 100% Action: 5 great duo scenes! 100% Bareback: features some extreme cumplay and cum-eating! 100% OTB: multiple cumshots in every scene, intense post-orgasmic fucking. Starring Ferdyman, Alejandro, Xavier, William, Alfredo, Eduardo, Jesid, Tomas, Damian and Mauricio. Directed by Alex Chaves. An OTB DVD.
burning_desires_otb_tn.jpg Burning Desires (DVD) OTB
12 fiery young boyz who can't get enough of each other go at it time after time after time in the 7 scorchingly hot scenes featured on this DVD. Action includes kissing, licking, rimming, sucking, fucking and even a burn-your-pants-off red hot bareback scene with Brad and Alfonso humping like there's no tomorrow. Starring Santiago, Esteve, Marcos, Diego, Emanuel, Xavier, Alfonso, Angel, Pablo, Felipe and Joshua. An OTB Video / Original Red Hot Boyz DVD.
crossed_paths_otb_tn.jpg Crossed Paths (DVD) Bareback
Bareback. Real Drama, Real Porn - this will keep you glued to your screen AND your seat A story-driven hardcore feature that's both emotionally moving AND excitingly sexy! 5 amazing episodes of cum-drenched drama - 10 smooth young guys - Who knew porn could be this thrilling? Starring Alfredo, Deivi, Eduardo, Fabio, Gerardo, Juan Carlos, Mario, Samir, Sebastian, Walter. Directed by Alex Chaves. An OTB - Original Teen Boy / Bareback Stories DVD.
cum_into_my_dreams_tn.jpg Cum Into My Dreams (DVD)
Bareback. Who hasn't wondered what goes on in the mind of the gorgeous boy next door when he gets together with his mates? You can now find out in this intimate look into the filthy minds of 10 cute, cum-hungry youngsters! Starring Alejandro, Hernan, Alfredo, William, Kevin, George, Marcos, Jesid, Miguel, Sebastian. An OTB Original Teen Boy / Bareback Daydreams DVD.