*Updated August 1, 2015*

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OTB-Original Teen Boy

first_time_sex_games_1_tn.jpg Enjoy The Ride (DVD)
$49.88 $5.00 On Sale!
Meet the guys from OTB; Skater guy Juan, Gym guys Xavier & Trend, Motorcycle guy Santiago, and Basketballers Diego and Edwin. These young jocks love their sports as well as each other! So much hot guy-on-guy sex you will feel as though you went through the workout with them. Anyone who loves real twinks will love watching these guys ride each others horse-hung cocks, and plow smooth, tight asses. Starring Santiago, Juan Carlos, Trend, Xavier, Diego and Edwin. An Original young Boy/1 Distribution DVD.
first_time_sex_games_2_tn.jpg Play My Game (DVD)
$49.88 $3.88 On Sale!
8 young guys on camera for the first time! The guys show us around before heading off to the closest spot to fuck and suck each other dry. These guys prove big things come in small packages cause they are all packin' big meat. The sex is flaming hot and the guys are eager to kiss, suck and fuck each other. These versatile, young twinks are rock hard all the time . . . But what else would you expect from 18 year olds? Starring Emanuel, Santiago, Juan Carlos, Junior, Walter, Bernard, Deivis and Julian. An Original young Boy/1 Distribution DVD.