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OTB-Original Teen Boy

anderson-sexual-overdose-otb-tn Anderson Sexual Overdose (DVD)
Anderson has an animal factor that you need to see to believe (plus a dick that outsizes most of us) and his 5 partners (Duval, Tony, Gaston, Tulio and Lucas) are in for the pounding of their lives! Starring: Anderson, Duval, Tony, Gaston, Tulio, Lucas. An OTB Video DVD.
i-want-more-otb_tn.jpg I Want More! (DVD)
I Want More! gives you the total enjoyment of 7 action scenes. See our hot models Boris, Eduardo, Francisco, Juan Carlos, Mario, Ronald, Samir, Saul, Sebastian and Wilfrido doing nasty things. Starring: Boris, Eduardo, Francisco, Juan Carlos, Mario, Ronald, Samir, Saul, Sebastian, Wilfrido. An OTB Video DVD.
visions-of-cum-otb_tn.jpg Visions of Cum (DVD)
Another set of horny fantasies: Jesid finds Francisco sleeping on the couch. After touching him carefully Jesid's mind drifts off on the thought how heavenly sex with Francisco would be. JuanCarlos pulls down Wilmer's short during basketball. When Wilmer walks away from him JuanCarlos fantasizes about the ass he got this brief glipse of. Starring: Jesid, Francisco, JuanCarlos, Wilmer, MArio, Saimont, Sebastian, Eduardo, Gerardo, Tomas, Walter, Deivi. An OTB Video DVD.
alfredo_please_cum_again_tn.jpg Alfredo: Please Cum Again! (DVD)
Bareback. In Alfredo: Please Cum Again!, we follow this ever-ready hottie throughout his career at OTB Video, from his extremely sticky first appearance in a solo to extreme bareback adventures with his best pals, this tribute to super-potent Alfredo will leave no one wanting. 18 sticky cumshots make this 115-minute feature a true feast. Meet Alfredo and fall in love all over again! Starring Alfredo, Ramiro, Alejandro, Eduardo, John, Leandro. Directed by Alex Chaves. An OTB - Original Teen Boy DVD.
bareback_heaven_tn.jpg Bareback Heaven (DVD)
5 Horny Twinks taking 5 innocent young Angels for the bareback ride of their lives! Over 2 hours of 100 percent bareback pleasure. In 5 incredibly sexy scenes, our youngsters (or should we say Angels?) really learn what it feels like to get pounded by a horny Young Devil and they're enjoying every minute of it, squealing and moaning with pleasure. Starring Anderson, Checho, Octavio, Isaias, Juano, Blasio, Raul, Daniel, Paulo. Directed by Roberto Escorda. A Starboyz Video / OTB Video DVD.
bareback_hideout_part_1_otb_tn.jpg Bareback Hideout Part 1 (DVD)
Angel and his friends have discovered a secret hideout. A perfect place for hot, sticky friend-on-friend bareback sex! Watch how they meet, discover their hidden desires and get down to some of the most intimate, hardcore action you've ever seen happen between slender, young, smooth bodies, all eager to taste and feel each other's cum! Starring: Angel, Javier, Kenai, Mauro, Hernan, Fernando. An OTB Video / Starboyz Video DVD.
bareback_inferno_tn.jpg Bareback Inferno (DVD)
Starboyz and OTB proudly present its first Young Devils release, starring some of the freshest cute young Latinos on the planet, Bareback Inferno features 5 incredible duo-action scenes with our boyz kissing, licking, sucking and fucking 100% bareback all the way! Starring Anderson, Juano, Checho, Frank, Ciro, Tato, Daniel and Ferney. Directed by Roberto Iscorda. An OTB / Starboyz DVD.
burning_desires_otb_tn.jpg Burning Desires (DVD) OTB
12 fiery young boyz who can't get enough of each other go at it time after time after time in the 7 scorchingly hot scenes featured on this DVD. Action includes kissing, licking, rimming, sucking, fucking and even a burn-your-pants-off red hot bareback scene with Brad and Alfonso humping like there's no tomorrow. Starring Santiago, Esteve, Marcos, Diego, Emanuel, Xavier, Alfonso, Angel, Pablo, Felipe and Joshua. An OTB Video / Original Red Hot Boyz DVD.
crossed_paths_otb_tn.jpg Crossed Paths (DVD) Bareback
Bareback. Real Drama, Real Porn - this will keep you glued to your screen AND your seat A story-driven hardcore feature that's both emotionally moving AND excitingly sexy! 5 amazing episodes of cum-drenched drama - 10 smooth young guys - Who knew porn could be this thrilling? Starring Alfredo, Deivi, Eduardo, Fabio, Gerardo, Juan Carlos, Mario, Samir, Sebastian, Walter. Directed by Alex Chaves. An OTB - Original Teen Boy / Bareback Stories DVD.
cum_into_my_dreams_tn.jpg Cum Into My Dreams (DVD)
Bareback. Who hasn't wondered what goes on in the mind of the gorgeous boy next door when he gets together with his mates? You can now find out in this intimate look into the filthy minds of 10 cute, cum-hungry youngsters! Starring Alejandro, Hernan, Alfredo, William, Kevin, George, Marcos, Jesid, Miguel, Sebastian. An OTB Original Teen Boy / Bareback Daydreams DVD.
cumcrazy_mario_tn.jpg Cumcrazy Mario (DVD) Bareback
It's all about Mario - and for Mario, it's all about cum! There's a reason why cutie Mario is one of our most popular models. He has a cute, boyish face with some smouldering eyes, luscious lips and a smile that would melt icebergs. See Mario have the most amazing sex with 6 of his best mates in all-original scenes! There is NO recycled material on this DVD (unlike so many other "best of" DVDs on the market today). A true gem! Starring Mario, Juan Carlos, Damian, Deivis, Alfredo, Xavier and Leonardo. Directed by Alex Chaves. An OTB DVD.
dirty_piss_boyz_tn.jpg Dirty Piss Boyz (DVD) Contains Controversial Footage
Bareback. Contains Controversial Footage (Watersports). XXXTreme Twinks' premiere title Dirty Piss Boys is 2 videos featuring 12 Latin twinks between 18 and 24 who are all into watersports! Not a drop of piss or cum goes wasted as there is always a willing mouth or ass available to be filled (or sprinkled!) The fun doesn't stop there though -- add 20 cumshots, hot bareback action, spanking and bondage to the mix and this video is bound to get everybody completely soaked! Starring Blake Reed, Daniel Wood, David May, Ennio Guardi, Joshua Black, Jimmy Call, Joe Parkes, Logan Boxley, Nick Hansen, Stephen Ash, Stephen Blake, Timothy Nixon. Directed by Roberto Escorda. An XXXTreme Twinks / OTB Video DVD.
dirty_rough_boyz_nsnl_tn.jpg Dirty Rough Boyz: No Shame & No Limits (DVD) 2-Disc Set
XXXTreme Twinks second outing, Dirty Rough Boyz: No Shame & No Limits, features some of XXXTremeTwinks's hottest and biggest stars having boundless bareback sex in the roughest ways imaginable, including dildos, slapping, mouth gags, anal beads, double penetration, food sex, creampies, toe sucking and bondage... oh my! Starring Roman, Anderson, Alejandro, Paulino, Emanuel, Tulio, Tato, Raul, Honorio, Janiro, Ever, Cristobal, Desiderio. Directed by Roberto Escorda. An XXXTreme Twinks / OTB Video DVD.
first_time_sex_games_1_tn.jpg Enjoy The Ride (DVD)
Meet the guys from OTB; Skater guy Juan, Gym guys Xavier & Trend, Motorcycle guy Santiago, and Basketballers Diego and Edwin. These young jocks love their sports as well as each other! So much hot guy-on-guy sex you will feel as though you went through the workout with them. Anyone who loves real twinks will love watching these guys ride each others horse-hung cocks, and plow smooth, tight asses. Starring Santiago, Juan Carlos, Trend, Xavier, Diego and Edwin. An Original young Boy/1 Distribution DVD.
everybody_fucks_alex_tn.jpg Everybody Fucks Alexxx (DVD)
Bareback. Alex likes meeting people and pleasing them the best way he knows how... with his body! Check out eight horny twinks in five hot scenes. A massive 22 cumshot film with one sore ass! Starring Alex, Ivan, Oscar, Sergio, Alexander, Brian, Lian. Directed by Alex Chaves. An OTB - Original Teen Boy DVD.
fuck_boyz_gone_wild_tn.jpg Fuck Boyz Gone Wild (DVD)
Featuring 9 of the cutest and freshest Latino sweeties we could find, this video brings you over 2 hours of pleasure in 7 amazing scenes. In the three hot solo scenes our cuties perform just for you, making sure that you enjoy the experience just as much as they do. In the 4 action-packed hardcore scenes, our boys kiss, lick, suck and fuck each other with real Latino passion, until they squirt their sticky boyjuices all over themselves and each other. Starring Blasio, Checho, Tato, Dagoh, Humberto, Anderson, Frank, Manolo, Juano. Directed by Roberto Escorda. An OTB Original Teen Boy / Starboyz DVD.
fuckclub_gangbang_tn.jpg Fuck Club Gangbang (DVD) Bareback
Welcome to the Fuck Club! Can you handle 52 hot sticky loads? Here's your chance to prove it! This film is an absolute tour-de-force of the most extreme cumplay ever to be published on DVD. The models are very obviously enjoying every second of it and so will you if you're into beautiful young guys having the most intimate sticky sex imaginable! Starring Jesid, Ferdyman, Juan Carlos, Xavier, William, Alfredo and Eduardo. Directed by Alex Chaves. An OTB Video / Original Red Hot Boyz DVD.
fuck_club_otb_tn.jpg Fuck Club, The (DVD)
Bareback. Welcome to the Fuck Club . . .where 7 cum-crazy boys and their clubhouse are waiting for you! Eduardo, Jesid and William are the best of friends and they're very lucky indeed - they have their own clubhouse where they can meet and play and party and do anything they want without the risk of being disturbed by anyone. And since they're all totally into each other, there is a lot of sex going on whenever they meet. Starring William, Ferdynan, Jesid, Xavier, Juan Carlos, Alfredo and Eduardo. Directed by Alex Chaves. An OTB Video / Bareback Friends DVD.
heat_is_on_otb_tn.jpg Heat Is On, The (DVD) 2-Disc Set
12 fiery young boyz who can't get enough of each other go at it time after time after time in the 6 action scenes and 7 solo scenes featured on this double DVD set. Starring Gustavo, Hernan, John, Mario, Miguel, Santiago, William, Bernard, Mauricio, Tomas, Juan Carlos and Deivis. Directed by Alex Chaves. An OTB Video / Original Red Hot Boyz DVD.
juan_carlos_bare_fucking_ska_tn.jpg Juan-Carlos: Bare-Fucking Skaterboy (DVD)
Bareback. Juan-Carlos may well be one of the most easily recognizable of our models: his distinctive skater style, his piercings and his bad-boy tattoos set him apart, not to mention his never-ending lust for cum, his constantly-hard veiny cock, his sensual soft lips and his boyish attitude. No wonder all the boyz can't wait to get fucked by him and that he has proven to be one of the absolute favourites amongst the OTB models. So it's high time he got his very own DVD release in our Bareback Elite Series! On Juan Carlos: Bare-Fucking Skaterboy you can meet this heart-throb in 5 hot, sticky scenes. Starring Juan-Carlos, Oscar, Jesid, Alejandro, Bernard and Angel. An OTB DVD.