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110 degrees in Tucson (DVD)


Heat. Sweat. Cum. If there are three words that could be universal responses in a word-association game in which the word to match is the name Joe Gage, then you know what "110 Degrees in Tucson" is ostensibly about. But there's always more to a Gage production, usually beginning with a wild and perfect match of young hunks and slightly older fuckers. In this extravaganza, Mr. Gage has assembled a wall-to-wall, legs-up fuckfest that had me drooling and dribbling from the minute the first bead of sweat pops out from beneath the brows of jack-buddy highway cops Ivan Andros and Ray Dragon.

They've stopped into the local motel for what is a regular matinee of dick-slapping after spotting the lonely long-distance runner Andy Hunter jogging through the morning Arizona heat while radio disc jockey Bryce Pierce is chatting over the airwaves. The cops get away with their gambit because the desk clerk asks no questions, and even though there's a new clerk today, they are cops, and have no fear of being unmasked.

Well, the new clerk, Devon Cade, may ask no questions and tell no tales, but when he's out to pick up the mail, he spots the two hunks in their room, fat cocks hanging through their uniform pants. The indecently masculine Ray brings the clerk inside for some fun, and it begins with the perfectly preppy Devon dropping to his knees to gobble the 4-lane super highway of a cock that Ivan thrusts in his face. Ray strips and gets on the couch, waiting for Devon to get his, and Ivan's, juices rolling, then lifts up his ass for the prepster to sample, which he does with all the familiarity of a desk-clerk who knows how to keep the guests satisfied. But Ray is no mere passive recipient here, it was apparent from the start that he was hungry for cock, and he pushes his guy-toy of the moment away and dives for Ivan's bully stick, loving it hungrily, then giving more of his game away with a quick deep-throating of Devon's very impressive shaft. After heating Ivan up more, Ray decides that his patrol mate needs to be taught what a matinee is really all about, and they go from jack buddies to suck buddies, Ivan servicing him and Devon after some encouragement from his captain. Devon then drops to his knees and lets his captors cover him with their goo, then stands and delivers his own shots, screaming in pleasure as the sweat from his brow and cum from his cock mix together.

Ray, however, is seemingly hungry for more. The scene quickly moves to where you suspected it was going. Ray and Devon are the cockhounds here, moving Ivan into their world one step at a time. Devon moves over to the bed, eyes fixed on Ray, whose face is a perfect study of fixation on the Devon's cock. Ivan moves to the bed, slips on a rubber, and as Ray gives him nods of instruction, sends his rocket tool soaring into Devon's delicious little butt. Ray moves to the bed, gets on his knees and offers his tool to the clerk as Ivan increases his pace of drilling. But the camera focuses mostly on Ray, his eyes, his lust for Ivan, as he stands and hovers above the other two, slipping his hands over Ivan's back and drawing him to his cock, filling his throat as Ivan approaches climax, cums and pulls out of Devon. Ray then takes over, slipping Devon onto his back for a through-the-bedrail missionary-fuck. Ivan moves over to Devon's side, watching the sweat pour off the other two and the cum fly from Devon and throws his legs over the bedrail. Ray doesn't miss a beat and slips his cock up Ivan's seemingly virgin ass, pounding him as he forces another load of cum out of another hot man, spilling his own seed as well. The air conditioner was working, but nothing was going to cool off this trio.

Bryce Pierce is still chatting on the radio and Andy Hunter is still jogging, this time past a house that's being renovated by the team of Spencer Quest (hunk, center, on the cover) and Luke Pearson -- boss and first-day apprentice. The heart-stoppingly cute Luke finds some vintage gay porn hidden in the house, and that leads to Spencer's decision that it's too hot to work, and that they should go back to his house for a shower and something cool to drink. The banter between them is almost priceless, the somewhat older Spencer not very subtle in trying to restrain himself from any obvious first moves. "I threw your clothes into the washer," and then, tossing Luke the porn goes into the shower. Spencer comes out of the shower, towel not exactly in position, and the two engage in what can only be described as "don't-fast-forward-through-the-foreplay" dialogue. Seduction by soft light, naively suggestive questions, and zither-play on the soundtrack is a hallmark of Joe Gage productions, and this one is one of the very best ever. Of course, it helps to have two superbly attractive men, Spencer (a cross between porn stars Nino Bacci and Nathan Powers) is as rugged as Luke (who reminds me of former porn star Cole Phillips crossed with a bit of CNN newsman Bill Hemmer) is adorable, and the cocks are soon exposed, and so are the passions. "This is wrong," Luke cries softly as he begins to inch toward Spencer's beautiful chugger, but is soon moaning with a mouthful of cock as his boss gently coaxes him with his hand on his neck. Luke soon tosses off his robe and gets involved in tonguing, kissing and licking all the vital parts between Spencer's legs until his boss dumps numerous heavy glops of goo on his tight body. Not done yet, Spencer tells his charge to go and bend over the club chair, where he offers his beautiful butt and virgin hole to his master's gentle, wet, slobbering tongue and probing fingers. In a brilliant segue, Spencer moves onto the chair, throws his legs in the air, and in a combined order and beg, invites Luke to savor his ass. The camerawork here is as phenomenal as the pacing, and the sex-talk, Gage has given us the dream sequence we all on either side of this equation hope for with a pair of actors who are extraordinary and perfect for the roles. Though you know Luke will never get his cock up Spencer's gorgeous hole, his one-finger, two-finger exercise is among the sensuous in recent porn history. He dives into Spencer's hole with his tongue as the latter fits on his condom, then the real fun begins as he turns his back and moves toward Spencer's fingers as they move into his hole, then serve as shoehorns for his cock sliding into Luke's virgin butt for a fierce but short fuck. Knowing what his boss loves, he hops off, falls to his knees and dives into Spencer's balls, licking and kissing as the cum flows from his boss's cock. The two rub the cum in wondrous ways and the closing line from Spencer is like a bolt out of the blue and so very satisfying that you'll be screaming for a sequel.

Our next encounter slips us into a perfectly illogical, but totally natural, menage-a-trois that mixes two very different and extremely hot post-twinks and a hot butch jock who takes advantage of them, but really doesn't. If that sounds a bit like smoke and mirrors, consider the scenario. Blond and shaggy-haired Hunter James, the quintessential escapee from "O.C." country, is driving his straight pal, dark-haired and sexy-eyed slim-jim Jacob Riley, around town when they decide to stop by Hunter's dad's warehouse to knock off some booze. First they have to take a piss, and, of course, they get caught, by the fabulous Matt Majors, who makes a triumphant appearance here as a manipulative security guard with a two-day growth and cock and hole on his mind. He accuses them of sucking each other off, and then orders the guys to whip it out or he'll call the real cops. In the darkness and the quiet of night, he manipulates them into showing how big they are, then whips out his own torpedo and orders Jacob to play with him and Hunter to play with Jacob. But Matt has got his hands and cock in touch with the rapidly rising monster between straight-guy Jacob's legs, and he orders Hunter to take advantage of that prize by sucking his buddy off. But Hunter has another prize dangling nearby, the fat-headed, 4-wheel-drive monster that Matt shoves into his face, vein popping and knob throbbing. This is getting Jacob more interested and he resists very little when Matt shoves him down to share the prize with his buddy. Once he's tasted that cock, Jacob is all over it in near glee, inhaling the cock while locking eyes with Matt. Now it's Matt's turn to get involved, and after bending both over to taste chutes he drops down and sucks Hunter off before all three explode in spasms of sperm. But Matt wants more, and that means real showtime. On the loading dock, he takes all his clothes off, revealing a solid, hairy body, then pulls Hunter to him, strips him down, slips on a rubber and pulls him down on his cock. This is more than Jacob can take and he starts to whack off as Hunter rocks and rolls his way to ecstasy, riding easy as Jacob strips off his clothes and climbs the dock, stroking away, looking for an opening. That opening is his own ass, "You gotta try it sometime," Matt tells him in mid-Hunter-fuck. He shoves the blond off, gives Jacob a seat and a fresh condom which the novice slips on Matt's rod behind his back, and then sends the guy onto his back and into virgin "fuck me" babbling and moaning. Resembling 1990s porn star Brett Winters, Jacob is a perfect picture of porked puppy, slim, legs akimbo, with a dick up his ass almost as long as his legs and wide as his chest. With the cum fucked out of him, he becomes a willing host for Matt's load as they both watch Hunter spill out as well. The denouement will make you laugh, scream and howl.

Darkness and heat settles over Tucson as Andy Hunter continues his jogging through town, this time under the window of an apartment building where Blu Kennedy is getting ready for bed, or something better, after his dad calls in goodnight. One of the most charismatic college-types to have come on the porn scene in years, Blu is also unusual in that he is a pure redhead, with a solid, pure-white body and a dick that would make a herd of stallions jealous. Blu is not into bed yet, he's into porn, and pulls out his pud and his magazines for a session that soon is interrupted by a cat burglar who has snuck up the fire escape into his room. This is Taurus, the French hunk of hairy dynamite who slips into the bedroom like an aggressive Scudder moving in to claim his Maurice, catching Blu in mid-stroke. After crude introductions framed in brilliant lighting that offsets Blu's body and cock with Taurus in the shadows, the burglar's cock goes into Blu's mouth. The sounds of sex bring an opened door, where stands Blu's father, the handsome, mustachioed, naked Nathan York. He catches Taurus as he tries to escape, and after spotting the dildo, gives him some of his own treatment as Blu ogles on. Never one to avoid pushing the envelope, director Gage has son Blu move to the other side of the bed and feed Taurus his cock. He then pulls Taurus off Blu and shoves his own swinging telephone pole down the thief's throat, then as Blu circles the room looking for an opening, Nathan throws Taurus on the bed and fucks him missionary. Blu's cock nearly doubles in size at this move, he's beyond embarrassment and fear, he wants in on the action. Dad pulls out, stokes off a load, and then turns the thief over to his son who finishes Taurus off quickly with a long-lasting fountain of carrot juice that spills from his beet shaped and colored cockhead which is cleaned off by Taurus as the thief gets off his own load to the smiles of his new pals, each of whom have another load to spill and do it the family way, daddy first, who then silently cheers his son on.

The final scene is a classic Gage orgy, set up in a way that draws you in to wonder which puppies are going to get trained by which hunks. It begins in the radio studio where Bryce Pierce is signing off the studio's last show, a fact which shaggy-haired pizza guy Damon DeMarco makes note of when he drops off his delivery to the crew. That bunch includes Tyler Cane and Daxx Reed, two fabulously hungry-looking hairy hunks who are salivating for more than mozzarella. Damon (a dead ringer for a young John Stamos) asks if he can have one of the T-shirts that Daxx is wearing, and Tyler tells him he can, "if you show us what you've got." And he doesn't mean anchovies, he's looking for uncut pepperoni, and Damon catches on fast, whipping out his sausage and showing it around. The men start to salivate, and Bryce signs off the air, comes downstairs and gets things moving by stripping down to his multi-studded cock as Damon does a strip tease. Tyler and Daxx are mesmerized on the couch, and they start working on each other as Bryce falls to his knees to sample Damon's pepperoni. Comes a knock on the door and it's jogger Andy Hunter, apparently a regular visitor to what is obviously a nightly suck-fest in the radio station garage. "I need a shower," he says to Bryce. "The hell you do," is the answer as Bryce strips him and drops to his knees to warm him up. Andy moves to the couch, sets himself before Tyler and Daxx and gets himself worshipped before serving as a stool for the bobbing ass of Damon. The action is spliced and cut sensuously, as if the most sweat at any particular time during the fest is what we need, and they're right in this editing. Bryce moves over and pries Andy loose, sits Damon down, fits him with a rubber and sits on the fellow for a ride of his own, cumming shortly after Andy, who's sitting on the couch, unloads his own. Damon gets up and moves over to help out Daxx, on his back with Tyler's fingers up his ass. The two hairy guys drop loads then watch as Damon throws his while on his back. Another knock on the door brings us Devon, the motel clerk from the first scene, who's also a regular at these events. He starts to strip as the fuck-hungry Daxx moves over to get Damon going again, sitting on his cock. Seeking an opportunity to dunk his dipper, Andy comes by and kneels into Daxx and proceeds to double-fuck him until Daxx, whose lips are locked with Damon's, spills his cum all over him and then eats his own legacy. Andy moves on to fuck Devon in a standing doggy, while Daxx, still full of cum, grovels as Bryce massages his sphincter with his fingers, bringing the hairy dog to another spillage. And we are off-the-air, man.

While in many ways a classic Joe Gage, "110 Degrees in Tucson" is also pure TITAN, tightly edited, beautifully shot, filled with semen, and the setting of a spectacular performance by Spencer Quest. If you have enough energy to watch this in one sitting, you are a superhero. This is one of those where your dick can fall off after every scene.

DVD features (two-disc set): Chapters; cum-shots chapter; behind-the-scenes featurette; hardcore photoshoots (entire cast); trailers; additional sequences (Spencer Quest cum-shot; and more orgy footage); interviews (Spencer Quest, Luke Pearson, composer Mark Weigle); fluffing footage; music image gallery (the score in this flick is exceptional); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

A DVD Review by Bo Champion ( )

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

Starring Bryce Pierce, Andy Hunter, Ray Dragon, Spencer Quest, Ivan Andros, Matt Majors, Luke Pearson, Taurus, Blu Kennedy, Daxx Reed, Devon Cade, Hunter James, Jacob Riley, Nathan York, Tyler Kane and Damon DeMarco.

Directed by Joe Gage.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Titan Media DVD.

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.