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Old Reliable 82: Boxing (DVD-R)


It should come as no surprise to lovers of Old Reliable that boxing has been added to the repertoire of activities in which the usual array of hustlers and wild men partake. After all, many of these guys have been in prison or have learned to defend themselves on the street, so boxing is only a logical extension of the usual pose/flex/masturbate presentations. While wrestling is more overtly sexual, and just a bit sweatier, watching these generally untrained men strap on a pair of gloves and swing their arms around can be very satisfying. There's something really direct about punching, something very, very hot.

The first pair of boxers are fairly inexperienced. Both Jerald, a golden-brown 19-year-old, and his partner, hirsute Mike Magee, tire easily. The weight of the gloves seems too much for their lanky limbs. They do manage a couple minutes of exciting punches, especially when naked. When the time comes for them to masturbate, they are as tentative with their average but yummy cocks as they are with each other. Jerald barely wraps his spindly digits around his meat and Mike has a look on his face that says, �man, I'm uncomfortable.� They do manage to push gloopy confections out of their schlongs, a nice way to end their scene.

The next two boxers are simply, unequivocally divine. Mike �The Spike� is a rambunctious little spitfire, a five-foot three-inch ball of fire. His sparring partner is only slightly more reserved. He is Kermit, a scrawny but sinewy dude with a sparse mustache. The boys oil up, pull on their gloves, and give us a few good rounds of passionate fighting in their complimentary red Speedos. They laugh a lot, practice high kicks, wrestle for a second (we get to see open ass), and generally have a grand old time. Before they jerk off, Kermit downs two whole eggs in some twisted homage to Rocky Balboa.

Over on the couch, between fits of giggles, Mike explains that he has new calluses on his hands from yard work, calluses that he informs us, �Feel like a new pussy.� That's the kind of imp he is. After a while, Kermit plops a load onto his ample bush and leaves to take a shower. Mike remains. He kneads his bone like dough, using both hands, grabbing more oil to lube himself up, and occasionally taking breaks to fast forward whatever porn he's watching. Finally, he spasms, his free hand jerks over his torso, his legs rapidly open and close, and he sprays a fountain of buckshot over his shoulder. Mike contributes one of the greatest cumshots of all time.

The same cannot be said for the final two contenders, Stavros, an OR regular, and his opponent, the doughy and delicious Jimbo. These two large-and-in-charge men (Stavros is 6'4'') sure can box, but neither is capable of jerking to orgasm. Stavros gives up first, exclaiming to the cameraman that he just isn't going to be able to cum today. This puts the burden on Jimbo: he tries and tries, only to give up after what seems like an eternity. Stavros returns and masturbates for a minute. He manages to produce a thimble full of a liquid resembling jizz as some kind of consolation prize. Thank heavens these two brutes fight so good 'cause their wieners don't work. This is the only teeny-weenie blemish on an otherwise spectacular DVD.

Directed by David Hurles.

A Bijou Classics / Old Reliable DVD.

Bijou DVDs are produced to order by Bijou Films themselves on DVD-R's. Most all players made today are able to play these discs. All Bijou tiles are available in this format and will take approximately 3-5 business days to ship from our warehouse.

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.