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Night at the Adonis, A (DVD) Re-Release!


This late 70s feature film from legendary Jack Deveau holds up surprisingly well today, even if the casual viewer might be put off by the emphasis on plot over sex. Yes, in the 70s they actually made porn movies which guys paid to see in theatres and they actually had stories.

A Night at the Adonis is one of the most famous of these flicks, which for one short golden age were a staple of X-rated cinemas in larger cities all over the country. Superstar Jack Wrangler turns in a charismatic starring role in this one, which tracks his night of sexploits at the titular Adonis Theatre, a notorious Times Square movie house.

The movie strikes a successful balance between romantic comedy (true, I swear) and nasty man on man action, an art long since relegated to the dustbin in gay porn. The movie features: anal/oral sex; rimming; no condoms; theatre setting; orgies; bathroom setting; story/plot; humor; haircuts/barber scene.

The film opens with an establishing shot of the Adonis coming to life, its neon lights shimmering in the late evening twilight as the employees go about checking out the facilities as the credits roll. The guys are already lined up and ready to buy their tickets from big mama Eartha Hugee, who snacks on an enormous sandwich while she works the box office. This alone qualifies the movie as a classic.

Meanwhile, Jack Wrangler is trying to seduce his boss, mustachioed and muscular Malo, who rebuffs his advances for a haircut appointment, and boyish character Fred is introduced on a pay phone sparring verbally with what sounds like his sugar daddy.

Back at the theatre, fresh faced new employee Joe is being introduced to his duties as night manager while the action is already beginning in the nooks and crannies of the cavernous porn palace as stud king Mark Woodward jacks it on the silver screen in a scene from �Baghdad.�

After Malo receives his haircut plus an ass screwing from barber Jayson MacBride, he exits thinking Jayson will be tied up at work that evening but -- wait! The phone rings and Jayson's shampoo lesbian has found a girlfriend and is bidding adieu to the glamour industry! What else to do but close up shop and head to the Adonis?

Malo tries to spend his lonely evening curled up with a good book on homo history, but he too feels the urge to tomcat and actually calls the Adonis for some info and receives a priceless recorded message from what sounds like a coked up Moms Mabley singing out the times of the movies and urging one and all to come on down! Which he does.

At the snack counter, college guy Joe relates his hope and dream to his coworker -- to �build my own gay theatre someday.� Such lofty ideals they had in the 70s! Seemingly unimpressed, however, the coworker begs off to the john where he starts blowing a muscled guy and shows off his own shroom headed dick while he masturbates.

Outside, Jack pulls up in a cab, and once inside all the principal characters are now present in the Adonis.

Jack strolls the dark hallways, past the Tom of Finland style wallpaper, and lights at the snack counter where he regales Joe with his boast that there �isn't a room in this place I haven't fucked in!� Way to go, Jack! Jack tries to convince Joe that the appropriate way to spend your first night on the job is to suck dick and get fucked, but Joe declines. And it's a good thing for business because his coworker ain't coming back anytime soon, he's still in the can with cum dripping from his mouth!

Jack wanders into the balcony where he starts masturbating with Jayson before suggesting that they �go somewhere else� which turns out to be a darkened storage space somewhere in the recesses of the theatre. Young Fred tries calling his daddy dearest from the pay phone at this point, but the older man is furious at him and advises him not to come home, which Fred takes as an invitation to join the orgy in the Adonis bathroom.

Before long, the sexfext in the lavatory is going full tilt -- with naked bodies on the floor, naked dicks up the assholes, dudes with nappy afros buttfucking twinks with Farrah Fawcett-feathered haircuts -- it's a sight to behold. Soon Jack finds his way in and immediately takes a dick in his mouth and sheds his clothing, eventually spurting out one of his spectacular thick loads. As the frenetic action subsides, Fred zips up and takes a call from his benefactor, who has had a change of heart and bids the youth get in a taxi and come home, while Jack waxes philosophical in the cum drenched men's room. Surveying the scene, he muses to Malo -- 'so this is Gay American History!'

Lamenting the fact that he and Malo still haven't hooked up despite being at the same orgy, he eyes another dude and chants �I'm mesmerized�� as he swallows another erection.

Outside, however, Jayson MacBride and Malo both exit the theatre at the same time -- apparently unaware that they have both been inside all night -- and share a good laugh and walk off happily together!

When the voiceover announces that it's time to close up shop and the credits start to roll, you'll be as spent as the patrons of the Adonis, ready for a good night's, er, make that a good morning's, sleep.

This production is more than worthy of its classic status. The sex is nasty, and the guys aren't as clean cut and pumped up. Yep, in the 70s it wasn't just about the sex, it was about creating a full blown atmosphere, something that master director Deveau and his editor (and lover) Robert Alvarez accomplish with great style and not just a little humor here. Besides, where in gay porn today will you find a character named Fred? One for the hall of fame.

Starring Jack Wrangler, Bill Eld, Roger, Chris Michaels, Todd Travers, Victor Williams, Paul Maul, Robert A. Glory, Keith Strickland, Ken Schneizez, Koos Chapman, Lee Foster, Malo, Mandingo, Mark Woodward, Muffie Mayer, Eartha Hugee, Geraldo and Jim Delegatti.

Directed by Jack Deveau.

A Hand in Hand Films/Bijou Classic on DVD.

Night at the Adonis, A (DVD) Re-Release! Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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Write a review | No reviews for this product.