Nica Noelle Films

his-lovers-son_tn.jpg His Lovers Son (DVD)
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Muscular athletic coach James Hughes (Ricky Larkin) has a fateful one night stand with desperate stranger Dominic (Brad Kalvo) before starting a new job at an elite boys' school. But as James develops feelings for shy, young student Evan (Aaron Slate), Evan's jealous stepfather threatens to expose the coach and bring an end to the intense teacher/student affair. Starring: Aaron Slater, Axel Flint, Brad Kalvo, Dylan Roberts, Ricky Larkin, Veronica Snow. A Rock Candy Films DVD.
his_mothers_lover_tn.jpg His Mother's Lover (DVD)
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Set in the early 1930s, this groundbreaking all-male film follows a young man struggling with his homosexuality while attending an elite boarding school in England. When Robert (Chase Austin) is caught in a passionate tryst with another student, his punishment is a flogging by the Headmaster and a four-week suspension from school. Robert goes home to serve his punishment and meets his mother's new fiancee, the older, nurturing Daniel (Boston Miles). Feeling an instant, mutual attraction, the two men look for ways to get closer, while dark family secrets begin to emerge. With gorgeous cinematography, rich, emotional performances and passionate, real sex scenes, famed director Nica Noelle has set a new standard in all-male erotic film. Starring: Boston Miles, Brendan Cage, Chase Austin, Travis Irons, Tyler Sweet. A Rock Candy Films DVD.
his-sons-boyfriend_tn.jpg His Son's Boyfriend (DVD)
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When a middle-aged Dad (Matthew Rush) learns his collegiate son (Damien Taylor) has "come out" to his mother (Darla Crane), he finds himself overwhelmed by complex emotions he doesn't understand. It only gets worse when Damien asks to bring home his hot, new boyfriend Connor Patrick for winter break. Terrified by the sudden awakening of his own latent homosexual desires, Mr. Rush discovers he feels a forbidden attraction for his son's sweet, blonde lover. But when Damien cheats on Connor with his former professor, the heartbroken stud looks for guidance that only a big, strong Daddy can provide. Starring: CJ Parker, Connor Patricks, Damian Taylor, Darla Crane, Landon Conrad, Matthew Rush. A Rock Candy Films DVD.
horseman-rock-candy_tn.jpg Horseman, The (DVD)
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Married man Joe Loughlin (Logan Vaughn) is struggling with a secret desire for other men. In a last-ditch effort to save his marriage, he and pretty wife Terri (Samantha Ryan) leave their high pressured city jobs and move to a country horse ranch to "start over." Unfortunately, studly ranch hand Jake (Tommy Defendi) is more tempting than any man Joe has ever seen. As the conflicted husband falls in lust with the swaggering horseman, his marriage again begins to crumble, and only Jake can save him from a life of deceit. Starring: Boston Miles, Chase Young, Dana DeArmond, Duncan Black, Dylan Hauser, Logan Vaughn, Samantha Ryan. A Rock Candy Films DVD.
office-affairs-rock-candy_tn.jpg Office Affairs (DVD)
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Sexual tension turns into unbridled passion in Rock Candy Films' first vignette series, Office Affairs. From dominant bosses to closeted co-workers to submissive assistants, these men just can't resist their well-hung cohorts! Starring: Alex Andrews, Chase Young, Dallas Magnum, Jimmy Franz, Kirk Cummings, Landon Conrad, Rod Daily, Tommy Defendi. A Rock Candy Films DVD.
priests-confession_tn.jpg Priest's Confession (DVD)
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Sensitive young Father Daniel (Jimmy Fanz) is in a secret struggle to maintain his oath of celibacy as he finds himself falling for hot young parishioner Steven Lockwood (Tommy Defendi). Fearful and confused, the tormented priest seeks counseling from older Father O'Ryan (Boston Miles) who instead sends him an altar boy (Chase Young) to satisfy the younger priest's craving for men. More guilt-ridden than ever, Father Daniel goes home to visit his family and pray for divine guidance. But when meets his sister's (Elexis Monroe) new fiance, he's faced with a shocking realization - and not even The Lord can save him from temptation now. Starring: Boston Miles, Chase Young, Jimmy Franz, Rod Daily, Tommy Defendi. A Rock Candy Films DVD.
psycho-rock-candy-films_tn.jpg Psycho, The (DVD) Rock Candy Films
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Dangerous stud Rod Daily stars as a charming sociopath who preys on lonely, older women so he can get close to their hot sons. But as Rod's deceitful web starts to spin out of control, gay superstar Matthew Rush pays Rod a surprise visit to even the score. Legendary Nina Hartley stars as Rod's unsuspecting girlfriend, and sexy young gay stars Duncan Black and Joey Cooper are Rod's objects of forbidden desire. Starring: Duncan Black, Joey Cooper, Matthew Rush, Nina Hartley, Rod Daily, Veronica Snow. A Rock Candy Films DVD.
tales-of-victorian-lust-power-and-struggle_tn.jpg Tales Of Victorian Lust: Power & Struggle (DVD)
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Travel with Rock Candy films to a time when lust between men could only be expressed behind closed doors, and the power struggle between the haves and have-nots made for explosive sexual tension. Starring: Bobby Clark, Duncan Black, Jimmy Fanz, Ricky Larkin, Tommy Defendi, Travis Irons. A Rock Candy Films DVD.