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Natural Instinct (DVD) Mustang

Mustang Video Pac 66.

The mood of insatiable lust is what makes director Chris Ward's "Natural Instinct" successful. The title is quite apropos since these guys - with no dialogue or scene set-up - seem to be doing what is natural, what is instinctive.

The first scene starts with always-winning Max Grand and a beefier nastier looking Tony Cummings. They start the scene bare-chested in front of a sling where they kiss. Tony itches for cock from the beginning and it isn't too long before he's the lucky winner of Max's incredibly thick dark dick. Tony chomps down on it tenderly at first, staring up at Max for approval and eventually throwing a little speed into the mix. The famous Grand foreskin comes into heavy play as well. The simplicity of this scene is used to excellent heights and the scene cooks. Surprisingly, it's Tony who does the fucking, sliding into a slinged Max without hands to guide him. Never has either of these guys been anything less than sterling, so the combination is pure heaven. Tony has really easy access to the ass, and Max takes it so customarily he's able to focus full attention on jacking himself off. After it ends, Max then hides his nose in Tony's balls and rims him, pushing the sling so that Tony's ass comes back and forth on his big tongue. Just when you think the scene is over, it takes a great turn with Max fucking Tony. Same easygoing generous fuck, with both top and bottom doing their best, and there isn't a more solid fucker than Max Grand. Max slams at him hard to get cum-shots from them both, and has himself a gigantic impressive spray.

Max is the link to the next scene, this time paired with the luscious Breck Stewart, in a goatee and with a tighter very muscled body. With the same set and one of the same players, there has to be something that separates this scene from the previous one. It turns out to be Breck's tongue, at least for the blowjob section. The tongue is unstoppable. He throws it out near the beginning, and it stays out there, always making sure the underside of Max's cock, which the camera can't catch, is getting just as much pleasure as the rest. Breck is also one hell of a deep-throater, doubly magnificent given the fat cock he's sucking. Breck is full of spit and depth of throat, turning in technically the finest oral performance in the flick (though he has a tough challenger in the final scene). Max never needs his hands. Forget just insertion, he can go fully in and out of Breck over and over without using anything but his cock. It's like there's a magnetic device in Breck's butt that attracts the dick into perfect position. Also note what else doesn't flag in this scene, namely Breck's cock. No matter what is going on, it's fully erect and ready to burst the whole time. These two fit together with a very thrusting chemistry and every position works exceedingly well. Breck has a positively huge shot at the end, topped only by Max who equals the one he delivered in the last scene.

Giving Max Grand a rest, the grizzled hairy Jeff Allen takes over for the next two scenes. In the first he's paired with guaranteed-scene-stealer Lance Gear, looking his most masculine and hunky. Lance spends the bulk of the oral portion of the scene on Jeff's large protruding nipples. But, it's not romantic. It's very rough. You can see Jeff's whole body twitching from the pain-slash-pleasure. Lance tears at them with his hands and bites on them with big gulps and harsh teeth. Jeff is so contorted in the moment that he wrangles his groin so that his balls are twisted around and end up ABOVE his dick. I'm not sure what's hurting more, but Jeff loves it and Lance is goaded on further. The intensity absolutely rolls off this growling moaning pair. Once the focus of the scene shifts away from Jeff's chest, the rest of it is very short, with only snippets of action adding up to about the time spent on the first part. Lance hasn't met a cock he can't handle fully, so he has no issues with Jeff's, taking only about half a slurp to get it all in. Lance then stands up against a ladder, throws his hands in the air and lets Jeff kneel to please him, both of them looking oh-so-hot in their muscle-bursting leather pants. Lance then fucks Jeff, two grunters hitting away at each other. The fuck is kept short, but there is a highlight moment probably only these two men could accomplish. Lance uses a dildo on Jeff, and at one point, with the very impressive piece in him, Jeff turns around on it, throws his leg over Lance's shoulder, and gives Lance his dick, so that he's being fucked and sucked at once.

The last scene also features Jeff Allen, but not until the end. Before we get to him, we have the simply amazing pairing of Michael Brandon, working harder than he's ever worked, and Ryan Lexington, who puts up with that hard work. Michael wastes little time in giving blond little Ryan his dick and tells him how to handle it, pulling a lot of gagging out of the talented giving Ryan. Michael gives him a big-league face-fuck, not caring that Ryan might not be able to handle all of his inches. However, Ryan's mouth stretches and somewhere in the middle of the sucking, he finds a way to get it all down his throat. He joins an elite club of people who can do that on this cock. But, Michael isn't finished. Now that he knows Ryan can handle it all, he throws a ton of macho yearning power into the face-fuck, hitting Ryan with all he can. The amount of stuff Michael throws at Ryan just orally is enough to make this scene the best of the flick, but the fact that quiet Ryan can take it all is even more exciting. Michael then pours some of his obviously pent-up energy into eating Ryan's ass. Since we're used to Michael Brandon scenes, we all know that anything oral is just a warm up to his unique brand of fucking with that python thingamagig he calls a dick. It turns out that Ryan has an even easier time taking it up the ass than he did down the throat. This kid is a keeper! Michael bleats out even more sweat-rattling gusto and Ryan shows no signs of exhaustion. Jeff, after being blown by a mysterious man whose face we never see, ambles over into the action. He's not needed here, but he's no disappointment, either. He has a fantastic moment of eating Michael's ass while Michael fucks Ryan, but Michael is moving too fast for that, so Jeff supplies a cock for Ryan to suck while getting blown. Michael cums a bucket worth of jizz on Ryan's red vinyl shirt, leaves the scene, and allows Jeff to take over. Since Michael has already used Ryan for all he has, there isn't much left for Jeff to do, but his burrowing fuck would be considered awesome in any other context. Watch the abused Ryan's final cum-shot.

You can't find a group of more talented people, and not one of them disappoints. Simple, but powerful.

A Video Review by Brent Blue [ ]

*** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Michael Brandon, Jeff Allen, Tony Cummings, Lance Gear, Max Grand, Ryan Lexington and Breck Stewart.

Directed by Chris Ward.

A Falcon / Mustang DVD.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.