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Muscle Gang (DVD)


I wouldn't mind if this gang called my neighborhood their turf. Every hunk in the "Muscle Gang" wears plaid shirts with the sleeves cut off (unbuttoned in front for the most part) and tight jeans. Love the wardrobe -- though of course the clothes don't stay on for very long. And who knew plaid was a gang color?

The action begins immediately as gang members Robert Balint, Jonathan Collins, Rob Nelson, Jack Laurel and Fernando Nielsen arrive at the hideout (a very posh hideout, as a matter of fact) and get down to business. Balint and Collins kiss and feel each other up while Nelson, Nielsen and Laurel enjoy a three-way suck session beside them. But there are more gang members lurking about -- upstairs, the noise from the orgy has attracted a couple of voyeurs, the very hairy and hot Nico Luchini and newcomer stud Rick Perry, who get turned on by what the see and haul out their meat, beating off as they watch. Meanwhile the orgy downstairs has gotten hotter. Nielsen sits on Collins' dick and rides it, while Balint looks on, jerking off. Nelson and Laurel are fucking missionary-style on the sofa. The action switches back to Luchini, upstairs, who wets down his hairy belly with cum, then Perry quickly follows, shooting a thick creamy load all over the baluster. Balint (who, by the way, plays only a very minor role in the production, despite his cover shot) jerks himself off while watching Collins fuck Laurel, and then gets up and leaves. But the four studs left behind just keep going at it. Nielsen shoots first, seated as he sucks Laurel. Nielsen's grip never leaves Laurel's dick as he cums, he holds onto it like a lifeline. Then Laurel follows, shooting all over Nielsen. Nelson cums next, while sucking Collins, who is standing up. Then Collins pulls back and shoots all over his own belly.

The next scene starts with a used car deal that sends Collins out on the road for a test drive while Perry invites sellers Leslie Manzel, Luciano Endino and Fred Goldsmith upstairs for a drink. By the time we catch up with the four, the drink is over and they are sharing a hot four-way kiss that leads to Manzel on his knees blowing hot Italiano Luciano Endino (and, it should be noted, a four-o'-clock shadow has never looked better on anyone) while Goldsmith blows Perry. Then the switching off begins, and it is dizzying to try and keep up with the combinations -- Endino blows Goldsmith, Perry blows Manzel. Then Perry fucks Manzel standing up while Goldsmith sits on Endino's dick and gets pounded from below. Goldsmith's very thick uncut meat stands at attention while he is being fucked. Next Goldsmith takes it sideways from behind by Perry while Endino pounds Manzel missionary-style. Goldsmith, in an uncharacteristic top moment, fucks Manzel standing up while Endino and Perry kiss, their cocks batting at each other like swordplay in a swashbuckler movie. Goldsmith pops all over Manzel's bubble-butt, then Manzel turns around and fucks Goldsmith. (See what I mean? These studs redefine the concept of versatile.) Endino sucks Perry till he shoots, then Endino's load quickly follows. Manzel pulls out of Goldsmith's ass and blows his load all over it.

Back from the test drive, and apparently turned on at the prospect of having a new car, Jonathan Collins and Rob Nelson are kissing and groping each other on a leather sofa. Nelson sucks Collins, and then Collins goes belly-down on the sofa, sucking Nelson and fingering his hairy asshole. It's the start of a very hot couple scene, maybe even the hottest scene in the whole video. Nelson then gets on his knees on the sofa to give Collins better access to the pink. Collins takes full advantage of the position, sliding in two fingers and jerking Nelson's cock from below. Then they get into a 69 position and Nelson rims Collins' ass while Collins licks Nelson's uncut meat. Collins then fucks Nelson's furry butt from behind, while jerking Nelson's dick. Nelson then straddles Collins' dick, riding it. In the finale, Collins gives it to Nelson doggy-style, and he plays with his own nipples while sliding in and out of Nelson's ass. Collins pulls out and shoots, and the exhilaration and effort makes sweat pop out on his face. Nelson follows, literally trembling as he coaxes a major load from his dangling meat. Nowhere in the video is the live-action sound as important as in this scene, where Nelson and Collins' whimpers, grunts, and sighs jack up the erotic quotient exponentially.

The last scene involves some hot latecomers to the gang's hideaway, played by Roberto Giorgio, Eddy Ryan and Claudio Antonelli. This is a hot trio -- Giorgio is definitely a PSILF (that's Porn Star I'd Love to Fuck, for the uninitiated), Ryan's sinewy boyishness is hugely erotic, and Antonelli is like a Renaissance statue come to life, with his perfect V-shape torso, six-pack abs and Roman nose. All three begin the scene in a side-by-side kissing and jerking session, with lucky Ryan in the middle, getting to sample both Giorgio's and Antonelli's mouths and cocks. Next Ryan sucks Antonelli's thick dick while Giorgio sucks Ryan from below. Giorgio and Antonelli then tag-team on Ryan's cock, taking turns sucking it, making occasional stops to kiss each other. Ryan gets into Giorgio's luscious insatiable ass first, pounding him from behind while Antonelli looks on jerking, then Ryan fucks Giorgio with one leg resting on his shoulder while he sucks Antonelli. Then Giorgio sits on Antonelli's thick dick while Ryan watches and strokes his dick. In the finale, the three do a daisy-chain suck, which ends with Ryan shooting first, coating his hard belly with jism, quickly followed by Antonelli, who sends cum flying all over his torso. Giorgio shoots last, and "Muscle Gang" ends.

A VHS + DVD Review by Martin Cox [ ]

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

Starring Robert Balint, Rick Perry, Rob Nelson, Nico Luchini, Eddy Ryan (Danno Alecs), Fernando Nielsen, Jack Laurel, Fred Goldsmith, Leslie Manzel, Luciano Endino, Claudio Antonelli, Roberto Giorgio and Jonathan Collins.

Directed by Csaba Borbely.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Pacific Sun DVD.

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Muscle Gang (DVD) Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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Write a review | No reviews for this product.