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We're moving! Not very far, but we are just about ready to move into our new offices... There's only one problem. WE HAVE TOO MANY DVDs! So we've slashed the prices on a ton of titles! We would rather ship them to you at a major discount than have to pack and unpack them during our move. Help us out and start saving now!
carnal_intentions_dvd_tn.jpg -Carnal Intentions (DVD)
$29.88 $5.00 On Sale!
It's about two step-brothers who've had everything except the virgin- and each other. "Highly Recommended. The hook is that the Donovans are "brothers" (actually step-brothers), harking back to that never-tiring 80s fantasy of the brothers getting it on." Brent Blue, Starring Tony Donovan, Chad Donovan, Brad Benton, Jake Armstrong, Drew Larson, Clay Maverick, Evan Taylor, Matt Spencer, Lark Larson and Max Grand.
family-values-om_tn.jpg -Family Values (DVD)
$29.88 $5.00 On Sale!
A Jerry Douglas Film. When the man you've assumed to be your long-deceased father suddenly shows up in the flesh- and he's a gay porn star- it can radically change your Family Values. Starring Kurt Young, Derrick Stanton, Brent Cross, Kristian Brooks, Steve O'Donnell, Bryan Kidd, Erich Lange, Steve York, Bo Summers, Sharon Kane and Cole Tucker.
alley_cats_randy_blue_tn.jpg Alley Cats (DVD) Randy Blue
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
The suspect - the detective - the guard - the prisoner - and the reporter. Interrogation has never been this hot! Johnny and the other "alley cats" would go on the prowl in order to find hot sex with other guys. When a young man is found murdered, Johnny is taken in as the main suspect. Little does Johnny know how amazingly hot Detective Lazlo is and a building sexual tension between them makes the interrogation increasingly difficult. But he doesn't dare step out of bounds or Buck, the surly prison guard, just might introduce him to the business end of his long, hard baton. Meanwhile, reporter Jack Gordon is trying to get the scoop on the city's top story. Just who is the Alley Cat Murderer? What dirty secrets lie behind the bars at the Randall Cobalt State Penitentiary? Hard time just got harder! Starring Reese Rideout, Sean Everett, James Hawk, Tyler Johnson, Chris Rockway, Derrek Diamond. Directed by Randy Blue. A Randy Blue DVD. ***Foreign Customers Please Note*** Due to its construction, artwork for this item cannot be included in Option B shipments.
barebacking_fuck_buddies_10_tn.jpg Barebacking Fuck Buddies 10 (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
The four scenes featured here were all shot within a 17-day period at the height of summer - certainly one of the steamiest summers on record. Starring: Ali, Jackson Klein, Jake Andrews, Jason Phoenix, Rick McCoy, Shane Wright. Directed by: Jake Cruise. A Cocksure Men DVD.
best-of-kriss-stahl_tn.jpg Best of Kriss Stahl (DVD)
$49.88 $5.00 On Sale!
Seventeen hot guys in ten hardcore scenes with the best action from Kriss Stahl! Dildos, gangbangs, rimming and sucking with twenty-eight explosive cum shots! Catch the best of Kriss Stahl. A Man's Art DVD.
bitch-boys-bsf_tn.jpg Bitch Boys (DVD)
$49.88 $5.00 On Sale!
Finally our second shemale movie! Once again we have filmed Ladyboys with huge dicks and awesome tits for you. Tits and cocks getting licked and asses are being fucked till sperm is floating from the big rods of the guys and ladies! Shemales and horny man fuck till they are totally exhausted and happy. A BerlinStar Film DVD.
boys-will-be-boys-reg_tn.jpg Boys Will Be Boys (DVD) Regiment
$39.88 $10.00 On Sale!
These boys play with each other as only boys know how... Sucking and fucking in the great outdoors! Come join the fun! Starring: Anthony Halloway, Anthony Sosa, Brad Rudolph, Brett Dimineo, Court Logan, Hank Mcallister, Jean Val Jean, Kelly Walters, Sam Dixon, Trent Atkins. A Regiment Productions DVD.
boys_at_work_mans_art_tn.jpg Boys@Work (DVD)
$49.88 $5.00 On Sale!
What on earth do eleven hot young workers do in the work place? They lick, blow and fuck each other until their cocks squirt! Boys@Work features eleven blue-collar studs in five filthy work places - these boys get down, dirty, and greasy as they fuck and suck each other dry! Filled with plenty of toy-play, group sex, big dicks, ass play and sperm eating. Starring Fabrizio Calabria, Denis Schneider, Dragan Stoikov, Luca Valentino, Pascal Joyeux, Ronald Laska, Joi Mitchell, Stone River, Aladin Cem, Kriss Stahl and Rivelli. Directed by Marcel Bruckmann. A Man's Art DVD.
breakin-in-the-new-boys-boys-club-tn Breakin' In The New Boys (DVD)
$19.88 $10.00 On Sale!
A Boys Club DVD.
canadian_mounting_tn.jpg Canadian Mounting (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
It's cold up north, so these boys are keeping each other warm by rubbing their hard, hot bodies together, you can guess what this will lead to! Starring: Alec Leduc, Johnny Ryder, Justin Beal, Trystan Bull, Tyler Torro. A Next Door Studios DVD.
fucking_bareback_jc_tn.jpg Cruise Collection 110: Fucking Bareback (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
I love fucking bareback. Nothing feels better than skin on skin. And who better to fuck bareback with than hunky jock Aaron River, Tanned & ripped Ali, super hung Jackson Klein and sexy sweet Shane Wright. Starring: Aaron Rivers, Ali, Jackson Klein, Jake Cruise, Shane Wright. Director: Jake Cruise. A Jake Cruise DVD.
cruise-collection-113_tn.jpg Cruise Collection 113: Service Calls 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Some of us are called to serve, and others are meant to be serviced. Fortunately, I like to serve and I've found some incredible young men to service playful, sexy Hunter Vance, sly Southern devil Matt Heritage and dreamy (and ticklish!) Ty Roderick. For good measure, I massage Parker London in his first ever Jake Cruise scene. He obviously enjoyed himself, because he's continued to come back for more fun on Jake Cruise and Cocksure Men. Starring: Hunter Vance, Matt Heritage, Parker London, Ty Roderick. A Jake Cruise DVD.
cruise_collection_116_tn.jpg Cruise Collection 116: Young Hung and Serviced (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
My special service is always fun when I've got a hot young stud with a nice, big cock. Lucky me - I've got four! Jessippi Cappozzoli, a spicy Italian with a British accent, not to mention the most amazing eyes I've ever had the privilege of gazing into, is uncut, rock hard, and easy to please. Doug Acre has a monster dong and a smooth, athletic body to go along with it. Jason Phoenix has a thick, fat piece of meat to play with. Kevin Case proved to be a real firecracker in bed, so much fun while at the same time intensely sensitive to my erotic manuevers. Bonus extra - ex-college football player Aaron Rivers massaged. He's big all over! Starring: Aaron Rivers, Doug Acre, Jason Phoenix, Jessippi Cappozzoli, Kevin Case. A Jake Cruise DVD.
cruise_collection_117_tn.jpg Cruise Collection 117: Muscle Bear Service (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
What can I say? I'm a giver. I like to provide service to others, especially when the others are the likes of Trevor Parks, Jessy Ares, Dirk Willis and Brad Kalvo. They're all hairy, all muscular and all man - just the way I like 'em. Trevor's huge chest and arms are matched by his big thighs and thick, meaty cock. Jessy Ares, a worldwide superstar, has the dreamiest bedroom eyes and a dreamy body to match. Dirk Willis is a furry teddy bear that let's me have my way with him. Brad Kalvo is a wall of muscle and I get to massage every square inch of it. Bonus scene - handsome, rugged Zohan Lopez in a hairy solo! Starring: Brad Kalvo, Jake Cruise, Jessy Ares, Trevor Parks, Zohan Lopez. Directed by: Jake Cruise. A Jake Cruise DVD.
cruise-collection-119_tn.jpg Cruise Collection 119: Jake Loves Cock (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Porn Star Nick Ford has a thick cock he just loves thrusting down my throat. He's also very flexible. I suck his cock and toe at the same time! While I'm blowing his rock-hard cock, Rex Roddick is laughing and goofing around while doing so. Parker D is a "little devil" if the tattoo below his right shoulder means anything, but he's also a very sexy, very nice guy who thoroughly enjoys my full servicing treatment. New intern Will Parks is busy working when I decide to have my way with him, and before you know it, I'm sucking on Will's balls while he strokes himself. Starring: Nick Ford, Parker D., Rex Roddick, Tex Gemmell. A Jake Cruise DVD.
cruise-collection-120_tn.jpg Cruise Collection 120: Stars On My Table (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
It's always a pleasure for me to treat hot models to my special massage. Topher DiMaggio has the body and face of a Roman statue. Feeling his chiseled muscles and smooth skin under my hands had me crazy. If I had to describe the perfect body I would just say "Jeremy Stevens." From head to toe this man is amazingly beautiful and I had a great time touching everyone of his muscles. I got so hot that Jeremy helped me jack off. I couldn't resist. Starring: Angelo, Jake Cruise, Jeremy Stevens, Noah Greene, Topher DiMaggio. A Jake Cruise DVD.
daily_dose_nds_tn.jpg Daily Dose (DVD)
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Rod Daily leads a pack of wild sluts looking for tight butts... Hunks hook-up and blow some nuts in each others' faces! Starring: Cameron Foster, James Jamesson, Joey Baltimore, Paul Wagner, Rod Daily, Silas O'Hara. A Next Door Studios DVD.
down-low-mencom_tn.jpg Down Low (DVD)
$39.88 $19.00 On Sale!
Down Low hoe down country boy fuckin'! Yeehaw! Part 1 Brenner Bolton and Jason Maddox become one with nature and one with each other in this campground fuck-fest. Brenner is being pressured to manage his family's ranch and marry a girl, but that is the least of his concerns right now. He can only think of Jason's throbbing cock ramming his tight, pulsating asshole. Meanwhile, Jason is more than willing to satisfy his good friend's gay fantasies. Starring: Brenner Bolton, Dakota Wolfe, Jason Maddox, Johnny Forza, Luke Adams, Tom Faulk. A DVD.
el_bicho_caliente_just_chillin_tn.jpg El Bicho Caliente (DVD)
$39.88 $10.00 On Sale!
These Latino studs really turn up the heat. Starring: Thiago, Poax, Andre Santos, Alex Leite, Alan Black, Octavio, Matheus, Gabriel Almeida. A Just Chillin' Productions DVD.
executive-brothel_tn.jpg Executive Brothel (DVD)
$39.88 $19.00 On Sale!
Part 1: Jessy Ares needs to find a way to bring escorts into his company's building late at night to help relieve the stress of some top executives. Jessy enlists the help of trustworthy building maintenance worker, Damien Crosse. Damien agrees to help, but not before he sits on some executive cock. Jessy goes to town railing Damien's ass, making Damien's stiff cock bounce with every thrust. Starring: Abraham Al Malek, Connor Maguire, Damien Crosse, Jessy Ares, Logan Moore, Paul Walker. A DVD.