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Michael Brandon

Congratulations, Michael, for winning the 2003 GAYVN Gay Performer of the Year Award!

beach-bums-sf_tn.jpg Beach Bums (DVD) Stud Fuckerz
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Come along and watch hot tanned muscle studs fucking free and easy under the sun, with the ocean behind them and a cool breeze to caress their bodies. They don't care who is watching as they suck, rim and fuck in the surf! Starring: Anthony Lafont, Carlos Morales, Collin O'Neal, Fernando Montana, Jake Deckard, Jeremy Penn, Lane Fuller, Matthew Anders, Michael Brandon, Shane Rollins, Steve Cruz. A Stud Fuckerz DVD.
best-little-whorehouse-in-tex-ass_tn.jpg Best Little Whorehouse in TEX-ASS (DVD) Re-Release
Doug Jeffries gets these hung and horny studs to play giddy up with each other's dicks and tight fuck holes! Starring Michael Brandon, Matt Sizemore, Tanner Hayes, Alex Bourbon, Jay Ross, Brandon James, Kurt Wagner, Kaya Morre and Doug Jeffries.
cockpit_1_2_dvd_tn.jpg Cockpit/Cockpit 2 (DVD) Double Feature-Incredible Value!
Two full-length Catalina Premium features on one DVD ("Cockpit: Everybody's Going Down!" and "Cockpit 2: Survival of the Fittest")! This epic features an all-star cast of 31 Catalina Hunks! Starring Caesar, Steve Rambo, Jay Paxton, Erik Michaels, Sam Crockett, Mike Radcliffe, Mark Bruno, Tuck Johnson, Eduardo, Sam Burton, Alex Manning, Julian Housten, Graham, Tony Acosta, Paul Dawson, Michael Brandon, Joe Kennedy, Jake Summers, Chad Hunt, Brad McGuire, Kurt Wagner, Rick Hollander, Jaime, Todd Shore, Dante Foxx, Jack Sanders, Raul Tasco, Deacon Frost, Michelangelo Risi, Haven Philips, Jackson Highwood and Sharon Kane. "Highly Recommended" Brent Blue, ManNet.com.
dirty_director_dvd_tn.jpg Dirty Director, The (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
Expanded Double DVD Set ! Get nasty, Get filthy, Get down and dirty! Join the raunchy production crew of perverted director Michael Soldier as he films this, his latest 3 1/2 hour Sextravaganza. Starring Michael Soldier, Tony Scalia, Michael Brandon, Bruce Jennings, Bret Wolfe and Aaron Tanner.
heat_of_the_moment_rascal_video_tn.jpg Heat of the Moment (DVD) Rascal Video
Starring Michael Lance, Logan Reed, Casey Williams, Matt Hunter, Nick Young, Zach Richards, Jackson Price, Kaleb Hayes, Sam Dixon, Rod Stetson and Michael Brandon. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue. A Rascal Films/Channel 1 DVD.
hostage_in_the_grand_canyon_catalina_tn Hostage in the Grand Canyon (DVD)
Ray Harley is a Strip Club promoter. His job is to discover the hot young men who will make it big as strippers. The story takes place in Las Vegas. There are lots of exterior shots showcasing the sites and flashing lights of the bustling city. Starring: Michael Brandon, Yuri Breshnev, Ray Harley, Eddie Moreno, Franko Parezzi, Jackson Price, Mark Rockwell, Rod Stetsen, Marc West, Lazar Zorba. Directed by: Peter Romero. A Catalina Video DVD.
men_in_uniform_swerve_tn.jpg Men in Uniform (DVD) Swerve
This 2-Disc set is 100 percent of what you want to see. . .gay military men doing dirty deeds! Starring Kyle James, Brant Moore, Michael Brandon, Parker Williams, Tom Adams, Stonie, Kris Anthony, Chip Prescott, Chip Noll, Dillon Press, Park Wiley and Alex Cross. Directed by Lance Stone. A Swerve DVD.
monster_bang_gold_1_michael_brandon_tn.jpg Monster Bang Gold 1: Michael Brandon's Greatest Scenes (DVD)
$49.88 $12.88 On Sale!
We have put together a special DVD that includes many of your favorite Michael Brandon scenes from Raging Stallion Studios. Brandon, the TWO TIME GAYVN Performer of the Year, is a legend. He and his huge cock (nick-named Monster) have given us some of the finest gay erotica ever filmed. Michael, you see, really knows how to fuck and he happens to have the perfect tool to drill open any number of eager asses! We are talking explicit sodomy, guys! It's the kind of fucking you dream about! Starring Michael Brandon, Sky Donovan, Titus Drumm, Ryan Lexington, Dylan Reece, Tom Shannon, Aaron Tanner and Vince Varrone. Directed by Chris Ward and Michael Brandon. A Raging Stallion Studios DVD.
playing_with_fire_2_DVD_tn.jpg Playing with Fire 2 (DVD)
The guys at the fire station are back and hotter than ever! Starring Billy Herrington, Steve Cassidy, Cameron Sage, Steve Shannon, Gregg Rockwell, Eric Evans, Luke Savage, Alex Wilcox, Brent Barnes, Michael Brandon, Mark Slade, and Axel Garrett.
stiff_catalina_tn.jpg Stiff (DVD) Catalina
STIFF is a great story with outstanding acting and super hot man-action from Catalina Video director Mark Jensen. STIFF proves to be an all-around winner. If you're up for a porn video with great acting, man-action, and all-digital production qualities, we recommend you get STIFF! Starring: Buck Stevens, Buddy Jones, Chris Sullivan, Eric Leneau, Jacob Hayes, K.c. Hart, Mack Rollins, Michael Brandon, Sergio Real, Steve Rambo. A Catalina Video DVD.
strong-armed-2-club-inferno-new-tn.jpg Strong-Armed 2 (DVD)
These horned-up muscle-men take no prisoners as they strong-arm their way through a new cast of fist-hungry hunks in Strong-Armed 2. This raunchy continuation of the Strong-Armed Trilogy from the

WARNING: Contains extremely graphic and controversial footage including fisting. This film is not for everyone.

Club Inferno Hot Hand Collection features five scenes of elbow-swallowing, pud-pounding, ass-licking action. Now bend over and take it like a man! Starring Bryan Wyatt, Drew Peters, Jacob Scott, Jason Miller, Justin Lake, Ken Houser, Michael Starr, Michael Brandon and Michael Soldier. Directed by Wolfgang Bang. A Club Inferno / Hot House Video DVD.

tune_up_directors_cut_tn.jpg Tune Up (DVD) Director's Cut
THIS VERSION CONTAINS UNCENSORED FOOTAGE NOT CONTAINED IN ANY OTHER VERSION. *** Highly Recommended *** The garage milieu is ripe for all kinds of sexual double entendres, most of which have been used in gay porn already. In "Tune Up," though, director Doug Jeffries gives the theme a fresh angle with attention-grabber Arpad Miklos. Starring Alex Leon, Andrew Rubio, Arpad Miklos, Dallas Foster, Gil Cortez, Michael Brandon, Nick Savage, Owen Hawk, Tag Adams, Toby O'Connor. An All Worlds DVD.
wristrider-club-inferno-new-tn.jpg Wristrider (DVD)

WARNING: Contains extremely graphic and controversial footage including fisting. This film is not for everyone.

Wristrider features six fisting all-stars in four butt-busting scenes: insatiable bottom Mike Vista gets pumped, plowed and plugged by all 11 inches of Michael Brandon; sex pigs Rik Jammer and Michael Soldier get nasty in their tent and hike naked through the woods to a mountain top where they give new meaning to the expression "roughing it;" sexy Nate Summers gets himself off riding dildos and butt-plugs from the bedroom to the backyard; and Michael Brandon returns to fill every hole on adorable bottom-boy Sky Donovan. Starring Michael Brandon, Sky Donovan, Rik Jammer, Nate Summers, Michael Soldier, Mike Vista. A Club Inferno / Hot Hand Productions DVD.

seven_deadly_sins_lust_tn.jpg Seven Deadly Sins: Lust (DVD)
Hunky, dark and sexy BLAKE HARPER discovers a haunting portrait of the masculine and hung JASON BRANCH. Blake finds himself becoming so obsessed with the painting of this god-like man, that he will go to any length to find him... Starring Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Michael Brandon, Tony Acosta, Logan Reed, Ethan Richards, Rob Kirk and Nick Young.
untamed-aw_tn.jpg Untamed (DVD)
Drew Peters needs to be taught a lesson...or two! Dean Phoenix is just the guy to do it. Catch Dean in his last video. Starring: Dave Sanders, Dean Phoenix, Drew Peters, Frank Marine, Kurt Summers, Kyle Becker, Marty Slater, Michael Brandon, Rick Ritter, Sergio Real, Shane Bailey, and Tanner Hayes. Directed by Doug Jeffries. An All Worlds Video DVD.