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Max Grand (Max Grande)

at_first_glance_tn.jpg At First Glance (DVD)
In this sizzling, mouth to cock connection, daring director Paul Barresi serves up another great recipe for deep dish dick. Starring an all-star cast of buff and brawny super-hunks. Starring Alex Wilcox, Brad Hanson, Max Grand, John Ross, Paul Morgan, Leo Masters, Drew Andrews and Dallas Taylor.
best_of_chase_hunter_fa_tn.jpg Best of Chase Hunter (DVD)
The Falcon Anthology series continues with Chase Hunter! See what made Chase Hunter a True Falcon Legend! Nine scorching hot, full-length scenes from some of Falcon's greatest titles make this collection a must-own. Starring Chase Hunter, Tony DiAngelo, Scott Baldwin, Michael Ryan, Jesse Tyler, David Logan, Max Grand, Chad Conners, Trent Atkins, Tommy Brandt, Lane Fuller and Brennan Foster. A Falcon Anthology Series DVD.
best_of_max_grand_tn.jpg Best of Max Grand, The (DVD)
A "must have" for any connoisseur and consummate fan of this legendary, versatile Latin super-star of male porn! Favorite scenes from: Porn Struck (2001), Cockfight (1996), Lube Job (1996), Party Mix (2001), and Porn Struck 3 (2002). All these memorable scenes now remastered for DVD! Starring Blue Blake, Michael Brandon, Alex Burbon, Paul Carrigan, Sam Carson, Dino DiMarco, Max Grand, Alec Powers, Jay Ross. An All Worlds Video DVD.
best_of_zak_spears_falcon_tn.jpg Best of Zak Spears, The (DVD) Falcon
Falcon Anthology Series 41. See what made Zak Spears a true Falcon Legend! Nine scorching-hot, full length scenes from some of Falcon's greatest titles of all times make this collection a must-own. Starring Zak Spears, Max Grand, Donnie Russo, Antonio Romis, Tom Sawyer, Dexter Crews, Scott Baldwin, Brad Stone, Michael D'Amours, Brad Patton, Jesse Tyler and Brandon West. Directed by John Rutherford, Chi Chi LaRue and Steven Scarborough. A Falcon Anthology Series DVD.
brother_load_n_tn.jpg Brother Load (DVD)
$39.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Precondom. "Highly Recommended. Some gay porn movies rank as classics but somehow slip beneath the radar as the years go by. Such is the case with "Brother Load," a 1983 celebration of all things twinkish by the great William Higgins, which explores several seriously sexy themes" . . . Bo Champion, ManNet.com. Starring Paul Madison, Bobby Madison, Joe Hardy, Tim Hardy, David Grayson, Lee Stern, Chris Taylor, Tim Richards, Carl Reeves and Scott Simpson. Includes a bonus scene.
carnal_intentions_dvd_tn.jpg Carnal Intentions (DVD) (d)
$29.88 $5.00 On Sale!
It's about two step-brothers who have had everything except the virgin- and each other. "Highly Recommended. As usual, Odyssey has spent a fortune on this production, from the opulent linens to the dazzling poolside locales. The hook is that the Donovans are "brothers" (actually step-brothers), harking back to that never-tiring 80s fantasy of the brothers getting it on." Brent Blue, ManNet.com. Starring Tony Donovan, Chad Donovan, Brad Benton, Jake Armstrong, Drew Larson, Clay Maverick, Evan Taylor, Matt Spencer, Lark Larson and Max Grand. GAY VN 2002 WINNER! BEST ACTOR TONY DONOVAN!
catalinaville_tn CatalinaVille (DVD)
What happens when the wrong piece of information falls into the right hands? Steve Rambo portrays a computer specialist who receives a mysterious computer disk. End of story? Hardly! Starring Steve Rambo, Dylan James, Cole Tucker, Ray Harley, Tony Bullitt, Matthew Anders, Cliff Parker, Logan Reed, Tony Zerega, Santiago, James West, Damon Wolf, Vinnie Baldini, Doug Jeffries, Antonio, Tony Tedesco, Brad King, Max Grande, Paul Morgan, Sean Dickson, Marc Hamilton, Sam Crockett and Brian Daniels.
cheat_tn Cheat (DVD)
Horny as hell, and just begging to get fucked! T.J. Paris cast of Cutter West, Chase Allen, Max Grand, Chris O'Conner, Marc Pierce, Paul Camron, Reno Johnson, Donovan Cory, Rick French, and (non sexual role) Bob Jackson is hot man to man action Starring: Chase Allen, Paul Carrigan, Donovan Cory, Rick French, Max Grand, Reno Johnson, Chris O'Conner, Marc Pierce, Cutter West. Directed by: T.J Paris. An All Worlds Video DVD.
Cock Fight (DVD)
The handsome Dave Nelson stars as a young man who returns from college to honor his late father's wishes, and manage the family mine. These coal miners work real hard on Dave's shaft, um, down in the mines. Starring Bam, Blue Blake, Bryan Kidd, Cole Youngblood, Dan Puller, Dave Nelson, David Cline, Logan Reed, Max Grand, Paul Carrigan and Rip Stone. Directed by Michael Zen. An All Worlds DVD.
cum_bustible_tn Cum-Bustible (DVD)
Anytime Max Grand sees a hot man, his imagination and libido catch fire! From 14th-century classic men to James Bond, Max can't control his craving for fat, hard cocks and tight fuck-holes. Starring: Chase Allen, Drew Andrews, Aaron Brandt, Paul Carrigan, Coy Dekker, Matthew Easton, Max Grand, Adam Rom, Bret Winters. Directed by: Jeff Kincaid. An All Worlds Video DVD.
daddy_please_tn.jpg Daddy Please! (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Hung daddies, who repeatedly pound it into young hot studs until their most memorable man to man sexual experience cums with age! JT Sloan, Chris Dano, Matthew Anders, Max Grand, Chris Michaels, Anthony Deangelo, Cameron Cruise.
doctor_lawyer_indian_chief_reg_tn.jpg Doctor, the Lawyer and the Indian Chief, The (DVD)
Extra! Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Director Paul Baressi breaks an exclusive story! The Doctor, the Lawyer, and the Indian Chief have finally come out of the closet! They want the world to know they are GAY and PROUD OF IT!!! Starring: Drew Andrews, Max Grand, Trey Hunter, Stonie, Jay Alexander, Louis Marque, Thomas Bond. A Regiment Productions DVD.
double_vision_dvd_tn.jpg Double Vision (DVD)
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Mustang Video Pac 30. Double your pleasure with Greg Ross as a pair of identical twins! A non-stop fuckfest with Zak Spears, Marco Rossi and Scott Baldwin. Starring Zak Spears, Max Grand, Antonio Romis, Greg Ross, Marco Rossi, Donnie Russo, Bruce Spalding and Scott Baldwin. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue. A Falcon / Mustang DVD.
down_in_the_dunes_cat_tn.jpg Down in the Dunes (DVD)
The men are big and juicy! The sex is hot and sticky! And these boys are exploring what Summer lust is all about "Down in the Dunes." Outdoor sex romps are abound in this movie from award-winning director Brad Austin who gets his camera up close so you see every inch of penetrating action. The buff and ripped cast of "Down in the Dunes" gets down and dirty, aiming to please all your fun in the sun fantasies! Starring Michael Carrington, Dino DiMarco, Peter Dixon, Max Grand, Chuck Mancini, Robert Swede, Nic Tizino, Brandon Wells. Directed by Brad Austin. A Catalina Video DVD.
face_down_falcon_tn.jpg Face Down (DVD)
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Mustang Video Pac 40. Join Steve Marks, Randy Mixer, and Chad Connors in their stiff-dicked search for the perfect bulge to fill their briefs. Warm up to models Mike Chavez and Max Grand as they attempt to fondle, suck and fuck their way into the fleshy fashion spread. Starring Danny Sommers, Steve Marks, Chad Connors, Mike Chavez, Randy Mixer, Max Grand, Luc Russel, Jeff Browning, Chaz Carlton and Don Sinclair. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue. A Falcon / Mustang DVD.
first-class-male_tn.jpg First Class Male (DVD)
The sexy and sultry Max Grand headlines with these first rate guys in this sex romp. Hungry asses slathered in spit! Primed for deliveries in the rear! Starring: Brandon Steele, Carlos Cruz, Daniel Edwards, Eric Scott, Marco DiSalvo, Max Grand, Sweet Williams. A Catalina Video DVD.
flavor_of_leather_dvd_tn.jpg Flavor of Leather, The (DVD)
The Flavor of Leather brings you to one of L.A.'s raunchiest sex clubs on Leather Night. This club is full of non-stop, all night group action. These macho, hung leather studs can't get enough of the taste of hot, sweaty bodies getting licked, sucked and fucked into the early morning. Starring Brad Davis, Brent Cross, Patric Studds, David York, Anthony Gallo, Brett Hughes, Troy Steele, Max Grand, Chaz Carlton, Sam Ritter, Kip Kasey, Brian Dean, Chase Lottwright and Marc Lang.
flavor_of_men_dvd_tn.jpg Flavor of Men, The (DVD)
If you have a taste for hot men, then you'll eat up this hot flick! Starring Steve O'Donnell, Kurt Stefano, Sam Crockett, Bryan Kidd, Max Grand, Chance Caldwell, Peter Wilder and Chase Rite. Hungry Yet?
fuck_flik_2_tn.jpg Fuck Flik 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Director Chris Ward decided to he wanted to release a line of all-fucking videos, with nothing but hard-core anal penetration. This is the second in the series of must own DVDs that deliver more fucking than you normally get in five full movies! This is not some cheap compilation tape-this is high-quality, first rate fucking from the studio that built its reputation on Cock up the Hole! Starring Buck Philips, Carlos Morales, Dean Coulter, Jack Ryan, Lance Gear, Mark Evrett, Matt Sizemore, Max Grand, Michael Brandon, Michael Soldier, Miquel Leonn, Rick Hammersmith, Ryan Lexington, Sean Storm, Shane Rollins, Sky Donovan, Tom Vacarro and Vince Varrone. Directed by Chris Ward. A Raging Stallion Studios DVD.
gay_xxx_superstars_of_the_90s_tn.jpg Gay XXX Superstars Of The 1990's (DVD) 2-Disc Set
The best of the 90's! An amazing collection of all of your favorite 90's sex icons on 2 discs! Starring: Andrew Michaels, Brad Phillips, Bret Winters, Butch Taylor, Chris Burns, Chris Dano, Dallas Taylor, Danny Brown, Dean Johnson, Dino Dimarco, Drew Andrews, J.T Sloan, Jason Andrews, Jason Cruise, Jim Bentley, Joe Romero, Joey Stefano, Jon King, Jon Vincent, Leo Masters, Lon Flexx, Matt Gunther, Matt Windsor, Max Grand, Michael Brandon, Michael Brawn, Nick Harmon, Paul Carrigan, Paul Morgan, Peter Wilder, Rob Cryston, Storm, Tony Montoya. An Evolution Erotica DVD.