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Mark Dalton

dragon_cumblast_tn.jpg Dragon Cumblast (DVD)
Let it fly... spurt after spurt... cumshots... nothing but cumshots. Starring Ray Dragon, Aaron Parker, Adam Rider, Allen Silver, Arpad Miklos, Asoka, Brutus Black, Buck, Colby Keller, Cutler X, David Chelsea, Doug Jeffries, Gabriel Cortes, Gauge, George Glass, Jake Deckard, Jason, Joey Jordan, Jonathan Blue, Jonny Mack, Josh West, Lorenzo, Manny, Manuel Torres, Mario Ortiz, Mark Dalton, Matthew Green, Mick, Mick Powers, Miguel Antonio, Rafael, Rodney Steele, T.C. Demarco, Vin Nolan. Directed by Ray Dragon. A D/G Mutual Media DVD.
mark_dalton_and_friends_tn.jpg Mark Dalton & Friends (DVD)
Go backstage for a behind the scenes look at handsome muscle hunk, Mark Dalton . . . & his friends. See them stroke every inch of their hot sensational hard bodies and bring themselves to ecstasy! See pure erotic shots in the great outdoors. See raw sexual impulses "up close and personal". Starring Mark Dalton, Ben Harrison, Dylan, Jarda Kolar and Jirka Kalvoda (Ales Hanak, Jirua Kallopa).
prick_tease_dvd_tn.jpg Prick Tease (DVD) Mark Dalton!
Shows us why Mark Dalton is a star. He is an absolutely exquisite creature, with a body and face so perfect. And his body is a marvel, too, sporting an attractive amount of blond fuzz no his meaty pecs and down his stomach. The legs are head-crushers, and the butt, well, the butt is a thing of beauty. Highly Recommended, Brent Blue, Starring Mark Dalton, Brett Dimineo, Court Logan, Robert Harvey, Cameron Fox, Jason Sizemore, Gauge, Danny Lopez and Kyle Richards. Directed by Michael Zen.
ranch_hand_muscle_dvd_tn.jpg Ranch Hand Muscle (DVD)
"The centerpiece of the video, Mark Dalton, is already in the barn, and he puts on quite a show for Rexx, doing a slow striptease, first removing his shirt, and then slowly working his dick to full erection in his skin-tight jeans. Dalton flexes his biceps, which look great in his denim shirt with cut-off sleeves. In fact, if you're a denim and muscle enthusiast, this scene will definitely get your motor running. Highly Recommended" Martin Cox, Starring Mark Dalton, Bryan Archer, Brett DiMineo, Ty Parks, Aaron Tanner, Trey Rexx, Leo Bramm, Andrew Addams, Zane West and Kyle Richards.
super_soaked_tn.jpg Super Soaked (DVD) Mark Dalton
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Jocks Video Pac 120. "Highly, Highly Recommended. Mark Dalton makes a big splash in director Chi Chi LaRue's "Super Soaked," serving as the anchor that holds the sun-drenched outdoor sex scenes together. There are few studs who do justice to a bikini like him. Mark hikes through a barren, arid desert backdrop to begin. The sun glints off his muscles beautifully as he strips off his shirt and caresses his body. The heat, the dry climate, the blistering sunlight, and Mark's buff physique evoke more than just a thirst for water as he makes his way across the sand. Mark is then transported to a mirage-like poolside venue where he peels off his soaking wet Speedo and hoses himself off while he works his dick into a raging erection. Between each of the scenes, Mark bares every square inch of his highly photogenic body (and there are many, many shots of his spread buttcheeks as he teases his hole with a finger or two), in angles that show him off to absolute perfection." . . . Martin Cox, Starring Mark Dalton, Josh Weston, Tristan Adonis, Roman Heart (a.k.a. Linc Madison), Erik Rhodes, Drew Sumrok, Justin Wells, Brent Everett, Jason Ridge, Christoph Scharff and Thom Barron. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue.