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Man Action (DVD)


Mustang Video Pac 65.

Man Action" (2002) has an interesting feel to it. Director Chris Ward and the men that often drive his videos to success, would seem to imply a lot of ass-banging really extreme action. But, here, Ward's sometimes extreme action is softened into a very comfortable, imminently watchable video that will please the rougher crowd by look and the more genteel crowd by action.

After a cute introduction where we briefly meet the video's players having coffee together, Buck Philips and Robert Black end up in a warehouse with hairy goateed Buck's dick ramrod straight and ready for sucking by the bearded Robert. These two guys, usually madmen on video, turn in the tape's simplest most relaxing scene. It's a wonderful one, but it's so calm and understated, a nice change of pace for Buck and Robert. Robert delivers an effortlessly easy blowjob until Buck starts grinding more and more into him before Buck takes over the oral action. They use a fun faux push-up position that finds Buck more than able to take in lots of Robert's cock as the latter shows off his gorgeous physique lowering himself into his sucker's mouth. Again, Buck's blowjob is expertly delivered, but simple and accessible. Amiable is perhaps the best word for the anal action, which is smooth and without frills as Robert grooves into Buck. His thick black cockring looking great in close-up, Robert has moments of speed and moments of jackrabbit drilling, but overall it's just very professional and easy to regard. The camera positions are expert, especially the ones over Robert's shoulder. Both guys remain nearly silent the whole time, but very intense and very focused. Buck stands over Robert and pumps out a nice cum-shot and then Robert plunks one on his own tummy.

In the second scene, Marcus Iron is already in bed with Mark Evrett. This is a great pairing, with the soulful droopy-eyed handsome Marcus and the hairy thick-bearded Mark going at it very spryly. Marcus is an interesting performer, simultaneously looking like he's made for leather and loving, wearing a nipple ring but also a cute adorable smile. Mark gives him a spectacular blowjob, inhaling the whole thick cock easily while anchoring himself by grabbing onto Marcus' perfectly-formed red balls. Mark groans up a storm as he blows excitedly and Marcus slides a finger around his ass. They move to a 69 where Marcus matches Mark talent for talent, able to deep-throat the also not-small dick on Mark as Mark continues his expert sucking of Marcus. After Marcus sits on Mark's face for a ball-chew, Marcus finger-fucks Mark and then finally takes him by cock. It's animalistic from the beginning, suddenly changing feeling from the enjoyable pleasantries of the last scene and the early part of this scene into something more slamming and harsh. Marcus is very single-minded, hammering with great passion, and even more rabid when Mark switches from taking it on all-fours to taking it on his back. It's a fantastic "I mean it" fuck from Marcus, who likes to burrow deep, and just as well received from Mark, whose ass seems to love even more a really knocking angry fuck. Finally, Mark's whole body shakes when he lets off a nice shot onto the bedspread and then Marcus has a fine clean blast following.

Sam Dixon, looking yummy in a very accessible boyfriendish way, is having a nice peaceful dinner with boyish floppy-haired Tuck Johnson when Tuck announces he doesn't have long before he has to go to work. Sam takes that as a cue and snaps him close for some probing make out as they play major footsie underneath the table. Scrunchy-faced Tuck is all hot and bothered when Sam literally chews on his very squat cock, and Sam does a notably fine job of it. Tuck goes a great imitation of said blowjob when he turns on Sam's also thick piece, with the same kind of fast-moving up-and-down sucking motion. The oral action, good as it is, is rather short-lived here, for soon enough Tuck is laid over the sumptuous tablecloth and screwed heartily by Sam. Sam sinks all the way into Tuck and jabs away rather furiously at the resilient ass, but again retaining a clean standard feeling to the whole thing, so as to please any possible watcher of this scene. There's a ruggedness in the close-ups but a peaceful beautifully lit feeling to the long shots. Sam has no problem getting in any part of his dick in any style of fuck, since Tuck is a gracious and pleasing bottom. After a long while of long thrusts by Sam, the top has a good shooter up Tuck's body and then Tuck has a juicy spray that runs gooily down his stroking hand.

Later, Tuck and Marcus go to a video store where Tuck points out Bryce Pierce on a box, since they had just seem him tooling down the street when they were having coffee. Bryce looks hot on the box cover of a video "right next to me" Marcus notes. Suddenly, Bryce appears in all his live glory and the three go at it in the video's most winning scene. Bryce is a dream with his rock-hard body, jingling piercings in his ears, nipples, belly and all up and down his slurpy cock. He looks aggressive and hard in leather pants and a leather G-string, the real force of the scene where both hardworking Marcus and Tuck deliver once again as well. Bryce, seen from the back to show off his massive tattoo there, licks up and down Marcus and Tuck's chests as the latter two kiss with seething passion. Tuck, sporting a necklace that makes his neck look incredibly thick, is the first to blow, first taking on a ringed Marcus. Forced up and down that cock by a hard-driving Bryce, Tuck opens real wide to deep-throat the whole thing rather amazingly. Not that anyone could ever get enough of sucking that glorious piece, but Tuck does eventually move onto pleasuring Bryce, a harder task considering all of those metallic pieces sticking out all over the place. Tuck doesn't seem to mind any of them, again taking as much as he can with as much glee as he can muster. Bryce, packing the scene and still sporting his G-string gets Tuck's ass first. Tuck starts it all by lunging back and forth on the cock, as we watch each piercing disappear into his lovely round ass, but then Bryce takes over as he grinds and gyrates into him. Bryce knows a number of styles to use in fucking his lucky bottom, and he uses them all, with the camera focus so much on his pleasure that you can't help but get caught up in it. We do have two phenomenal tops here, so Bryce has to relinquish his great topping to Marcus, but there's a twist. Tuck doesn't get plowed again. Instead, Tuck buries his face in Marcus' ass, and keeps pace with him the whole time, and Marcus fucks Bryce! Marcus drives Bryce even harder than he did Mark a few scenes ago, but Bryce seems happier the harsher the fuck gets. Marcus is all smiles as he whomps Bryce a good one, the bottom letting him have his way however he wants. All three have good shots at the end, but star Marcus ends it all with the best one on the tape.

With Falcon favorite Marcus Iron as the star of the video, "Man Action" automatically smacks of his puppy-dog charm. Even the leather-loving hunks imported into the stable here don't take away from his overwhelming presence, though experts like Robert Black and Bryce Pierce do have moments where they sizzle things up considerably. There's a very unique feel to this video, a mishmash of styles that is pulled together by the knowing Chris Ward into a very delightful sexy piece.

A Video Review by Brent Blue [ ] *** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Marcus Iron, Bryce Pierce, Mark Evrett, Tuck Johnson, Sam Dixon, Buck Philips and Robert Black.

Directed by Chris Ward.

A Falcon / Mustang DVD.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.