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Lucas Kazan Features-DVD

of-boys-and-men-lkp_tn Of Boys and Men (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Starring: Alex Magnum, Ariel Vanean, Fabio, Gennaro, Ken Summers, Pietro Cattani, Robbie Rojo. A Lucas Kazan Productions DVD.
giuseppe-and-his-buddies-lkp_tn.jpg Giuseppe and His Buddies (DVD)
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Lucas Kazan proudly presents Giuseppe and His Buddies. Shot in Italy (one of the most beautiful countries) with nine hot men. Don't be left out! Starring Giuseppe Pardi, Jean Franko, Ettore Tosi, Philippe Delvaux, Alexy Tyler, Alex Magnum, Jordan Fox, Federico D'Angelo, Tano. Directed by Ettore Tosi. A Lucas Kazan Productions DVD.
italians_and_other_strangers_tn.jpg Italians and Other Strangers (DVD)
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Sex cums in different colors: Sex as love-making (Bruno Boni/Alex Orioli). As outlet (Jean Franko/Alessio Mancini). As playground (Antonio Rinaldi/ Lucas Andrades/Ettore Tosi). As fantasy (Daniele Montana/Marc Dievo). As desire (Bruno Boni/Matthias Vannelli). Italian newcomers Bruno Boni, Daniele Montana and Alessio Mancini demonstrate --with help from veteran Matthias Vannelli, Ettore Tosi and many more muscle studs. Starring Bruno Boni, Daniele Montana, Alessio Mancini. With Matthias Vannelli, Jean Franko, Ettore Tosi, Alex Orioli, Marc Dievo, Antonio Rinaldi, Lucas Andrades. A Lucas Kazan Productions DVD.
loveandlust_tn.jpg Love and Lust (DVD)
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
"Highly, Highly Recommended. Washing themselves at an outdoor shower with only a singer somewhere in the distance to break up the sound of the water lapping on their bodies, are Lucas Andrades, a tattooed swarthy man with a shaved head, unbeatable sexual heat and a butt just as hot, and Kazan regular Matthias Vannelli, tall, butch and super manly. Like a vision, Jean Franko suddenly joins them. Time should stop still for men like Jean Franko." . . . Brent Blue, Starring Giorgio Salieri, Roberto Giorgio (a.k.a. Filip Oliver), Jean Franko, Matthias Vannelli, Ricky Martinez, Lucas Andrades, Karel Rok, Otto Voko and Julian Vincenzo. Directed by Lucas Kazan. A Lucas Kazan Productions DVD.
love_triangle_lkp_tn.jpg Love Triangle (DVD)
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Three's not a crowd... it's a love triangle. Director Lucas Kazan handpicks six unforgettable threesomes featuring fourteen stunning men for you to enjoy. Starring: David Havien, David Scott, Eric Flower, Giorgio Salieri, Jason, Jean Franko, Julian Vincenzo, Lucas Andrades, Marco Sisto, Mario Perez, Matthias Vannelli, Max Veneziano, Otto Voko, Vilem Cage. A Lucas Kazan Productions DVD.
men_for_all_seasons_lkp_tn.jpg Men For All Seasons (DVD)
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Some will keep you warm in the Winter. Others will quench your thirst in the Summer. Filmed on location in Catania (Italy), Madrid (Spain) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Starring: Ettore Tosi, Damien Crosse, Diego, Wagner, introducing Robeson, Cristian Maio, Angelo Fasano. A Lucas Kazan Productions DVD.
men-i-wanted-lkp_tn.jpg Men I Wanted, The (DVD) Lukas Kazan
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
"Highly, Highly Recommended. The only thing that can upstage the physical bounties of Tuscany, as I found out from watching 'The Men I Wanted,' is the cast of men director Lucas Kazan has engaged to play in this story. With his exacting care gently woven into every frame of this movie, the men, from various places around the world, all fall under the soothing, calming and immaculately picturesque spell of Kazan's Tuscany, looking like ancient statues come to life on its antique countryside. Simpler than most Kazan productions, it is every bit as breathtaking for the sheer eye for beauty he displays again, as few others have the capacity to do." - Brent Blue, Starring Jean Franko, Ethan Clarke, Samuel Dolce, Roberto Giorgio, Lucas Andrades, Alexy Tyler, Glenn Santoro, Mark Federico and Pietro. Directed By Lucas Kazan. A Lucas Kazan Productions DVD.
rough-tender-lkp_tn.jpg Rough / Tender (DVD)
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Some like it rough. Some like it tender. 6 scenes each highlighting a different and often ambivalent attitude toward sex. Who’s the romantic type? Who’s not? Starring Jean Franko, Philippe Delvaux, Ettore Tosi, Giuseppe Pardi, Alex Magnum, Matthias Vannelli, Jordan Fox, introducing Federico D’Angelo. Directed by Lucas Kazan. A Lucas Kazan Productions DVD.
sicilian-conexxxion_tn.jpg Sicilian Connexxxion (DVD)
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
What happens in Sicily doesn't always stay in Sicily! Starring: Dario Beck, Darius Ferdynand, Ettore Tosi, Lorenzo Arca, Salvatore Gorini, Samuele Mistro, Wagner, Will Helm. A Lucas Kazan DVD.
spanish-connexxxion_tn.jpg Spanish Connexxxion, The (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Tats & Cocks, what a combination! There’s nothing more alluring than a gorgeous inked hunk with a spectacular cock – especially if he’s an acclaimed cocksman! Intricate inkings, full sleeves, tribal designs, these tattooed bad boys are rock hard and ready to do some damage! With deep-throating blow jobs, invasive tongue play and powerful butt fucking, you won't be able to resist the animal magnetism and sexuality of these tattooed men! Starring: Brute Club, Dario Beck, Ettore Tosi, Hector De Silva, Robbie Rojo, Sergyo. A Lucas Kazan Productions DVD.
strangers-and-lovers_tn.jpg Strangers & Lovers (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Starring: Carmelo Raffaele, Darius Ferdynand, Denis Vega, Gabriel Vanderloo, Leo Domenico, Logan Moore, Robbie Rojo. A Lucas Kazan Productions DVD.
american-holidays-lkp_tn.jpg American Holidays (DVD)
$49.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Starring: Ettore Tosi, Victor Racek, Federico Bulsara, Tiziano Cortese, Gennaro Grimaldi, Matthias Vannelli, Vilem Cage, Luca Ferri, Erik Lenn.