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~Lifeguard! The Men of Deep Water Beach (DVD) Removed

There are no water rescues in "LifeGuard!: The Men of Deep Water Beach." Head lifeguard Ray Dragon's men don't seem at all interested in the water. I think cum is as moist as they want to get. Given ample time to act up between stints on the beach, all of them find ways of taking long sessions with whatever horny guy happens upon their path. Being a lifeguard is a rewarding job at Deep Water Beach, but that has nothing to do with saving lives.

Sporting spectacles, lifeguard Colby Keller actually shows up for work on the day he's going to be married. After work, he heads to see the gal's dad, Cliff Rhodes. Colby, with the body of a man and the face of the cutest boy, is nervous about his wedding night. Cliff is happy to discuss sex with his soon-to-be son-in-law, undressing as he asks what they have done so far. Daddy Cliff gets himself hard and the conversation naturally goes toward man-on-man sex. The dialogue has a natural slowness to it, ratcheting up the tension level, even though both men are totally hard. They jerk each other off until Cliff starts to suck pale nervous Colby. Stretching his mouth wide, Cliff is able to gobble up the whole thick piece and Colby is quickly face-fucking him, showing off the pent-up side of his character. Cliff stops only to plant a big wet one on Colby, which surprises the latter right before Cliff pushes him down to his dick. Colby is an instant whiz on Cliff's enormously long dick, gulping huge inches with excellent skill. He goes at Cliff's balls with the same interest. This blowjob is given oodles of time to unwrap itself into one of the story's absolute best and Colby becomes an instant hero with it. The two cum absolutely simultaneously with matching shots. "Now I'm gonna fuck you so you can feel what that's like," Cliff dryly announces and Colby doesn't resist, even though this is obviously not going to come up on his wedding night. Colby is bent over the desk so Cliff can eat his ass and finger it into readiness. The hot buns are just waiting for some plowing. The bottom sits on his new dad, starting with a slow insertion that keeps with the first-time characterization, but very quickly he's bouncing like a pro, parking his hands on Cliff's pecs and taking total charge. Cliff squeezes all the way through the meat cheeks to get his full length inside. The baby-faced bottom takes it over the desk with serious authority from Cliff and then it's time to pop off again. Cliff has a shot that amazes them both and is shown a half a dozen times (in helpful slow-motion too) because it's so unbelievable. That was quite an interesting "bachelor party."

Back at the beach, lifeguard Derrick Hanson is sent to pick up some supplies at a store run by strapping he-man Tober Brandt. Lean brunet Derrick discovers the store has a seedy backroom with dirty videos. Tattooed Ken Mack, who has one of the most perfectly proportioned hairy chests in all of porn, finds Derrick in the backroom and it turns out they are neighbors. Ken gets all hot from just the box covers, doing his best to flirt with Derrick, who can't resist when Ken offers to show him his hard pecker. The downward curver looks delicious. Tough guy Ken's wife has been away for a week and at the offer of his "biiiiig load," Derrick hits the floor and starts sucking. Suddenly, the shy Derrick is replaced by a blowing animal devouring Ken's cock in single gulps. He makes sucking such a huge one look insanely easy. Derrick is on fire and I don't think Ken's cooing is anything but genuine due to the exquisite fucking hot blowjob he's getting. Derrick can't suck forever (not that I would object), so Ken takes over with a loud splashy blowjob that keeps the dick-adoration level very high. Tober knows the guys are back there, so he locks up the store to join them. He needs no formal invitation as the other two strip off their remaining clothing while he gets the table ready. At first, the inked hulk just watches Ken continue his feisty blowjob, but then he joins to start rimming Derrick. Tober plays it as horned-up as the other two, dive-bombing with his tongue. Ken's hairy ass is every bit the same sort of delicacy for him. He also proves he's in their wonderful league by giving them alternating deep-throats. Tober then settles back and relaxes while Derrick sucks him. Once again, Derrick steals the scene with his bountiful mouth, not forgetting how much he likes Ken's tasty cock. Ken gives Tober some sucking too, which causes Derrick to cum. Tober and Ken follow with fun ones too.

All three are still hard, and Tober has cleared the table, so without any discussion, Derrick gets on it. It is Tober's store, so he fucks Derrick first, sending waves through Derrick with his manly thrusts. Ken wears a big smile just watching Tober cascade at the much smaller Derrick with his powerful pounding. Derrick certainly helps out by gyrating around the cock as he's fucked hard. Ken takes over, knowing that he doesn't have to be nice to Derrick. So, he fucks him with notably hard pushes that sends his tough dick all the way into Derrick. The shape of his cock makes missionary-fucking particular fun, and Derrick is able to handle it with the same ability. Luckily, Derrick isn't the only bottom of the three and it's a nice surprise when he fucks Tober. Derrick is actually a wonderful top and he does fine work battling Tober's tight hole. Don't forget Ken (as if that's possible). Tober rides him, amazingly able to take the whole dick. Having someone as big as Tober sit on you has to be a little scary, but the breezy fuck seems to lighten everything. That chest of Ken's I love so much becomes the cum pad for both Tober and Derrick and for the second time, Ken has the final cum-shot.

Tall and lean, Cam Kurtz is the newest recruit to the force. Ray needs to fit him for a suit, so he has to strip down. Super adorable pup Chad Leigh, on a weight bench but not lifting anything, is immediately turned on. Ray, his chest hair so thick it could double as a fairy tale forest, somehow manages to be absolutely comforting with his square-jawed friendliness. Cam strips to reveal one hell of an uncut boner, a mouthwatering piece that has both Chad and Ray immediately fantasizing. "You're going to fit right in," Ray notes. Ray has to help him on with a pair of non-regulation bikinis, but nothing contains that monster. Cam is shocked when Ray starts blowing him, but he's not exactly in any position to argue. Ray disappears into his unique slinky sexy mode, parks a hand firmly around Cam's dick and sucks with incredibly skill. There's room on this one for both hands and a mouth, but Ray maneuvers it with a mouth hell bent on getting as much tucked in as possible. You can see the muscles all the way down his neck stretch to accommodate Cam. Meanwhile, Chad is licking his ruby red lips in anticipation, but Ray shows no signs of slowing down. Another hairy hunk, Marco Van, is somehow drawn to the room (Cam's dick has to be a honing device) and this bearded handsome man is every bit as lusty for it as is Chad. One serious workaholic Ray has done his share, Marco is invited to try it. Marco has that same stretch in his neck as he tries to conquer the double-digit inches, succeeding about as well as Ray. Finally, it's Chad's turn to try it. His whole face isn't as big as Cam's dick, so he starts out by just playing with the foreskin, but even with physics working against him, he gets as much of Chad down his throat as his predecessors. Chad is the first to cum, with Cam's dick positioned over his chest as inspiration. Cam unloads his mighty oak and then asks, "Do you still want me to join up?" DUH!

Cam, now full of confidence knowing that he has the biggest dick on the beach, gets on all-fours and takes it up the ass from Ray. Ray wastes no time in putting on one of his trademark shows, rattling off enough sparks as he fucks to entice handsome Zackary Pierce to the room. Ray squat-fucks Cam with driving precision as the other three watch impressed, impressively hard as well. Ray has so much topping style, doing Cam every which way and with varying speeds to top it all off. His missionary-fucking is hot as well and with Cam playing with his nipples, Ray drops a load on the smooth stomach. The ever-expanding group now includes patrol cop George Class, an intense bearded hairy fellow who sidles up to Zackary for his entree into the gang. Of course, how can this scene go by without Cam topping? I mean, that dick is, well, it deserves it! So, Chad plunks himself down on it, the smallest member of the group working the biggest dick into his ass. The cute blond rides with wowing ability. George doesn't seem to notice, instead sucking on Zackary's cock, but Chad keeps bustling up and down Cam's dick. He's a brave kid to take such a piece and he wins the day by doing it wonderfully. I guess it makes sense that George and Zackary should play without noticing the rest of the group, especially since George's mouth has a blast deep-throating his partner. Perky to the end, Chad cums a giant one with Cam still inside him. Someone give that boy a day off, because he needs to rest! Zackary announces that he's going to cum and does it all over George's uniform. George takes Zackary off to some private time, leaving Marco as the only man left to fuck with Cam. This accented stud, who oozes sex appeal, turns Cam in half and rims him, eagerly lapping up the hairy ass that has already seen an invasion by Ray. He takes another spin at blowing Cam before jacking off. Cam's shot is a magnificent one, worthy of the size from with it emitted.

With the others in the shower, Zackary and George get their alone time. With no fuss, George bends over the weight bench and has Zackary fuck him. The hairy hole takes the plunging cock lovingly, with George's muscular heft causing Zackary to work hard in sending shock waves up his ass. After the group scene, and after Cam, this simple two-man fuck seems a tad unnecessary, but that doesn't mean the performers give it anything less than their all. Zackary poses like a classic porn star and rams away at George, who has the strength to take the punishing grind. Zackary cums on George's ass and then George finishes, with Ray having slid back into the scene as great inspiration for a cum-shot.

Oh, at the very end, Colby shows up at Cliff's beaming and ready for more.

A DVD Review by Brent Blue ( http://www.ManNet.com )

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

Starring Ray Dragon, Tober Brandt, Marco Van, Cliff Rhodes, Zackary Pierce, George Glass, Colby Keller, Cam Kurtz, Derrick Hanson, Ken Mack and Chad Leigh.

Directed by Joe Gage.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Titan Media DVD.

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.