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~Lebanon (DVD) Currently Unavailable

Collin O'Neal's World of Men.

Director (and international lover) Collin O'Neal is a very lucky (and daring) man. Collin is an American sexpot-gorgeous, hirsute and macho as all get-out, and he obviously favors same as he has assembled a coterie of super-masculine Arabian men for what has to be one of the few porn flicks actually filmed in the Middle East (and a gay one at that). The locale provides a sun-soaked backdrop for what I can truly say is one of my favorite (and often recurring) fantasies writ large on the screen: I personally have a MAJOR thing for men of Arabian descent, and a wide range is represented here-every one a macho knockout.

The opener features Sayid and Francois Sagat. The superb (in every way) Francois, one of the sexiest men on the planet (incredible looks, muscles, ass and dick) sporting a nice beard here that looks somewhat blond in the sun. Sayid is a handsome devil with a thick covering of dark fur all over his light-skinned body (including a midnight-black beard) and a chest that is accentuated by large pink nipples. Sayid and Francois' encounter takes place in what appears to be a bombed-out building. No bombs are falling overhead as they do the deed, luckily, only Francois dive-bombing Sayid's crotch to suck down the sleek dong found therein. Francois deep-throats with each swallow, and in reciprocation Sayid sucks and licks Francois' giant cock and quivering asscrack before fucking a standing Francois in the ass. They move to a jungle-gym position (Sayid cradling Francois' hips in his arms as Francois holds some of the ceiling's exposed rebar), which allows Sayid to fuck the big boy deeper. They then finish standing (Francois facing the wall again) as Sayid dumps major spunk all over his bottom's musclebutt, and then Francois' load squirts to the dirt floor.

Samir is a fat-assed sexpot, and Youssef Assad is a butt-hungry cocksman -- you do the math! These gents are chemistry personified, as they kiss, grope and lick each other during the foreplay in an apartment (there is a hot moment when Youssef grabs Samir's juicy ass, still hidden behind running shorts, with both of his hands, and just shakes the junk-in-the-trunk with total adoration, and a great deal of expectation). This quickly leads to Samir gorging on Youssef's dong, Samir in complete ecstasy. Youssef then gives the previously heralded big-n-juicy a thumpin', amazing slapping noises punctuating his harsh thrusts. Samir, it should be said, has a gorgeous face, slammin' body and fat uncut cock. A cock that swings to and fro as Youssef fucks him silly. I'm not joking, he truly whomps that ass, all captured by excellent camerawork, Samir's low-hangers swinging as his rock-hard dick seems ready to burst after every hard thrust from his unrelenting fucker. After fucking such a gorgeous ass, Youssef rims the soft opening, Samir moaning, Youssef constantly slapping and fingering the jiggling buttocks, Samir mumbling something in Arabic. Out-fucking-rageous! Youssef then fucks Samir missionary, Samir's cock still rock-hard, until he gets the cum fucked out of him, Youssef adding his juice to the mix as they kiss to fade.

Martin Mazza and Marco hook up in a small kitchen. Martin is beautiful, tanned and muscular. Marco is fair, drop-dead gorgeous, average build, a total top and EXTREMELY sexy. He's the strong and silent type, and wordlessly makes Martin submit to his every sexual demand, forcing his head down to suck his cock as he lords over him (a jug of Wesson oil in the background). Marco's fat cock nearly causes Martin to choke (but not quite) as Marco forcefully shoves his head down and down and down and down. Marco completes his domination by fucking the bejesus out of Martin standing from behind (bent over the sink) and missionary atop the countertop (ass-over-teakettle, literally), fucking him so hard he makes Martin cum whilst being fucked, then Marco finishes with a glorious facial, huge globs of his spunk dripping from Martin's temple to his eyes, and then Martin, smiling broadly, licks the cummy cockhead at the end.

Collin and Sayid (the bearded stud from the first scene, this time wearing a traditional Arabian headdress) make love not war near a rocky waterfall. Sayid gorging on Collin's enormous erect penis, Collin equally hungry for Sayid's smaller (but no less yummy) pecker. Headdress gone, Sayid becomes an even more eager cocksucker, Collin rims, then fucks him from behind as Sayid braces himself against a boulder (as Francois lurks nearby jerking off). Sayid then squats down for a sit-fuck atop a rock, and they return to the standing position so Collin can fuck the cum out of Sayid and he then jerks out his spunk.

Collin and Francois are back for the finale with Jacko (no, not THAT Jacko!). Jacko is a phenomenal Arabian bodybuilder. A man, if you can believe it, who gives Francois and Collin a run for their money in the looks and body departments. He's got bulky muscles, a bulky cock and a traffic-stopping ass. They cruise outside as the sun sets, ancient ruins glistening in the background, fantastic hunks glistening in the foreground. They head back to Jacko's house for a three-way suck-rim-fuck session. They become a greedy pile of cocksuckers, each man kissing and sucking as much cock as possible (and there is a lot of cock in the room, natch). Francois is the first man-in-the-middle, getting fucked doggy by Collin as he munches on Jacko's rock-hard musclebutt. Jacko is the second man-in-the-middle, Collin fucking him with deep, smooth strokes, Jacko's mouth stuffed full of Francois' humongous cock (a beautiful sight, one of the most amazing moments of a flick loaded with them). Francois then sits on Collin's dong to cum, followed by Jacko pumping out his spunk, and then Collin.

DVD features: Chapters; trailer ("London"); no regional coding.

A DVD Review by Butch Harris ( )

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

Starring Collin O'Neal, Francois Sagat, Martin Mazza, Said, Samir, Jacko, Youssef Assad and Marco.

Directed by Collin O'Neal.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Raging Stallion Studios DVD.

~Lebanon (DVD) Currently Unavailable Write a review | No reviews for this product.

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.