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Kurt Stefano

Meet Ray Harley (DVD)
We know you love meeting the kind of man who can catch your eye and command your attention. He's hot and handsome and his come-kiss-me-lips makes your cock twitch. His eyes say he's available. The way he runs his firm hand across his chest full of thick hair says you can have him. And his straining come-suck-me cock says you'll be wanting more. Catalina knows just the kind of guy you'd like to meet. That's why our cameras captured him in hard-pounding action. So get ready to feel the twitch. Get ready to meet Ray Harley. Starring: Anthony Gallo, Anthony Mengetti, Brad Davis, Cody Whiler, Kurt Stefano, Logan Reed, Paolo Centori, Ray Harley, Rock Jennings, Scott Lyons. A Catalina Video DVD.
best_of_eric_hanson_fa_tn.jpg Best of Eric Hanson, The (DVD)
Falcon Anthology Pac 01. See what made Eric Hanson a true Falcon Legend! Eight scorching-hot, full-length scenes from some of Falcon's greatest titles of all time make this collection a must-own. The scenes are from Summer Reunion, Hot Wheels, Mercury Rising, California Kings, The Freshmen and Rock Solid, as well as two bonus scenes from French Connections Part 1: Temptation. Starring Eric Hanson, Antonio Romano, Brennan Foster, Colby Taylor, Ethan-Michael Ayers, Jack Simmons, Jake Andrews, Jeremy Penn, Kurt Stefano, Lance Williams, Matthew Anders, Nick Ford, Noel Hardwick and Tyson Cane. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue and John Rutherford. A Falcon DVD.
best_of_rod_barry_tn.jpg Best of Rod Barry, The (DVD)
$49.88 $14.88 On Sale!
Falcon Anthology Series 39. See what makes Rod Barry a true Falcon Legend! Nine scorching hot, full-length scenes from some of Falcon's greatest titles of all time make this collection a must own. Starring Rod Barry, Vince Ditonno, Bobby Williams, Rocky, Kurt Stefano, Kevin Miles, Aaron Wilde, Kane O'Farrell, Raphael Perez, Erik Rhodes, Brian Daniels, Kyle Becker, Travis Wade, Cade Devlin, Ricky Martinez, Tristan Paris, Dean Monroe, Tyler Marks and Marco Paris. Directed by John Bruno, Jim Steel, Chi Chi LaRue, Michael Youens and John Rutherford. A Falcon Anthology Series DVD.
chasing_andy_dvd_tn.jpg Chasing Andy (DVD)
Superstar Kurt Stefano leads an all-star cast in this hot XXX feature. Starring Kurt Stefano, Collin Jennings, Eduardo, Drew Andrews, Ian Andrews, Casey O'Brian and Kent Burke.
Confined to Quarters (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Confined to quarters, where pent up beefy guys satisfy their only need - big hard dick and non-step sex! But the sergeant intrudes and whips out his massive meat only to become a huge pain in the ass. Starring Rob Steele, Bruce Hill, Doug Jeffries, Jordan Austin, Collin Jennings, Kurt Stefano and Kent Austin. Directed by T. J. Paris. A Fox Studios / Sierra Pacific DVD.
dieselicious_tn.jpg Dieselicious (DVD)
Four hours of stud on stud action! Vivid's hardcore macho muthafuckers! Starring: Chris Anthony, Andrew Bishop, Jason Branch, Brad Chase, David Cline, Sam Dixon, David Hill, Grant King, Grant Larson, Scott Martin, Chip Matthews, Johnny Rahm, John Ross, Dave Russell, Jack Simmons, Kurt Stefano, Josh Taylor, Alex Thomas, Adam Wilde and Ryan Yeager. With over 30 stars in all! A Vivid Man 4-Hour DVD.
dilfs-vivid_tn.jpg DILFS: Dads I'd Like to Fuck (DVD) Vivid Man
Four hours of boys and their F&ck Daddies. If they're bad, just give them a spanking. Daddy knows best. Starring Ren Lickitt, Tad Garrett, Tony Vitale, Paul Carrigan, Chad Donovan, Hunter Scott, Randy White, Dave Russell, Gianfranco, Tony Brocco, Blake Harper, Ethan Marc, Peter Wilder, Will Clark, Dean Phoenix, Mac Reynolds, Kurt Young, Steve Cannon, Kurt Stefano, Justin Greer, Marc Hamilton, and Jacob Scott. With over 30 stars in all. A Vivid Man 4 Hour DVD.
flavor_of_men_dvd_tn.jpg Flavor of Men, The (DVD)
If you have a taste for hot men, then you'll eat up this hot flick! Starring Steve O'Donnell, Kurt Stefano, Sam Crockett, Bryan Kidd, Max Grand, Chance Caldwell, Peter Wilder and Chase Rite. Hungry Yet?
full_throttle_tn.jpg Full Throttle (DVD) 4 hours
4 hours of all male stick shifting! Gentlemen start your boners! Starring Matt Hammer, Chip Matthews, Sonny Markham, Ricky Price, Grant King, Ryan Yeager, Adam Wilde, Dave Russell, David Cline, Kurt Stefano, Andrew Bishop, Johnny Rahm, Nick Leonetti, Jason Cruise, Jason Ross, Jack Lofton, Dean Pike, Robby Swenson, Sam Dixon, Les Stine, and Nick Manetti. Over 30 stars in all. A Vivid Man 4 Hour DVD.
good_samaritan_dvd_tn.jpg Good Samaritan, The (DVD)
Starring Kurt Stefano, Vince Cobretti, Drew Andrews, Chaz Carlton, Brad Steel, Dusty Rivers and more! Directed by Matt Houston for XTC Films.
hard_on_the_trail_tn.jpg Hard On The Trail (DVD)
4 hours of boys gettin' to the bottom of it! Check out the cavity searches, Vivid style! Starring: Mixer, Dereck Bishop, Tony Brocco, Chris Burns, Paolo Centori, Will Clark, Jason Cruise, Eric Evans, Rainey Foster, Sean Fox, Derek Jensen, Mike Lamas, Nick Leonetti, Dino Phillips, Sean Phoenix, Mac Reynolds, Marc Romano, Tyler Scott, Jack Simmons, Kurt Stefano, Todd Stevens, Jason Wagner and Peter Wilder. With over 30 stars in all! A Vivid Man 4-Hour DVD.
hot_shorts_all_worlds_tn.jpg Hot Shorts (DVD)
Jeff Kincaid, the master of kinky, down and dirty sex delivers four action packed scenes. With Brent Cross, Nic Angelo, Kip Kasey, Gordon Lee and other fuck buddies that will pop for you their big juicy loads. Starring Nic Angelo, Gareth Christopher, Brent Cross, Dave Davidson, Kip Kasey, Gordon Lee, Kurt Stefano, Jason Thompson, David York. Directed by Jeff Kincaid. An All Worlds DVD.
hot_to_trot_tn.jpg Hot to Trot (DVD)
The salty taste of sweat; the smell of sun tan lotion on sun-browned bodies; Hot House captures a piece of perfect summer with "Hot to Trot".Starring Rod Barry, Brad King, Michael Rivera, Vic Bandera, Steve Harper, Kurt Stefano, Sam Crockett, Cody Whiler. Introducing Drew Dornan and Jacob Scott
hudlle_up_dvd_tn.jpg Huddle Up (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Starring Brent Cross, Keith Austin, Kurt Stefano, Dakota Blaze, Anthony Gallo, Cutter West, Antonio, Matt Wilder, Adrian Z., Paolo and Paul Carrigan. Directed by T. J. Paris. A Fox Studios/Sierra Pacific DVD.
hustler_blue_blue_tn.jpg Hustler Blue (DVD)
It may be the world's oldest profession...but the guys were there too! Here's a Hollywood Sales film that's now been remastered for DVD! It's about those hot boys...the nasty boys...from the other side of the tracks that frequent the dark alleys and hustler bars... There's lots of good times to be had...for a price. Starring Austin Black, David Cline, Samon-Zachary Dixon, Richie Fine, Chris Fletcher, Eric Hamilton, Kurt Stefano. A Blue Pictures / Hollywood Sales DVD.
jeff_stryker_under_tn.jpg Jeff Stryker's Underground (DVD)
$19.88 $10.00 On Sale!
He's Back. . .and Better Than Ever! Starring Jeff Stryker, Drew Andrews, Chris Anthony, Derek Cameron, Paul Morgan, Logan Reed, J. C. Carter, Paolo Centori, Brent Cross, Eduardo, Luke Edwards, Hugh Scott, Rusty Scott, Kurt Stefano, Peter Wilder, Brett Winters, Anthony Gallo, K. C. Hart, Andrew Long, Scott Lyons, Kyle McKenna, Dino Phillips, Corky Adams, Blue Blake, Paul Carrington, Chris Dano, Robert Lawson, Christopher Zale and Eddie Ramone.
keep_your_gay_job_vm_tn.jpg Keep Your Gay Job (DVD)
Here's four hours of jobs that really blow! After all, it's a blowjob, but somebody's got to do it! Starring Alex Thomas, Andrew Bishop, Brett Williams, Chad Conners, Chip Matthews, Chris McKenzie, David Dean, Devyn Foster, Drew Nolan, Gianfranco, Jason Ross, Johnny Rahm, Kurt Stefano, Rick Drake, Tanner Reeves, Tim Barnett, Tim Lowe, Todd Fuller, Tony Brocco, Tony Sinatra, Troy Nielson, Vic Hall. A Vivid Man 4 Hour DVD.
laying_pipe_vivid_tn.jpg Laying Pipe (DVD)
Put a snake down that hole! Trouble with your plumbing? No problem! Starring: Alex Thomas, Jason Ross, Troy Nielson, Tim Lowe, Tim Barnett, Rick Drake, Devyn Foster, Drew Nolan, Chad Conners, Vic Hall, Nick Leonetti, Red Cox, Brett Williams, Tony Sinatra, Jim Dunagan, David Dean, Johnny Rahm, Chris Mckenzie, Sena Hunter, Andrew Bishop, Kent Burk, Grant Fagin, and Kurt Stefano. A Vivid Man 4-Hour DVD.
no_way_out_vivid_tn.jpg No Way Out (DVD)
No escapin' the action! 4 hours of hot 'n heavy homo fun! Starring Tim Barnett, Dave Davison, Marcus Day, Sam Dixon, Chad Donovan, Devyn Foster, Troy Halston, Chris Knight, Kevin Kramer, Steven Marks, Lyle Parker, Dino Phillips, Tanner Reeves, Dave Russell, Craig Slater, Kurt Stefano, Brett Winters, Brian Yates. With over 30 stars in all. A Vivid Man 4 Hour DVD.
picture_perfect_vm_tn.jpg Picture Perfect (DVD) Vivid Man
Todd Stevens is perfect. And we've got the pictures to prove it. Todd is single and thinks he wants to stay that way... until he meets Kyle and Sam, and Tim Lowe. It's tough when you're perfect. Can't you just picture it? Starring Todd Stevens, Kurt Stefano, Troy Halston, Kyle Hunter, Sam Crockett, Tim Lowe, Chad Dovovan, Paul Carrigan, Marcus Day, and David Clin. A Vivid Man DVD.