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Jerry Douglas Features

What sets apart a Jerry Douglas feature?

Director Jerry Douglas surely blurrs the line between
"pornography" and Hollywood feature films. His videos
cost more to make-a LOT more -than even most
higher-end gay porn. Douglas typically spends
about 2 years producing one of his videos.

He spends much time developing and writing the script
for a planned feature. Arranging financing is no easy task
in today's cost and profit-conscious adult industry.

And casting is a big element-not only does Jerry Douglas
tend to use only the hottest current talent, but it is critical
that his stars be strong actors, to give justice to
his plot and dialogue-heavy scripts.

Invariably, a Jerry Douglas video cleans up at award time.
His videos often receive "best" awards in feature,
director, acting and script categories.

Today, many porn fans can be heard to say
"I don't need storyline or production value-just hot sex!"

Trust us-in a Jerry Douglas video, you get both!