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Hunk Suite

bare-my-back-hs_tn.jpg Bare My Back (DVD)
It's just what happens when young, horny stud twinks hook up. Somethin's gotta give... They're all young, virile, horny, and coveting each other's well muscled, tight body...yep, the one with the bulging crotch that gives away the game. A knowing wicked look, an evil smile...and it's game on. No hole's safe...and no one or bottom it's all raw hot-assed mansex and everyone's happy...sweaty and spent. A Hunk Suite DVD.
hard-sweaty-sexy_tn.jpg Hard Sweaty Sex (DVD)
Hard-bodied, muscled young men...mercilessly pounding and drilling each other raw, and expertly sucking their throbbing rods. It's the kind of pile-driving, hard hitting, damn good mansex that works up a sweat, pounds the cum right out of your dick, and is so wickedly satisfying! A Hunk Suite DVD.
what-two-can-do_tn.jpg What Two Can Do (DVD)
Director Rolf Hammerschmidt treats you to some scorching young men sucking and fucking up a storm... You experience the intensity of their libidos, the hardness of their dicks, and the eagerness of their raw holes--not to mention their rocketing cumloads! It's young man rutting...and it's raw and real. A Hunk Suite DVD.