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Hungarian Men

Hungary, Czech Republic
adam_and_yves__bijou_tn.jpg Adam & Yves (DVD) Re-Release!
$39.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Precondom. Featuring a cameo by Greta Garbo in her last big screen appearance! Filmed in France, this is a series of takeoffs from films such as Last Tango in Paris and Garbo's Queen Christina. Michael Hardwick stars as an American tourist in search of love and a healthy relationship. He meets Marcus Giovanni and goes to his place for sex. Later, an all-black orgy in a men's room provides a terrific finale. Here, younger and older black men suck dick and circle jerk. Starring Bill Eld (a.k.a. Bill Young), Bob Jones, Marcus Giovanni, Michael Hardwick and Jack Deveau. Directed by Peter de Rome. A Hand in Hand Films/Bijou Classic on DVD.
bareback_heat_tn.jpg Bareback Heat (DVD)
Rebel Boyz presents Twink Bareback Sex like never seen before. 11 gorgeous guys fucking raw and eating HUGE loads of cum! They are hungry and just want to feel the heat. Starring Snake, Peter Scott, Jovany, Chris, Richter, Nick Schroeder, Jordan, Thomas, Josif Liszowsky, Claudio Merkury and Michael Ston. Directed by Michael Paris. An Eboys/Rebelboyz DVD.
best_of_george_vidanov_tn.jpg Best of George Vidanov, The (DVD)
$49.88 $15.00 On Sale!
Falcon Anthology Series 42. See what made George Vidanov a true Falcon Legend! Eight scorching-hot, full length scenes from some of Falcon's greatest titles of all times make this collection a must-own. Starring George Vidanov, Andras Molnar, Isidore Nadas, Stefan Toth, Krisztian Szabo, Marin Hubai, Janos Volt, Karl Nepessy, Miklos Soledad, Marko Balazs, Jason Lucian Stefan Stano, Robert Balint, Akos Schiff, Attila Pagonyi, Zoly Mirlos, Alex Lambert and Joe Calderon. Directed by Steve Kiraly. A Falcon Anthology Series DVD.
bi_the_blue_line_dvd_tn.jpg Bi the Blue Line (DVD) Bisexual
Forget the game, the real action tonight is going on in the locker room! A couple of female sportscasters are going to get more than they bargained for when they try to interview the players off the field; they find out just how close this team of oiled-up hunks really is. Starring Jan Dvorak (aka Pavel Novotny, Max Orloff), Ivan Rohan, Lucas Arthur, Robert Wild, Jan Dreifus, Vilem Cage, Michael Berg, Vivian, Nicolette, Evelynn and Jeanette.
bisexual_bachelor_party_tn.jpg Bisexual Bachelor Party (DVD)
These horny bachelors can have their cake and eat it too! This bisexual party is so hot it will make you sweat! There's nothing better then a hot guy on guy scene except maybe if you add a girl for good measure. Starring Nick Taylor, Jozsef Kovacs, Joshua Rodgers, Andrew Moretti, Nicole Evans and Niky Verona. Directed by Joe Budai. An Elite Male DVD.
Border Patrol (DVD)
"Highly Recommended. If you notice nothing else about "Border Patrol," the latest odyssey from ace director Herve Handsome, you will notice that there is not a flaw on any of the men contained in it. I don't care what your "type" is you positively have to love these guys. They are all so easy to look at, so much the actual definition of the word gorgeous that it's a true pleasure to watch them." . . . Brent Blue, Starring Akos G., Attila B. (a.k.a. John Meredek, Mihaly Tombor, Ivan Mrozek), Attila Ferenczi (a.k.a. Fred Fele, Ferenc, Mike Huston, Giovanni Floretti), Attila Kialt (a.k.a. Fernando Nielson), Elemer R., Ferenc U., Istvan S. (a.k.a. Martin Hubai, Leslie Manzel), Karoly H., Lajos D., Laszlo V., Mikos O., Peter T., Zoltan C., Zoltan S. and Zsolt K. (a.k.a. Stefan Toth, Lorice Jackman). Directed by Herve Handsome. A High Octane DVD.
breeding_party_2_tn.jpg Breeding Party 2 (DVD) Bareback
Eager mouths filled with freshly churned cream, gaping male assholes dripping with cum. . .that's what this massive Breeding Party's all about. Here's the second dose of spew. . .just for your eyes! And you're pretty much guaranteed to get your fill. Starring Mickey, Peter Shadow, Nick Taylor, Rod Stevens, Renato Belaggio, Enrico Belaggio, Leslie Blue, Randy Jones, Tomi, Alfreado Castaldo, Devil and Rich. Directed by Joe Budai. A White Water DVD.
brotherhood_secrets_tn.jpg Brotherhood Secrets (DVD) The Visconti Triplets!
Yes, it's all real. And no, you're not seeing double - you're seeing triple! The gay adult world is about to change forever. While brothers have been a novelty in the past, they have been few and far between. Now, Elite Male presents the Visconti Triplets in Brotherhood Secrets. The Triplet's first film exposes their life behind-the-scenes at a photo shoot, and captures their smiles and eroticism. A dream come true, the Triplets will capture your heart. Starring Jason Visconti, Jimmy Visconti, Joey Visconti, Adriano Cassano, Brent Moon, David Cain, Divko, Enrico Bellagio, Jack Dragon, James Jones, Mickey and Rogerio Mateo. Directed by Joe Budai. An Elite Male DVD.
casey_nart_tn.jpg Casey (DVD-R)
$34.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Precondom. This early all-male fuck flick starred Cal Culver, who subsequently adopted the name Casey Donovan. The story of Casey (in his first film appearance) as a man searching for resolution and release from the conflicting forces within himself: physical needs and the platonic relationship of another human being. Casey talks to his alter ego, the transvestite Wanda Uptight (also played by Casey), getting advice about his fantasy escapades. Humor, wit and good dialogue work and combine to make this film an entertaining gander at sexuality as freeing and fun. Starring Casey Donovan (aka Cal Culver), Angelo Waine, Sparrow Guano and Nat Grey. A Hand in Hand Films/Bijou Classic on DVD.
cock_tales_tn.jpg Cock Tales (DVD)
"Highly Recommended. Rick Bauer gets the star treatment in Cock Tales. His good looks, hot body and uncut dick are made for erotic dreams. Set in a gay bar that does anything but discourage sex on the premises, director Herve Handsome manages not only to create a realistic bar atmosphere, he also gathers together a gorgeous cast of horny Eastern European performers." . . . Martin Cox, Starring Rick Bauer (a.k.a. Gabor Szeles), Tyrone Hecco, Agustin Agar, August Habarcs, Fred Fele (a.k.a. Giovanni Floretti, Ferenc, Giovanni Floretto, Ted Colunga, Attila Ferenczi), Mick Huston, Galen Maganos, Daniel Paxton, Jack Mecs, Gary Zabal, Tim Brensen, Tyson Naphal, Justin Stewart, Terence Kiadas, Isidore Nadas (a.k.a. (Renato Bellagio, Zoltan Sapka) and Tyler Savas.
commandos_dvd_tn.jpg Commandos (DVD)
Herve Handsome brings to you a Platoon of Hung & Hunky Hungarian Commandos on maneuvers with their cocks gunned and ready to shoot! Starring Patrick Kacer, Fred Fele, Thierry Golyo, Luke Jarkal, Gabriel Galad, Zoltan Sapka, Luis Badog, Micahel Sarlo, Tyler Savas, Luis Landzsa, Luke Vador, Brandon Babos, Blake Vacakol, Matthew Sakk and Daniel Magam.
cum_fucking_skinheads_tn.jpg Cum Fucking Skinheads (DVD) Bareback
Bareback. Contains Controversial Footage. Innocence had nothing to do with it. These skinheads had a plan for their prey. And it would be a night he would never forget. This kinky fantasy features the hottest water sports, humiliation, abuse and role-play as these hung, muscle studs breed their victim bareback. Next time you're on the street, look over your shoulder - you might be next! Starring Alfredo, Enrico Belaggio, Leslie Blue, Devil, Randy Jones, Tattoo Junior, Joshua Rodgers and Tamy. Directed by Joe Budai. A Raptor Entertainment DVD.
cum-fucking-skinheads-2_tn.jpg Cum Fucking Skinheads 2 (DVD)
These skinheads had a plan for their prey. And it would be a night he would never forget. This kinky fantasy features humiliation, abuse and role-play as these hung, muscle studs breed their victim bareback. Next time you're on the street, look over your shoulder - you might be next! Starring: Devil, James Jones, Mickey, Dark Devil, Chris Stone, Igor, Tom Taylor, Peter Shadow, Enrico Belagio. Director: Joe Budai. A Raptor Entertainment DVD.
czech_firemen_dvd_tn.jpg Czech Firemen (DVD)
Take a peek behind the doors of a Czech firehouse where the hot and hunky firemen let their hoses loose to put out the fires of passion. Starring Jan Dvorak (Pavel Novotny, Max Orloff), Vilem Cage, Lucas Arthurs, Milan Loksan, Pavel Nadvomik, Tomas Hyka, Lubos Vitek, Ruddy Rohn, Tomas Vitasek and Pavel Mikulik.
euro_tools_tn.jpg Euro Tools (DVD)
This cast of young, muscled hunks is all the more amazing because each and every one displays an unrelenting lust for cock. The cum flies when these guys haul out the tools and get down to the dirty work! Directed for High Octane by Herve Handsome. Starring Viktor Hogyes (Victor Selvey, Peter Krisztia), Ivan (Kurt Miklos, Stefan Racz), Ritchie (Alexandru Cuza, Ivar), Attila Hogyes (Janos Volt, Rolf Kristen), Andras, Richard, Renato, Laszlo, Peter, Robert and Kristian.
extra_long_shift_tn.jpg Extra Long Shift (DVD)
It's all about musclar, masculine men; hot-assed daddy types, and younger dick-crazy guys - and they all have one thing in common: they love big, thick, and long dicks to suck down to their tonsils, and fuck their greedy holes balls-deep! No love story here. . . just hot-assed long-dickin' man food - super-sized! Starring Rick Bauer, Renato Bellagio, Marc Dievo, Steve Hunt, Kevin Jones, Joshua Rodgers, Peter Shadow and Jack Wright. Directed by Joe Budai. An Elite Male DVD.
fire_pump_dvd_tn.jpg Fire Pump (DVD)
Hot European studs fan the flames of desire in this searing tale of male passion. Andras (Andreas von Stahl, Gaspair Urge), Attila Hogyes (Janos Volt, Rolf Kristen), Christophe, Fabrice, Isvan, Niklos (Antal Posze, Serge Rahndol), Richard Feher (Alexandru Cuza), Stefan (Ian Chessler, Istvan Foki, Wolf Remulus) and Zolt. From High Octane; Directed by Herve Handsome.
flings_dvd_tn.jpg Flings 1 (DVD)
$53.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Fling yourself in front of the screen and join 11 of Bel Ami's top models, including four exciting new talents, in six joyous, impulsive romps. Experience the spontaneous sexuality as Bel Ami's young and hung give in to their most primal urges! Starring Marcel Bouvier, Chris Cameron, Jeff Daniels, Tim Hamilton, Oliver Krist, Valentin Nabokov, Mirko Polakov, Danny Saradon, Dano Sulik and Nico Tiziani.
fuck_factory_private_tn.jpg Fuck Factory (DVD)
It's hot and sweaty on the workshop floor of the Fuck Factory and these hunky factory workers are all greased up and ready for some serious hardcore action! Starring Helmut Muller, Flavio McAllistar, Fernando, Fabrizio Mangiatti, Antonio Martinelli, Kevin Cage, Troy Patrick, Jarda Chakin, Gianni Nascimento, Austin Rogers, Glenn Santoro, Mario McCabe and Boris Demitri. Directed by Csaba Borbely. A Private Man / Mansize DVD.
glory_hole_of_desire_tn.jpg Glory Hole of Desire (DVD)
In a room full of buddy booths, dashing Lucio Maverick is dressed in a suit, spitting on a random cock in a hole and sucking nicely. He may be coming from work or from a stylish affair, but does the guy on the other side of the wall care what he's wearing? No, it's Lucio's mouth that is keeping him hard. The dick belongs to Flavio Valentino, a glam-bomb type who, also in a suit, looks like he came from a modeling shoot. Starring Jack Wright, Lucio Maverick, Mickey, Evan Rochelle, Flavio Valentino, Tomi, Fredy Costa and Claudio Antonelli. Directed by Joe Budai. An Elite Male DVD.