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jet_set_men_encore_hisxpress_tn.jpg * FREE Jet Set Men Encore Collection (DVD) *Excludes Shipping *Limit - One Per Order
$14.88 $0.00 On Sale!
A+ This hardcore sampling of Jet Set Men's hot premium titles features dozens of hot studs sucking and fucking. It's three hours long, with 37 hardcore previews and three bonus scenes (from Desert Pick-Up 2, The Hole, and Jet Set Fraternity Gangbang 2). If you haven't seen any of the New Jet Set Premium Features, you don't know today's Jet Set - and here's a perfect way to check it out (and get off)! A Jet Set Premium Hardcore Sampler DVD.
bareback-gutfuckers-5_tn.jpg - Bareback Gutfuckers 5 (DVD)
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
Calling all HUGE cock-lovers! Dark Alley brings you 5 deep-fucking scenes featuring some of the biggest cocks in the industry turning out eager, slutty bottoms willing to take every single inch. Starring: Armond Rizzo, Brett Bradley, Gutler X, Kory Mitchel, Owen Powers, Peto Coast, Ray Dalton, Rocco Steele, Sean Storm, Troy Moreno. A Dark Alley DVD.
barebacking-abroad-lucas_tn.jpg - Barebacking Abroad (DVD)
$49.88 $39.90 On Sale!
An unforgettable cast of international men travels from around the world to enjoy some “Barebacking Abroad” along the Greek countryside! Lucas Entertainment’s Javi Velaro lets loose on the handsome Klein Kerr, resulting in an ass pounding encounter. Massimo Piano gives Derek Allan a deep-penetrating lesson in Spanish seduction. Vlad Larin tests his stamina by taking raw dick from both Tomas Brand and Dario Leon. And Alex Kof is all top with Ehrik Ortega, who enjoys riding nine inches worth of uncut Russian cock. How does a trip of “Barebacking Abroad” sound to you? Starring: Javi Velaro, Klein Kerr, Massimo Piano, Derek Allan, Vlad Larin, Tomas Brand, Dario Leon, Alex Kof, Ehrik Ortega. A Lucas Entertainment DVD.
barracks-glory-hole-1-re-release_tn.jpg - Barracks Glory Hole 1 (DVD) Re-Release
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
See what happens when they drop through! See what happens when Marines get together for some hot action. The feature that started the series. Featuring Ethan-Michael Ayers and his Marine buddies in hot glory hole action. Starring Ethan-Michael Ayers and many hard military cocks. Directed by Dirk Yates. An All Worlds Video DVD.
barracks-glory-hole-2-3-re-release_tn.jpg - Barracks Glory Hole 2 & 3 (DVD) Re-Release
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
Two volumes of the legendary Dirk Yates Barrack's Glory Hole on one DVD for the first time. Each volume contains five scenes starring real military men who were in the service at the time these videos were filmed. These aren't actors, this is the real thing and many of these guys never appeared on video again. Directed by Dirk Yates. An All Worlds DVD.
cuddle-up-sauvage_tn.jpg - Cuddle Up (DVD)
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
Winter in Prague is the perfect time to enjoy some hot intimacy with the sexy locals a fact that Danish new boy, Chris Jansen, clearly has foremost in his mind when he heads to the Czechia capital. Unsurprisingly, he doesnt have to wait too long before his efforts are met with raw success; as Joshua Levy, Jaro Stone and Tristan Archer extend a traditional Czech-boy welcome to his pert little arse! Add the meaty, uncut cocks of Tony Conrad and Enzo Sky into the frame and you have the makings of a superb, spunk-soaked classic! Starring: Chris Jansen, Enzo Sky, Jaro Stone, Joshua Levy, Noah Matous, Tony Conrad, Tristan Archer, Will Simon. A Sauvage / Staxus DVD.
fathers-and-sons-4_tn.jpg - Fathers & Sons 4 (DVD)
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
Newly engaged lovebirds Nick Capra and Damon Andros decide they should meet each other's sons before their wedding day, so they plan a family get together up in the mountains. Easy going Damon instantly bonds with Nick's free spirited, bad boy son (Ty Roderick), while muscular Daddy Nick is captivated by Damon's sweet faced offspring (Killion James.) Will the attempts at family bonding go too far, or can the four hot studs live happily ever after? Starring: Damon Andros, Killion James, Nick Capra, Ty Roderick. An Icon Male DVD.
food-sex-bijou_tn.jpg - Food Sex (DVD)
$39.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Food Sex is an original compilation of classic scenes focusing on sex, masturbation, foreplay, and sexual fantasies involving food. Zucchinis, corn, sausage, whipped cream, hot dogs, grapes, bananas, tomatoes, carrots, cantaloupes, cucumbers, celery etc. A Bijou Classics DVD.
football-focus-sauvage_tn.jpg - Football Focus (DVD)
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
It's the world's most popular game and it's little wonder that the guys who play it quickly become global superstars. But this team of horned-up fuckers aren't so much interested in what takes place on the pitch as what goes on in the locker-room after the match. Suffice it to say that it isn't just the referees whistle that gets blown; as STAXUS legend, Jaro Stone, captains old favourites like Mickey Rush and Tom Nutt, as well as luscious newcomers Titus Snow, Rob Rock and Enzo Sky. With everyone hitting the scoresheet, and balls rupturing in both halves, this is one cum-drenched tournament you won't want to miss! Starring: Enzo Sky, Jaro Stone, Mickey Rush, Rob Rock, Titus Snow, Tom Nutt, Tom Uli. A Sauvage / Staxus DVD.
gogo-gangbang_tn.jpg - Go Go Gangbang (DVD)
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
A night of Go-Go dancing at the notourisly raunchy Ramrod Bar in Fort Lauderdale turns into a 10 man gang bang for slutty fucker Owen Powers. The pack of muscle studs and big dicked daddies take turns fucking his holes and loading him up with their hot loads. Starring: Brett Bradley, Daxton Ryker, Dek Reckless, Dillon Anderson, Jay Ricci, Mario Cruz, Mitch Roberts, Owen Powers, Saxon West, Sean Duran. A Raw Fuck Club DVD.
king-dong-pride_tn.jpg - King Dong (DVD)
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
During the football game, Jake Jammer and Ian Levine wake up from a little half-time nap. Jake notices his cock has grown fully hard and Ian is also in the mood, so he takes down Jake's underwear and devours his boner. Mike de Marko has been trying for weeks to convince Michael Mazzo that guys are way better at sucking cock than women. Mike begs to have a taste so he could show him his great skills, so Michael finally pulls his 9 inch super thick cock out. Scott Harbor has another broken vent and this time he calls Rikk York to help him fix it. For some reason the vent never gets fixed and eventually he ends up with a cock deep in his ass. Starring: CJ Parker, Ian Levine, Jake Jammer, Jake Zackry, James Ryder, Joey Rico, Michael Mazzo, Mike De Marko, Rikk York, Scott Harbor, Trelino. A Pride Studios DVD.
monster-inside-me-6_tn.jpg - Monster Inside Me 6 (DVD)
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
Raw Fuck Club's Monster Series is back and more brutal than ever! We sought out the biggest cocks in Rio and the hungriest bottoms ready to be fuck-meat at the hands of horse-hung, uncut cock looking to bust a nut. 5 scenes and close to 2 hours of raw action including a "no-holes-barred" scene featuring Andy Star taking huge cock from twins Neo and Gustavo Ryder. Starring: Alex, Andy Star, Big Black, Fred, Guilherme, Gustavo Ryder, Marcelo Mastro, Neo. A Raw Fuck Club / Dark Alley DVD.
my-dirty-uncle-mencom_tn.jpg - My Dirty Uncle (DVD)
$39.88 $25.92 On Sale!
My Dirty Uncle is always flirting with me and sending me mixed signals like he wants to with me. I know it's so very wrong to even consider this but my uncle is just so hot and I cannot resist his urges any longer. My uncle and I will just have to keep this secret between the two of us!! Starring: Alex Mecum, Dennis West, Landon Mycles, Luke Adams, Scott Riley. A Men.com DVD.
now-thats-what-i-call-staxus_tn.jpg - Now Thats What I Call Staxus (DVD) 2-Disc Set
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
2DVD Set! For over ten years now STAXUS has been producing the very best gay porn with the help of some of the hottest, horniest young guys on the planet, to become Europe's biggest and best-loved label in the biz! So come with us literally! as we celebrate this achievement with a double-disc bonanza of a dozen of the very raunchiest, spunk-sodden escapades; featuring 29 of the most cock-crazed, arse-obsessed fuckers ever to appear in front of a camera. Solos, duos, threesomes and a full-on five-way rest assured, twink-on-twink action has never looked so absolutely fan-fucking-tastic! Starring: Billy Rubens, Brad Fitt, Chase Anderson, Connor Levi, Damian Dokey, Dick Casey, Heath Denson, Jason Mike, Jaxon Radoc, John Parker, Justin Conway, Kamyk Walker, Kevin Aleah, Kris Wallace, Louis Blakeson, Marty Love, Mickey Moon, Mike Cage, Milan Sharp, Orlando White, Paul Walker, Rudy Valentino, Sven Laarson, Timmy Taylor, Tom Nut, Tristan Wood, Victor Jones, Wil Sims, Xander Hollis. A Staxus DVD.
raw-harlem-holes_tn.jpg - Raw Harlem Holes (DVD)
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
There's nothing like a hot night of cruising, slumming, sexing and cumming...especially if it's with the Bruthas from the Breed. Join them as they hit the glory holes...and hit every available hole! They all take turns getting as much dick and ass as they can before the sun comes up and by the end of the night all their nuts are drained of every ounce off cum! Starring: Ajay, Champ Robinson, Jordan Stone, Kannon, Nick Omni, Remy Mars, Romeo Gemini, Vann Williams. A Forbidden Funk DVD.
robbie-sean-cody_tn.jpg - Robbie (DVD)
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
Starring: Robbie, Curtis, Blake, Cory. A Sean Cody DVD.
scandalous-in-scandanavia-2_tn.jpg - Scandalous in Scandinavia 2 (DVD)
$53.88 $45.80 On Sale!
Brayden, Easton, Josh, Trenton, and Reagan continue their journey through Scandinavia - but are sure to take a break from the sightseeing to get in to the wildest and most intense sexual fun. Brayden shows us northern Europe brings out his insatiable, cock-hungry bottom side as Trenton and Reagan each get a turn using his mouth and ass. Reagan and Trenton then have a go at one another, with Trenton getting his dick balls-deep in Reagan's ass. Josh, Brayden, and Easton cap off the action with a threesome where every one of the guys can't give or get enough hard cock! Starring: Brayden, Easton, Josh, Trenton, Reagan. A Corbin Fisher DVD.
sean-xavier-collection_tn.jpg - Sean Xavier Collection (DVD)
$49.88 $39.90 On Sale!
Celebrate one of the biggest dicks to ever appear in a Lucas Entertainment film by picking up the Sean Xavier Collection. This handsome, ripped, and ultra-hung (11 inches and counting) black man shows off his encounters sucking and fucking in front of the camera. Experience again Alex Andrews Hans Berlin, Colden Armstrong, Duncan Black, and Alexander Garrett the way Sean Xavier knew them: holding their breath waiting to take Seans endowment! And in a never-before-released-on-DVD scene, Michael Lucas fucks Sean Xavier with his uncut Russian cock. Starring: Alex Andrews, Alexander Garrett, Colden Armstrong, Duncan Black, Hans Berlin, Michael Lucas, Sean Xavier. A Lucas Entertainment DVD.
seduced-cocky-boys_tn.jpg - Seduced (DVD)
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
An all-star line up of beautiful guys await you in this DVD. We've put together the hottest, most enticing scenes together in one place! Starring: Allen King, Frankie Valentine, Levi Karter, Tayte Hanson. A Cocky Boys DVD.
size-matters-2-lkr_tn.jpg - Size Matters 2 (DVD)
$53.88 $45.80 On Sale!
Bel Ami invites you to come and visit with these hung and horny boys. Sit back and let them teach you just how much Size Matters in this beautiful bareback bonanza. Starring: Arne Coen, Dylan Maguire, Jack Harrer, Joel Birkin, Manuel Rios, Milan Sharpe, Paul Mekas, Phillipe Gaudin, Vadim Farrell. A Lukas Ridgeston DVD.
thats-my-boy-cockyboys_tn.jpg - That's My Boy (DVD)
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
Do you remember that first time you met your favorite fuck buddy? While you had no idea that the sex would be so incredible, the intense attraction was there. We've put together some amazing match-ups together in one volume. Watch first time CockyBoy Topher DiMaggio put Levi Karter through the paces! Starring: Levi Karter, Topher Dimaggio. A Cocky Boys DVD.
thirst-is-real-hard-friction_tn.jpg - Thirst Is Real (DVD)
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
These studs are THIRSTY…They want hot sex, they want it now, and it shows in ‘The Thirst Is Real’. From the looks in their eyes, their stiff cocks and their twitching holes, you know they have to have it. Their desires rise to the surface and spill over in load after load in this refreshing release from Hard Friction. Steve Cruz delivers the brand’s signature connected sex with a cast of eight hot and eager men, who quench their thirst with wild and passionate fucking. Starring: Bruno Bernal, Christian Cross, Jacob Taylor, Johnny V., Rikk York, Scott Demarco, Tegan Zayne. A Raging Stallion DVD.
amazing-ass-10_tn.jpg - Amazing Ass 10 (DVD)
$39.88 $31.90 On Sale!
Hot house present Amazing Ass, a collection of the finest scenes featuring the greatest insatiable power bottoms, greedy holes and perfect bubble butts ever to appear on screen. Every hand-picked scene is selected with lovers of hot male ass in mind. Starring: Angel Rock, David Circus, David V, Erik Rhodes, Francesco D'Macho, Frederic Duris, Landon Conrad, Luke Adams, Marc Dylan, Marcus Ruhl, Tommy Deluca, Trenton Ducati. A Hot House Video DVD.
banging-sweet-boys-2_tn.jpg - Banging Sweet Boys 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
If you loved the last lot of sweet boys getting their pretty tushes banged and filled with cock and cum, you’ll love the next in this hot series! Ten good looking, and downright sexy guys, get it on with their pals in duets and threeways all over the house and even out in the garden! Starring: Alex Martyn, Andy Roll, Carl Baxter, Chester Pool, Clark Santos, Cuba Paros, Dave Rodriguez, Peter Hawk, Ricky Loverboy, Ronny Howard, Victor Klicko. A Bareback Boy Bangers DVD.
bareback-passion-helix_tn.jpg - Bareback Passion (DVD)
$49.88 $44.89 On Sale!
It's barely legal bareback at it's best in this all new feature-length & condom free fuck flick from Helix Studios! Whether it's a sizzling summertime adventure, birthday booty breakfast-in-bed or just the first time working out or breaking in a new gym buddy, these fit & fine, young & hung, rock hard romeos with their insatiable erotic urges & super-sized sex drives find stimulation inspiration in every situation. Don't miss all your favorite Helix heartthrobs in scene after steamy scene of wanton & sultry bareback bliss. Starring: Aiden Garcia, Brad Chase, Cooper Steel, Davey Brooks, Jacob Dixon, Jessie Montgomery, Josh Bensan, Logan Cross, Max Carter, Oliver Hudson. A Helix Studios DVD.
bi-college-guys-cain_tn.jpg - Bi College Guys: Cain (DVD)
$53.88 $45.80 On Sale!
Super buff bodybuilder Cain is used to getting attention from both girls and guys, and he's not letting any of it go to waste. So he takes them both on - at the same time! Masculine and sexy, Cain looks to have as much fun as he can in every hot hook up. He uses his big cock and hungry holes to satisfy some very lucky coeds in intense cum-spurting romps! Starring: Cain, Trey, Duncan, Josh, Courtney, Cameron, Ashley, Danielle, Jackie. A Corbin Fisher DVD.
big-bro-little-bro-jj_tn.jpg - Big Bro Little Bro (DVD)
$49.88 $39.90 On Sale!
What do Trenton Ducati, Colby Keller and Gabriel Clark have in common? They're all big-dicked, power tops that always leave their eager bottoms begging for more! It's so sexy when a big dude teaches his lil' bro the ropes and just fucks him without abandon! Starring: Colby Keller, Gabriel Clark, Trenton Ducati. A Cocky Boys DVD.
clarked-jj_tn.jpg - Clarked (DVD)
$49.88 $39.90 On Sale!
He has proven time and time again why he is simply one of the best, veritable porn stars in the world. He's on every model's wish list and rightly so he's gotten to fuck every single CockyBoys exclusive. They've assembled the best scenes that Gabriel has done as he uses his thick cock to pound the holes of their most beautiful boys. Go on... get Clark'ed. Starring: Gabriel Clark. A Jake Jaxson DVD.
cruise-me-use-me-cb_tn.jpg - Cruise Me Use Me (DVD)
$49.88 $32.42 On Sale!
There are unspoken rules about meeting a hot guy in a secluded place. The fleeting glances, the knowing smirk, the hand that caresses your crotch: all are indications of the hot, inevitable, furtive fuck session that's about to happen. Alex Mecum leads a cast of beautifully sexy men seeking that release away from prying eyes. Starring: Alex Mecum. A Cocky Boys DVD.
devil-is-in-the-details_tn.jpg - Devil Is In The Details (DVD)
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
Dana Vespoli is proud to present her first gay feature for Icon Male. In this story, Andrew, a naive young attorney and his wife Penny move to Los Angeles from a small town in Tennessee. Andy has just been recruited by an enigmatic head partner at a leading entertainment firm, and acts as young Andrew's mentor. It isn't long before Andrew becomes sucked into a world of greed and excess, and Penny finds herself shunned for the glitz, glamour and fiendish delights of the sinister, sexy attorneys in Beverly Hills. Starring: Adam Russo, Andy Banks, Billy Santoro, Jay Johnson, Nick Capra, Vittorio Naxos. Director: Dana Vespoli. An Icon Male DVD.
doomsday-bunker_tn.jpg - Doomsday Bunker (DVD)
$49.88 $39.90 On Sale!
Bug Out Buddies Go Rogue! Starring: Dallas Steele, Max Sergeant, Justin Beale, Allen Silver, Franco Scott, Billie Ramos, Tony Dazzle, Mike Tanner, JD Ryder. Written & Directed by Joe Gage. A Dragon Media DVD.
edge-vol-8_tn.jpg - Edge Vol. 8 (DVD) 2-Disc Set
$34.88 $31.39 On Sale!
Ten new blindfolded, studly ChaosMen models restrained in "the chair" on this 2 disc set. Watch them as they squirm while their cocks are teased and edged by skilled hands and mouths, finally blowing their loads over their sweat-drenched bodies. Starring: Troi, Brady Hansen, Augustus, Devin Dixon, Kato, Lincoln, Ares, Maximilian, Ulysses, Malik. A Chaosmen DVD.
hot-splash-bijou_tn.jpg - Hot Splash (DVD)
$39.88 $19.88 On Sale!
Tanned, young, horny bodies. are featured In this vintage gay sex video, the cool splashes of a laid-back pool party under the hot Southern California sun soon turn into "hot splashes." Loaded with action and boys who just can't help but splash their own fresh, hot, tantalizing loads! Highlights include ass-eating in the hammock, sucking on a rubber raft, fucking on the lawn, and finally, the barbecue chef takes off his apron and joins in. Watch for David Ashfield taking pictures of himself getting a blow job and fucking a guy with a cool retro camera. As with most Toby Ross films, the guys are young: firm, trim, and hairless. 1985 vintage bareback. Starring: Chris Allen, David Ashfield, Dane Ford, Jesse Koehler, Birdie, Tracy Egan, Brandon Wilde. A Bijou DVD.
icons-titan_tn.jpg - Icons (DVD)
$39.88 $29.88 On Sale!
The juices flow hard and heavy as the Icons of TitanMen—including exclusives Jesse Jackman, Dallas Steele and returning legend Diesel Washington—show off their testosterone-dripping talents. Draped in neoprene and motorcycle helmets, Dallas Steele and Diesel Washington worship each other’s bodies before the tension erupts in a spit-soaked suck-and-fuck session. The sweet lips of Tex Davidson and JJ Thick get stretched to the limit as they service each other’s huge cocks, the smiling studs then fucking each other as their chemistry explodes. Compact jock Colt Rivers has a field day feasting on Jesse Jackman’s massive body, the two trading sucks before Colt surrenders his smooth hole. Starring: Colt Rivers, Dallas Steele, Diesel Washington, Jesse Jackman, JJ Thicke, Tex Davidson. A Titan Media DVD.
inside-brent-everett_tn.jpg - Inside Brent Everett (DVD)
$39.88 $25.92 On Sale!
Brent Everett gets to have his way with some of his hottest friends in this all Brent fuck fest that doesn't disappoint. Watch as Brent uses his big tool to spread out some tight male ass and even gets his ass stretched by thick meaty cock!! Starring: Brent Everett, Dario Beck, Logan Moore, Massimo Piano. A Men.com DVD.
one-and-only-torsten-ullman_tn.jpg - One & Only Torsten Ullman, The (DVD)
$53.88 $45.80 On Sale!
Blue eyes... big cock... hot body. Meet the one & only Torsten Ullman. Starring: Andre Boleyn, Hoyt Kogan, Joel Birkin, Torsten Ullman. A Bel Ami DVD.
prisoner-of-war-2-icon_tn.jpg - Prisoner of War 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
Hot, hung American soldiers John (Ty Roderick) and Charlie (Sam Truitt) are captured by sadistic German officers Dieter (Alexander Gustavo) and Heinrich (Trent Ferris). But when the sexy US comrades won't give up army intelligence, the sinister Nazis decide to make use of the helpless studs for their own pleasure. But have the careless Germans played into the young American's hands? All is fair in lust and war in volume 2 of Icon Male's explosive period piece series. Starring: Alexander Gustavo, Sam Truitt, Trent Ferris, Ty Roderick. An Icon Male DVD.
professionally-pounded_tn.jpg - Professionally Pounded (DVD) Gentlemen 16
$49.88 $39.90 On Sale!
You know you're a success when you've been "Professionally Pounded," and Lucas Entertainment's elite class of men will deliver that experience to you! In the "Gentlemen" series' sixteenth installment, Massimo Piano takes on Tomas Brand as a mentor during a company retreat. Dylan O'Hardy blows off a meeting to instead ride Klein Kerr's raw cock. Viktor Rom doesn't waste much time in business attire: Zander Craze wants Viktor's power-top cock, and no suit will get in his way. And Jesse Vos gives Damon Heart an unforgettable lesson on how to get ahead in life! Starring: Damon Heart, Dylan O'Hardy, Jesse Vos, Klien Kerr, Massimo Piano, Tomas Brand, Viktor Rom, Zander Craze. A Lucas Entertainment DVD.
shaw-sean-cody_tn.jpg - Shaw (DVD)
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
Starring: Shaw, Blake, Curtis, Robbie. A Sean Cody DVD.
star-wars-parody_tn.jpg - Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody (DVD)
$39.88 $25.92 On Sale!
Starring: Luke Adams, Jessy Ares, Dennis West, Hector de Silva, Paddy O'Brian. A Men.com DVD.
stolen-identity-bromo_tn.jpg - Stolen Identity (DVD)
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
Starring: Dennis West, Jeremy Spreadums, Leon Lewis, Rod Pederson. A Bromo DVD.
str8-to-anal-4_tn.jpg - Str8 To Anal 4 (DVD)
$49.88 $39.90 On Sale!
There's a point with every straight boy that they're just so horny that they'd fuck anything that moves. We love getting them to that point. These Str8 guys are willing to get their dicks sucked, their holes rimmed and even get fucked! Bring on the Str8 boys! A Videoboys DVD.
tahoe-snowbound_tn.jpg - Tahoe: Snowbound (DVD)
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
It's cold outside, but inside the sexual fire burns hotter than ever. What better way to escape the chill than warming up with intense, connected sex. Eleven stunning, beautiful men are 'Tahoe -- Snowbound', and award-winning director Tony Dimarco turns up the heat. With a gorgeous house nestled in the snowy mountains all to themselves, they turn to each other for fiery, passionate exchanges! Starring: Dylan Knight, Jason Styles, Jimmy Durano, Jordan Boss, Kevin Blake, Ryan Rose, Scott Riley, Sean Zevran. A Falcon Studios DVD.
torturing-timmy-boynapped_tn.jpg - Torturing Timmy (DVD)
$49.88 $42.40 On Sale!
Make Him Beg You To Stop! FROM TOP TO TOE, THESE ROUGH LADS MAKE SURE TIMMY KNOWS HE HAS BEEN TRULY AND PROPERLY USED! Starring: Ashton Bradley, Deacon Hunter, Kieron Knight, Timmy Treasure. A Boynapped DVD.
twink-fever-mr_tn.jpg - Twink Fever (DVD)
$39.88 $33.90 On Sale!
When the teacher notices your grades have fallen there's only one way to get back in his good graces. The new frat member finds out that the initiation process is a lot more fun than he expected. Private time is hard to come by around the house, especially when your flat mate has eyes for you. A power tripping boss tries to aggressively take advantage of the office janitor, only to find out that the janitor is more than willing. The office manager catches his employee masturbating at work and finds an appropriate way to punish him. Starring: Clay Osborne, Frankie, Leon Bares, Nick Daniels, Rico, Sam Brooks. A Male Reality DVD.
which-husband-fucks-better_tn.jpg - Which Husband Fucks Better? (DVD)
$49.88 $44.89 On Sale!
Seth and Billy Santoro are one of the hottest couples around, and any man would be lucky enough to be able to fuck both of them and compare! Alessandro Del Toro definitely agrees – and he has his work cut out for him. After he had been fantasizing about topping the versatile bottom hubbies Seth and Billy ever since they first met, he is finally getting the chance in Men Over 30’s Which Husband Fucks Better? Starring: Alessandro Del Toro, Billy Santoro, Matt Stevens, Mike Gaite, Peter Fields, Peter Fulton, Scott Riley, Sean Duran, Seth Santoro. A Men Over 30 / Pride Studios DVD.
wrecking-twink-holes-v_tn.jpg - Wrecking Twink Holes (DVD)
$49.88 $39.90 On Sale!
These boys are nothing but insatiable! They love when their big-dicked tops fuck them hard and deep. A Videoboys DVD.
big-cock-perversions_tn.jpg - Big Cock Perversions (DVD)
$39.88 $31.90 On Sale!
When the teacher notices your grades have fallen there's only one way to get back in his good graces. Starring: David Roads, Joey Intenso, Luis BigDog, Nathan Eclain, Ritchy. A Male Reality DVD.
down-south-country-beefcakes_tn.jpg - Down South Country Beefcakes (DVD)
$49.88 $44.89 On Sale!
Go down south and experience firsthand the kind of southern hospitality that only the most hung and hunky red-blooded beefcakes can provide! These rowdy corn-fed country boys know that out in the boonies, you have to play hard and work even harder. All that country living has left these strapping young guys ripped, rugged, and ready for action wherever they can find it – any farmhand with firm hands will do the trick! Connor Maguire, Derrick Dime, Dante Martin, Quentin Gainz, Joey Moriarty, Drake Tyler and more, go down and get down in five sweaty stories about taking your buddy down for a roll in the hay. And once they've blown their loads, well, you know the old southern saying… Y'all cum back now, ya hear? Starring: Brendan Phillips, Bridger Watts, Connor Maguire, Dante Martin, Derrick Dime, Drake Tyler, Joey Moriarty, Quentin Gainz, Texas Holcum. A Next Door Studios DVD.
jack-has-a-big-fat-dick_tn.jpg - Jack Has A Big Fat Dick (DVD)
$49.88 $39.90 On Sale!
There's something about Jack's beautiful, blue bedroom eyes that just says, "Don't worry, I'll take care of you." You'd want to kiss his sculpted chest and lick his rock-hard abs. When he takes out his big, meaty dick, you're sure that it won't fit... but that won't stop you from trying. Joined by Gabriel Clark, Dillon Rossi & Caleb King, this DVD is full of hot hung guys. Starring: Allen King, Brandon Jones, Caleb King, Colby Chambers, Danny Montero, Dillon Rossi, Gabriel Clark, Jack Hunter, Matthew Parker, Mike Gaite. A Jake Jaxson DVD.
more-twink-3-ways_tn.jpg - More Twink 3 Ways (DVD)
$49.88 $44.89 On Sale!
If you can't get enough young stud, you're in luck, neither can we! Have another hot dose of boys who bone boys like there's no tomorrow! Starring: Aiden Garcia, Blake Mitchell, Brad Chase, Elliott Grey, Evan Parker, Grayson Lange, Kody Knight, Luke Allen, Max Carter, Troy Ryan. A Helix Studios DVD.
towel-off-hh_tn.jpg - Towel Off (DVD)
$49.88 $39.90 On Sale!
In 'Towel Off', beefed up studs work out, hit the locker room, drop their towels, show their muscled butts and fuck hard. There's nothing hotter than a gym shower fuck, and award-winning director, Tony Dimarco takes these hot-assed men to another level before they 'Towel Off'. Josh Conners is caught by A-Team Exclusive Sebastian Kross jerking off so Sebastian lends a helping hand and his hard cock. Gabriel Cross tries to record Bravo Delta in the shower and gets caught, and must pay the penalty with his hole. Jack Hunter joins Jimmy Durano in the steamy showers for some mouth-to-cock action before getting bent over and fucked hard. Bruno Bernal is mesmerized by the heaping sight of Austin Wolf and quickly ends up bouncing on Austin's thick rod. After watching this hot, steamy and sticky action, you're going to need to 'Towel Off'. Starring: Austin Wolf, Bravo Delta, Bruno Bernal, Gabriel Cross, Jack Hunter, Jimmy Durano, Josh Conners, Sebastian Kross. A Hot House Video DVD.
a-team-all-stars-ryan-rose_tn.jpg - A-Team All-Stars V1: Ryan Rose (DVD)
$39.88 $33.90 On Sale!
A collection of the finest sex ever shot by Falcon Studios Group A-Team Captain Ryan Rose. All the steamiest action compiled onto one wild disc! Starring: Ryan Rose. A Falcon DVD.
best-little-whorehouse-in-tex-ass_tn.jpg - Best Little Whorehouse in TEX-ASS (DVD) Re-Release
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Doug Jeffries gets these hung and horny studs to play giddy up with each other's dicks and tight fuck holes! Starring Michael Brandon, Matt Sizemore, Tanner Hayes, Alex Bourbon, Jay Ross, Brandon James, Kurt Wagner, Kaya Morre and Doug Jeffries.
brandon-2-sean-cody_tn.jpg - Brandon 2 (DVD)
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Starring: Brandon, Jamie, Daniel, Spencer, Peter, Duncan, Tanner. A Sean Cody DVD.
by-invitation-only-lukas_tn.jpg - By Invitation Only (DVD) Lukas Ridgeston
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Introducing more newbies than you can handle. Who's your pick? Starring: Andrei Karenin, Bobby Noiret, Garret Dornan, Hoyt Kogan, Janis Rooklyn, Jerry Bogdanovich, Michel Armand, Niall Morris, Rafael Moretti, Roald Ekberg, Rocco Alfieri, Wes Latham. A Lukas Ridgeston DVD.
cult-mencom_tn.jpg - Cult, The (DVD)
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Just cause it's a cabin in the forest and some guy likes the hunky guys to fuck around with him doesn't make Colby Keller's harem a cult. It's a fuckfest. Nothing bad happens to anyone, no one gets hurt, except in the ass, but that they love. Starring: Addison Graham, Brandon Moore, Colby Keller, Roman Todd, Will Braun. A Men.com DVD.
fuck-me-im-famous_tn.jpg - Fuck Me, I'm Famous (DVD)
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Starring: Mickey Taylor, Bray Love, Adam Ramzi, JJ Knight, Jack Hunter, Wesley Woods, Colby Keller. A Naked Sword DVD.
hairy-ass-bashers_tn.jpg - Hairy Ass Bashers (DVD) 3-Disc Set
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Hairy, sweaty, musky holes and ripe arm pits, the smell of real men. These guys want their men unplucked, unshaved, completely au naturel. Starring: Adam Recce, Dan Steele, Daniel Woods, Jack Blue, Joshua Black, Jovan, Marty Marshall, Mike Johnson, Paul Blow, Philip Denin, Tommy Rogers. A Butch Dixon DVD.
lucas-men-2_tn.jpg - Lucas Men 2.0 (DVD)
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Journey to Greece and explore Lucas Entertainment’s next wave of unstoppable exclusive models in Lucas Men 2.0! Derek Allan and Alex Kof unleash their erections on each other in a sweaty flip-fuck encounter. Viktor Rom once against delivers as a no-nonsense power top, as Vlad Larin can attest. Damon Heart shows off his gay-porn grit by taking the cocks of Rafael Carreras and Javi Velaro at once. And Sergyo gets on all fours to take Antonio Miracle all the way to the hilt. Lucas Men 2.0 will not disappoint you! Starring: Derek Allan, Alex Kof, Viktor Rom, Vlad Larin, damon Heart, Rafael Carreras, Javi Velaro, Sergyo, Antonio Miracle. A Lucas Entertainment DVD.
sexual-aroma-pride_tn.jpg - Sexual Aroma (DVD)
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Pride Classics proudly presents Sexual Aroma. Tate is ready to hit the clubs hard until his buddy Logan crushes his dreams by teasing him about his pants. His jeans are just not good enough for the club scene so Tate finally agrees to just drops his pants for the cock feast to begin. If you have ever fantasized about getting naked with your friends back in high school, then you’re going to enjoy watching Isaac Conn and Jesse Idol do just that – two sexy country boys and old high school buddies are ready to stroke each other’s cocks. Starring: Alexander Gustavo, Isaac Conn, Jake Jennings, Jesse Idol, Lance Hart, Logan Vaughn, Nu Smyrna, Steven Ponce, Tate Ryder. A Pride Studios DVD.
shear-chaos-14_tn.jpg - Shear Chaos 14 (DVD)
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Shear Chaos Vol. 14: Creampie Edition features raw cum-dripping action from ChaosMen's Shear series, all with creampie action. Volume 14 contains over three hours of bareback scenes with some of ChaosMen's hottest (mostly) straight dudes. Each video sequence runs fifteen to twenty-two minutes in length and features all raw action. Starring: Austin, Stone, Chip, Darius, Dwight, Foster, Heath, Jake Lyons, Jamison, Jaxton Wheeler, Kent, Kristopher, Micah, Silas, Solomon Aspen, Van. A ChaosMen DVD.
we-are-coming-for-you_tn.jpg - We Are Coming For You (DVD)
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I say to those who are against us WE ARE COMING FOR YOU. To those who threaten and fear us, WE ARE COMING FOR YOU with our evil, our disease, our darkness and rampant sensual pleasure. We bring our demons, we use our sex-magick, we invoke djinn and gods and the primordial entities that love us as their own. Starring: Max Cameron, Jay Brix, Brad McGuire, Mark Davis, Ed Hunter, Johnny, Fyrefli, Cutler X, Wolfie Blu. A Treasure Island Media DVD.
all-american-loads-2_tn.jpg - All American Loads 2 (DVD)
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Corbin Fisher sets the standard when it comes to showing us that clean-cut, All-American college jock studs - the guys that are homecoming kings, team captains, and valedictorians at campuses all across the country - can also get in to some of the wildest, most intense, and even raunchiest fun with one another. These All-American studs - including Connor, Kent, Dawson, Hunter, Cameron, Chuck, Quinn, and Kip - holding nothing back and give it their all in this must-see compilation of some of Corbin Fisher's hottest episodes. Starring: Connor, Kent, Dawson, Hunter, Cameron, Chuck, Quinn, Kip. A Corbin Fisher DVD.
amped-falcon-edge_tn.jpg - Amped (DVD)
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The sexual electricity and raw erotic energy in 'Amped' jolts these six stunning studs into uninhibited and fiery action. These passionate exchanges directed by Nick Foxx send shockwaves of testosterone and take Falcon to the Edge. Tall, athletic studs Ryan Rose and Jacob Peterson power up and turn the amps on super high with a supercharged flip fuck that will have you shooting. Brazilian power-bottom Bruno Bernal slurps heavily on Fabio Acconi's endowment before taking an energized pounding from his meat stick. Hunks Ryan Rose and Rex Cameron engage in a throat busting 69 that leads to Rex getting drilled by Ryan's rock-hard cock. Fabio Acconi amps up the wattage on Johnny V's eager hole and then jolts his wad onto Johnny's face. Plug-in with the irresistible men of 'Amped' and prepare you cock for multiple, super-charged loads. Starring: Bruno Bernal, Fabio Acconi, Jacob Peterson, Rex Cameron, Ryan Rose. A Falcon Edge DVD.
sitter-mencom_tn.jpg - Sitter, The (DVD)
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Starring: Colby Jansen, Dylan Knight, Scott Riley, Will Braun. A Men.com DVD.
sugar-daddies-3_tn.jpg - Sugar Daddies 3 (DVD)
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Young studs Jaxton Wheeler and Alexander Gustavo know a thing or two about hustling older men for money. Unfortunately, sensitive Tony Salerno doesn't know his relationship with Jaxton isn't the real thing. Meanwhile, gorgeous Billy Santoro craves blue eyed blonde escort Alexander's body, but it's Jaxton that really gets his blood boiling. It's hard to tell who's playing who in this emotional, passionate episode of Icon Male's hit series. Starring: Alexander Gustavo, Billy Santoro, Jaxton Wheeler, Tony Salerno. An Icon Male DVD.
everybody-does-raymond_tn.jpg - Everybody Does Raymond (DVD) Re-Release
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'Happy Birthday to me!', says Raymond. No wonder...who wouldn't want the suprise he receives! All oral action. Starring: Anthony De Angelo, Cameron Cruise, Clint Cooper, Gage Michaels, Joshua Scott, Nick Young, Nino Bacci, Ray Holt, and Spike. An All World's Video DVD.