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Latin Men-DVD

jerkin-with-jason-2_tn Jerkin' with Jason 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Twink Latino Jason Ben loves to make homemade jerk off videos, and this collection of nine solos features more of his best cum gushing creations. What he lacks in cinematic skills the young exhibitionist more than makes up for with his creative self-pleasuring adventures. Unlike the typical strip and strokes, this guy likes to entertain. He even goes so far as to beat off in a public toilet! If you like watching unscripted raw talent, this latest collection of amateur jack off scenes is a must addition to your library. Starring: Jason Ben. A Bareback Latinoz DVD.
attack_of_the_amazing_coloss_tn.jpg Attack of the Amazing Colossal Latino (DVD-R)
$34.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Pornography meets science fiction in this epic production, which manages to incorporate beautiful Latino boys, a campy, humorous medical premise, intense oral sex, UFOs, and a take-off on a classic 1950s science fiction classic. A frumpy doctor narrates, telling the viewer directly about the Amazing Colossal Latino, Antonio, and his dick . . . Well, the size was enormous, you just had to see it . . . And the chain of events, including the abduction by a UFO, which led to the rampage of the godlike colossus. Starring Antonio Caballo, Jorge Romano, Gustavo Viva, Syco Eddie, Brian Brennan, Kenny Cruz, Teo Menendez, Babyface Nelson, Vic Mann, Johnny Fresco and Cisco. Directed by Brian Brennan. A Bijou Video / Latino Fan Club DVD.
sexy-workout-lb_tn -Sexy Workout (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
These sexy hung boys are ready for a hot workout! Starring: Airon Grege, Alex Bad Boy, Apollo, Jackson, Leonardo Carioca, Renato Lemos, Stefano Luan, Thayllor Garcia. A Latino Boys DVD.
after-school-special-bl_tn After School Special (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
While these young Latin guys spend a lot of time with their heads in the books, all work and no play makes for a very dull day. So, it's no surprise they're easily distracted by a skinny and smooth boy looking for a sweaty bareback romp. These adorable freshmen are quick to put their studies aside, strip each other naked, and fuck raw until the cum gushes. Make this special collection of hardcore scenes the next addi-tion to your library of youthful lust and enjoy all the after school ac-tion it has to offer. Starring: Allen, Drake, Etienne, Jacques, Evan, Kaleb, Neils, Isaac, Santiago, Mirko. A Bareback Latinoz DVD.
bandidos-4_tn.jpg Bandidos 4 (DVD)
In the fourth episode of the famous Bandidos series, we will be treated to two hours of lustful hung Latino studs showing us how they and their energetic young friends with beautiful muscles and huge dicks like to REALLY play! Forget "football" there is a whole new set of balls in play! These Bandidos are legendary for stealing the sexual innocence from young men who have never felt the thrill of sliding their hungry lips over a huge, throbbing cock or feeling that cock pushed deep inside their aching holes. If you love Latino men having non-stop, cum-soaked sex with other uncut hunks, this video is right up your alley and theirs... so to speak! A Bo Latino DVD.
bare-bottom-latins-1-san-diego-boy-tn Bare Bottom Latins 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
10 smooth Latin boys with an unstoppable sex drive! Starring: Ben, Peter, Jim, Jamie, Bruce, Oscar, Pablo, Andres, Henry, Julian. A San Diego Boy Productions DVD.
bareback-fiesta-io_tn Bareback Fiesta (DVD)
From rough and buff inked bad boys to slim and smooth twinks, this hardcore collection of Latin gay bareback scenes is sure to spice things up a bit. Bottom boys suck big uncut dicks to rock hard, with one goal in mind...taking it up the ass raw! Starring: Jenaro, Vito, Chuy, Chelo, Chico, Manny. An IO MACHO DVD.
big-city-guys-latinoboys_tn.jpg Big City Guys (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Starring: . A Latino Boys DVD.
Bottoms Up! (DVD) Pitbull
Just recovered from starring in "Big Booty Gangbang," our superstar bottom, T. Malone is back in business. This time he invites his favorite tops to party in a "bottoms gone wild" collection of extreme anal erotica, the best in gay Latino porn. Bottoms up, T. Malone! Tica! Starring Tiger Tyson, T Malone, Camron, Ass Professor, Kapone X, Phyre Polo and Simon Angel. Directed by Jalin Fuentes. A Pitbull Productions / Thugporn DVD.
boy_from_riodejaniero_dvd_tn.jpg Boy from Rio De Janiero, The (DVD)
It was a poor dirt village when the handsome guy came to town. Soon he would carve a raging pit of passion like these simple villagers had never seen. Erections would rise and fall, semen would spill and every man in the would cum to know the probing tongue of the guy from Rio De Janiero!
boys-of-bbl_tn Boys of BBL, The (DVD)
$49.88 $39.88 On Sale!
Jorge Hernandez is a slim and smooth twink, who loves taking big cock up his young ass. Content to bottom for a hot top, this versatile sex addict is more than willing to fuck some bad boy ass, if that's what it takes to get in his pants, which also makes him a popular player in any gay sex orgy. And if he can't find a boy to play with, the horny Latino always has a dildo handy to get the juices pumping. Any way you slice it, this sexually charged young man is captivating. Add this hardcore compilation to your collection and enjoy a sampling of Jorge's youthful gay sex adventures. Starring: Francoise, Logan, Matias, Javier, Phillip, Adrian, Erick, Luciano, Fabio. A Bareback Latinoz DVD.
Boys Will Be Boys (DVD) Xtreme Productions
Starring Tyler Berke, Jarod Steel, Josh Vonn, Steve Stella, Tyler Bradley, Hunter Wylde, Sean Corwin and David Holden. Directed by Afton Nills. An Xtreme Productions DVD.
bulls_of_guadalajara_1_tn.jpg Bulls of Guadalajara 1 (DVD)
For all those who love uncut Latino dick, this series is the treat for you! Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico with more than ten million people, has some of the finest men south of the border. It is dubbed the gay capital of Mexico for all the right reasons, abundant nightlife, cafes, cruising spots, and most of all an incredible supply of horny and curious men. Starring Gerardo Escobar, Oswaldo Lopez, Lucho Tigo, Armas Mar, Daniel Escobar and Damian Del Rio. Directed by Ginetto Di Masolo. A Toro Studio DVD.
cubana_robusto_cadro_tn.jpg Cubana Robusto (DVD)
They are exotic, dark skinned, wild and well hung - and they even suck their own cocks. They are the men of Cuba. Director Steve Cadro thought of yet another fetish to let the viewer enjoy the world through. Enjoy--this is a one of a kind look at hot Cuban men in all solo sex! Starring Junior, Manuel, Marloni, Tom Jr., Kelvin, Andrei. A Cadro Films DVD.
dream-boys-latino-boys_tn.jpg Dream Boys (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Those horny dream boys are all time looking for good sex adventures. Paulo G offers you 8 brazilian guys in action. Big dicks, bubble asses and many sperm is program. They spit their holes and suck the dicks. Have a look and enjoy our latin dream boys. Starring: Bryan, Eduardo, Jackson, Kalvio, Marcelo Caetano, Romano di Caprio, Vitor. A Latino Boys DVD.
gangbanging_damien_tn.jpg Gangbanging Damien (DVD)
Never before seen on camera! The all american bear and super star Damien, Gets prick pummeled, overpowered and plowed into a dick drenched delirium of immeasurable, cum covered pleasure! Starring Damien, Nick Young, Andrew Addams, Kid Parker, Johnnie Harden and Corey Winters. Directed by Paul Barresi. A U.S. Male DVD.
Get That Money (DVD)
These hot, hung, black homies really know how to get that money in da hood! Starring Berto Barrios, Papo Garcia and Antonio Long. An East Harlem Productions DVD.
gladiators-latino-boys_tn.jpg Gladiators (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Our olympic Gladiators are ready for hot sex action. Paulo G brings you 8 brazilian guys with outdoor fuck and suck. These nice boys are horny for big dicks and good sex. Have a look and enjoy our this brazilian gladiators. Starring: Jhunior, Ricco, Jonathan, Leo Sebastian, Diesel, Mendes, Alan, Apollo. A Latino Boys DVD.
Hispanic Hustlers (DVD)
LatinSpace.Cum presents Hispanic Hustlers! Starring Heart Bicho, Papi Bicho, Papi Chulo, Fudge Packer and El Toro. A Gay Erotic Media / Manhattan Latin DVD.
hola_papi_rb_tn.jpg Hola Papi (DVD)
$49.88 $10.00 On Sale!
What is it about Latin men that is such a turn on? Is it the dark features, that honey brown skin, or the sexy accent? Whatever the reason we know you love them and we're thrilled to give you a selection of some of the finest Latin men to appear on Randy Blue. Starring Vargas, Armand Marino, Jay Lopez, Marc Anthony, Diego Sans, Nicco Sky, Ricky Mendez. Directed by Jeremy Lucido. A Randy Blue Adrenaline DVD. ***Foreign Customers Please Note*** Due to its construction, artwork for this item cannot be included in Option B shipments.
Hooked on Hispanics 3: The Crackdown (DVD-R) Precondom
$34.88 $16.88 On Sale!
The Crackdown is the third and final segment of the Hooked On Hispanics trilogy from the Latino Fan Club and Bijou Classics. At L.I.C.K.I.T., a halfway house drug rehabilitation center, the latinos are still trying to get off drugs and the illicit aphrodisiac still flourishes. It is now making its way to Gotham and spreading quickly as word of its mysterious powers are taking hold. Starring M. Vic Mann, Macho Melendez, T.Jay Colon, Antonio Reyes, 'Lil Conan, Alcides Vicente, Varga Lapin, Chino Ayalla, Guillermo Rojas, Ivan Garcia and Alfredo Garcia. Directed by Ramon Van Gogh. A Latino Fan Club / Bijou Classic DVD.
Horse-Hung Hispanics 01 (DVD-R)
$29.88 $16.88 On Sale!
"The obsession here is Latin men and Brennan definitely knows how to exploit it, and they all love to show it off. For a Latin-loving audience, this tape is a feast. Photography is excellent and the camera angles are both creative and extra large, emphasizing draw-up nuts, veiny foreskin and juice squirted onto 'Rican skin." - Adult Video News. Starring Kino, Ray Love, J. R., Chino, El Brujo, J.C., Orlando and Shaheem. Directed by Brian Brennan. A Latino Fan Club / Bijou Classics DVD.
Horse-Hung Hispanics 02 (DVD-R)
$29.88 $16.88 On Sale!
This Latino Fan Club release, from BIJOU VIDEO, features teasingly erotic self-love by super-hung, foreskinned latinos. If you like Latin men, huge dicks with foreskin and screen-filling close-ups, this one will make you cream your jeans before you have a chance to touch yourself! Starring El Brujo, Edwardo, Eddie, Angel, Colon, T-Jay and Papo. Directed by Brian Brennan. A Latino Fan Club / Bijou Classics DVD.
hot_hung_and_hispanic_tn.jpg Hot, Hung and Hispanic (DVD)
Get ready for another hot release from Manhattan Latin. These sexy Hispanic men have some seriously excessive tools! A Manhattan Latin DVD.
its-carnival-lb_tn.jpg It's Carnival (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
For our sexy brazilian guys its time for carnival and orgy sucking and fucking. Enjoy the brazilian flair of music hot rhythms, sexy bodies and huge uncut dicks. Starring: . A Latino Boys DVD.
juice_bijou_tn.jpg Juice (DVD-R) Bijou
$29.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Precondom. Juice is a photo porn mag run by demanding sexpot Eric Ryan, who interrupts photographer Michael Christopher mid-stroke as he bangs his partner's butt to give a seemingly impossible deadline: new photos by Monday. Michael is forced to beat the mean streets of Manhattan looking for sexy models, even visiting the local fuck flick house and getting sucked off by sunglasses-wearing Francesco Lorca as we get to see a similar blow job on the screen. Starring Michael Christopher, Butch LaCross, Vincent Thomas, Robert Vega, Emilio Leone, Eric Ryan, Francesco Lorca, Jeff Stone and Jeremy Scott. Directed by Arthur Bressan, Jr. A Massive Studios/Bijou Classic on DVD.
Latin Bare Mountain Boys (DVD)
Bareback. 10 smooth, sexy, young, South American Boys ride each other long and hard, pumping, sucking and fucking bareback in the great outdoors! Starring Dylan, Sebastian, Ronal, Giovani, Miguel, Christian, Felipe, Joshua, Riky and Matew. Directed by B.B. Bruce. A San Diego Boy Productions DVD.
Latin Bareback Splash (DVD)
Bareback. What happens when the hottest Latinos in Southern California get together for a pool party? An all out monstrous cock, tan ass, Fiesta-Fuck orgy! Throw in the hot LA sun, a beautiful pool and 9 sexy Latin studs and there's sure to be trouble! One thing that can't be denied, Latin men are passionate and love to fuck! These hotties go at it slurping down juicy Latin jiz and taking thick, raw, brown cocks up their tight holes! Starring Richard Lopuar, Ivan Newton, Alexander Cervantes, Kenai Sidka, Jonathan, Ryan Satoro, Sebastian Leroy, Zoe Ontiveros and Payton Lambert. Directed by Lazaro Wineman. A Skin 2 Skin / 1 Distribution DVD.
latin-fever-io-macho_tn.jpg Latin Fever (DVD) IO Macho
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
There is plenty to get excited about in this Latin barebacking collection. Direct from Brazil, it is a must have for any collector of hardcore gay Latino porn that features young guys with big cocks fucking raw. Add this to your library and enjoy sultry young studs sucking dick, licking ass and fucking the cum out of each other. There's even a straight boy in the mix. At least he thought he was, until Maximo got done with his dick. These hot Latinos are dripping with sexy and just begging you to take them home. Starring: Chuy, Pac, Maximo, Estaba, Manny, Felip, Maximo. An IO Macho DVD.
latin-flavor-pride_tn Latin Flavor (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Javier Cruz finds another way to repay his tutor Adam Bryant for helping him study for his citizenship test. During a competitive game of tumbling towers, Jay Alexander sabotages his play so Toby Springs can fuck him in the ass. After teasing his buddy Javier Cruz for getting scared during a movie, Anthony Jones admits he loves when the Latino buries his head in his chest. While figuring out where to go for his teaching placement, Mario Cruz offers to give his colleague Jay Alexander some lessons in Spanish, the language of love. Starring: Adam Bryant, Anthony Jones, Javier Cruz, Jay Alexander, Mario Cruz, Toby Springs. A Pride Studios DVD.
latin-romancers-latino-boys_tn.jpg Latin Romancers (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Starring: Alex Bad Boy, Alexandre Alves, Andre Bueno, Apollo, Jhonathan, Junior Veroneze, Marcelo, Presley Snait. A Latino Boys DVD.
latino-guys-dvd-combo-1_tn.jpg Latino Guys DVD Combo 1 (DVD)
Watch these hunk Latinos get their tight holes stuffed with massive meats! Starring: Damien Tapes, Cobra Banana, Charlie Fuck, Jin Magic. A Latino Guys DVD.
latino-guys-dvd-combo-2_tn.jpg Latino Guys DVD Combo 2 (DVD)
Watch these hunk Latinos get their tight holes stuffed with massive meats! Starring: Skippy Prince, Javier, Black Mamba, Mr. Seduction, Illusion, Negrito. A Latino Guys DVD.
latino-guys-dvd-combo-3_tn.jpg Latino Guys DVD Combo 3 (DVD)
Watch these hunk latinos get their tight holes stuffed with massive meats! Starring: Cobra, King Negrito, Pure Bigness, Shylo Vega, King Negrito. A Latino Guys DVD.
latino_sizzle_tn.jpg Latino Sizzle (DVD) 2-Disc Set
15 hunky-hung Latinos vow for sexual dominance in these ten gritty, grappling scenes. This is rough sex, Latin boyz style, and it doesn't get any rougher or hotter than that. Starring Dominik Rider, Hech Ramos, Caesar, Marco, Chris Perez, Raul, Jack London, Rocco, Tito, Ringo, Chip Cruz, Juan, Chris Dano, Brad Slater and Duane. Directed by DD Black. A Swerve DVD.
latinos_in_the_house_5_tn.jpg Latinos In The House 5 (DVD)
These nasty little Latino Twinks are here to get your cock rock hard and put a little spice in your diet. Watch these hot tamales eagerly toss each others' taco salads, suck on each others beef burritos, and then take it balls deep into their tight, little assholes. Starring Daniel Escobar, Benedek Campagnie, Brent Lara, Angel Ishii, Ricardo Tamez, Luis de Leon, Rila a Cardenaz, Kenai Sidka. A GAI Studios DVD.
loan_shark_tn.jpg Loan Shark, The (DVD)
When you're down and out and really need some money, it's nice to know that there is one place you can go for it. What you do with the money is your business. What you do for the money is something else! Check out the hot cock sucking and ass fucking these brothers are willing to do to get what they need. Starring Angel D, Extreme, True Story, X, Manny and Trouble. Directed by Marvin Jones. A Blatino Connection DVD.
Love of the Dick 1: Leave 'em Open (DVD)
Super-star, and super-sized top, Supreme (a.k.a. Castro) plunders ass in this red-hot sexual free-for-all. No bottom's safe from Supreme's hungry hard-on when he pounds and plugs every tight asshole in sight! Ganstas Peanut Butta, Pinky & Angel coin the phrase 'Philly Tube Steak' in a nasty, cum-filled threesome within sight of the Liberty Bell. Starring Angel, Bandit, Lazarus, Lotus, Marshawn, Peanut Butt, Pinky, Rich, Supreme and T. Directed by Jalin Fuentes. A Thugporn/Pitbull Productions DVD.
Love of the Dick 4: Classified (DVD)
GAYVN Nominated: BEST ETHNIC FILM 2006. It's dirty work but someone has to do it! Supreme works the phone, and pounds the pavement (and all willing bottoms), looking for a legit job to pay off all his bling in the 4th installment of the best-selling "Love of the Dick" series. Bonus Scene: Double R chows down on chicken wings and talks trash with Tre Xavier. They challenge each other to see who has the bigger dick. Double R wins and stuffs inch after inch into Tre Xavier's tight hole. Starring Supreme (a.k.a. Castro), Double R, Ray, Joshua, Kidd Kaj, Tre Xavier and Tyriek. Directed by Jalin Fuentes. A Pitt Bull Productions/ Thug Porn DVD.
Milk Chocolate (DVD)
Ready to make your mouth water . . . our delicious, dark cocks are guaranteed to fill your mouth with white cream. An East Harlem Productions DVD.
Pierre's Freshman Year (DVD)
The second installment in Pierre's adventures through school. Pierre isn't wasting his first year of college reading books. With his hot new muscles and massive dick, Pierre is ready to try his skills as an ass pounding top for a change. And his college buddies are only too willing to take time out from sports or studying to sneak off and fuck for a few hours! Starring Pierre Fitch, Simon Boisdur, Mickey Gervais, Eric Thomas, Francis Houde and Sascha Vistos. A Video Boys / 1 Distribution DVD.
raw-sexpert-io_tn Raw Sexpert (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
This collection is packed with hot young Latinos, who have the need to seed. From sensual gay sex to rough bad boy ass pounding action, there's more than enough going on to get the Latin lust juices flowing. While one buff boy is stroking his big cock, another is giving his slim and smooth lover the blow job of his life. In another room a bottom who likes it rough is getting exactly what he asked for, while another couple exemplifies the intense passion two Latin lovers can bring to the bedroom. If you can't get enough of those sexy Latin boys, this one belongs in your library! Starring: Torino, Rapper, Sebastian, Vito, Samuel. An IO MACHO DVD.
rawhide_na_tn.jpg Rawhide (DVD) Re-Release!
$39.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Precondom. A hot afternoon, five horny cowboys, and a dusty old barn are the ingredients in this fast-paced western fantasy. Also includes a short feature called Jock Dreams, in which true sensualist J.W. King and Eric Stryker fuck in and out of jockstraps. Together these two stories make up one hot piece of video action. Starring Chris Burns, Todd Marshall, Ray Medina, Sky Dawson, Mike Kelly (aka Eric Stryker), J.W. King, Vulcan and Hun. A Bijou Classic on DVD.
sex_in_the_hood_tn.jpg Sex in the Hood (DVD)
You've all been to some really great parties in your day, but come check out all the big black dicks and fat asses that show up at a party in the hood! Starring Shorti4U2envi, Back Bone, R Cee, Big Daddy, Lycrous Dymond, Extreme, Hercules and True Story. Directed by Marvin Jones. A Blatino Connection DVD.
sex-on-the-beach-lb_tn.jpg Sex on the Beach (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Fucking horny guys are shooted in hard fuck action on the beach and at the pool. They enjoy their muscled bodies, suck their uncut dicks and lick the tight asses in the sunshine. Don't miss our "Sex on the beach" Starring: Caio Macedo, Gabriel Carvalho, Henrique Carvalho, Jean Carlos Souza, Jonas Santoro, Luis Rodrigues, Pablo Escobar, Rafael Nunes, Robson Moreno. A Latino Boys DVD.
sexo-dos-faraones_tn.jpg Sexo dos Faraones (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Starring: . A Latino Boys DVD.
sexpack_one_tn.jpg Sexpack One (DVD)
Four Tight Tales-All New Footage! Starring Matt McGrath, Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Robert Black, Eric Evans, Dean Coulter, Brent Banes and R.J. Parker.
spanish_harlem_knights_1_bijou_tn.jpg Spanish Harlem Knights 1 (DVD-R)
$34.88 $16.88 On Sale!
This part-one edition of a three-and-one-half hour video features 15 sexual encounters (seen in both parts, inclusively) and is about ghettoized New York Latin males. The central story is about Julio Nieves, an unemployed drifter who goes from one benefactor to another and learns quickly that his body is a marketable commodity. Rico Suave stars as a steady friend. Oral emphasis is predominant on long, fat Puerto Rican cock in this film. Much of the dialogue is ad-libbed, making the flick feel natural and real. Starring Jorge Fuentes, Julio Nieves, Freddie Mac, M. Vic Mann, Jason Robles, Tony Fontana and Rico Suave. A Latino Fan Club / Bijou Classic on DVD.
spanish_harlem_knights_2_tn.jpg Spanish Harlem Knights 2 (DVD-R)
$34.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Impish, self-absorbed Julio Nieves, is the central character of this 1991 Latino Fan Club release. He's the perfect poster boy for all the restless Puerto Rican homeboys across New York City who discover-sometimes too late-that while their bodies are marketable, their souls are not. If you have a weakness for men who are caramel brown and bad to the bone, nobody does Latino thugboy better than director Brian Brennan. Starring Julio Nieves, T.J. Colon, Flaco Cabezon, Jason Robles, Tony Fontana, Tony Reyes, Rico Suave, Jorge Fuentes, Raphael Bonito, Carlos Tijera and M. Vic Mann. Directed by Brian Brennan. A Latino Fan Club / Bijou Classic on DVD.
stroke_that_dick_tn.jpg Stroke That Dick! (DVD)
Ryan tells us that he watches lots of movies, roller blades, and enjoys anything active. Based on his performance here his activities obviously include lots of stroking that dick. Gorgyn openly admits that he's not a real big guy when we meet this self-described pretty guy and top-rider with an unfortunate retro haircut. Robert is a long-haired twenty-two year-old straight dude who moved to Canada from Slovakia when he was a guy. He likes high school girls in stockings. Hmmm . . . Starring Ryan, Gorgyn, Robert, Marco, Westy Tank, Thomas and Drake. A Porn Team/CockTease Productions DVD.