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High Octane DVD Videos

Border Patrol (DVD)
"Highly Recommended. If you notice nothing else about "Border Patrol," the latest odyssey from ace director Herve Handsome, you will notice that there is not a flaw on any of the men contained in it. I don't care what your "type" is you positively have to love these guys. They are all so easy to look at, so much the actual definition of the word gorgeous that it's a true pleasure to watch them." . . . Brent Blue, Starring Akos G., Attila B. (a.k.a. John Meredek, Mihaly Tombor, Ivan Mrozek), Attila Ferenczi (a.k.a. Fred Fele, Ferenc, Mike Huston, Giovanni Floretti), Attila Kialt (a.k.a. Fernando Nielson), Elemer R., Ferenc U., Istvan S. (a.k.a. Martin Hubai, Leslie Manzel), Karoly H., Lajos D., Laszlo V., Mikos O., Peter T., Zoltan C., Zoltan S. and Zsolt K. (a.k.a. Stefan Toth, Lorice Jackman). Directed by Herve Handsome. A High Octane DVD.
cock_tales_tn.jpg Cock Tales (DVD)
"Highly Recommended. Rick Bauer gets the star treatment in Cock Tales. His good looks, hot body and uncut dick are made for erotic dreams. Set in a gay bar that does anything but discourage sex on the premises, director Herve Handsome manages not only to create a realistic bar atmosphere, he also gathers together a gorgeous cast of horny Eastern European performers." . . . Martin Cox, Starring Rick Bauer (a.k.a. Gabor Szeles), Tyrone Hecco, Agustin Agar, August Habarcs, Fred Fele (a.k.a. Giovanni Floretti, Ferenc, Giovanni Floretto, Ted Colunga, Attila Ferenczi), Mick Huston, Galen Maganos, Daniel Paxton, Jack Mecs, Gary Zabal, Tim Brensen, Tyson Naphal, Justin Stewart, Terence Kiadas, Isidore Nadas (a.k.a. (Renato Bellagio, Zoltan Sapka) and Tyler Savas.
commandos_dvd_tn.jpg Commandos (DVD)
Herve Handsome brings to you a Platoon of Hung & Hunky Hungarian Commandos on maneuvers with their cocks gunned and ready to shoot! Starring Patrick Kacer, Fred Fele, Thierry Golyo, Luke Jarkal, Gabriel Galad, Zoltan Sapka, Luis Badog, Micahel Sarlo, Tyler Savas, Luis Landzsa, Luke Vador, Brandon Babos, Blake Vacakol, Matthew Sakk and Daniel Magam.
euro_tools_tn.jpg Euro Tools (DVD)
This cast of young, muscled hunks is all the more amazing because each and every one displays an unrelenting lust for cock. The cum flies when these guys haul out the tools and get down to the dirty work! Directed for High Octane by Herve Handsome. Starring Viktor Hogyes (Victor Selvey, Peter Krisztia), Ivan (Kurt Miklos, Stefan Racz), Ritchie (Alexandru Cuza, Ivar), Attila Hogyes (Janos Volt, Rolf Kristen), Andras, Richard, Renato, Laszlo, Peter, Robert and Kristian.
fire_pump_dvd_tn.jpg Fire Pump (DVD)
Hot European studs fan the flames of desire in this searing tale of male passion. Andras (Andreas von Stahl, Gaspair Urge), Attila Hogyes (Janos Volt, Rolf Kristen), Christophe, Fabrice, Isvan, Niklos (Antal Posze, Serge Rahndol), Richard Feher (Alexandru Cuza), Stefan (Ian Chessler, Istvan Foki, Wolf Remulus) and Zolt. From High Octane; Directed by Herve Handsome.
in_the_wild_tn.jpg In the Wild (DVD)
"Highly Recommended. What is it about being in the great outdoors that makes me want to fuck? Is it the smell of wood smoke, the glittering stars overhead, or, in the case of this crew, that they're all just so fucking hot?" - Martin Cox, Starring Lucio Maverick, Rogerio Matteo, Evan Rochelle, Jonathan Collins, Flavio Valentino, Steve Hunt, Rod Stevans, Garcia Udulo, Alfredo Kasztaldo, Ian Lynch, Alex Lynch, Claudio Antonelli, Sergio Soldi, Fredy Costa and Mario McGabe. Directed by Herve Bodilis (Herve Handsome). A High Octane DVD.
knock_out_moto_studs_tn.jpg Knock Out/Moto Studs (DVD) Twin Pack!
Double Feaure-You get 2 High Octane $50.00 DVDs for 1 low price! Starring Akos Gazdag (Ben Mason), Attila (Martin Sandor), Fred Modod, Gabor (Forro), George Jambor, Greg, Hector Sajatos, Lazlo (Sandor Lenart), Levente (Milos Csaba, Zoltan Nickols), Mihaly Hurok (George Vidanov), Peter Tapasz, Richard (Ian Rikki, Johan Reves, Paolo Estefan, Ricky Brandy), Richard Fahaz, Ron Strand, Sean Madar, Stefan (Ian Chessler, Istvan Foki, Wolf Remulus), Thierry Golyo, Tibor K. (Andros Brandl, Flame, Erik), Tibor L.(Liviu Roussu, Tibor Dobo), Tim Merev, Zack Berenc, Zoltan Padlas, Zoltan Sapka and Zorg Tobol.
machine_men_dvd_tn.jpg Machine Men (DVD)
14 Men at Work-2 Full Hours! Starring Mihaly Hurok a.k.a. George Vidanov, Akos Gazdag, Zsolt Kivalt a.k.a. Stefan Toth, Attila Kialt, Gaston Vihar, George Szep, Istvan Kapus a.k.a. John Valko, Karoly Hegyes, Peter Tapasz, Tim Merev, Thierry Golyo, Zoltan Sapka, Zoltan Csin and Zack Berenc. Directed by Herve Handsome.
male_search_tn.jpg Male Search (DVD)
New from Director Herve Handsome and High Octane Video, another Hot & Horny Hungarian Extravaganza! Starring Miklos O., Attila F., Attila D., Istvan S., Attila B., Zoltan K (aka Zoly Mirlos, Marco), Zoltan C., Laszlo V., Laszlo L., Zoltan P., Gyula P., Kristian B., Isvan K., and Gabor F.
male_watch_dvd_tn.jpg Male Watch (DVD)
"Highly Recommended" Martin Cox, High Octane proudly presents "Male Watch". This brand new film by Herve Handsome is one that will have your tongue wagging, and your dick pulsating over the hot Hungarian studs! Starring Isidore Nadas, Logan Sajnal, Dalton Labda (Jonathan Collins), Michael Sarlo, Samuel Galamb (Christopher Montana), Fred Modod, Isaac Nadir, Bryan Abban, Andrew Kabat, Matthew Sakk, Connor Zaftos, James Bajital, Joseph Bajusz, Fred Fele and Luke Jarkal (Daniel Halasz, Ted Lauter). 2 Hours Long!
masters_and_servants_high_oct_tn.jpg Masters & Servants (DVD)
Featuring 14 hard-bodied men from director Herve Bodilis. Punishment is administered to disobedient servants by well-hung masters who give their young charges discipline, and more important, rock-hard, cocks! Is it real punishment if the servant begs for more? Starring Abel Price, Cade Nichols, David Rivera, Enrico Bellagio, Evan Rochelle, Garnal Simon, Garcia Udulo, Marco Campbell, Peter Shadow, Renato Bellagio, Rod Stevens, Rogerio, Mateo, Sanjoy and Steve Hunt. Directed by Herve Bodilis. A High Octane / Raging Stallion Europe DVD.
med_troopers_tn.jpg Med Troopers (DVD)
Enjoy two full hours of man on man action as these hunky army medics drive each other into wild ecstasy! Starring George Vidanov, Lance Beau, Eric Flower, Zavier Vulcain, Tad Harrison, Randal Sheldon, Todd Miller, Isidore Nadas (Renato Bellagio, Zoltan Sapka), Tim Brensen, Igor Otis, Shawn Capa, Tavish Szabad, Rick Bauer and August Habarcs. Directed by Herve Handsome.
medic_men_dvd_tn.jpg Medic Men (DVD)
Fourteen handsome, hung guys ... Just what the doctor ordered! Starring Attila Acel, Patrick Kacer, Anthony Babona, Fred Fele, Thierry Golyo, Francois Kagylo, Luis Celoz, Austin Macska, Luke Jarkal, Nicholas Babral, Ron Strand, Sabor Sablon, Gabriel Galad and Paul Kabit.
moto_studs_dvd_tn.jpg Moto Studs (DVD)
15 Cycle Studs-2 Full Hours. Herve Handsome delivers his usual huge cast of gorgeous hung hunks in this High Octane Video. Warning: raunchier than usual, this one occasionally pushes the limits. Starring Zoltan Padlas, Akos Gazdag (Ben Mason), Thierry Golyo, Hector Sajatos, Sean Madar, George Jambor, Zorg Tobol, Mihaly Hurok, Richard Fahaz, Peter Tapasz, Zoltan Sapka, Tim Merev, Ron Strand, Zack Berenc and Fred Modod.
swim_meat_tn.jpg Swim Meat (DVD)
Spend Two Hours with Twelve Wet Men! Another sure-fire sizzler on DVD from Director Herve Handsome and High Octane Video. Starring Lajos D., Laszlo F., Attila J (Jose Ganatti), Sandor S., Attila H (Janos Volt ), Imre T., Zoltan C., Balazs T (Marko Balasz), Attila L., Zaolt K., Gabor M (Thomas Williams, Alexei Gromoff), Istvan S., Peter T (Franco Corsini), Mihaly H (George Vidanov), Zoltan L. and Laszlo L.
Tattooed Tools (DVD)
In Tattooed Tools, you will enjoy a wide range of superbly decorated beauties. The movie is set primarily in an Eastern European stripper bar. The sizzling pickup sex sequences in the bar are sandwiched between very hot romantic parings in the opening and closing scenes. Amazingly beautiful body art on amazing beautiful bodies. Large, cut, muscle men with lots and lots of big dicks! Starring Fred Fele, Marco Campbell, Buck Monroe, Ewan Rochelle, Tomi, Claudio Antonelli, Joshua Rodgers, Jack Wright, Tavish Szabad, Geoffrey Garcia, Antonio Martinelli and Robert Jara. Directed by Joe Budai. A High Octane DVD.
ultimate_warriors_tn.jpg Ultimate Warriors (DVD)
"Highly Recommended. The strain of muscles, the rush of endorphins, the sweat pouring down a body. The gym or sex? In Herve Handsome's 'Ultimate Warriors', that description turns out to be both. This gym-set flick finds some sexy Hungarians sparring and sucking, pummeling and pounding. The guys have the right idea. Find a nearly deserted gym, work your body into an energetic fury . . . And then let off steam sexually!" . . . Brent Blue, Starring Tavish Szabad, Isidore Nadas (Renato Bellagio, Zoltan Sapka), Jack Mecs, Ted Kabel, Larry Packa, Tim Brensen, Rick Bauer (a.k.a. Gabor Szeles), Garcia Fecske, Ritchy Segely, Paris Granat, Erik Lenn, Eric Flower, Rossi Fabab and Mack Safrany. A High Octane DVD.
Under Arrest (DVD) High Octane
Herve Handsome's captivating tale of fourteen criminally hot men who redefine search and seizure. There's no resisting arrest behind the iron curtain. Let the interrogation begin! Starring Attila Acs (Adam Gosett), Akos Takacs (Miklos Soledad, Tibor Esves), Szabo Balazs, Victor Hogyes (Peter Krisztia, Viktor Selvey), Skekelzi Isva, Keri Iswan, Hita Laslo, Halasz Mihaly, Renato, Feher Richard, Antoni Robert, Attila Szabo (Csaba Zsiros, Marko Pacyna), Csanzi Zoltan and Lajos Zzoldos.
underground_dvd_tn.jpg Underground (DVD)
Let director Herve Handsome takes you on a 2 hour fantasy exploration of the raw Underground, along with 20 stunning European men! Starring Fred Fele, Isidore Nadas, Logan Sajnal, Samuel Galamb, Matthew Sakk, Luke Jarkal (aka Daniel Halasz), Zaid Sebhely, Terrence Kiadas, Rick Bauer, Andre Zulawskij, Manuel Macko, Arnold Sallang, James Bajital, Richard Fahaz, Dalton Labda, Daniel Magam, Garcia Udulo, Luis Badag, August Habarcs, Thierry Golyo (aka Soto Donovan).