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~Hard Mechanics 1 (DVD) REMOVED


"Hard Mechanics" is, as you may have already guessed, set in a garage (Porn Scenario No. 69). And this garage employs a jaw-droppingly sexy crew, including the hunkier-than-thou Chris Steele, the hairier-than-anyone Jack Radcliffe, and a Brazilian bombshell named Carlo Cox. And that's just the day shift. Pretty-guy Lane Fuller is the center of attention, rightfully so, and Chris plays a cantankerous mechanic.

Lane doesn't have enough money to pay for his repairs, so ... No! They don't take it out in trade (pursuant to Porn Scenario No. 13). Instead, they make him work in the office to work off his debt. Jack, a huge muscle bear with an astonishingly sexy beard, plays good mechanic to Chris' bad and tries to make Lane feel at home by telling him about some of the sexed-up things that have gone on in the garage.

Cut to: Carlo Cox and Jordan West sucking face in the garage (this was, as Jack tells it, the night they fell in love). Carlo is a muscular and somewhat hairy macho man with a thick dick. Jordan is a blond-streaked bodybuilder with a ruddy complexion and a seemingly insatiable appetite for cock. Jordan immediately goes down on Carlo, deep-throating as best he can, and then Carlo takes a licking to Jordan's smooth hole (digging in with his tongue as he lifts and separates with his meaty fingers), and Carlo blows Jordan and fucks him -- sit, missionary and standing doggy. Carlo cums on his back and then Jordan brings himself off below.

Jack Radcliffe, Paul Carrigan and Trent Cougar have a midday three-way beside a car. Jack is a huge man with muscles and hair everywhere -- and he also has a fat uncut cock (it's a real beauty, fellas). Paul is beefy with a big ass and a stout cock. Trent is tall and tan with a long dong. Jack and Paul take turns blowing Trent, Paul and Jack trade blows, and Jack rims Paul a bit before shoving a long black dildo up his butt. Jack and Trent then take turns fucking Paul doggy and missionary on a mat on the floor of the garage. Paul cums being fucked, Trent cums on Paul's wrist, and Jack cums on Paul's shoulder.

Josh Hammer and Cameron Sage are splashing soda, swapping spit and groping each other as the next sequence gets under way. Josh is a smooth, tanned brunet with a cute guy-next-door quality. Cameron is a surfer dude type with dirty-blond hair and a somewhat fuzzy slender physique. Josh simply gorges himself on cock, teasing the head with his tongue-piercing as he works around the erect penis. He then rims Cameron's hairy hole before taking a doggy and missionary pounding on a mat on the garage floor. Cameron pulls out and dumps his spunk on Josh's belly, and then Josh brings himself off.

The finale features the protagonist, Lane, getting it on with the antagonist, Chris (pursuant to Porn Scenario No. 1). All kidding aside, this is one hot pairing. Lane, the post-twink of All Worlds and Falcon fame, has grown up to be quite the strapping hunk. Chris has been a strapping hunk from the get-go, and looks simply delicious here with his big legs, crew-cut and at-the-ready dick (he is dramatically lowered into the scene by way of a hydraulic jack). They trade kisses, blows and rims (including an unusual upside-down standing position -- essentially, Lane, who is doing a handstand, is blowing Chris down below as Chris rims Lane above), and then Chris places Lane in a tire hammock (long ropes are attached from the ceiling) and fucks him missionary, then hunched over the hammock, cowboy, and finally doggy on a mat on the floor.

"Hard Mechanics," with its shopworn theme, is a sexy flick with a horny cast of masculine men and above-average sex. The production values are A+ and the direction by John Bruno is straightforward yet elegant.

A Video Review by Butch Harris ( )

*** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Lane Fuller, Chris Steele, Josh Hammer, Trent Cougar, Jack Radcliffe, Cameron Sage, Carlo Cox, Jordan West and Paul Carrigan.

Directed by John Bruno.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Massive Studios/IMD DVD.

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~Hard Mechanics 1 (DVD) REMOVED Write a review | No reviews for this product.

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.