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magnum-griffin-1-re_tn Magnum Griffin 1 (DVD) Re-Release
$39.88 $19.94 On Sale!
The Magnum Griffin series presents quality, all-action vignettes from the pre-condom 1970s. The men are all young, clean-cut (for the era, that is), and fit. Originally shot in French, the sex and dirty talk has been dubbed in English, occasionally to hilarious effect. A broken water pipe is all the excuse brunet hotties Michael & Phillip need to exercise their own plumbing. This muscled duo suck uncut dick and rim butt, ultimately shooting in one another's faces. The blatantly mismatched sex talk dubbing is hysterical or awful, depending on your taste. Picture and audio are in great shape, having been fully restored by Bijou's tech team. A Bijou Classics / Magnum Griffin DVD.
magnum-griffin-2-re_tn Magnum Griffin 2 (DVD) Re-Release!
$39.88 $19.94 On Sale!
Material culled from over 30 Magnum Griffin loops is assembled here, broken down into three parts. Part One: Oral, highlights dick-sucking. The action includes autofellatio, 69ing, double-sucking, and cum-eating. In this first part you'll see: over 30 actors, big cocks, three-ways, two bearded guys eating dick, two tattooed, a hairy leatherman cumming onto a saw horse, cum-eating, and cumming into wide-open mouths. Starring Lance, Chuck Hensen, Rob Montessa, Eric Stryker, Aaron Gage, Joe Reeve. A Bijou Classics DVD.
masseur-baiters_tn.jpg Masseur Baiters (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Being a masseur is hard enough as it is. You're on your feet all day, the pay's not great, and most don't even get benefits but the worst part of it all is feeling up fine asses all day and not even getting to bust your nut. The temptation runs strong, and there are some out there who are eager to take advantage. Enter the world of the Masseur Baiters, a rare and daring breed of bottoms who prey on unsuspecting masseurs. Sure, they act innocent on the outside, but they're masters of the art of subtle seduction. An arched back, a slight spread of the legs, a breathy moan, these dudes know all the tricks of the trade to turn a friendly massage into a rub-down on the down-low. Starring: Astengo, Carlos, Damian Brooks, JP Richards, Krave Moore, PD Fox, XL.. A Next Door Studios DVD.
Mating Season (DVD) Bel Ami
$53.88 $26.94 On Sale!
"Highly, Highly Recommended. Mating Season delivers a triple knock out -- and that assessment is not only based on the overall movie, but also in particular on one ground-breaking, ball-busting scene which is so unlike Bel Ami in approach and execution while also quite simply giving us a new superstar, Joey Amis." - Bo Champion, Starring Troy Allen, Joey Amis, Renato Amoroso, Thierry Allen, Benjamin Bloom, Justin Boyd, Ruslan Brodovich, Josh Elliot, Henri Gaudin, Luke Hamill, Steve Jennings, Hans Kaas, Hans Klee, Davy Paxton, Bolek Polanski, Colin Reeves, Manuel Rios, Eli Rogers, Johnny Surabaya and Alexei Zagorin. Directed by Marty Stevens. A Bel Ami DVD.
men-at-work-bijou_tn.jpg Men At Work (DVD) Re-Release!
$39.88 $19.94 On Sale!
These sizzling vintage gay porn scenes from Nova will work your cock to a frenzy! "Is there any sight that captures and holds our roving eye more quickly than the sight of a big, muscular stud busily involved with doing a hard job? A construction worker astraddle a swinging steel girder; a lifeguard standing on his perch surveying his domain; a burly trucker wheeling his big machine into a tight space; a strong, determiend rancher pitting his will and muscle against a wild stallion; a dock hand unloading an unwieldy cargo; or a telephone lineman in midair hugging that big pole between his tense, muscular thighs stimulating our imaginations and fantasies and sensitizing our bodies toward special encounters. Starring: Lee Marlin, Clay Russell, Ron Stevens, Randy Lane, Dale Arnold (aka Greg Dale), Dean Goodman, Marc Fore, Ted Roberts, Cal Holt, Mike DeGangi, David Shaw, Paul Seton, Rex Brandon. A Nova / Bijou Classics DVD.
Men of the Midway (DVD) Re-Release!
$39.88 $19.94 On Sale!
Here is a story of youth abused in the gaudy world of carny folks. Chris Burns runs away from home after his father (Paul Baressi) tries to sell him for sex. Chris joins a carnival, where Tim Kramer similarly takes advantage of him, selling his body to black men who desire to fuck blond white boys. This lavish production sports realistically detailed interior settings and on-location carnival shots. Starring Chris Burns, Jack Strider, Tim Kramer, Beau Matthews, Toby, Donkey Dan, Jeff Powers, Shelly Williams, Bruce McDonald, Duane MacNuchula and Paul Baressi. Directed by Roger Earl. A Marathon Films / Le Salon / Bijou DVD.
mens-room-rookies_tn.jpg Men's Room Rookie (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Having your first bathroom sex experience gives a whole new meaning to the term “toilet training”! For every gloryhole guru out there, there’s a men’s room rookie who hasn’t yet taken the leap. Whether they’re shy, in the closet, or just never thought about it before, these newbies need someone to teach them the ropes of gettin’ it on at the public porcelain. Lucky for them, there’s usually a hot hung local lurking nearby any seedy bathroom who’d be happy to lend a hand (and a hole) to a stranger in need. Starring: Bam Bam, Brandon Lewis, Chris Noxx, Dominic Reed, Fernando Del Rio, Greg Jamison, Krave Moore, Lucas Knight, Orlando Fox, Osiris Blade. A Next Door Studios DVD.
mr-footlongs-encounter-rr_tn Mr. Footlong's Encounter (DVD) Re-Release!
$34.88 $17.44 On Sale!
Billed as the first-ever black gay porn feature, this is an engaging flick, featuring some of the finest anal intercourse footage of this era. Despite the stereotypical tag Mr. Footlong, Duncan is presented as a thoughtful, sexually liberated man. The actors express genuine interest in one another, and the sex is passionate and vigorous, not the typical wham-bam porn. Starring Louis Gomez, Antonio, Dan Davis, Bob Avers and Rob Stevens. Directed by J.J. English. A Bijou Classics / Hawk Bill Films DVD.
my-buddy-did-gay-porn_tn.jpg My Buddy Did Gay Porn? (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Everyone has that straight buddy that they’d kill to see naked. Just imagine one day you found out he once did gay porn – who wouldn’t jump at the chance to watch it?! Curiosity pays off for Mark Long when he comes across a sex tape scene of his best bro Zane fucking a guy. Mark confronts his friend, and even though Zane is straight, he’s willing to indulge his horny buddy in a bit of off-camera action to encourage his silence. But Zane isn’t the only dude on the down-low with a sex tape secret... Starring: Dylan Knight, Jake Karhoff, Johnny Riley, Johnny Torque, Mark Long, Markie More, Paul Cannon, Zane Porter. A Next Door Studios DVD.
nature-lovers_tn.jpg Nature Lovers (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
The great outdoors just got even greater, as jogging buds and hunting bros from all over strip down to au naturel and explore their animal urges out in the open - Discovery Channel style! Buff guys bare all in broad daylight, in five erotic excursions that are sure to get your tent pitched. Starring: Christian Cayden, Dominic Reed, Duke Ryder, James Huntsman, James Jamesson, Jaxon Colt, Kaydin Bennett, Mark Long. A Next Door Studios DVD.
never-enough-bel-ami_tn.jpg Never Enough (DVD) BelAmi
$53.88 $26.94 On Sale!
Sometimes you just can't get enough. A flip-flop, a double penetration and lots more... Starring: Andrei Karenin, Dylan Maguire, Gaelan Binoche, Jean-Daniel, Jim Kerouac, Luke Hamill, Manuel Rios, Marcel Gassion, Marco Bill, Milan Sharpe, Scott Reeves. A Bel Ami DVD.
new-twinks-on-the-block-nds_tn.jpg New Twinks on the Block (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
You know that feeling when you see a moving van pull up to that vacant house across the street.. the whole neighborhood’s abuzz with curiosity and excitement. Who’s the new guy on the block? And more importantly, is he hot? Hitch a ride with the Welcome Wagon and say hello to the New Twinks On The Block , as these slim and smooth strangers knock on doors and knock boots with every hot boy on the block. Starring: Adrian Rivers, Dakota Wolfe, Daniel Ross, Gabriel Bossa, Ian Levine, Jerek Miles, Jessie Kale, JT Stryder, Seamus O'Reilly, Tyson Stone. A Next Door Studios DVD.
next-door-casting-1_tn.jpg Next Door Casting 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Do these guys have what it takes to fuck like a Buddy? Join gorgeous hot Markie More as he breaks in five hot newcummers who will do anything to prove they're the whole porn package. Markie takes viewers along for the ride as he explores their every muscle, every hair, every inch - and these guys have inches to spare! Whether you're looking for eager-to-please bottoms, jackhammer tops, or even a bit of both in one feisty go-getter, Markie puts them all through the paces. Which guy makes even seasoned porn pro Markie gasp and moan as he pummels into him? Which guy's so fresh he has to stop the take to ask "What's rimming?" with a sheepish grin? Robert Longwood, Jordan Evans, Brian Strowkes, Brock Avery and J Howling compete on the casting couch to earn points, fame, and a fresh load of jizz. These are real men with real appetites, and they're ready to show off for you with everything they've got. Who gets your vote? Starring: Brian Strowkes, Brock Avery, J Howling, Jordan Evans, Markie More, Robert Longwood. A Next Door Studios DVD.
next-door-casting-2_tn.jpg Next Door Casting 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Markie's back for More, as he returns to host volume two of the explosive series that asks the question do these newbies have what it takes to fuck like a Buddy? Starring: Brandon Moore, Jacob Ladder, Juan Lopez, Markie More, Pierce Hartman, Tex. A Next Door Studios DVD.
next-door-casting-3_tn.jpg Next Door Casting 3 (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Markie More has never looked hotter as he hosts volume three of the series that propels hungry porn newcomers to star status and asks the question - do they have what it takes to fuck like a Buddy? Starring: Diego, John Smith, Johnny, Markie More, Mr. Shane, Paul Cannon. A Next Door Studios DVD.
next-door-casting-4_tn.jpg Next Door Casting 4 (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Our host Markie More has his hands full in volume four of the series that introduces porn protegees to the world behind the cameras and puts them to the ultimate test do they have what it takes to fuck like a buddy? Markie's got his dick in one hand and a camera in the other as he brings the audience along on his journey to take every inch and explore every hole of five nude newbies. Starring: Abel Archer, Harley Hardman, Jake Karhoff, Markie More, Orlando Fox, Presley Wright. A Next Door Studios DVD.
next-door-casting-5_tn.jpg Next Door Casting 5 (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Swap your remote for a seat on the casting couch and join hunky host Markie More as he probes five newbies to find out if they have what it takes to be the next porn protégé – and he's not probing them with his questions alone! Starring: Austin Andrews, Greg Jamison, Ivan James, Markie More, Michael Molotov, Quentin. A Next Door Studios DVD.
next-door-casting-6_tn.jpg Next Door Casting 6 (DVD)
$49.88 $24.94 On Sale!
Heruclean host Markie More bangs a whole new batch of horny hopefuls in this latest installment of Next Door Casting, the sizzling reality series that asks the ultimate question of fresh-faced jocks – do they have what it takes to fuck like a buddy? Volume 6 pits five eager greenhorns against virile verteran Markie, and he knows just how to open up young men’s minds – and their holes – to the world of gay porn stardom. Starring: Alex Tanner, Blake Ryan, Damien Michaels, Jordan Boss, Markie More, Scotty. A Next Door Studios DVD.
night_at_the_adonis_nart_tn.jpg Night at the Adonis, A (DVD) Re-Release!
$34.88 $17.44 On Sale!
Precondom. One of the most famous of the porn movies with actual storylines and guys paid to see in theatres, which for one short golden age were a staple of X-rated cinemas in larger cities all over the country. Superstar Jack Wrangler turns in a charismatic starring role in this one, which tracks his night of sexploits at the Adonis Theatre, a notorious Times Square grindhouse. Starring Jack Wrangler, Bill Eld, Roger, Chris Michaels, Todd Travers, Victor Williams, Paul Maul, Robert A. Glory, Keith Strickland, Ken Schneizez, Koos Chapman, Lee Foster, Malo, Mandingo, Mark Woodward, Muffie Mayer, Eartha Hugee, Geraldo and Jim Delegatti.
night_out_bel_ami_tn.jpg Night Out (DVD)
$53.88 $26.94 On Sale!
Never since American in Prague has there been such an ode to a fabulous night out as this. The boys are always horny when they head out on the town. As dancing heats up, the clothes come off and the sex gets going. Five full scenes and a club of blow jobs make for one wild Night Out! Starring Dolph Lambert, Luke Hamill, Matt Phillipe, Yann Tiersen, Manuel Rios, Henri Gaudin, Ennio Guardi, Trevor Yates, Florian Nemec, Patrick Peterson, Amadin West, Tammy Flick, Shannon Star, Jeremy Reed. Directed by George Duroy. A Bel Ami DVD.