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A9J-Gay Bear/Hairy Men DVDs

best-buddies-brs_tn - Best Buddies (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Best Buddies make the perfect fuck-mates! They know when you're sad, they know when you're happy, they know when you're horny – and they've got the perfect solution for all three scenarios – to suck your dick and fuck your brains out! Starring: Bear Waters, Buster Nasstee, Claudio White, Frank Cubby, Guy English, Sebastian Sax, Skott Locke, Steve Sommers, Tristan Riant. A Big Rig Studios DVD.
hot-and-furry-brs_tn - Hot and Furry (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
These bears epitomize all that we love about this special breed of man. Their fullness, their fuzziness and their insatiable thirst for manly bodies, rock-hard cock and big, inviting butt cheeks that, when spread, offer up a hole that just begs to be licked, fingered and fucked! Starring: Bear Steven, Bearsilian, Bo Francis, Gunner Scott, Guy English, Joe Hardness, Marc Angelo, Ray Brian, Rusty G, Sebastian Sax, Sid Morgan, Tony Banks, Tristan Riant. A Big Rig Studios DVD.
bear-fuck-brs_tn -Bear Fuck (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
With a cast led by Jesse Hammer and Wolf Getz, Bear Fuck gives you a host of hairy, horny bears who are ready to show you exactly how a great fuck should be! These burly guys are on the prowl and hungry for some larger than life sex! They're having bear picnics all over they place – in the bedroom, in the bathroom and on the sling – eating each other and devouring as much cock as they can. Starring: Aiden Storm, Bone Flexx, Brad Kalvo, Carlo Cox, Claudio White, Dusty Daniels, Frank Cubby, Jesse Hammer, Marc Angelo, Rex Blue, Wolf Getz, Wolfcub. A Big Rig Studios DVD.
big-bear-lake-catalina_tn -Big Bear Lake (DVD) Re-Release!
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
In this Furry Features debut, Catalina capitalizes on the growing popularity of Bear Clubs springing up all over the country. In showcasing these performers, Catalina proves that big guys definitely have their admirers, too. Scenes include Anthony Gallo telling his buddy Gus about all his "Bear" adventures; Anthony and Robert Paul get caught sucking in a cemetery, and are joined by security guard B.J. Woods; Frank Colton, Nick Hammer and Russ Ward get some hot gloryhole action; Mick Hunter and Kristoff get it on in the woods; and Anthony and Gus have a steamy session. Starring Anthony Gallo, Gus, Robert Paul, B.J. Woods, Russ Ward, Mick Hunter, Kristoff, Nick Hammer, Frank Colton. Directed by Brad Austin. A Catalina Video DVD.
breed-mongers-2_tn -Breed Mongers 2 (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
The men in Breed Mongers 2 know it's all about the cock. About cum. And so do you! Don't deny it. Whether Top or bottom, bareback sex freaks are united in the truth that there's nothing like breeding a cum pig or collecting a load. Starring: Martin Pe, Vince Stewart, Buster Boudreaux, Tony Tripoli, Tate Taylor, Skott Locke, Bear Steven, Ricky Rick. A Hairy And Raw DVD.
hairy-boys-brs_tn.jpg -Hairy Boys (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Who wouldn’t want to fall into this big pot of bear soup! These Hairy Boys are hungry for cock and cum! It’s bear vs bear in this hairy love-in as they service every inch of each other's hairy bodies. They rub, lick, suck, fuck and utterly worship each other with animal abandon. These guys have more hair on their bodies than on their heads and it a complete turn-on for their equally hairy fuck buddy. Watch these furry, manly bears come together and cum together as they take each other on a testosterone fuelled festival of cock worship! Starring: Ceasar Baxter, Chef Bear, Cooper Hill, Dean Ryder, Gunner Scott, Levi Rivers, Rick Wolf, Rock Hunter, Sid Morgan, Skott Locke, Steve Sommers, Tate Taylor. A Big Rig Studios DVD.
inside-job-brs_tn -Inside Job (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
These big, bad bears are on the prowl for a fuzzy playmate to bury their hard cock into, and it's not long before they find a burly companion who's up for getting down and very dirty! You won't want to miss one minute of the nasty action as these beefy bears get messy in the bedroom, indulge in some sofa sexlethics in the lounge and get more than just a little wet out by the pool! Nothing sweet and delicate here as these colossal guys romp and roll around with each other, sucking, licking, rimming, fingering and shoving their dicks into tight furry holes! You'll be making a booty call of your own as you yearn to satisfy your lust for everything bear! Woof! Starring: Bo Francis, Canadad, Carlo Cox, Jack Power, Jack Stafford, Joe Hardness, Marc Angelo, Sam Driscoll, Troy Collins. A Big Rig Studios DVD.
oversize_load_nart_tn.jpg Oversize Load (DVD) Re-Release!
$34.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Precondom. If the lure, the freedom, and the masculine drive of the wide open highway, truckers, and rigs gets your juices flowing and makes you grab your stick shift, Oversize Load is for you. The guys are all on the rough and swarthy side, with a few real whopper cocks in the mix, most notably legendary Scott O'Hara's. There's lots of public sex, tea room, truck stop, and shower antics. They guys all are wear rugged gear: jeans, flannels shirts and boots. Oversize Load is signature Al Parker work complete with seedy locales, lots of oral action, and slow-motion cumshots: a real classic. Starring Cody Steele, Jason Steele, Jeff Turk, Scott O'Hara, Steve Taylor, Ken Worth, Franco Gonnella and Jesse Adams. Directed by Al Parker. A Surge Studios/Bijou Classic on DVD.
twinky-and-the-bear-2_tn -Twinky and the Bear 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
FOUR naughty XXX re-imaginings of your bear-y favorite tales featuring hungry bears devouring sexy, young twinks! Starring: Aarin Asker, Alex Killborn, Bryce Barringon, Christian Matthews, Damon Andros, Doug Jeffries, Ian Levine, Josh Stone, Levi Jaxx. A Manville Entertainment DVD.
110-in-tucson-new_tn.jpg 110 degrees in Tucson (DVD)
$39.88 $19.88 On Sale!
"Highly, Highly Recommended. Heat. Sweat. Cum. If there are three words that could be universal responses in a word-association game in which the word to match is the name Joe Gage, then you know what "110 in Tucson" is ostensibly about. But there's always more to a Gage production, usually beginning with a wild and perfect match of young hunks and slightly older fuckers. In this extravaganza, Mr. Gage has assembled a wall-to-wall, legs-up fuckfest that had me drooling and dribbling from the minute the first bead of sweat pops out from beneath the brows of our jack-buddy highway cops. If you have enough energy to watch this in one sitting, you are a superhero. This is one of those where your dick can fall off after every scene." . . . Bo Champion, Starring Bryce Pierce, Andy Hunter, Ray Dragon, Spencer Quest, Ivan Andros, Matt Majors, Luke Pearson, Taurus, Blu Kennedy, Daxx Reed, Devon Cade, Hunter James, Jacob Riley, Nathan York, Tyler Kane and Damon DeMarco.
4th_floor_the_tn.jpg 4th Floor, The (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Raging Stallion's rising star director (3 time GAYVN winner) Ben Leon brings you a new installment of hard sex in dark places. A cast of Raging Stallion's best fills "The 4th Floor" from top to bottom and everywhere in between. With excellent lighting, incredible camera work and men to die for, this production takes you on a ride from the basement to the 4th floor. Starring Aaron Action, Antonio Biaggi, Billy Berlin, Jack Ryan, Jake Deckard, Logan McCree, Roman Ragazzi, Scott Tanner and Steve Cruz. Directed by Ben Leon. A Raging Stallion Studios DVD.
andels-story-2_tn.jpg Andel's Story 2 (DVD) Re-Release
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
4 HOURS OF BREATH TAKING MAGNIFICENCE IN SPAIN! Master Director, Wim Hof and the brilliant eye of Pavel Nikos, take 10 of the most beautiful men from the Czech Republic to Pamplona, Spain to film ANDELS STORY #2: RUNNING OF THE BULLS. Starring: Andel, El Greco, Jirka Kalvoda, Pavel Dubcek, Milan Dabelsky, Libor Taborsky, Martin Pravda, Pavel Korsakov, Pavel Holub, Tabor Schindler, and Mylan Forman. Director: Wim Hof. An All World's Video DVD.
arabesque_dvd_tn.jpg Arabesque (DVD) 2-Disc Set
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Just Nominated for Eleven GAYVN Awards, Including Best Picture! "Highly, Highly Recommended. Arabesque is director Chris Ward's masterpiece, a truly outstanding effort. The men, to a man, are exceptional masculine specimens, sexually voracious and overwhelmingly effective throughout a three-hour carnal tour of male sexuality in the desert." . . . Butch Harris, Starring Ivan Andros, Huessein, Francoios Sagat, Sarib, Colin West, Joey Milano, Joey Russo, Remy Delaine, Manueal Torres, Cory Koons, Dario Granada, JC, Michael Soldier, Brendan Austen, Marco Montana, Bryce Pierce, Simon Cox and Jeff Allen. A Raging Stallion Studios DVD.
Ass Quest 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $34.88 On Sale!
Earlier this year we released AssQuest 1 which chewed up the charts. Now, for a 4th of July explosion of filthy man-sex, we are releasing the highly anticipated AssQuest 2! We asked director Michael Brandon to give us a list of terms he would use to describe this amazing new Monster Bang film and he sent us the following: Aggressive fucking, muscle worship, voyeurism, spit, nipple play, black boots and jock straps, tattoos, ass play, rimming, boot licking, multiple cum shots, uncut dick, hairy studs, smooth bottoms, power players, facials, and seedy sex club sex! Starring Remy Delaine, Tag Adams, Carlos Morales, Owen Hawk, Rafael Alencar, Doug Jeffries, Keanu Koxx, Matt Colmar, Troy Punk and Tamas Eszterhazy. Directed by Michael Brandon. A Raging Stallion Studios DVD.
bareback-daddies-hr_tn.jpg Bareback Daddies (DVD)
Everyone loves a Daddy! Strong older men with experience and confidence, fucking bareback, hard and deep with a thick dick that's not going to stop until they're satisfied Or Daddies who love getting fucked raw, spreading those strong thighs and taking every inch of hard cock, demanding it harder, faster and deeper. What's not to love? Starring: Alan Ramiero, Kit Montana, Parker Boyd, Scott Reynolds, Canadad, Steve Brody, Troy Collins, Sean Bonar and Randy Harden. A Hairy and Raw DVD.
barebacking-in-provincetown_tn.jpg Barebacking In Provincetown (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
After hibernating all winter, bears come out to feast and forage in the forest while the furry, two-legged variety goes Bear-Backing in Provincetown! There, amidst the sandy dunes, forested areas, and quaint B&Bs of the sleepy, New England spot, these guys turn P-town into a hedonistic breeding ground for horny men cavorting in the warmth of the sun! Starring: Ray Dalton, Donny Ray, Hudson Chase, Travis Woods, Dek Reckless, Colton Suede, Cesar Xes. A Hairy and Raw DVD.
bear_colt_tn Bear (DVD) Colt
Bear (noun) - A large land roaming mammal with a taste for raw meat. Having massive muscled bodies covered in fur with an affinity with all things rugged. Grizzlies, cubs, black bears, daddy bears, otters, muscle bears and bulls. A person who shows great ability, enthusiasm, stamina, etc. Bears come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they all have that rugged, masculine appeal that fits right in here at Colt. Get ready to be mauled! Starring: Bob Hager, Aaron Cage, Roman Wright, Marko Lebeau, Josh West, Marc Vallint, Bronson Gates. Directed by: Kristofer Weston. A Colt Studios DVD.
bear_bust_dvd_tn.jpg Bear Bust (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
There is a lot to like about BEAR BUST, including tall, dark and handsome Ivan Andros. Ivan has a big boner that's always bouncing around while he's getting butt banged. I've enjoyed bouncing along to every one of Ivan's performances. This is the first Feature where Ivan has his full chest of hair grown out along with his heavy beard. I was happy when he was tall, dark and handsome. But when you throw in hairy, Ivan really had me bouncing! Starring Ivan Andros, Paul Gator, Jessie Foxx, T.R. Driver, Jack Rigby, Mitch Ryder, Steve Rambo, Steve Hurley, Nathan York and Darren Stone. A Catalina Video Furry Features DVD.
bear-chested-catalina_tn.jpg Bear Chested (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
"Highly Recommended". 'Bear Chested' is, as the play-on-words title would suggest, a video about bears (and the men who love them). The sex is excellent with lots of well-framed blowjobs and wonderfully executed lap-fucks (the in-and-out insertion shots were most impressive). Steven Richards, and his beautiful cock, almost stole the video right from under Barry's plantigrade feet. But, in the end, Barry got the job done (particularly in his second scene with Jim Slade). In a porn landscape littered with shaved pretty guys, these burly motherfuckas hit the spot. Woof!" . . . Butch Harris, Starring Barry Barrett, Jim Slade, Steven Richards, Scott Ramm, Buster, Robert Black, Mark Reen and Ben Archer. A Catalina Video Furry Feature DVD.
bear_dna_bear_films_tn Bear DNA (Dick-N-Ass) (DVD)
Like Dick? Like Ass? These 10 woofy studs turn up the heat with loads of sucking, rimming, fucking and of course spreading their DNA. Starring: Max Sharp, Jonah Dean, Jake Morrison, AJ Barrera, Tony West, Clint Taylor, Seamus Clover, Gerard Conroy, Kendall, Steve King. A Bear Films DVD
bear_essentials_bear_films_tn Bear Essentials (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Bear Essentials is 100% hardcore bear and cub action, filmed just for your pleasure! We shot this film in Florida and Palm Springs and these men sure give a new meaning to the word "HOT!" Starring: Adam Rivers, Andrew Mason, Clint Taylor, Izaak, Joey, Phred Black, Steve Ellis, Tom Stark, VeniceCub, Vinnie Philetti, VoyeurCub. A Bear Films DVD
bear-essentials-bd_tn.jpg Bear Essentials (DVD) Butch Dixon
$49.88 $16.88 On Sale!
Where men are men - big, bristly, burly 100% masculine and totally revved up to fuck hairy, hungry holes! Starring: Aaron Cage, Charlie Jones, Dean Monroe, Frank Valencia, Giorgio Arsenale, Jon Shield, JP Richards, Korben, Marcos Salqueiro, Martin Mazza. A Butch Dixon DVD.
bear-essentials-2-bear-films-tn Bear Essentials 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Bears might come in as many flavors as a variety pack of chocolates but they have one thing in common that’s essential to bear lovers of all ages, shapes, and sizes: beefy, hairy horniness! Gorge yourself on the likes of Marc Angelo, Will Foster, Jeffrey Huntwell, Christian Mitchell, Christophe Arsenault, Franky Cubby, Claudio White, Tony Banks, and Bear Steven, the very best examples of bear necessities, only in Bear Essentials 2! Starring: Marc Angelo, Will Foster, Jeffrey Huntwell, Christian Mitchell, Christophe Arsenault, Franky Cubby, Claudio White, Tony Banks, Bear Steven. A Bear Films DVD.
bear-films-raw_tn.jpg Bear Films Raw (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
No matter how you like your beef — big and meaty, young and tender, or aged and seasoned to perfection, one thing is certain… sometimes raw is the best way to take it! We’re talking cock, of course. Cock for you to savor and feel it throbbing deep in your ass. Featuring: Chase Woofer, Dirk Grizzly, Dakotah Porter, Dusty Daniels, Andrew Mason, Chef Bear, Sid Morgan, Andy Williams, and Chase McCloud. whet your appetite with Bear Films Raw! Starring: Chase Woofer, Dirk Grizzly, Dakotah Porter, Dusty Daniels, Andrew Mason, Chef Bear, Sid Morgan, Andy Williams, Chase McCloud. A Bear Films DVD.
bear-films-secret-vault-4-bear-films-tn Bear Films Secret Vault 4 (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Bear films is proud to offer the best of our secret vault: Big cuddly bears, hairy tough guys, yummy cubs begging to get fucked and every other flavor of furry, hairy, chubby and sexy bear! Watch these horny guys showing off their raging hard cocks and their round tummies for the camera. They're real and very raunchy Starring: Greg Jamison, Kodi Rams, Craig Knight, Russ Michaels, Clint Taylor, Eric Waters, Shep Hunter, Bubba Boy. A Bear Films DVD.
bear-films-secret-vault-5_tn.jpg Bear Films Secret Vault 5 (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Bear Films is proud to offer the best of our secret vault: Big cuddly bears, hairy tough guys, yummy cubs begging to get fucked and every other flavor of furry, hairy, chubby and sexy bear! Watch these horny guys showing off their raging hard cocks and their round tummies for the camera. They're real and very raunchy! Starring: Tj Dillon, Corey Pierce, Joe Andrews, Angel De Santiago, Geoff Herne, Luke Wilder. A Bear Films DVD.
bear-films-secret-vault-2_tn.jpg Bear Films Secret Vault Vol. 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Bear films is proud to offer the best of our secret vault. Big cuddly bears, hairy tough guys, yummy cubs begging to get fucked and every other flavor of furry, hairy, chubby and sexy bear! Watch these horny guys showing off their raging hard cocks and their round tummies for the camera. They're real and very raunchy. Starring: Wolfcub, Cub-x, Bjorn Larsson, Lee West, Bubba Michaels, Haus Cub, Southern Cub, Cubby Cox. A Bear Films DVD.
bear-films-secret-vault-3_tn.jpg Bear Films Secret Vault Vol. 3 (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Bear Films is proud to offer the best of our Secret Vault: Big Cuddly Bears, Hairy Tough Guys, Yummy Cubs begging to get fucked and every other flavor of furry, hairy, chubby and sexy bear! Watch these horny guys showing off their raging hard cocks and their round tummies for the camera. They're real and very raunchy! Starring: Aaron Cubster, Seth Lee, Buck Reams, Tone Loke,Jack Snow, Joe Drive, Alexander Sparks, Mitch Connor. A Bear Films DVD.
bear-honey-1_tn.jpg Bear Honey Vol 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
The proper term for a group of bears, according to the Oxford dictionary, is a sloth of bears. But who cares what the correct terminology is? We just call them fucking sexy! In this solo compilation Bear Films presents ten meaty, tasty, and juicy men stroking and pumping out “Bear Honey.” Whether you like ‘em big and beefy, small and compact, or cuddly as fuck, these hairy men produce some sweet nectar for your stroking pleasure! So sit back, relax, and make some honey of your own, with the horny men in Bear Honey! Starring: Steve Brody, Bearsilien, Cooper Hill, Steve Sommers, Daddy Lucas, Bo Francis, Charlie Fiske, Gunner Scoot, Bryan Knight, Bear Waters. A Bear Films DVD.
bear-hunt-aw_tn.jpg Bear Hunt (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
Mr. San Francisco Bear Bill Adams is hungry for some hairy ass man-meat and his blue collar mechanic buddies are more than happy to feed it to him. Dave West and Zack Thorson are two audience favorites who keep this non-stop sex-feast full of exciting and memorable action. Starring Puddles, Bill Adams, Chuck Hill, Jared Mason, Zack Thorson, Dave West. Directed by Bob Jones. An All Worlds Video DVD.
bear-infantry_tn.jpg Bear Infantry (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
There's nothing like being part of a military team on a routine mission. Especially when that mission involves getting to know your fellow soldiers and officers as intimately as possible! After all, when you're out on the field, you want Guy English, Joe Hardness, Sam Wyze, Tristant Riant, Ray Brian, Bearsilien, Bo Francis, and Daniel Papou, to have your back... and your cock... and your mouth... and your hole! Starring: Guy English, Joe Hardness, Sam Wyze, Tristant Riant, Ray Brian, Bearsilien, Bo Francis, Daniel Papou. A Bear Films DVD.
bear_instincts_bear_films_tn Bear Instincts (DVD) 2-Disc Set
Bear Instincts: Pushing the Limits is nearly 4 hours of graphic, intense leather-man action. This film has something for everyone, from guys who have always wondered about what S/M is all about to the serious leather players! In addition to 8 hardcore scenes, you can see interviews with the "masters" at the end of Disc 1 to learn more about what turns them on about Leather! Starring: Ben Thomas, Chris Carlson, Clint Taylor, Daddy Ric, Dakota Cub, Ed Hunter, GlennBear, Hank Stone, Joe Rockwell, Johnny Naughty, MtnMarineDawg, Rocky West, Trooper. A Bear Films DVD
bear-it-all-brs_tn.jpg Bear It All (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Bareback. They’re big, hairy and powerful and these men want to fuck the cum right out of you! These bears are out to play and they want to play hard and raw! This bear community is full of furry friends who want to be filled up with massive slabs of meat and plenty of bear spunk! Woof! Starring: Bearsilian, Bo Francis, Christophe Arsenault, Jay Wolf, Lobo Al, Skott Locke, Tate Taylor, Tony Banks. A Big Rig Studios DVD.
bear-juice-2_tn.jpg Bear Juice 2 (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
One very hot summer in Central Florida we got caught up in the sexual mayhem of filming horned-up men sucking and fucking and pumping out lip-smacking, tasty bear juice. Now YOU can get caught up in that same erotic madness! You’ll be juiced up in no time and ready to pop with the men of Bear Juice 2! Starring: Rusty G, Rick Wolf, Jack Power, Cooper Hill, Dusty Daniels, Gunner Scott, Sid Morgan, Wolfcub, Kroy Bama. A Bear Films DVD.
bear-orgies-vol-1_tn.jpg Bear Orgies Vol. 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
What's better than a furry friend to pass the time? A whole bunch of them! Check out "Bear Orgies Volume 1," featuring Marc Angelo's fantasy, an incredibly hot cage gangbang. This DVD also includes tag teaming quad, Rex Blue, Steve Sommers, Marc Angelo and Lobo Al, as well as our ever popular Atlanta Group Fuck, and a 6-man bear orgy that you'll just have to experience for yourself! Starring: Rex Blue, Steve Sommers, Marc Angelo, Lobo Al, Sid Morgan, Cooper Hill, Rick Wolf, Gunner Scott, Chef Bear, Caleb. A Bear Films DVD.
bear_pack_all _worlds_4_hr_tn Bear Pack (DVD) 4 Hrs
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
4 Full hours of bears, doing what bears do best, busting bear loads over hairy asses and bushy 'staches. Starring: Buster , Dr. Jeff , Eduardo , Sebastian , Bill Adams, Adam Collins, Jason Crowe, Randy Elliot, Eric Evans, Mark Everett, Jon Galt, Hank Hightower, Jake Marshall, Eric Masterson, Steven Michaels, Dexter Palmer, Mauro Pelle, Scott Ramm, Bill Ray, Vinnie Rocko, Jake Rowe, Mick Ryan, Wayne Stephens, Clint Taylor, Mike Torbeck, Mike Vespa, Will West. A Catalina 4 hour DVD.
bear_patrol_dvd_tn.jpg Bear Patrol (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
BEAR PATROL stands out for the great sex action. There is inspired rimming, juicy cock sucking, and fabulous hairy-ass fucking. If you like your guys on the hot, hairy and horny side, check out the great Catalina Furry Feature action! Starring Jake Marshall, Clint Taylor, Steven Richards, Steve Parker, Dakota Phillips, Zach Falconer, Lance Hancock, Luke Bronson and Robert Black.
bear-river-project-aw_tn.jpg Bear River Project (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
Jake Rowe is a big bear of a lumberjack who likes to tell stories. While on a camping trip, Jake and his furry friends re-enact the hot times they have had in the great outdoors. A hairy, bear lovers delight! Starring Jake Rowe, Daddy Shawn, Kor Newman, Ross Wolfen, Mac Cannon and Rick Taylor. Directed by Thornton Grey. An All Worlds DVD.
Bear Tracks (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
Horny, hairy guys go wild in the woods. This ain't no company picnic. Hot bear-to-bear non-stop action that ignites the forest with lust and passion. Starring Mark Evrett, Ty Davenport, Roger Collins, Hank Hightower, Robert Paul, Cody, Jeff Rockford and Ron Hunter. Directed by John Simms and Bruce Stanton. An All Worlds DVD.
bear_voyage_2_tn.jpg Bear Voyage 2: Rock the Boat! (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
The ocean's not the only thing that swells in this one! Take a bunch of sexy bears on a cruise of the high seas, add in some salt air and seamen, and you're gonna' rock the boat! That's exactly what happens in Bear Voyage 2: Rock the Boat! Shot entirely at sea in the Western Caribbean, the movie features seven sexy bear-studs in hardcore sucking, rimming and fucking action. Starring Steve Ellis, Dirk Grizzly, Daddy Ric, Michael McQuaig, Venice Cub, Woody and Kubby Loch. Directed by Andy Dill. A Bearfilms/Bear Entertainment DVD.
bear-weekend-mencom_tn.jpg Bear Weekend (DVD)
$39.88 $29.88 On Sale!
Colby Jansen, a big hunky bear walks into the straight Bennett Anthony's room wearing nothing but a towel and starts coming onto him. Hot young studs Roman Todd and Paul Canon meet the hunky Gus Turner poolside while on their spring break in Palm Springs. Roman Todd wakes up in a stranger's room after a long night of partying. Confused, he walks into the bathroom and finds Jaxton Wheeler, showering his furry body. Bennett Anthony proves to be a great little cum dumpster having Colby Jansen, Roman Todd, Gus Turner, Paul Cannon, and Jaxton Wheeler blow their hot loads all over his face and chest. Starring: Bennett Anthony, Colby Jansen, Gus Turner, Jaxton Wheeler, Paul Cannon, Roman Todd. A DVD.
bears-den-aw_tn.jpg Bear's Den (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
The hairy action starts when Big guy Nick Stevenson brings his fuzzy buddy Rand Hawlke to the 'Bear's Den', a sex club for furry men. Starring Rand Hawke, Daniel West, Mike Vespa, Antonio, Lazar Zorba, Dereck Bishop, Josh Stern and Nick Stevenson.
bearded-fuckers_tn.jpg Bearded Fuckers (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Bearded, butch and begging for hard cock! Get ready for some hot bear on bear action as these guys are whipped into a sexual frenzy with the sight and smell of each other’s heavy set bodies and manly scent! They’ll twist your nipples and tongue fuck your hole before sliding their huge meat sticks up your snug asshole! Some bears are made for huggin' but these bears are defiantly made for fuckin'! Starring: Claudio White, Cooper Hill, Frank Cubby, Kirk Rock, Marttin Pe, Scott Irish, Tony Banks, Troy Webb, Vince Stewart. A Big Rig Studios DVD.
bears-bulk-and-muscle_tn.jpg Beards, Bulk and Muscles 1 (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
Here's a collection of some of our Biggest Bears and hardest muscle daddies. Their dicks get so hard they need to ram that cock like a piledriver to shoot that jizz out! Check out this collection of big bad bears that would love to put you in you place! Starring: Tucker Nash, Ian Yancey, Harley Michaels, Anthony Mengetti, Trey Kai, AJ Harwood, Christian Vol, Robert Black. A Bear Films DVD.
bearing_leather_dvd_tn.jpg Bearing Leather (DVD)
$39.88 $29.91 On Sale!
The sultry, sexy, hairy COLTON FORD is taking in more than the sights at the All Worlds Resort. Mature, nasty, sexy pigs are running free in Palm Springs and they?re sucking and fucking anything that moves! Starring Colton Ford, Robert Gunn, Barry Barrett, Steve Dragon, Eric Evans, Robert Harvey, Marcos, Stan Murray, Tom Southern, Larry Wolf, Mark August, Jon Taft, Clint Taylor and Eli Horst.
bears_and_pigs_tn.jpg Bears & Pigs (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
These bears are pigs. . . or are these pigs, bears? It`s hard to tell in this DVD of hardcore male action! Starring Mike Hawk, Rusty McMann, Slim Jim, Bob Valentine, Tim Montgomery and Jake Brigs. Directed by Justin Credible. A Scandalistic Pictures DVD.
bears-at-play-bear-films_tn.jpg Bears At Play: Warehouse (DVD)
$49.88 $37.41 On Sale!
A warehouse full of bears can get any man horny, especially when the crew consists of Bearsilien, Steve Sommers, Teddy Osborne, Guy English, Guermica and Sammy Clover. And with Bear Waters, the hard-ass foreman in charge and on the prowl, you can bet these guys have more than just their asses on the line! These men are hard at work as they go through the week sucking and fucking and getting some pointers on boosting morale in Bears at Play: Warehouse! Starring: Teddy Osborn, Bear Waters, Guy English, Steve Sommers, Bearsilien, Guermic, Sammy Clover. A Bear Films DVD.
bears_night_out_bijou_tn.jpg Bears Night Out (DVD-R) Precondom
$34.88 $19.88 On Sale!
An excellent collection of bears engaged in very intense, genuine sexual action. Production of this video coincided with a general rise in demand for “bear-type” men, as seen in the proliferation of magazines like Bear. It’s a breath of fresh air to view a vid filled with hairy men who are uninhibited and carefree, rather than California clones with shaved bodies and sprayed hair. Directed by Richard Bulger. Starring Henry March, Spike, Jack Moody, Congo Moore, Tony Ruez, Jay Shaffer, Mike Johnson, Paul Martin, Henry Helbig, Ross Macalister. A Bijou Classics DVD.
bears_in_venice_bear_films_tn Bears of Venice (DVD)
$49.88 $20.00 On Sale!
VeniceCub shows us all of the hot, hairy, man-on-man action that makes Southern California like no place else! Starring: Geo Salvatori, Kyle Miller, Matt Taggert, Michael McQuaig, Rusty McMann, Scott Jordan, VeniceCub. Director: Jack Hoffman. A Bear Films DVD
best_of_manuel_torres_tn.jpg Best of Manuel Torres, The (DVD)
$39.88 $29.88 On Sale!
Seven complete scenes from the Raging Stallion library, each featuring the hairy Sex God Manuel Torres! Scene 1, from "Tough As Nails" - Taurus Dean directs himself in a pairing with RSS exclusive Manuel Torres. Manuel has a huge cock and Taurus has a hungry hole, so this one turns into a match made in heaven. Starring Derrick Hanson, Enrico Vega, Hunter James, Manuel Torres, Mario Cruz, Miguel Leonn, Pete Ross, Sergio Anthony, Tag Adams, Taurus Dean, Tony Acosta and Vin Nolan. Directed by Chris Ward and Taurus Dean. A Raging Stallion Studios DVD.

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